The two returned to the guest room to rest after lunch.

Qi Haoran took out the phone, and Wang Yuan directly took it away and confiscated it.

"You can't use your mobile phone for more than two hours a day. I don't want my son to become a little Siyan."

Qi Haoran was angry and helpless. He felt that after spending a long time with this mother, he was more irritable than the kindergarten when faced with a bear child's provocation. He said, "You don't want to see me again next time. I think the two of us should keep a certain distance. If you have something to communicate via video!"

Usually in kindergarten, as long as he keeps filing reasonable lawsuits, the teachers are not good at forcing him to do things he doesn't like. At home, Tia and the life assistant dare not care about him. Dad comes back occasionally, and their conversation is a sensible and mature conversation , Dad will introduce his work situation, make plans for his life and studies, and ask for his opinions, and then discuss the implementation, not to follow these trivial things.

Unlike his mother, who completely disregarded his wishes, forcibly intervened in his life, interfered with his behavior and preferences.

This way, not only does not respect him, it is also irrational, and he dislikes it very much!

"…This, is this what you really mean? You don't want to see me because you hate mom so much… ooh…" Wang Yuan looked shocked and injured, and she knelt on her chest slowly, with her right hand in her chest. By the bed, with his head buried in his arms, he let out a depressed cry.

Qi Haoran:…

With such poor acting skills, how did she get mixed up in the showbiz? Will she soon be unemployed and have no food to eat~

Thought he would believe that she really cried? …I didn't cry, did I~

Qi Haoran walked over, squatted down, and his little head poked out of Wang Yuan's arms. Suddenly, he felt his feet lifted off the ground and was picked up by someone. He also suffered two nasty kisses on his cheeks. Really Disgusting, fooled him as a kid again…

After that, the butt was lightly patted twice, "You will break my mother's heart by saying this in the future. If you say it once, I will kiss you once and spank again!"

Wang Yuan warned.

The butt is connected with self-esteem. Although the little butt does not hurt, but the self-esteem is hurt, Qi Haoran shouted: "You are too naive, why are you pretending to cry, and you don't look like it at all!"

"Then do you want me to cry?"

Qi Haoran:…

"Put into pajamas and sleep! Wake up from a nap, we will go outside, and my mother will take you to a place in the evening and give you a surprise!"

Qi Haoran was about to refute that she wouldn't feel

Surprised, when Wang Yuan took out the big red Spiderman pajamas, he widened his eyes and quickly covered his chest and said: "You can't force me to wear this funny dress, I won't change it!"

"I really think it's so cute. Baby, you try it!" Wang Yuan raised her clothes and begged.

"Do not!"

"Don't you like anime characters?"

"You bought a bunch of superhero clothes with different plots and wanted me to change clothes. This is a very ignorant and funny thing! I need to declare that I like Iron-man doesn't mean I will like other superheroes. I'm not the one without A person of principle!" Qi Haoran needs to let his mother know his position.

After listening to her son's explanation, Wang Yuan nodded, she took it for granted.

"Baby, I was wrong. I only leave one set, and other mothers will give it away, so I won't force you to wear it."

"…I won't wear that suit either!"

"I prepared a mother and child outfit. When I plan to go out to play tomorrow, we will wear it together. How strange I am wearing Iron-man alone."

"It was originally a very strange dress, and you are planning to take me with you." Give a naive look, and you feel it yourself.

"I'll talk about it tomorrow, now take a nap, sleep more to grow taller!"

"…Here again!" Qi Haoran said that he was tired. He felt that if his mother talked about the problem of growing taller, he was under too much pressure, and he was afraid that he would not grow taller.


In the crowded crowd waiting to enter, Wang Yuan held a fluorescent support stick in her hand, and also wore Ye Xingyu's shiny headband on her head, with a large fluorescent purple T-shirt with a leaf Xingyu pattern. Sports shoes of the same color, if you don't wear a mask, you will be recognized in minutes by dressing up in bright colors that dazzle the blind.

"Baby, don't I really need to hold you?" Wang Yuan lowered her head and asked Qi Haoran, who was a very handsome gentleman who dressed up at night.

White plaid short-sleeved shirt and gray back trousers. This is what the little handsome guy usually wears, but he puts a bow tie on the shirt collar more solemnly at night.

"No. I'll go by myself." Qi Haoran refused simply. His face was calm on the surface, but he was still a little excited inside. He had only watched videos on the Internet and had never been to the scene.

Wang Yuan said that when there was a surprise in the evening, he didn't expect to bring him to Ye Xingyu's concert. Although he didn't care very much and didn't care about it, he was indeed surprised.

The crowd was full of excited young men and women, and some parents brought their children. The waiting line could not be seen at a glance. Although Wang Yuan knew that Ye Xingyu's virtual idol appeared

It is very popular among young people, but I didn't expect the concert to be as enthusiastic as the live concert of the Queen of Heaven. No wonder she couldn't snap up the tickets before, but later repurchased them online at a high price.

She didn't notice. Not far from her, there was a young girl she had had a relationship with, who was now holding her mobile phone and taking selfies. She had already noticed her.

Qu Xiaoxiao opened a live broadcast room on the website, where she usually broadcasts makeup, singing and playing piano.

Qu Hui strongly opposed her to make this live broadcast website, but netizens also because she is the daughter of Tianyu's gold-medal agent Qu Hui, and a lot of people pay attention to her. She is now an internet celebrity with a certain number of fans.

She is also a fan of Ye Xingyu. She specially rushed to Beijing to listen to the concert. Since entering Beijing, she has broadcast live broadcasts of the food at the hotel and check-in. When watching the concert at night, her live studio is always connected.

But she didn't expect that in the line of people, she would find the figure of Wang Yuan, the biggest artist under her mother. Although the other party was wearing a mask, she would recognize it at a glance. She suddenly became excited and didn't think about it at that moment. Exposure of Wang Yuan's whereabouts in the live broadcast will lead to serious consequences of her mother's pursuit and killing. I just think that her live broadcast room is about to explode, and I'm so excited.

She looked into the camera of the phone and said, "My dears, do you know what major discovery I just made? You must not guess it! I found a figure in the crowd, and you should all be very interested."

Seeing the subtitles popping up continuously in the live broadcast, they are asking who it is, and there are many rewards. Please announce the answer to the anchor.

Qu Xiaoxiao said: "The number of people in the live broadcast room reaches 10,000, and I will give you the answer~" She did not continue to watch the barrage in the live broadcast room, but slowly squeezed towards Wang Yuan, and stopped at a distance of one meter. I found that Wang Yuan was standing beside him, a small little gentleman, a mini version of the little gentleman.

She thought that this should be the son of Wang Yuan and her second rich ex-husband. She paid special attention to it. Later, she wanted to avoid Wang Yuan's son. Exposing Wang Yuan's whereabouts caused at most a little trouble and was stopped by her mother. Credit card or scolding a bloody head, compared to the number of fans she is about to soar, she doesn't care at all, but exposing Wang Yuan's younger son will be a big trouble, maybe her live broadcast room will be blocked directly.

She looked at Wang Yuan's bright and novel dressing, and felt that her appearance would brighten the eyes of netizens in the live broadcast room. After Gao Lengying subverted her image and dress, she would surely let her receive a lot of traffic.

"Dear guys, everyone is very awesome~ I see that it has been rushed

It's broken 10,000, then I will turn down the camera now and show everyone the back of the mysterious figure~"

Qu Xiaoxiao glanced at Wang Yuan's place and turned back immediately, "Everyone sees it, you can start guessing now, continue to pay attention to the anchor, if it reaches 30,000, I will announce the name. Now the concert has begun to check in. The scene is over, the anchor has to flash for a while…"

Qu Xiaoxiao watched Wang Yuan walk forward, followed closely behind her, and saw that Wang Yuan and their seats were not very far forward, and decisively exchanged seat tickets with a boy in the back row. The otaku wearing glasses saw that someone took the initiative. I changed the best position to myself, and agreed without thinking. I took the ticket and happily ran towards the stage position closer to Izu Ye Xingyu.

The starry sky was shining on the stage. When the 3D projected virtual idol Ye Xingyu landed among the gleaming stars, the screams instantly broke through the entire venue. And when Ye Xingyu's ethereal singing sounded, everyone stood up one after another and sang along to the music.

Qi Haoran's little face also showed an expression of excitement after trying his best, stood up, stiffened, and held the light stick in both hands to beat the music.

Wang Yuan turned around and looked at the appearance of her son Midi, with a smile.

[Ah…I saw it, it's Wang Yuan!]

[It's the queen, I didn't expect her to be so cute!]

[The queen is a fan of Ye Xingyu, my God, I know a great secret…]

When Qu Xiaoxiao entered the venue just now, the network was disconnected from time to time due to network speed issues. When she just raised her mobile phone to take a photo of the entire venue, the last shot she stopped was Wang Yuan's smiling side face in front.

She didn't know, at this time one end of the network was already boiling.

Wang Yuan was immersed in this joyous atmosphere, swaying her body, singing loudly to the music, turning around to take care of her son from time to time, watching his son's slowly relaxing expression, and her little mouth swaying her head. When she is cute, she sings more vigorously.

[Why in such a noisy environment, the queen of shadows ~ people's singing can still clearly reach my ears?]

[Look at my face struck by lightning. .]

[…I think Wang Yuan chose acting instead of singing, it was really a wise decision!]

[I was shook off the screen by the singing, and it took a long time to recover to normal. You– are all okay?]

Qu Xiaoxiao did not dare to point the camera at the stage, because live broadcast of the concert was prohibited. She was shooting the grand scene of the venue, but it also included the live music and surrounding sounds. When she took her phone closer to see if the number of people in the live broadcast room had increased, she realized that Wang Yuan had been recognized by everyone without her needing to announce the answer, and she accidentally recorded the first song after the film…

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