Qi Ying was extremely dissatisfied with Wang Yuan's negligent attitude. She did not realize her fault and problems. Such a person, how can he put his son in her hands at ease!

"Mario is going back with me now. Because of your mistake today, you will cancel your visitation right in the next six months. If you have something to do, contact my assistant directly. Whether to resume visits after six months depends on the situation."

The arrogant words finally angered Wang Yuan, and she did not intend to repeatedly show weakness and give in.

"Mr. Qi, I am a public figure, not a fugitive criminal. When I travel normally, I will do some disguise to reduce unnecessary trouble. If I am recognized, it will delay some trips, but it will not endanger me and The personal safety of the people around me. I don't think I have such a big influence. Today, you can rush over in time, I thank you, but it's just that. Don't use this matter to block my normal visitation rights.

If you are worried today that Mario will be disturbed by the media or his photos will be exposed on the Internet and affect the normal life of the child, I understand it. This is also what I will do my best to protect him from what will happen, and I can remind you that the Internet is now There is a clear protection law for children, and the children of celebrities are also under protection. But if you just take this opportunity to fight back against some unpleasant emotions that we have produced and left over during the marriage relationship, please restrain yourself."

Qi Ying's face was scary, he looked at Wang Yuan and sneered.

"Do you think I'm turning over old accounts? You can't help but value yourself too much! If it weren't for Mario, I would never remember who you are, and it would be impossible to deal with people like you."

Wang Yuan laughed angrily, like me, who am I?

"I also like to deal with people who are tolerant and humble. For a certain kind of person, I don't want to have any contact unless necessary. By the way, I would like to remind you one more thing. Compared with your harsh character, you seem to be not rigorous and thorough in doing things. The car you came to pick up with us today is what you usually drive. This luxury car is limited in distribution, and coupled with the prominent license plate, I saw that someone has recognized it on the Internet just now. It is estimated that it will affect my reputation and image. The news of "has been flying all over the sky, of course, I will not blame you. After all, no one is perfect, there are always times of negligence!"

Qi Haoran sighed around his chest, and he didn't need to look to know that his father was about to explode right now. He knew that his mother managed him very well, but he didn't expect to be so good at stimulating people. In the future, their mother and son have a chance to see you again?

"In order not to affect your reputation, you can get off now!" Qi Ying suppressed the gushing anger, and said to the driver: "Stop here and let her go down!"

"I knew you were not big-hearted, you see, I have booked an online ride." Wang Yuanyang said on the mobile phone in her hand. Fortunately, she was witty, and asked for a ride while stunned, without losing time.

"Get down now!" Qi Ying roared.

"Please be a little sensible, please follow the traffic rules when you regenerate it. This is a roadway, and you can't park indiscriminately!" Wang Yuan glanced at him and said to the driver in front, "Master driver, please find someone who can park. Place, let me down, thank you!"

The car braked and stopped at the intersection ahead. Qi Ying's driver had been frightened to death by the boss's appearance, and stopped quickly when there was a spot.

Wang Yuan opened the car door and pulled her son and said, "Mario, you get off first!"

Qi Ying took Qi Haoran into his arms, and retaliatedly laughed at Wang Yuan: "You go down by yourself, Mario will not go with you, and you won't let you see him again in the future!"

Wang Yuan turned to him: "Mr. Qi, you are now in your forties, can you not be arrogant when you do things? It has been agreed before that Mario will be with me for the past two days. I will visit him normally as a mother, so why should you deprive you? This approach of yours can only make me consider applying for custody of Mario. I don't want to fight against Boss. It's not a good thing for you, me, and your children."

"You think you can beat me in court!" Qi Ying looked disdainful, almost speaking out of his ability.

"My wealth is not as rich as you, but I do my best." Wang Yuan snorted coldly.

Although she has always reminded herself that she doesn't want the children to see the adults arguing, and always hopes that they can be polite and friendly in front of the children, but Qi Ying's attitude really makes her intolerable.

"You are all too naive!" Qi Haoran earned from Qi Ying's arms, and he said to his father, "You have agreed to get along with my mother for two days, and the time has not come yet. You had unpleasantness before, this is what you want The problem to be solved. Please take a look at my will and power."

"Mario, in the communication just now, I realized that my decision was wrong. She couldn't take good care of you. I don't want you to be badly influenced by her…" Qi Ying said to his son cautiously.

"Dad, I want to go back to the hotel with her! I like the Iron-man clothes she prepared for me, and I want to go back and wear my new clothes!" Qi Haoran looked back at his father with a serious face.

Although my mother is not sane enough, she didn't care about him before, but she was getting better, she would prepare gifts for him and pay attention to his preferences. He admitted at the moment that he liked Iron-man clothes, but no one had ever prepared these for him, his clothes. Toys are purchased uniformly by life assistants. Dad loves him, but he is also busy. He did not find out and would not pay attention to his preferences, would not buy him anime clothes, and would not take him to concerts.

"Mario, I'm very upset…" Qi Ying didn't expect his son to be bought off by that woman so easily. Isn't his careful training comparable to cheap coaxing.

Qi Ying hadn't finished speaking, and was startled by Wang Yuan's excitement. Wang Yuan hugged her son tightly, tears streaming down her eyes and kissing her son's cheek from time to time.

"Uuuuu, baby, thank you, mom really loves you, you are the most caring baby!" Wang Yuan did not expect that when the two adults made the situation out of control, her son would stand up and express Your own thoughts, stand on her side and protect her! Just like the son called her mother just now, she was moved! Tonight, the youngest son really surprised her too much!


"Son, you have been washing for a long time, do you want mom to go in and help you?" Wang Yuan shouted at the bathroom door.

"You, you are not allowed to come in! I'll be fine soon!" Qi Haoran nervously wiped his body awkwardly with a towel, while looking at the door of the hotel bathroom, for fear that his mother would suddenly come in.

"Okay." Wang Yuan knew that the child's gender consciousness had been awakened at the age of seven, not to mention that the child of her family, the little adult fan, would not be naked in front of their parents. Last time he was hospitalized, he was only willing to let her wipe her sweaty back and armpits. When she got better, she would take a bath. Wang Yuan was afraid that he would catch a cold, so he refused to help him.

According to Tia, after the age of five, Qi Haoran washes herself and is competent to take care of herself.

In the evening, she was able to bring her son to the hotel because of Qi Haoran's persistence. Qi Ying did not force him away, and Gu Zi left in the car with a gloomy face.

Wang Yuan really wants to take her son back to City H tomorrow, but she also knows that she can only think about it. If she does this, Mr. Qi's litigation will make her fall into a worse situation, and it will be difficult for her to really want to see each other. But after this time, she felt that it was very difficult to apply for Qi Haoran from Mr. Qi.

Before her son came out, she turned on her phone and checked the news. Sure enough, there were already a lot of speculations on the Internet, saying that she was taking her son to a concert with her ex-husband Qi Ying tonight.

It is expected to recombine.

There is no more nonsense than this! She laughed it off.

When Qi Haoran came out of the bathroom wearing checkered pajamas with wet hair, Wang Yuan put down her phone, walked over to pick him up, put her head in his pajamas, took a deep breath, and said with a smile: "Our little tabby cat is really amazing. It's clean and fragrant." He carried him to the bed, soaked up his hair with a dry towel, and plugged in the hair dryer to dry him.

Fingers passed through my son's slightly curly hair, and my heart was warm.

Qi Haoran rarely protested from start to finish, nestled in her mother's arms, enjoying her service.

After his hair was blown dry in a while, Wang Yuan put him in the bed and asked: "Baby, do you want to listen to bedtime stories?"

Qi Haoran turned her back and said to her: "I brought a book, please read this to me!"

Wang Yuan smiled and rummaged through her son's small suitcase, and took out a thick book of Interstellar Crossing. Her smile froze for a while. She opened the book and read the introduction. This book mainly talks about the universe. The mysteries in the world-the big bang, black holes, time-space bending, tidal forces, wormholes, interstellar travel…

She really thinks too much, now she is frightened when she sees the word traverse, a bit too guilty and nervous.

Wang Yuan walked to the bed and lay next to Qi Haoran. She opened the thick book and looked forward to authentically: "Erzha, you will definitely become an outstanding scientist in the future!"

Whose seven-year-old child does not read children's graphic stories, but her son reads such esoteric popular science books. If he does not train as a scientist in the future, it would really be a waste of his son's qualifications.

"I'm still a child, are you going to give me so much pressure now?" Qi Haoran turned around, lay on her back upright, and glanced at his mother." I have already seen page 101, so start from page 102. Start reading it."

"Good!" Wang Yuan patted her son's little arm." When my mother was studying, she participated in a recitation contest. She can tell boring stories vividly and interestingly. Listen!"

Full of confidence.

"This is not a boring story!" Qi Haoran retorted seriously.

Ten minutes later, Wang Yuan's voice became drier and drier. She was afraid of hiccups. After a paragraph of text was separated, she knew every word. Together, she didn't know what to say. The more she read it, the heavier her eyelids.

She turned her head to look at lying on her back, energetically and attentively listening to her son who was studying, cheering herself up, cheering and persevering!

Half an hour later, Qi Haoran listened to the voices around him gradually lowering until there was no sound. His mother leaned her head on the back of the bed, the book slipped to her chest, her eyes closed, and she was already asleep…

He sighed. The adults were too unreliable. He said that he had come to read bedtime stories to himself, but he hypnotized herself.

Fortunately, this unreliable mother had already taken a bath, otherwise she would have to sleep stinkingly. It's just that she has to go back to her own bed when she sleeps. Now, should he push her to wake up?

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