"Li Bin, are you home? Come out now and get to the Haitian Stadium, hurry up!"

Li Bin, who has just returned home, received a call from the editor-in-chief. He thought for a while and asked, "Haitian Stadium has that virtual idol Ye Xingyu's concert today. Didn't you say that you don't need to follow it before?"

"Are you not looking at your mobile phone at all after get off work? Open it and take a look. A live broadcast platform revealed that Wang Yuan went to Ye Xingyu's concert at night. You hurry to the scene and take a few more photos. If you can catch it She personally interviewed the best."

"Ah, has she come to Beijing?" Li Bin, "Okay, I will go now."

When Li Bin rushed to the scene, the concert was not over yet, and he saw that the company's camera was already waiting for him with the camera.

The two smiled relatively bitterly: "I thought I could get off work today, but I didn't expect to come over to work."

"Who knows what's wrong with the movie queen, she came to watch this otaku idol's concert."

"Nor can you say that, the more unexpected her behavior, the more eye-catching big news, we rely on this to eat!"

Li Bin saw that other stations' entertainment journals also rushed over. The party did not show up, and the colleagues met, everyone still had time to chat.

"You guys came here after seeing the news from the live broadcast platform?"

"Do you know who released the live broadcast? Daughter Qu Hui! I don't know if Tianyu himself is hyping."

"I heard she brought her son with me?"

"I watched the replay in the live broadcast room. She should have acquaintances by her side, but they didn't show it. I don't know if it is her son. If it is a son, if the photo is taken, he will have to beat Masek, but it cannot be exposed.

"So you have to have anecdotal information, preferably friends of the opposite S*x."

Hearing this, everyone laughed.

"Do you have any internal news? Share it!" Li Bin took the opportunity to inquire.

Of course, everyone is playing haha, how can it be possible to leak the food to other people.

"Guess, this time will it still be Qiao Yu, if it is really shot this time, it will be a real hammer, it will be a big explosion!"

Several people laughed, all guessing, hoping to make big news.

Wang Yuan didn't expect that when she was old, she would follow a group of young people around her and shake the light stick to call a virtual cute 3D girl. What a novel experience.

She didn't know that Qu Xiaoxiao, who completely exposed her behind him, looked at the live broadcast room, and was also crazy with joy. I didn't expect to follow people count rushed to 50,000 people, which is the largest number since her live broadcast. The number is still increasing, and countless rewards have been thrown over, asking her to take more pictures.

Qu Xiaoxiao knew that enough was enough, did not share too much, and exposed too much of her mother's celebrities. At that time, she may be directly packaged abroad, and she will not be able to achieve her goal of becoming the first Internet celebrity in the entertainment industry.

Because the scene was too noisy, Wang Yuan did not hear the sound of the phone, and she never thought that many people would almost blow up her phone.

When entering the venue, it was still very orderly. Maybe it was infected by the idol's enthusiastic music. Everyone was still in a state of excitement. When she exited the venue, the crowd was obviously crowded and messy. Wang Yuan asked her son to agree to him. Hold it in your arms and follow the crowd out.

After she walked out of the venue and the crowd evacuated, she saw many media reporters waiting there with cameras and microphones in front of her. She was shocked. It wouldn't be for herself. It's impossible to know that she would come to listen to the concert.

Before she could react, Yu Ji had already found her figure and squeezed towards her. Her fluorescent purple clothes and the shiny headbands on her hair are so eye-catching that they have long been exposed on the live broadcast platform.

She just wanted to retreat, when several tall black shirts swarmed around her, surrounded by mother and child, Wang Yuan subconsciously protected Qi Haoran's face, and rushed out of the encirclement of Yuji under the protection of the man in black.

As the man in black led the way, he got into a high-end car. The flashlight behind him was still chasing.

Although she was still a little panicked, she checked her son's condition first.

Touching his head and face, he asked anxiously: "Mario, they didn't hit you just now? Did you have any problems?" Although the security guards kept them in the circle, they couldn't stop the all-pervasive entertainment. gun. Wang Yuan was also worried that he would be frightened.

Qi Haoran shook his head. His excitement in the stadium has faded, and now there is only worry.

"Why did you bring Mario to a public place, or a concert with such a complicated environment? Don't you know what your own situation is? Did you pass me before you did this? I just agreed with you to see him and be with him. Get along for two days in a quiet environment, instead of putting him in a dangerous place and getting into the danger of being crushed and exposed by the media!"

On the other side of the back seat, Mr. Qi, who was sitting with a cold face, spoke very harshly.

Wang Yuan can't refute, she can't figure out now, how could there be such a multimedia message,

Waiting outside. When she organized her language and wanted to explain the situation to Mr. Qi, Qi Haoran first said: "Dad, I want to go to Ye Xingyu's concert. I asked my mother to take me there!"

Wang Yuan's figure was a little stiff, holding Qi Haoran's hand, unconsciously tightening.

"Mario, what did you call me just now?" Her voice trembled unnaturally.

Qi Haoran wanted to roll his eyes. It was really messed up. Is this the point? Based on what he knows about his father, if he gets angry, he really won't let her pick himself out again, although he doesn't really want to go out with her… well, occasionally it's okay to be together, as long as she doesn't take some Strange food is forcibly fed to him, and his mobile phone and computer cannot be confiscated.

This is of course the point. For Wang Yuan, it is very important. I don't know how beautiful this voice is. It is the most beautiful voice she has ever heard. It is a hundred times, thousand times more beautiful than Ye Xingyu's ethereal voice from another world.

Having been with the child for so long, this is the first time I have heard him call her mother! These two words are really wonderful, and her mood instantly rises. Just now, a little haze has been swept away, and the low pressure of Mr. Qi's cold face next to it seems to be gone.

"Baby, call it again!" Wang Yuan shook her son slightly, acting like a baby.

The cold hair on Qi Haoran and Qi Haoran trembled.

"That's how she lied to you? I made you believe her so quickly and started to protect her!" Qi Ying looked at his son and said.

"…No!" Qi Haoran broke free from Wang Yuan's arms awkwardly and sat in the middle of the back seat. He couldn't behave like a child in front of his father, and he would no longer treat him as a mature adult.

"Dad, please respect the facts. Let's talk about this sensibly. She—mother is not at fault. You can't hold her responsible for what happened unexpectedly."

Wang Yuan nodded, sweetened by her mother's voice again, then she woke up and shook her head quickly.

Her baby should take responsibility for her, and the eyes of the old mother moved red.

"Baby, thank you. This is my mother's problem. It has nothing to do with you. I will communicate with your dad. By the way, Mr. Qi, how can you know that we are here at the concert and arrived in such a timely manner? Bring us out?"

Wang Yuan is indeed very curious about this.

"Aren't we going to clarify your problems and responsibilities first?" Qi Ying said unmovedly.

Really an unpleasant person, once again suspicious of the original vision, Leaving such a difficult ex-husband to myself, if it weren't for a lovely son, I had to communicate with him, and I wouldn't want to have a relationship with this person.

A ringing of the phone temporarily rescued Wang Yuan.

"You finally answered the phone! Where are you now? Who is going to the concert with you? I am responsible for this matter today. I will talk to Xiaoxiao and give you an explanation!"

Ah, what's the matter? Wang Yuan is totally confused, isn't Xiaoxiao Qu Hui's daughter? What's her up to?

"I am with Mario, and now I have avoided the reporters. Why do you all know that I went to the concert? Some netizens have revealed that…Did Xiaoxiao see us at the concert?"

"It's okay if you have nothing to do here, you can read the report, I will call Xiaoxiao now, that's it." Qu Huili hung up the phone.

Wang Yuan looked at her phone, and there were dozens of missed calls, Qu Hui's, Xiao Wang's, and this Mr. Qi's next to him…

The concert was too noisy just now, and she didn't even notice the ringing of her mobile phone.

Ignoring the cold eyes of Mr. Qi next to her, she opened the network platform first. Many small videos of her crazy singing in the concert were intercepted on the platform. She quickly browsed a few videos, but fortunately Mario did not appear on the scene.

Did these netizens make a mistake, they laughed at her for singing badly!! She is just unfamiliar with songs. When I went to KTV before, when a group of friends listened to her singing, they were very quiet…Well, Ni Ying once persuaded her to persuade her, let's rely on the face instead of the sound to eat.

"Suck me, is it really bad for mom to sing?" Wang Yuan asked Qi Haoran, who had come to see her mobile phone.

Qi Haoran:…

It's really annoying. Why can't my mother ever catch the point? Now it's not a question of whether singing is good or not. You have to deal with his father before talking. Isn't she worried about not being able to pick herself out again?

He also followed Wang Yuan to watch online videos and comments just now. These people are really boring. They go to a concert and have to make a jump, saying that someone exposed them live, but someone has been lurking behind them. He didn't notice any tricks, he was angry!

"If you don't answer, it means it's really bad." Wang Yuan was discouraged, "Mom will practice more in the future!"

She turned to Qi Ying with an ugly face and said: "Mr. Qi, it turns out that you only came to pick us up when you saw the news. Thank you, you are quick and efficient! By the way, are you not in Beijing?"

"I came back in the morning, and before I get home, I have to deal with the trouble you caused first. You are the same as before, good at making a lot of trouble and waiting for others to clean up the mess!"

With her son nearby, Wang Yuan held back her temper and did not return to the past: Our relationship has been turned over a long time ago, so what are you still chasing for?

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