After lunch, Wang Zining received a call from Liang Wentao.

"Wang Tou, are your arms okay? Did they find out after you went back? Did they get scolded?"

"…No! A little bit of injury, everything will be healed in one night."

"By the way, I just called to tell you that the monitor sent me a message and told me that his dad had visited Lao Fang. He seemed to have moved the staff of Zhang Ting's dad's community to come and do his dad's ideological work."

"The squad leader's father is quite efficient, what did Zhang Ting's father say?"

"The squad leader doesn't know, so I will check for the news."

"Although they have gone to work, Zhang Ting's dad may not be reliable, and Zhang Ting doesn't want to rely on his dad. We said yesterday to find a way to help Zhang Ting make money. Have you thought of a good way?"

"I asked my dad about the history of entrepreneurship yesterday. He brags to me for a long time. There is no valuable information. I asked him what a junior high school student can do to make money. He told me that carrying sandbags was obviously fooling me. Hey, we still Think of it yourself. I'm still posting questions on the Internet, and all I get are some unreliable answers. What about you? Have you thought of any good tricks?"

Wang Zining was ashamed. Liang Wentao still did a job here. He was tossed by his family yesterday when he came back yesterday and forgot to make money.

"I didn't expect it either."

"I knew it was like this!" Liang Wentao hadn't expected Wang Zining to come up with a good way. The king's head can carry and fight, and he needs to work hard. It is really difficult for him to use his brain. It seems that he still has to do it himself." I will think of a way again!"

"…If you are allowed to choose, do you want your younger brother or younger sister?" Wang Wang suddenly asked before Liang Wentao was about to hang up.

Did the topic turn so fast! Liang Wentao said: "Wang Tou, do you and my parents have a good heart? They also asked me this question last night."

"Why do they ask you? They want to have a second child?" Wang Zining asked in surprise.

"Should have this idea!" Liang Wentao nodded solemnly on the other end of the phone, "but I have choked their idea to death in the bud. I said, if they give birth to a child, I will give him away secretly. They can't prevent me."

"Are you serious?" Wang Zining didn't think that Brother Shui could do it, but he was his younger siblings, how could it be given away! Although it is very annoying, but there is any way, it has been born!

"They dare to give birth, I dare to give it away!" Liang Wentao said firmly, "I

Don't want them to have another child, come and grab something with me! From now on, I can only eat one chicken leg for one roast chicken, and the other one will only be eaten by the kid, or he will even grab my chicken leg."

"You just want to eat two chicken drumsticks and don't want them to have a second child?" Wang Zining has a black thread, and he deserves to be a foodie!

"I'm just giving an example. A younger brother might fight with me. My younger sister cries and likes to sue petitions. It's creepy to think about it, and I must not let them have a child!"

"Then if you already have it? How can you not hate them?"

"It's impossible not to hate it, just give it away, and you won't have any troubles!"


Nothing constructive at all!


After Fan Jiangliang sent Li Xiaoyun home, he went to the studio again.

When Li Xiaoyun got home, she threw the expensive leather bag on the ground, stepped onto the sofa and sat down.

Li Xiaoyun's mother and agent came out of the kitchen hearing the noise.

"What's wrong, who messed with you?" Mother Li wiped her hands clean, first went to the ground to pick up the bag, patted it and placed it on the shelf.

"Are you here?" Li Xiaoyun greeted her with her temper when she saw that the agent was there.

"You are so big now, don't get angry at all times and affect your children." The agent persuaded.

"Isn't it! Didn't you go to your in-law's house in the morning? You got angry over there? Not so, you have a big belly now, the old people over there are very kind, it is impossible to make you angry." Mother Li looked and couldn't see. Son-in-law, asked, "Fan Jiang didn't come back with you?"

"He went to the studio." Li Xiaoyun said, "Of course the old man over there won't make me angry anymore. I met Wang Yuan, Fan Jiang's ex-wife, and she went there today."

"Wang Yuan went to Fan Jiang's house?" The agent became curious." What is she going to do there?"

"Yeah, I heard that I haven't been in contact for ten years, why did you run into it again?" Mother Li also frowned and asked worriedly.

"Didn't Wang Zining suffer a little injury? He said he was going to see his son. After so many years of no contact, he suddenly went to the house of her in-laws. Who knows what she means!" Li Xiaoyun said in disgust.

"Is the child okay?" Mother Li asked. She knew that her daughter and son-in-law had gone to see her stepson in the morning.

"Nothing, it's their little mention!" Li Xiaoyun took off her coat and shouted, "Auntie, pour me a glass of water."

Mother Li hurriedly got up, "I asked my aunt to go out to buy something. I made some soup for you in the kitchen just now. I will serve you in a bowl."

"After you became pregnant, this temper was too anxious. It was not like this before. Are you also like this in front of Director Fan Jiang?" The agent worried about her, "You will not quarrel with him about Wang Yuan. Right?"

"No, I know it in my heart." Li Xiaoyun replied. She can still keep her temper in front of Fan Jiang, knowing that her husband will not just indulge herself. She has been pregnant for a few months, and she feels very easy to get angry. Just unhappy, why does she still mix with my life."

"Don't think too much about it. People care about their son. She can't possibly grab your husband with you." The agent said disapprovingly.

"I don't think she will come back to eat the grass, or that her purpose is impure and has ulterior motives. Why did she never talk to each other before, when the old two are getting older, she knows that she has come here?"

"You don't think about useless things now. The most important thing is to keep a happy mood and raise your child." Mother Li came out with the nourishing soup and handed it to her daughter. She knew her daughter's careful thoughts, since she had a child. I'm afraid that the elders in the family will be unfair at that time, and will give all the family property to the older one.

Although the daughter said that her father-in-law is an academician and has patents, she feels that it is just a researcher and teaches, no matter what, the income of her son-in-law and daughter is incomparable. She felt that as long as the son-in-law was not partial, her daughter would not suffer.

For Fan Jiangliang, a son-in-law who is only a few years younger than herself, Li's mother disagreed with her life and death and almost broke off the relationship between mother and daughter, but she couldn't stop her daughter from marrying. She came to take care of her daughter after she became pregnant. She found out that this old son-in-law was pretty good together, so she was more relieved.

"When will this child be born? It's really annoying. With such a big belly every day, I feel uncomfortable eating and sleeping." Li Xiaoyun complained.

"Don't talk nonsense, it's more than two months before the due date." Mother Li patted her daughter gently.

"These are some work plans for the second half of the year. Take a look." The agent came to Li Xiaoyun today to discuss her postpartum comeback." Several baby products advertisements and endorsements have contacted us, and XX audience There is a reality show for half a year called New Birthday Diary. It needs to be in the house for 24 hours to shoot. The TV station is very eager to invite you to participate, and the conditions are very generous. Of course, director Fan Jiang may also appear on this show, you can discuss it."

"I just gave birth to a baby, and I haven't recovered my figure. I'm afraid that it will affect my image when I appear on the scene so soon." Li Xiaoyun worried, "and Fan Jiang doesn't

Will agree to my participation."

"The show was filmed two months after your expected delivery date. Within two months, you have arranged fitness and diet control, and you have almost recovered. The TV station is very sincere. The few stars they look for are you who have the most weight. In addition, director Fan Jiang was able to enter the scene, and the rewards were very attractive. Moreover, if you are on a reality show and the personality is well managed, the influence will be very large. If you send out the news of your participation in this reality show, Advertisers of baby products can also discuss raising your endorsement fee."

Li Xiaoyun hesitated a bit. She knew Fan Jiangliang and he would not interfere with her work, but if a child was involved, he would definitely not agree with him.

"I will think about it again." Li Xiaoyun said.

After the agent left, Li's mother persuaded her: "You give birth to a good child, I plan to give you a bimonthly child, and take care of some of the old problems thoroughly. You can't agree to participate in this program, and you can also exercise and diet. My health is broken, and it's useless to make more money. Anyway, I don't agree!"

On Wang Yuan's side, she went out to the company in the afternoon and took the two scripts from last time. Tell Qu Hui that she didn't plan to accept these two scripts.

"Dislike small productions?" Qu Hui said, "You have to know that by your age, the peak period of female artists has passed. There are not many choices for 30 plus actresses in the market. You can't just look at big productions, okay. Opportunities and roles of the actor are hard to come by. Once the popularity is over, who will come to you? These two scripts are chosen by my thousands. Don't you believe my vision? I think they will have a chance. Become a dark horse at the box office."

"I made the decision after reading the script carefully. I believe in your eyes. I won't regret that these two shows will sell at the box office in the future. I just don't think the role is suitable for me."

"I can understand if you don't like the divorced and chasing love book, "Parallel Time" should be your favorite type. Although it is a small production, it is also a big IP adaptation. The original author is the great writer Ni Kuang."

Wang Yuan didn't expect that "Parallel Time and Space" would be an adaptation of Ni Kuang's novel. He clearly never wrote this novel in another time and space. Because Ni Ying likes Ni Kuang, she has been watching all of Ni Kuang's masterpieces.

She actually liked this story, but because of the collision with her own experience and the awe of the unknown and inexplicable coincidences, she considered for many days and finally decided to give up.

"I'm pretty sure, I don't plan to play." Wang Yuan said affirmatively.

"Knowing that you participated in the actor hello variety show, now

I want to invite you to be a guest on several variety shows. I think you must refuse it again, right?"

"Except for the slow variety show that has been signed, I don't plan to participate in the variety show for the time being. I will not take too much work this year, and plan to rearrange my life first." She wants to absorb and digest the memory of her original body. There are also children. Once she takes on too many jobs, people will spend more than half a year on the crew, and there will be no time to get along with them to cultivate feelings. It is easy to make a choice between choices.

"Your mother has called again, and she wants your contact information. I see her appearance. If you don't contact her, I'm afraid she will speak directly on the social platform. I think you should deal with this matter first."

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