Wang Yuan was kicked in the face by a kick in the morning.

She opened her eyes in a daze, and saw a little foot in front of her, with a smile on her face, squeezing the white little foot, really wanting to take a bite.

She moved her feet carefully, and saw that her little son fell asleep sideways, half of the quilt falling to the ground. The temperature in the morning was a bit low, so she pulled up the quilt and covered him.

She was still a little dazed at first, forgetting when she fell asleep. After slowly recalling it, she couldn't help but feel a little ashamed, as if she fell asleep in a daze when she was reading a book. It seems that if she has insomnia, she can borrow this book with her son as a bedtime reading.

Before she came to Beijing, she had done several parent-child travel plans. Originally, today's itinerary was to take her son to the amusement park for a day, but now she can only change the plan. Worrying that she and her son will appear in the crowds the next day, which will further anger Qi Ying.

She is not a super-traffic idol with tens of millions of fans. She normally travels with her children. Even if she is photographed, she can't get any splash on the Internet. The main reason is that it happened to be exposed by Qu Hui's daughter live broadcast. Thinking of things more complicated, the media wanted to catch big news, and it caused yesterday's sensation.

She touched Qi Haoran's little ears, and saw that he was sleeping soundly, and went to the bathroom to wash first.

After she had finished washing, she picked up the fully charged cell phone on the bedside table, and just turned it on, a call came in. Seeing the caller ID, she immediately went to the room outside to answer the call with a smile.

"Hi, Ning Ning, Good m! Call your mother so early, are you at school?"

"You still laugh!" Wang Zining heard the grinning voice on the phone, feeling very sad, "Why didn't you answer the phone yesterday? Also, you, why did you go to the concert with Mario's father?"

Wang Zining was informed of the news last night by Ye Xingyu's fan Liang Wentao. After checking the Internet, all kinds of news were flying in the sky. He saw Wang Yuan holding Mario in the car that was said to be his father, so he immediately called Wang. Yuan, turned off unexpectedly, causing him to worry all night, wake up in the morning and call again, only now get through.

"Charging the phone, I forgot to turn it on. Son, I didn't go to the concert with Mario's father. I took Mario to the concert." Wang Yuan explained with a smile.

"I read the news and said you want to get back together… I don't care if you don't marry again, I'm afraid you will be deceived!" Wang Zining emphasized that he read the news very carefully, saying that Mario's father already has a rich second-generation girlfriend, and the two are about to get married.

"Son, I'm not going to find a stepdad for you, don't worry! And I have nothing to do with Mario's dad, don't read the reports. By the way, it's almost time for class now, are you at school? Have you had breakfast yet?"

"Just know it yourself, don't worry about it anymore! I'm going to be late now, I'm hanging up!"

The beep from the mobile phone made Wang Yuan speechless for a while, and her son preemptively said what you were about to say. This feeling is really hard to express.

Wang Zining speeded up and ran towards the school, and when the bell rang, he rushed to the door of the classroom. If he didn't get up in the morning and kept calling, he didn't need to be in such a hurry.

During early self-study, the class teacher Lao Fang came and called Zhang Ting away first. When Zhang Ting came back with his head down, Wang Zining and Liang Wentao were called again.

They were too late to get news with Zhang Ting.

The Lao Fang first affirmed the righteous act of the two of them to help the classmates, and said that for the next thing, he and Judge Li would follow up, so that the two of them should not interfere anymore, and then emphatically reminded that there will be a final exam within two months. Now, they must focus on their studies, work harder, and strive to raise the rankings.

When Wang Zining wanted to ask about Zhang Ting, Liang Wentao pulled his arm out.

After the two people left the office, the teacher of the second class said to the other teacher: "The two children in your class are very enthusiastic, but it also shows that their minds are too distracted. As long as the enthusiasm for these things is focused on learning, it will not be the result. The tail of the crane."

"The two children, how should I say, each has excellent places, you just say Wang Zining, you don't know which of the famous school, the child's talent may be in sports, and he really has no knowledge in learning, but he specializes in any sports. After training, the future development will not be bad. Liang Wentao, this child is really smart, but his energy is not willing to spend on learning. His parents died in a hurry. It is said that he was beaten frequently, but it was useless. Maybe he has not found a guide to guide him. method."

As the head teacher, Mr. Fang knows all the students in the class.

"Yesterday you asked for leave. Qian Shuheng from your class came to see you and said that he wanted to change seats."

Teacher Fang smiled and said: "I know about this. I originally arranged him to sit with Wang Zining. I wanted to take Wang Zining's homework with him. But the two of them don't seem to be together. He mentioned it last time. I didn't. Agree and ask him to give a reasonable reason that he must change seats

The reason, he said, was because the female classmates around Wang Zining were too noisy and affected his study. You said, can I agree with this reason?"

"Hahaha, this prince is popular with little girls. I saw the female classmates in our class. She ran to the door of your class after class and secretly watched people."

"The young man looks energetic, who doesn't like it?" Teacher Fang smiled.

"You don't want to know how they talked to Zhang Ting's father?" Wang Zining asked the friend who pulled him out of the office.

"I asked the monitor, Dad Zhang Ting said he would consider it, and he hasn't given a letter yet." Liang Wentao said, "It's useless to ask the old party. He is also waiting for the community to reply."

"Just deliberately procrastinating! I said earlier that his dad is unreliable, so let's seriously think about how to help him make money."

"I don't know what Lao Fang asked Zhang Ting to say just now. We will talk to Zhang Ting after class." Liang Wentao stretched out his arms and put Wang Zining's shoulders, "By the way, you know that Qian Shuheng is making trouble to share with you. Family business?"

"Huh?" Wang Zining was taken aback for a moment.

"It's just that they don't want to sit with you anymore. I heard that he has already asked Lao Fang. When you say, I will ask Lao Fang to mention it. Let's sit together. How do you think?"

Wang Zining shook off Brother Shui and walked back to the classroom quickly.

He sat on his seat, turned around and asked Qian Shuheng, "You want to change seats?"

Qian Shuheng looked back at him, pushed his glasses and said, "Yes. You know the best, we will apply for the Lao Fang together, and he will definitely agree."

"Why do you want to change seats?" Wang Zining asked.

"Student Wang Zining, how can I tell you? My goal is to go to the top 20 in the high school entrance examination city to go straight to the high school of the first high school. I am different from you, do you understand? I know that Teacher Fang arranged for us to sit together , I want to help you with your results through the good-to-difference matching method, but I think I don't have the ability and energy, I can only take care of myself!"

It turned out to look down on himself, so I didn't want to be at the same table with him. Wang Zining was so angry that there was smoke from his head. He stood up suddenly. He had never been looked down upon like this before, but for a moment he didn't know how to fight back. He angrily picked up his book and wrapped it on the book, and wanted to leave his seat immediately. I don't want to be with Qian Shuheng.

"Qian Shuheng, Teacher Fang didn't agree to change seats, so you started chasing people?" Liang Wentao saw Wang Zining packing up his things, and hurried over to stretch out for him, "If you want to leave, you are going to go. Find someone yourself. Just stay and go, thinking that someone is rare to be at the same table with you, looks like a Sh*t, and makes the world think you are amazing!"

Seeing this, the early self-study students turned their heads and looked at them curiously, and some students heard the sound.

"Qian Shuheng, you are endless, right? Seeing Wang Zining would rather bully, we won't agree!"

"Why are you chasing people? You want to leave!"

Although the situation has not been clarified yet, it does not prevent the female students who are eager to protect shortcomings from coming out to speak for Wang Zining.

Qian Shuheng flicked his book and stood up annoyed. Every time, he decided to go all out and discuss with this group of women soldiers.

"Do you want to change seats? Me, I can change with you!" Zhang Ting in the front seat stood up and raised his hands weakly.

"Why trade with you, I can trade with Qian Shuheng at the same table!"

"I'm tall, I can sit back, and I, I can sit at the same table with Wang Zining."

"You figure it out, our class does not allow men and women to be at the same table, okay? What do you think! But Wang Zi would rather be behind me, whoever, you and Qian Shuheng sit together!"

Female classmates began to scramble again.

"Zhang Ting, do you want to change to the back? If you think about it, we will go to Teacher Fang together." Qian Shuheng said to Zhang Ting. He always wanted to sit in front.

"I want to change it." Zhang Ting said hurriedly.

"Zhang Ting, you are so tall… can you see the blackboard when you sit in the back?" Liang Wentao kindly reminded, "Forget it, you still sit in the front, I will change with Qian Shuheng, and I will sit here."

Liang Wentao has long been paying attention to the position in the back. There are many blocks in the front. It is not easy for the teacher to find him sleeping on his stomach or making small movements. Such a golden position has been coveted by him for a long time.

As soon as he finished speaking, his surroundings evoked boos, "Liang Wentao, you are so much taller than Zhang Ting, I'm so embarrassed!"

In the midst of a quarrel, teacher Fang, the head teacher, came in. First, he asked everyone to go back to their seats and reprimanded them for their early self-study and disobedience. After understanding the contradiction of changing seats, Teacher Fang looked at Qian Shuheng with a firm attitude. Sighed, asked Zhang Ting's opinion, and finally agreed to change their seats.

"Lao, Teacher Fang, I want to change it too!" Liang Wentao tried to raise his hands, wanting Lao Fang to pay attention to his needs.

"Sit down for me honestly!" Teacher Fang would not agree to tie the two crane tails together.

Zhang Ting blushed, and with a hint of joy, he took his books and belongings to the seat next to Wang Zining.

Wang Zining stretched out his hand to him: "You are welcome to sit here, and I will take care of you in the future. I will take you to activities between classes, so that you can also grow up quickly!"

Zhang Ting took a deep breath and stretched out his hand to hold Wang Zining together, "Thank you! I will, I will help you with your homework."

"No tuition fees!" He emphasized.

For fear of Wang Zining, for the sake of loyalty, he must give him money to help him solve the problem of living expenses. He is very happy to have the opportunity to be friends with him and Liang Wentao.

"Okay, we will help you figure out another way!" Wang Zining said straightforwardly.

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