Wang Yuan got the number given by Qu Hui and called her mother.

"I heard you are looking for me, what's the matter?"

Xue Ping reacted after a while. This was the voice of the eldest daughter, "Why are you contacting me now? Qu Hui didn't tell you, have I been looking for you?"

This always dissatisfied and accusing voice was unexpectedly familiar, and she didn't know how to speak peacefully with her mother in both time and space.

"Just say something!"

"What's your attitude? I am calling to care about you. You make such a big news. Isn't it right for me to ask…"

Wang Yuan interrupted: "I'm fine now, it's okay. Do you have anything else?"

"… Let's talk about it when we meet, where do you live now? I'm in City H. Come out to meet you this afternoon!"

"In my impression, I paid a huge sum of money back then, which is regarded as paying off your life and nurturing. We have nothing to do with each other. Is it necessary to meet again?"

This is what Wang Yuan learned from the memory of the original body.

After she became famous overnight, her mother who had been absent from her life all year round appeared again as a guardian. She took over the job of her agent and gave her a bunch of messy advertisements and scripts. At that time, she was already full of wings and early. She is no longer a young and helpless orphan, knowing that her acting career has just started, she cherishes her hard-won achievement very much. Xue Ping must not be allowed to use her as a money-making tool, squeeze her value, and ruin her for immediate career benefit.

At that time, Fan Jiangliang, who had not yet determined her relationship, helped her a lot, and he was involved in litigation and negotiation. In order not to shoot advertisements and some bad dramas that affected her image, she lost a lot of money, and the compensation was also Fan Jiang. Well advanced.

Later, Fan Jiangliang helped her contact Tianyu Company, and Qu Hui took over as her agent, and her star journey went smoothly. However, Xue Ping was dissatisfied that the eldest daughter who could make money was out of her control. Through the media and various channels, she kidnapped Wang Yuan with family affection and kept harassing Wang Yuan. Considering that this would affect her personal image, the company came forward and sat in three parties. Coming down to discuss, Xue Ping opened his mouth and asked Wang Yuan to pay 10 million yuan in one lump sum, which was regarded as buying out the mother-daughter relationship as compensation for her giving birth and raising her. Ten million years ago was a huge sum of money, but Wang Yuan agreed in one word, only to avoid her harassment again, and asked her not to contact herself in the future.

The mother-daughter family relationship was cut off with an agreement. At that time, Tianyu Company paid 10 million yuan. Wang Yuan and the company's agreement has also been changed, and a lot of profits have been lost, but she does not regret it.

Later, the agreement with the company expired, and many entertainment companies dug her. She still stayed at Tianyu, also to thank the company for its help that year.

"I have something to find you, you must come out!" Xue Ping said in a strong tone, "I signed an agreement with you, why, do you dare to take out that paper agreement?"

Wang Yuan sneered. She was sure she was a public figure, and she didn't dare to tear her up, so she hung up the phone.

Xue Ping, in another time and space, only considers her own interests in everything she does.

She has been unmarried, and Xue Ping, who didn't show up very often, arranged a blind date for her twice in the name of caring about her, but she suddenly brought someone here without her knowledge.

Those two blind dates are good for her, not to mention them. When my father knew about this, he was so angry that he scolded her for being unworthy of being a mother!

Xue Ping didn't know what happened to the children behind, but to herself, she really didn't look like a mother at all.

The phone's ringtone kept ringing, and Wang Yuan directly blacklisted her.

Soon after, Qu Hui called, and Wang Yuan sighed to pick it up.

"She called you again?"

"What are you talking about, I think she is angrily, saying that she wants to expose you."

"The breakdown of our mother-daughter relationship is not news for a long time. She has any plans to reveal. Let her go."

"Do you know why she is looking for you?"

"If you want something, one is money, and the other is fame."

"Your sister is planning to make her debut, and she is going to participate in a selection variety show for a recent women's group. I want you to come forward and pull some resources for her."

Wang Yuan smiled, she didn't guess wrong as expected.

"Impossible!" Her mother is thinking of something beautiful.

"She still wants me to be your sister's agent." Qu Hui also found it funny, a little girl who hadn't made her debut, why did she think she was interested in receiving the banner.

"She was very considerate of her daughter this time. She didn't act as an agent by herself. I want to come here to do long-term investment." I hope she has changed her S*x and loves her children now. She plans for them instead of just taking advantage of it. interest.

"Don't get too stiff with her either. If she can be perfunctory, you will be the one who will suffer if she tears it up on the Internet." Qu Hui reminded.

Wang Yuan knew that she didn't have the patience to hover with her, nor would she meet any of her requirements. She would make trouble if she wanted to, and did not release Xue Ping from the blacklist.

She mentioned to Mr. Qi that she wanted to visit Qi Haoran, Mr. Qi was surprisingly easy to talk this time, without any sarcasm, and he readily agreed.

Wang Yuan simply packed her luggage and took the scheduled flight to Beijing.

I booked the hotel first, and then took a taxi to Qizhai. When I got to the door, I saw Tia standing at the door with Qi Haoran and waiting. Wang Yuan quickly got out of the car, picked up her son, and gave her a hard kiss.

Qi Haoran pushed her away disgustingly: "Don't treat me as a child!"

Wang Yuan laughed loudly, took Mario's little luggage in Tia's hand, exchanged a few words with Tia, and got into the car with Mario in her arms.

"I don't want you to come every week, you know, it disturbs my normal life." Qi Haoran pulled his suitcase and said to Wang Yuan, who opened the door with his room card.

"Mom, sorry, but I miss you too much. I will try my best to match your daily routine and habits, okay?" Wang Yuan opened the door and let her son go in, and said to him.

"I'll stay with you in the hotel from now on?" After pushing in the small suitcase, he glanced at the environment of the luxury suite, turned his arms around his chest, and asked with a serious face.

"This is only temporary. When you return to City H next month, my new house is renovated and we can live at home." Qi Haoran kindergarten will graduate next month. Wang Yuan learned from Tia that Qi The husband will send Qi Haoran to City H to let him adjust to the environment in advance.

Wang Yuan looked at the appearance of his little adult, not cute, knowing that he didn't like being offended by his little head, she resisted the urge to rub his smooth hair, opened her suitcase, and took out the clothes she had brought.

"Dangdang Dangdang~ how about it, do you like it, Iron Man!" Wang Yuan kept putting out a set of colorful cartoon-style children's clothing, "and batman, spider-man, X-men, flash…"

These are the clothes she collected from the children's clothing store some time ago, the clothes she wore out, and the pajamas.

Qi Haoran:…

"Do you think I will wear these childish and funny clothes?!"

"So disappointed, I thought you would like it?" Son, isn't your avatar just Iron Man?

Qi Haoran has always been dressed as a British fan, matched with his indifferent and serious face, just like a little adult. Wang Yuan wants to see her son can put on cute and childish children's clothes, put down his defenses, and look more like a child.

"Please don't treat me like a kid, I won't like it!" But my eyes stayed on the IronMan pattern clothes for two more seconds.

"Well, let's put it on first, when you want to wear it, we will try it on again." Wang Yuan pretended not to notice, stood up and simply packed the luggage of the two of them.

After packing, Wang Yuan started to worry about his eyesight as she watched her son who was sitting in a chair and playing games with a mobile phone.

"Mario, stop playing games, let's go downstairs to eat."

"Don't eat!" Qi Haoran said without looking up.

"Give you five minutes, I will come out of the bathroom, and we will set off!" After Wang Yuan finished speaking, she went to the bathroom first.

Wang Yuan took his little hand, Qi Haoran looked reluctant, "I'm not hungry, I don't want to eat!"

"You'll have to eat at that point. Didn't you say that you have to absorb nutrients to help you grow taller."

Wang Yuan went to the cafeteria on the third floor of the hotel. There were not many people in the cafeteria at noon, so she found a seat by the window.

"You sit here and wait. Mom will get some food. What do you want to eat?"

"Steak." Qi Haoran took out his phone and continued to play the game.

Wang Yuan resisted the urge to take back his mobile phone and went to get food first.

Wearing fisherman hats and masks, special costumes and tall and conspicuous figures attract the attention of the waiters. This hotel often has celebrities and the waiters have been trained. Even if they find out, they will not be too fussy or disturbed.

Wang Yuan went twice to get the food back.

After sitting down, she took off her hat and mask, cut the steak into small pieces, sandwiched the fried fish and vegetables, and a bowl of hot freshly cooked small wontons, and placed them in front of Qi Haoran.

"Eat first! How about the steak here?"

Qi Haoran looked at the steak and said disgustedly: "It's not delicious!"

"Try it first. If you like steak, mom will take you to a western restaurant tomorrow."

Qi Haoran took a small bite of the steak, then put it down.

Wang Yuan put the greens in front of him: "I heard Tia said that you don't eat greens. This is not good. The little elf in his stomach said that he likes to eat greens the most."

The child glanced at her, "Are you serious?!"

Wang Yuan was sweating in embarrassment. In a children's drama she watched, the parents said that, the child was very happy to eat right away, why she didn't cooperate with the suck!

"Immediately, must, eat up!"

Under Wang Yuan's eager attention, Qi Haoran took a bite of the vegetables. Wang Yuan wanted to time him. How could he have to eat a meal before he can swallow a bite of food… No, the little guy has already vomited the dregs out.

"I want to eat cake!" He pointed to the small tiramisu cake on Wang Yuan's plate.

Wang Yuan only cut half of it for him. It is not good for children to eat too much sweets. Watching him eat the cake is quite fast.

Seeing his son eating, I know why he is not taller anymore.

"Sister!" a voice with surprise sounded.

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