Wang Yuan took a look at the time. It was past nine o'clock, and the little guy snorted and slept soundly.

She has been using her phone for more than an hour, and she is a little hungry. She is afraid to leave and go looking for food. She is not assured that her son is alone in the room.

When I was watching the news in the morning, I found that the news and photos about her and her ex-husband's concert yesterday were no longer found. Only when she sang a video in a noisy environment, she was still hotly chatted, and netizens also demonized her singing and became angry!

She guessed that Mr. Qi must have found someone to suppress the news yesterday. This is the only good thing he has done that is commendable.

At ten o'clock, the pig is still awake.

Wang Yuan walked over, pinched her son's little nose, and was pushed away with a slap.

Hey, this kid, he also said that he is a little cat, who turns out to be a little pig who loves to sleep in bed!

She gave him a little push, and whispered: "Mario, it's ten o'clock, it's time to get up!"

The little hand lifted the quilt to cover his brain, turned his butt, and continued to sleep on his stomach like a frog.

Wang Yuan thought for a while and clicked on the song sung by Ye Xingyu on the phone.

Wake up with beautiful music, should it calm the little gentleman's anger?

A song was almost finished, and the ball on the bed didn't move at all.

Did you force her to resort to tricks?

Wang Yuan sighed and clicked on the audio posted by a netizen, which she sang yesterday. Son, if you can wake you up now, mom believes, the reason can only be that you heard mom's call of love…

The frightening magical voice in the legend sounded.

The ball in the quilt finally moved, twisted a few times, and the quilt was lifted. Qi Haoran turned to find the culprit with a tangled hair, with a face of accusation, her small chest ups and downs glaring at her mother.

Wang Yuan was innocent: "Oh, why did you accidentally open up your voice, baby, I'm sorry. You just wake up, wash your face and brush your teeth, let's eat brunch."

"You did it on purpose!" Qi Haoran continued to stare at her.

"really not……"

"Are you sure you want to lie to the kid?"

"…Well, I did it on purpose. It's ten o'clock now, baby, do you usually get up so late at home at school? It's not good for kids to sleep late."

"You sing really hard to hear!"

Hit the heart with one stone!

"Little pig who loves to sleep late!"

Come on, hurt each other!

The two angry eyes stared at each other.


At six o'clock in the evening, Wang Yuan sent Mario back, and Tia came out to pick him up. Wang Yuan handed Mario's small luggage to the other party and explained some of her things, mainly the son's diet.

Today, she took her son to eat at the most famous steakhouse in Beijing. The tender steak thought that his son would have an appetite, but she only ate a little bit. He complained that broccoli and asparagus were eaten by cows, and the fried eggs were like puss. I still only like desserts.

When Wang Yuan had parties with her married friends, she often heard them complain about their children's picky eating. Several people discussed how to get the children to eat more. She automatically blocked this silly topic at the time. Now I regret it, what a useful parenting information I missed!

Tia listened to what Wang Yuan said, and the point was to remind her to let Mario eat more. She opened her hand and said, "King lady, you know, this is too difficult, Mario is picky, I really can't help him, and his reasoning is piles and piles, I can't tell him."

After Tia finished speaking, she glanced at Wang Yuan embarrassedly, as if he wanted to say nothing.

During this time, Wang Yuan and Tiya often called and made videos, and they were familiar with her. She asked, "Did Mr. Qi say something?"

At three o'clock in the afternoon, she had already received a call from Qi Ying's assistant Li Shen, asking her to send Qi Haoran home on time. Qi Haoran chose to go back to the hotel with herself last night. She didn't believe that Mr. Qi, who was not generous in heart, would let this matter lightly.

Tia sighed: "Mr. Qi asked me to check the things Mario brought back. If there are extra items, let me take them out in front of you and return them to you."

Wang Yuan was already mentally prepared, but Mr. Qi's show operation still surprised her. This is really sick!

Qi Haoran had just wanted to refute the discussion between his mother and Tia about his picky eaters. He was really angry when Tia mentioned his father's confession. Why did the adults quarrel and ask the children to pay for it.

He looked at Tia warily and said, "Tia, you can't touch my personal belongings!"

In his suitcase, there are a few books that the two of them went to the bookstore to buy today. There was also Ye Xingyu's figure that she was holding in her mother's arms and she brought him from H City. He must not let Tia throw them away!

Tia shrugged and said: "Mario, this is your father's request. I am also very embarrassed. Can you tell him by yourself?"

Qi Haoran nodded: "Tia, help take all my things in! Don't open it, don't touch my personal belongings! I'll tell dad myself."

Tia breathed a sigh of relief. Although Mr. Qi would be unhappy, her professionalism prevented her from accomplishing this task.

She said to Qi Haoran, who was dressed up today: "Mario, you are very, very handsome and stylish today." She knew that small employers didn't like others to say that he was cute, so she didn't say so, but she felt that Mario was in this body. The red anime-pattern clothes lined him up very Q.

Qi Haoran reserved and said: "Thank you!"

Before going out today, he offered to try on Iron-man clothes. After putting them on, he spent a long time looking in front of the mirror. When his mother was not paying attention, he gestured his arms and performed the classic superhero action, secretly thinking satisfaction.

I don't know that all this has quietly fallen into Wang Yuan's eyes. When Wang Yuan offered to take a picture of him, he did not object. The mother and son spent a long time in the hotel.

After consulting Qi Haoran, the two went to a newly opened space-style bookstore in Beijing to read.

Wang Yuan took her son to the children's reading area, and finally she stayed in this area to watch the children's illustrations and was fascinated, laughing while watching. Qi Haoran went to the adult reading area and looked for books he was interested in there.

The two returned with a full load. Wang Yuan collected several children's stories and found them very lively and interesting. They could be told to her son later as bedtime stories. Such an interesting story, I believe she will not fall asleep while reading.

And Qi Haoran also found several books on computers and physics, which also made Wang Yuan proud. The children of other people's families may not know a hundred words when they are seven years old. How can our family's books be so good, they can already understand them. Such a professional and boring book.

Maybe she will become the mother of the Nobel Prize winner in the future! As long as you dare to dream, everything may come true!

Before Qi Haoran was about to go in, Wang Yuan reluctantly took him and told him, "Mom will see you next week!"

Qi Haoran nodded.

When Tia was carrying the suitcase and was about to take the figure that Wang Yuan handed over, Mario hesitated, and he stepped forward and took Ye Xingyu over. He was still worried that Tia would obey his father's orders later. She threw it away.

Wang Yuan looked at her son holding the hand-made box, squinted and laughed, because his small suitcase couldn't fit in, and her son said that he would not take this on the road. It was too naive, and finally let her mother take care of it. Wang Yuan readily agreed to give it to him when he got home.

Now looking at Xiaoxiao, The appearance of a person holding a two-dimensional idol is really cute. He looks like a seven-year-old kid at this moment!

Before entering the gate, he turned around and waved to Wang Yuan: "see you, mom."

"See you, baby." Wang Yuan endured her loss and waved to her son.


When Wang Yuan returned to City H, she went to check the decoration of the house first. The progress was quite fast, and it was almost finished, because all the environmentally friendly materials were used, and she could move in after a while.

She now lives alone in a suburban homestay. If she goes out a lot, it is indeed a bit inconvenient. Because she didn't take any job now, she asked Xiao Wang to return to the company first, so she didn't need to live here with her.

She came out of the decoration room, first went to the market to buy fresh beef bones, and brought them back and simmered them on a low fire for three or four hours, filled the nutritious milky white beef bone soup in a thermal insulation box, and drove it to Wang Zining's school.

Wang Yuan arrived before school was over. She was sitting in the car and waiting, watching groups of students coming out from the opposite school gate one after another. She just picked up her mobile phone and wanted to call Wang Zining. I saw three boys in school uniforms walking out side by side at the school gate.

Although Wang Zining was wearing a uniform school uniform, his tall and tall figure and white and handsome face were still unique among the crowd, very conspicuous, and could be recognized at a glance.

He walked on the far side. In the middle was a slightly chubby boy, who was gesticulating and excited to speak. The boy on the other side was a little thin, and he looked sideways and listened carefully to the boy in the middle, looking a little shy.

Wang Yuan recognized the boy in the middle named Liang Wentao. She had seen him in Wang Zining's photo album. Wang Zining had a photo with him holding his shoulders, and both of them smiled brightly. Wu Han introduced that this is Wang Zining's classmate, and the two are also good friends.

Wang Yuan didn't know if Wang Zining's classmates knew her identity. To avoid causing inconvenience to her son, she still called and asked.

Wang Zining picked up the phone, looked up to the other side, and hung up the phone after two hums in his mouth. He turned around and said to Liang Wentao, who was eloquently giving a speech, and his new friend Zhang Ting, "I'm leaving now."

"No, Mr. Wang, let's talk about making money together. For the plan I just mentioned, how can you give me some advice and help the staff." Liang Wentao said anxiously.

"I have something to do. You should discuss it first. No matter what I do, I will support it. I have no right to define where I am needed.

!" When Wang Zining came out, he was leaning on the soccer all the way. As soon as Brother Shui opened his conversation, according to the quotation, Wang Zining was already distracted. He didn't even listen to what he said.

"This is what you said, let you do anything? What you said, will you not regret it?" Liang Wentao said to him with a weird expression.

"This is because I want to earn some living expenses. I am very grateful for your help. I really don't want to trouble you anymore. Should I find something that I can do alone?" Zhang Ting took Liang Wentao seriously. I heard the method from beginning to end.

"Your business is our business! If you have agreed to help you, you must help to the end. Don't be squeaky and crooked, the man is happy!" Wang Zining said.

"Yes, a man can tell with a word, it's hard to chase a horse!" Liang Wentao stretched out a hand and looked at Wang Zining. Wang Tou agreed, then this matter is not a problem at all, and it feels like it has been half done.

Wang Zining happily took the picture.

The two looked at Zhang Ting together, Zhang Ting took a breath, straightened his chest, and stretched out his hands on the backs of their hands. The three men shook their palms a few times and reached an agreement. 

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