Wang Yuan looked up and saw a young and beautiful girl standing in front of her with joy.

"Sister, I'm Tang Yanyan, do you remember me? I saw you twice when I was young, but when I was young, you might not recognize me."

This is her half-sister. She just received a call from Xue Ping, but she did not expect to meet her here.

Although she had a bad relationship with her mother, she had nothing to do with this stepsister. She smiled and nodded in response: "Are you here to eat too?"

"Yes, my classmates and I came here to have dinner. I didn't expect to meet my sister. It's really a coincidence!" Tang Yan's face was reddish and a little excited. She looked at Qi Haoran and asked in surprise, "This is my sister's son. Huh? My little nephew? He looks so cute!"

"Mario, this is my mother's half-sister, you want to be called auntie!" Although Wang Yuan didn't want to interact with people from her mother's side, but when she ran into it, she politely introduced her to her son.

Qi Haoran glanced at her without calling anyone.

Tang Yanyan didn't care, she pointed to a table in the distance and said, "Sister, I'm sitting there with a few classmates. If you have anything to do, you can greet me. I am a freshman major in Acting at the Kyoto Film Academy. Students, the movies we play in class are all yours. You are the idol of my classmates and me. If I have the opportunity, I would love to learn from you to act…"

"The teachers at the Kyoto Film School are more systematic and professional in performance teaching. As long as you work hard, you can learn more in school."

"Yeah, I will definitely learn it with my heart." Tang Yanyan is a smart girl. Seeing Wang Yuan's indifferent attitude, she doesn't get close anymore." Sister, then I will pass first, and I will have a chance later. I will see you again."

Wang Yuan nodded with a smile.

"I don't like people calling me cute!" Qi Haoran expressed his opinion after seeing Tang Yanyan leaving.

"But you are really cute!" Wang Yuan said with a smile.

A serious bulging face.

"Are there any relatives I don't know? This aunt doesn't know you too well."

"If it's an important relative, my mother will definitely let you know, so that more relatives will love you. Your aunts and others…mother are also not familiar with them, because my mother has never been with them. Now for me, the most important thing is The relatives are you and Brother Ning Ning, so my mother hopes that you can get closer and get to know each other since childhood, so that you can become the closest people, unlike your mother and your own stepsister have become strangers."

"I don't like him, and I don't want to be the closest person to him. I now formally protest, I hope you pull the group and force us to stop the video from happening again."

"Protest dismissed!"

Continue the puffed little face.

"Eat your vegetables quickly, don't spit it out this time!"

"Yan Yan, is Wang Yuan really your sister?"

"Is it really Wang Yuan over there? That's her son?"

When Tang Yanyan returned to her classmates, she was stopped by a few excited girls and asked.

"Yeah, that's my sister and my nephew, don't go over and ask for a photo, she doesn't want others to disturb you."

"I heard you say before, I still don't believe that you are really half-sisters."

"I've read Wang Yuan's report. It seems that she has a bad relationship with your mother, and I heard that they have severed their relationship. What's the reason?"

Tang Yanyan said with a strong smile: "My mom is a stronger person, and I am afraid of her. She and my sister are also incompatible with each other and have a bit of quarrel, which is exaggerated by the media."

"You really signed up to participate in the women's group selection variety show? Although the school does not prohibit us from participating in these shows, after you are really selected as a group, you must sign with their performing arts company. Will you drop out? And we are learning acting. Profession is different from the development route of the girl group idol. Do you want to think about it?"

"Our classmates found filming jobs as soon as they enrolled in school. Everyone is looking for opportunities to make their heads when they are young. If we can't make a splash in the show business during these four years, this road will only be more difficult in the future. The drama recommended by the school is too competitive, and we don't have a background background. It's really hard to get ahead on our own. It's also a way out for you to participate in a talent show. Now that you have a topic and focus, you have the opportunity to get a script role. If it weren't for my limited talents , I also want to sign up."

"Your sister is Wang Yuan, how many directors want to find her to cooperate with, as long as she is willing to take you, are you afraid that there will be no filming?"

"I don't want to rely on my sister. She also hopes that I can enter this line on my own strength. When I'm young, let's make a breakthrough by myself. To participate in this variety show, I also want to try my own strength."

When Tang Yanyan was born, Wang Yuan was already fifteen or sixteen years old. At that time, she was a talented young dancer in dance school. The school also helped her receive some performance opportunities. She was able to receive a good salary and was able to rely on herself. To support herself, it is no longer necessary to go to her mother to lower her head and lower her eyebrows every month to pay for living expenses, so Tang Yanyan never did it when she was a child, knowing that I still have a sister.

There were two limited meetings. One was when Xue Ping took her to Wang Yuan's wedding. At that time, the mother and daughter were already in a stalemate, but she didn't want to miss the wedding of her successful son-in-law and daughter, and took her to a banquet.

Xue Ping told her that after the bride was her sister, Tang Yanyan was very surprised. She thought it was the most beautiful bride she had ever seen. It turned out to be her sister. She had attended her sister's wedding. She dreamed of it when she was a child. As a bride, I think that is the most beautiful and beautiful princess in the fairy tale.

After she came back, she often talked about seeing her sister. She was scolded several times by her mother, so she didn't dare to say any more.

Later, when we met, her mother took her to meet her sister who gave birth. That time, the sister put her hair down and pushed her mother out of her with a crazy expression. She shouted and screamed, making her very scared. She didn't believe it was. She remembered the most beautiful bride in the world.

After that, she never mentioned her sister again.

When she grew up, she knew that the beautiful and dazzling star on TV was the sister she had met. She was a little excited and wanted to show off with her friends and classmates, but her brother who was nine years older than her told her not to Tell others that this will disturb their current lives. Everyone will give them pointers in the future. What they do is under the attention of others, which is not as convenient as it is now.

Although she held back it, she began to pay attention to news related to her sister.

She learned of the beautiful wedding that she had attended when she was a child, but it didn't end well in the end. However, my sister's career in acting has been rising constantly. The films she starred in have been sought after and appreciated by countless people. The awards she has won have been superimposed. At the peak of her acting career, she married again, this time also married. A top wealthy, her husband is the heir of ten billion business elites. Although the marriage relationship is still short-lived, her career has not been affected. She is still starry, and her life is dazzling.

Sister Wang Yuan's life is what Tang Yanyan dreamed of when she was a girl. When she proposed that she wanted to go to film school and enter the entertainment industry in the future, her father and brother strongly opposed it. Only mother Xue Ping agreed.

Because of her mother's support, she was eventually admitted to the acting department of the Film Academy.

She grew up from a wealthy family and looks beautiful, which is the focus of the eyes of the people around her. After entering the film school, she felt the gap between reality and ideals.

There is a sky outside the sky, and there are people outside the world. Which of the girls here is not a combination of looks and talent.

In the acting department, she is not the most beautiful, nor the most talented, nor is she a gifted student. Among her classmates are super-traffic stars, old drama bones from child stars, and lucky ones who have been selected by big directors. After a year of college life, she had seen the scenery of this industry, but she was utterly indifferent to everyone, and her performance was mediocre. Needless to say, she did not even have a chance to shoot a magazine advertisement.

She didn't want to be like a senior elder sister, still struggling after four years of graduation, or simply changing careers. She also believes her mother said that being young is the best moment to create opportunities. If you miss it, you will never get ahead. My mother also said that my sister became the youngest chief dancer of the dance company at the age of 17, and she had the chance to be dug into making a movie later. It was also that she made a movie overnight and became famous at the age of 18, and then she became the first person in China. After taking the movie. She is now twenty years old, and there is no chance again, maybe the entertainment industry will be completely closed to her.

That's why she will be moved when she knows the women's team talent show that the most famous entertainment station is now vigorously promoting.

Her initial thought was that even if she did not win in the end, this would be an opportunity to show her face in the public eye, attract the attention of all parties, and have the opportunity to get the role of the film.

When she talked to her mother about her thoughts, Xue Ping was dissatisfied with her small plan, saying that if you want to do it, you must do it to the best. Nowadays, the talent show is very deep. Everyone not only sells the personality, but also fights for the background. The topic fights the flow, and simply try a water will only be silently driven away by a wave.

Xue Ping mentioned that she should be good at using her own resources. She mentioned that she would ask her sister for help, let her bring herself, and get the topic up first. Although she knew that her mother and Wang Yuan had not been in contact for a long time, she still had a glimmer of hope. Yesterday her mother called and cursed Wang Yuan, which completely disappointed her. Unexpectedly, the relationship between them was so stiff before, it could not be eased for more than ten years, and even the sister would not help her.

She didn't expect that when she came out with her classmates to check in at this five-star cafeteria today, she would meet her sister. She plucked up the courage to greet her. Although her sister's attitude was not bad, she was very polite and alienated, which made her very disappointed.

She was thinking, how can she have a good relationship with her sister so that she can help herself.

Here, Wang Yuan didn't know that her stepsister had so many thoughts. Even if she knew her, she didn't care. She was so angry that she was watching her younger son Qi Haoran eating.

In the end, she ate herself and couldn't let her son eat more food.

"I want to eat ice cream!" Qi Haoran demanded.

"Impossible! Did you forget why you went to the hospital last time? You are not allowed to eat ice cream anymore before you have grown to 1.7 meters!" Now that you are still at home and recuperating, you have not been able to go to kindergarten, so you dare to make this request!

Now his face is really puffed up like a frog.

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