Wang Zining turned his head as he walked, until Liang Wentao and Zhang Ting disappeared from his sight, then he hugged the ball and quickly ran to the car that he had just seen.

Wang Zining opened the door and sat in the passenger seat, put down the soccer and schoolbag, and turned to Wang Yuan and said, "When did you come back? I thought you were still in Beijing."

"I came back last night. What a sweat, it's just June now." Wang Yuan had heard Wu Han's words, and Wang Zining would rather be afraid of heat. She took out a tissue and planned to help Wang Zining wipe the sweat dripping from her forehead. Wang Zining avoided, pulled it over, and wiped it on his face.

"What are you looking for?" Wang Zining asked impatiently, "Don't you need to be with your son over there?"

Wang Yuan laughed, "Aren't you also my son? Mom brought you beef bone soup, you take it back to drink."

"My arm is fine for a long time, so I don't need to drink this." Wang Zining is now scared when he hears the soup. Grandma usually makes various soups for him to drink every three and a half. This time he was injured, and the bone soup has never been broken every day. The bruises on his arms have long since disappeared, and his arms have no effect at all. In order to prove that his arm was okay, he picked up his grandfather in a circle yesterday, turning his head dizzy, and was beaten several times by his grandma.

"Bone soup is nutritious, and it doesn't hurt to drink more." Wang Yuan knew that Wang Zining's grandma took care of his diet very well, but she still wanted to make some food for her son.

"I know, I know, what you said is the same as Grandma." Wang Zining asked, pointing to the insulated box in the middle of the seat, "Is it this, I took it away."

When he finished speaking, she was about to get out of the car. Wang Yuan connected to him and held him, "Mom will take you back."

City No. 1 Middle School and H University faculty building are very close, but because it is a one-way street, you still have to drive around in a circle.

Wang Zining said: "I walk back faster by myself."

"You are all in the car, how nice is your mother to send you back." Wang Yuan started the car and asked, "The two classmates with you just now, one is Liang Wentao, the other, did you block him? Zhang Ting of Ironhide?"

Wang Zining nodded.

"You are all good friends now." The relationship between her son and classmates is good, and Wang Yuan is of course happy." You only said that Zhang Ting's house had an accident last time. Go and see him. Tell your mother what happened. chant."

Wang Zining didn't intend to say it, but when Wang Yuan turned to look at him, his eyes were expectant. After thinking about it, he still talked about Zhang Ting.

"Now we have found a job to help him earn living expenses. He can feed himself without relying on his family at all!" Although I don't know what Shui Ge thought of, Wang Zining is inexplicably confident and thinks it will definitely work.

"Can you tell me what you are doing? You are under fourteen now, and no regular place accepts child labor."

"…I must go to work in a legal and regular place, Liang Wentao will not cheat us." Wang Zining said. When I go back, I will call Brother Shui to confirm what kind of work I am looking for.

It seems that the idea was thought by a good friend of the son. After knowing about his son, Wang Yuan would definitely not worry about letting them fool around." You can find out what is going on. Can you tell your mother before you act? I can help you refer to it. Now, I can also help your classmates."

"Zhang Ting is very hard, don't want us to give him money. He wants to make it himself!" Wang Zining thought his mother wanted to use money to help his classmates, and quickly helped his classmates prove, "We can also try not to rely on you for living expenses. Can you feed yourself."

"Ning Ning, your idea is very good. Mom agrees that you want to try to be independent, but now there are not many opportunities for you to do things, and some bad people in society will set up some traps to deceive others. Mom is an adult and has experienced it. It will be more than you. I will not give your classmates the money directly. I will help think about whether there is a better way to solve the problem."

The car stopped at the entrance of the H University faculty and staff quarter. When Wang Zining took the incubator and got off the car, Wang Yuan and him reiterated that they must not be reckless by themselves and talk to her first.

Wang Zining was annoyed by his mother with a soccer in one hand and a thermos in the other hand. He couldn't even grab his hair." I know, I know. You go back soon."

He didn't take a few steps, then turned back, and asked Wang Yuan's unclosed car window: "You and that person really won't get back together? You went to Beijing this time, really just to see a small man, not to be with you. Is his father dating?"

Wang Yuan stretched out her hand from the car window, rubbed his head that was lowered in the car window, and smiled: "What nonsense, Mario's father and I are completely okay now. You can rest assured. I will not find you a stepdad."

"It's best to be okay! Lest you suffer and be deceived." Wang Zining got up and left, and left without looking back. He dropped a sentence, "You are going to watch the concert with that Mario. I won't blame you for being eccentric!"

It's strange, except for worrying that his mother will be with the ex

Outside of her husband's reunion, Wang Zining confirmed that she had taken Mario to the concert, and was indignant for a long time.

Haven't taken him there yet! He is still older! Eccentric eyes! If it's not today's beef bone soup, the score will be reset to zero!

Wang Yuan smiled, the eldest son is jealous, right?

With a happy mood, I drove back to the hotel and found that her agent Qu Hui was already waiting for her at home.

"You went to the concert, which was filmed on Xiaoxiao's live broadcast. I didn't take care of her. I said that I will be responsible. I have the endorsement of pure milk in my hand and I intend to give it to you."

This milk is a well-known domestic dairy product brand. When she changed her spokesperson this year, Qu Hui reached a preliminary intent through various dealings with Chunzhen Company, and planned to introduce several super idols he brought to Chunzhen Company and let them choose. Because of what Xiaoxiao did, she must explain to Wang Yuan. Originally, she hadn't considered giving this endorsement. After all, Wang Yuan is just a sign for her and Tianyu, but she is not strong in attracting money. The spokesperson actively requested that neither she nor the company tended to give resources to Wang Yuan.

The reason why she decided to recommend Wang Yuan to Chunzhen Company this time was that Xiaoxiao's live broadcast room was hacked last night and her account was emptied. The fans she had accumulated before are completely gone. Originally, Qu Hui planned to teach her daughter a good lesson, so that she can remember more, and stop making troubles, but seeing that her live account was hacked and she was going crazy at home, she didn't care about scolding her anymore.

Knowing that there was a gap between her daughter and the live broadcast platform, the other party said that they really didn't know why, because part of the server's data was lost, they couldn't help Xiaoxiao recover and retrieve the fan data.

Qu Hui also had huge doubts in her heart. She learned from the platform through her relationship that it was indeed not because someone greeted her and was blocked, but by a hacker. Qu Hui was worried about this, after all, it was about her daughter. She knew that it was not Wang Yuan who asked someone to do it. It is very likely that this hacker was a loyal fan of Wang Yuan, who was unfair to her.

Knowing that such a person exists, Qu Hui is not in the mood to teach her daughter anymore. After thinking about it, she communicated with Chunzhen Company and recommended Wang Yuan to them. If cooperation is reached, one is that she has promised to explain to Wang Yuan. Secondly, to appease the fan hacker.

Wang Yuan's popularity and influence endorsement of Pure Milk is okay. The other party is worried about Wang Yuan's previous depression rumors and is not sure whether her condition is stable. Qu Hui repeatedly promised and proposed that in order to be more consistent.

Their brand image is to promote their new baby milk powder, and she will also arrange some public relations activities for this.

"This matter is over, you don't need to worry about it. You don't have to use this endorsement to compensate me." Wang Yuan made a cup of coffee for her and brought it over. She drank passion fruit tea by herself.

The exposure of the concert's whereabouts led to a dispute with Mr. Qi, which may also affect the follow-up visits to her son. In addition, it did not cause her much trouble. However, she also knew that the conflict with Mr. Qi did not happen suddenly, it was an outbreak accumulated in the past. Without this incident, as long as they still had contact, the quarrel would be the inevitable result.

"I have already contacted Chunzhen Company. In order to successfully sign the contract, it is also to give Chunzhen Company confidence. We need to build your image." Qu Hui was even more convinced that Wang Yuan did not know about hackers. She took a sip of coffee and said slowly.

"What kind of image do you want to create?" Wang Yuan was curious.

"Now the public only knows that you are a movie queen, and forgot that you are also a mother. This time you took your son to the concert also inspired me. In order to fit the warm side of the milk brand promotion, we need to focus on you and put the mother on you. s Mark."

Listening to the consequences, Wang Yuan said decisively: "I don't want to bring my children in. This is my job and I don't want to influence them."

"I know that you will not use your child to gain fame, and you don't need to do anything deliberately. My plan is to arrange for people to take pictures of your mother and child's daily interactions, and then release some pictures. Of course, the child will definitely hit Masek on the face. I'll find someone to write some public relations articles." Qu Hui took a sip of coffee, paying attention to Wang Yuan's expression.

"If you get this endorsement and you need to add these things, then I refuse." Wang Yuan said affirmatively.

Unsurprisingly, although Wang Yuan has changed a lot, Qinggao has not changed. Qu Hui knows that she often visits her two sons now. Although she didn't come into contact with the children before, outsiders seemed to be ruthless, but she knew about her and knew that she was just shy to contact and communicate, but she was also very protective. they.

"Well, since you don't want to do this, then we will give up this plan. I will continue to follow up this endorsement and help you get it down." Qu Hui nodded, she already had new calculations in her heart, but she didn't plan to tell Wang Yuan, then confessed, "The slow variety show you are going to participate in next, you can watch their previous episodes first and do your homework."

Now that she has accepted this job, Wang Yuan must do it well.

After the work communication was good, Qu Hui planned to leave. Before leaving, she remembered and asked: "The news that you and your ex-husband plan to reconcile…"

"Nothing!" Wang Yuan smiled firmly and refused.

"I think so." Both are arrogant people. There was no negative news such as cheating, financial disputes, etc. during the divorce. There was no third party to intervene, and they would choose to end the marriage, indicating that the two people's personalities are true. Can't get along.

If the rumors of their reconciliation are true, Qu Hui would be happy to see it. The industries under the Qi Group, how many advertisements and endorsements each year, and a film and television company that Qi Ying established when he pursued Wang Yuan. After breaking up, she did not close, but developed more and more. She may have priority access to these resources.

"You sing… you should concentrate on acting in the future!" Qu Hui stopped talking, consciously giving a kind reminder.

Wang Yuan's face was black.

Now the agent also doubts her singing level, is it really that unpleasant?


Wang Zining drank a pot of beef bone soup. Wu Han was worried that his stomach was supported. He couldn't help but ask jealously, "Your mother made the soup so delicious? How much soup did grandma cook for you, but I didn't see it. You've been so supportive."

"I have a lot of activity today, and I am hungry fast!" Wang Zining would rather not admit it.

"Then eat some more." Wu Han put a piece of braised fish in his bowl with public chopsticks.

"I have eaten two large bowls of rice, and there are a lot of dishes." Despite that, Wang Zining still ate the fish.

Seeing his good appetite, the two old men smiled in relief.

"Eat a good meal and go out to play soccer after finishing your homework." Wu Han confessed.

"Grandma, you forgot. I was banned by the school for a month. Now no one in our school team dares to break the ban. Otherwise, the penalty time will be doubled." When the dean saw it, he chased him and gave him a training.

He angrily asked, if you don't let the team play, you can't dribble by yourself.

The dean pointed to the trace on his head and said, when the two characters are gone, you will play soccer again. And he was not allowed to bring soccer to school during the ban.

Wang Zining couldn't help but doubt that the director of teaching had long wanted to disband their soccer team and let them all go to study, just taking this opportunity to block them.

He discussed with a group of 2 buddies on the school team that no one can be caught anymore. I occasionally played with a group of people from the H Sports Department at night. Liu Feng sent several messages to invite him, but he refused.

"Then study hard at home." Wu Han agreed.

"…I have a good meal, first go out and digest it." Wang Zining picked up the skateboard by the door, and by the way, he also popularized the theory learned by Liang Wentao to his grandmother." I will learn as soon as I have a good meal, the blood in my stomach. They all ran into their heads, which is not conducive to food digestion."

Wu Han:…

Grandpa Fan Jiang smiled while holding the dishes, "The classmate who put forward this theory is very unusual, is it Liang Wentao?"

Wu Han: "I haven't seen that learning can make blood brain! It's not that you should sit down and learn right away, and take a half-hour break. You go skateboarding right after you eat, which is good for digestion?"

Wang Zining saw that his grandmother was not enough, so he turned around and withdrew first, "I will play for an hour, and I will come back to do my homework soon!"

"Hey, this kid!" Wu Han said.

"Let him play, you tell him to sit down and study quietly for a few hours, you have to suppress his problems." Grandpa Fan Jiang calmly said.

"The old party sent a message to tell me that Ning Ning had changed the same table. I asked Li Lanlan's mother in the parent group. She and her daughter asked about it and said that the same tablemate disliked Ning Ning's poor grades and took the initiative to change." Speaking of this, Wu Han touched her chest. Knowing the news, she didn't know how much she felt sorry for her grandson, but she was wronged. When I came back, I asked him how he was at school, and said that everything was fine and okay.

"That classmate is only academic. It's okay if Ning Ning is not at the same table with him. Have you inquired, how is this tablemate now?"

"Now at the same table is the classmate Ning Ning rescued last time. I heard that the grades are also good."

"Then it's okay. I think it's fine if I changed it. I didn't see Ning Ning being upset, so don't think too much."

"You didn't know that Ning Ning had a temperament, a strong temperament, and came and disappeared quickly. He was a simple and stupid child." The child is always the good of his own, and his children are easy to suffer and be bullied. Wu Han and most of the parents' psychology all the same.

"So, the children are all right, but you are aggrieved. You are really looking for anger on your own."



Wang Zining didn't know the little dispute between grandparents and grandparents. He paddled his skateboard with one foot while calling Liang Wentao. I want to find out what he has come up with.

"Hey, head king, I knew you would call, where are you, I am now walking towards H University, you are waiting for me!

"Liang Wentao said excitedly on the other side of the phone.

"You won't be an excuse to come over to lose weight and run again?"

"Bingo! Otherwise, what reason is there? My dad doesn't care about my mental health at all, but only cares about academic performance and my weight."

"Your dad, a wise man, is thinking about it. He missed the most critical step. He didn't come in with you and urged you to run."

"He didn't dare to come in at all, because he felt tired of walking. My dad was completely lenient to himself and disciplined people. He has a big belly, and he drives every day. It is too tired to walk two steps, but he forces me to lose weight." Liang Wentao complained indignantly and turned to say, "By the way, I have already contacted Zhang Ting, and he will come over. We will meet at the stadium and continue to discuss our revenue plan."

The students studying in City No. 1 Middle School usually live near the school district, and the three of them live not far away.

When the three gathered together, Wang Zining handed them a bottle of Coke, which he bought on the self-service machine just now.

Liang Wentao took the Coke, did not open it, first took out the A4 paper he had brought, and divided one for each person.

Wang Zining looked at the dense text printed above, his head hurts, "Brother Shui, you should talk to us directly."

Zhang Ting took a closer look, and when he heard Wang Zining's words, he raised his head and looked at Liang Wentao.

Liang Wentao coughed lightly, squeezed his throat, and held a paper with Fan Er and said, "Today is the first meeting of our three founders. Let me introduce our business plan first. You can give some suggestions.

The opportunity to establish our entrepreneurial group was to help Zhang Ting earn a living. After consulting various opinions, including the unreliable answers of successful entrepreneurs like my dad, I followed the outrageous suggestions of thousands of netizens to search for gold, and finally came up with a very constructive proposal.

Do you know what era it is now? Internet age! Carrying big bags, washing dishes, and other tasks without technical content are definitely not applicable. Do you know what is the hottest thing on the Internet now, live broadcast! That is hundreds of millions of revenue creation. We must take these successful anchors as the goal and step out of our own path step by step."

Wang Zining scratched his head, what? Didn't he find a way to make money for Zhang Ting? How did it become a live broadcast, and also the three-person entrepreneurial group, the plate is big, he can't think about it for a while.

"There have been laws and regulations prohibiting underage live streaming." Zhang Ting reminded.

"Our business plan is a long-term goal. When we reach adulthood, we will officially sign with the platform, do live broadcast by yourself. What we have to do now is to accumulate popularity first and make a little money by the way." Liang Wentao pointed out the place marked on his paper, "Watch carefully, my plan is very detailed."

Wang Zining didn't have the patience to read his words, "Don't say these are useless. I am not interested in your entrepreneurial group and long-term plans, just talk about how to help Zhang Ting make money now."

"Don't worry, I will explain it to you slowly. Before everyone succeeds in something, they must set a goal for themselves, so this business plan is what I came up with and urged everyone. You must first recognize this At one point, the next thing may go smoothly."

Wang Zining nodded indiscriminately to deal with it.

Liang Wentao continued: "My cousin is now a web editor at XX Network Company. Their company is mainly engaged in video websites. I contacted her. If there is good video material, she can upload it for us. If we click it, we will share it."

Wang Zining and Zhang Ting were even more at a loss.

Liang Wentao looked at them with a feeling of Zhizhu in his hands, and continued: "The three of us can shoot small videos to sell our characteristics."

"What are our characteristics?" Zhang Ting weakly raised his own question.

Wang Zining looked at Liang Wentao blankly.

Liang Wentao looked at Wang Zining and smiled happily: "Our characteristics are clear at a glance, that is, our talents and appearance!"

What the hell?

"People should be good at using their own advantages. Tell me, what is our biggest advantage?" Liang Wenchao turned his head and looked at his two friends and asked.

The two shook their heads at the same time.

"His beauty! Your mind! My eloquence!" Liang Wentao pointed at the two, with an expert appearance, half-squinted, and his stomach was very self-satisfied.

"F*** off!" Wang Zining stood up, you are beautiful, and your whole family is beautiful.

He was so stupid, he would believe that Brother Shui could come up with any serious ideas.

"Don't listen to him nonsense, I'll go back to grandpa, let you go to his laboratory to work, brush test tubes or something." Wang Zining stopped to Zhang.

"Do you think test tubes are so easy to clean? Your grandfather's laboratory starts with a master's degree. If you want to put a junior high school student in through nepotism, you shouldn't embarrass your grandfather. What if something happens in the experiment? What's more, Zhang Ting is under 14 years old. Do you want your grandfather to illegally hire child labor?" Liang Wentao said.

"We upload our own videos, and the website party also needs the consent of our guardians." Zhang

Stop reminded again.

"Stopping is worthy of the mind, and I know a lot. Uploading videos is not as strict as live broadcasts. I asked my cousin. As long as the content is healthy and meaningful, there is no big problem. I must have done it in my family. Certainly, I have a chance to appear on the scene, and my mom is too late. Your grandfather won't watch the video at all, I guess it's okay if you know it. On the side of the king's head, I think his grandpa and grandma will not take the initiative to troubleshoot the website. So this The plan is fine."

"Then what shall we take?" Zhang Ting then asked.

"We must combine our strengths and bring them into full play. Have you seen the forums of hundreds of schools now? Let's follow this path.

Zhang Ting, you go find some historical stories, make them interesting, and then adapt them and write them out. I am responsible for telling you the historical stories you wrote. Wang Tou is responsible for the interpretation of the story next to him. For some supporting roles, Zhang Ting will make another cameo. If the effect of this video is good after uploading, it can attract other students in the class to join in. Of course, this is the business of the three of us. They can only perform guest appearances and can no longer join the founders.

If the video can be made into a series, it will earn us full fame, and live broadcast directly after adulthood, and then we can bring some goods by the way, wow, when we are 18 years old, we are already a proper winner in life!"

After thinking about it for a while, Liang Wentao stood up happily, opened the Coke tab, raised the Coke can and said, "Come on, if there is no objection, we toast and wish a good start."

Zhang Ting looked at Wang Zining, but did not hold up the Coke.

"Brother Shui, do you think I will listen to you, twist around and let you take a picture, and then post it online for everyone to see?" Wang Zining sneered. Feeling that Brother Shui was too whimsical, he couldn't even care about being angry.

"Wang Tou, you express the serious interpretation of historical stories as twists and turns. This kind of statement is insulting all the workers in the show business."

"You want to make this Sh*t video to insult them. If you want to tell a story, you go tell it, I will not participate, other things are easy to say, this thing will never work." Wang Zining said firmly.

"I think it's very embarrassing for Wang Zining to perform next to him. I, I don't want to appear on the scene. If we two make up the story, you can tell. We are responsible for shooting you and moving props." Zhang stopped.

Liang Wentao patted Zhang Ting's arm, and said earnestly: "Stop, don't you know, we have to sell money on video, and netizens want to click, The most important thing is to sell beauty. Who would watch a fat man in the show talk stand-up comedy there? Without the king's head that kills the beauty of a primary and middle school girl in our city, the starting point of our entrepreneurial road is directly stuck."

Brother Shui had made a good idea to ask him to betray his hue! Wang Zining was rather angry.

Zhang Ting's face flushed red: "Then we think about other things, don't make videos, Wang Zining doesn't want to be in the camera, don't force him."

"Wang Tau, who said that the helper must help to the end, and he gave a high-five agreement. The man said a word, it is difficult to chase the horse! What you just said this afternoon, won't you forget it so soon, right?"

It turns out that Brother Shui had already set him down.

"I think you really want to make a video yourself. Go to hell with the Sh*t business plan!" Wang Zining smashed the half-can of Coke on the ground, the Coke spilled out, and Liang Wentao's shoes were stained next to him. Wang Zining watched it. Without looking at him, he turned on the skateboard and left.

"You, do you think I dare not smash the can?" Liang Wentao threw the Coke in his hand to the ground, his chest rising and falling in anger, "You said I was for myself, who do you think of me! Someone said that, brother Is it?"

Zhang Ting stood helplessly, listening to Liang Wentao's constant complaints, he bent down, picked up two bottles of Coke cans, and threw them into the trash can nearby.

His eyes were full of guilt, and his chest that had just been straightened shrank again. If it wasn't for himself, they wouldn't quarrel.

Wang Zining entered the door and kicked the skateboard to the corner of the wall. The skateboard hit the wall with a loud bang. He went back to his room with a black face all the way, and slammed the door with another loud noise.

Wu Han, who was watching the drama in the living room, was so frightened that her heart jumped wildly. She didn't care about her heart but was still faintly uncomfortable. She quickly got up and planned to ask her grandson what happened and why she lost her temper.

Grandpa Fan Jiang came out of the study first, walked directly to the door of Wang Zining, and knocked.

"Open the door!" Grandpa Fan Jiang said solemnly.

Wu Han came to him, looked at his wife, and asked in confusion, "What have you been wronged outside?"

Grandpa Fan Jiang frowned: "No matter what happens, throw things and slam the door as soon as you come back. This habit must be changed!"

The door was opened at once, and Wang Zining pursed his mouth, his eyes were stubborn, and he whispered: "What's the matter? I'm going to do my homework."

"We still want to ask you what happened? Why did you lose your temper as soon as you came back? You know how ignorant it is to slam doors.

The act of raising. Did your grandparents tell you before that if you regenerate, you must restrain yourself in front of your elders. Do you know that your grandma's heart is not good? Do you know that it will stimulate her?" Grandpa Fan Jiang said coldly.

"I'm sorry!" Wang Zining said to his grandma.

After speaking, he bowed his head and turned around, returned to the desk and sat down.

Wu Han glared at Grandpa Fan Jiang, planning to go in and comfort his grandson, by the way, to find out what happened to him outside.

Grandpa Fan Jiang blocked his old wife and walked in by himself. He pulled a chair next to him and sat next to Wang Zining: "Talk to Grandpa, what happened?"

Wang Zining was still angry and didn't want to talk.

Grandpa Fan Jiang sat next to him patiently, picked up a book on his desk and turned it over.

After a while, Wang Zining finally couldn't help it, and said, "Do you have to do what you promise a friend?"

Grandpa Fan Jiang put down his book, thought for a moment, and said: "If a gentleman makes a promise, the five mountains are all light. This means don't make a promise lightly, but if you promise, you must do it.

However, the specific situation should be treated differently. If, because of impulsiveness, I accepted something that I could not do, or there are problems with the matter itself, such as something that is not in compliance with the rules and violates the justice of a gentleman, then you cannot continue to do it. Not only can I not do it myself, but I must remind my friends in time and persuade them to come back.

If you think this is right, but you don't want to do it because of your own preferences or other reasons, then you have to reflect on why you agreed to it, or negotiate with your friends to see if there is a different solution."

As Grandpa Fan Jiang said, he paid attention to Wang Zining's expression and guessed what happened to his grandson.

Wang Zining was silent for a while, and wanted to continue to ask, but he was afraid of revealing too much information, and finally said: "I see, thank you Grandpa!"

Grandpa Fan Jiang didn't ask him to say anything, and didn't ask any more. He stood up and patted his grandson's shoulder and said, "Okay, then you should do your homework first. Grandpa reminds you again that you must not be impulsive in doing things in the future. Especially promises. After accepting it, you must understand the situation clearly and consider your own abilities before making decisions. Also, no matter how bad the result is, there are solutions. Losing your temper is the most useless one.

"Got it."

When Grandpa Fan Jiang walked out, Wu Han took him to the room: "You don't want to ask about the situation anymore. What happened to Ning Ning?"

Grandpa Fan Jiang said: "Ning Ning is already fourteen years old. Don't always treat him as a child. There are some things he wants to say, he will tell us, there is no need to break the casserole and ask the end. Give the child some space and let him solve the problem independently."

The next day when Wang Zining sat down at school, Zhang Ting said to him with a smile on his face: "Wang Zining, you don't have to worry about my affairs anymore. It's all you who helped to contact me. People in the community went to my dad. He is also worried about being sued, and has agreed to pay me monthly living expenses. In two months, my grandfather's feet will be completely healed, and he can go out to set up a stall to make money."

Wang Zining sighed, a little embarrassed to face Zhang Ting. He originally wanted Zhang Ting to make money on his own instead of relying on his family. He didn't believe it, and promised to help him but failed.

"Have you finished your homework? Do you want me to look it up for you?" Zhang Ting asked enthusiastically.

"No need." Wang Zining said in a dispirited voice.

"Wang Zining, are you still angry? You also know Liang Wentao's character, just treat him as a joke."

"I'm not angry!" Wang Zining raised his head straight and vibrated.

"Yeah, it's fine if you don't get angry." Zhang Ting said hastily.

During the lunch break, Liang Wentao took out his revised business plan, called three or four classmates, one for each, and began to speak about his plans.

"That's it. From now on, everyone can come to me to sign up. I will arrange a job that suits you according to your specialties. Of course, if you perform well, you can also join our founder team."

He suddenly said loudly, "Now this founder is only me and Zhang Ting, you all have a chance."

After speaking, he deliberately glanced at Wang Zining. Zhang Ting, who was sitting next to him, could see the flames that flashed when they met. He quickly raised his hand and said to Liang Wentao: "I, I won't participate."

Liang Wentao drooped his shoulders a little, and then he straightened his chest and replied loudly: "Okay, I agree with you to withdraw from the founders' team. I will carry this show on my own from now on!" After speaking, he turned around and sat down, facing the surroundings. The classmate holding his plan yelled, "After you pass this village, there will be no more shop. After you think about it, come and sign up. When the ten places are full, I won't recruit people anymore."

The classmates asked him some questions jokingly, and Liang Wentao started to flicker.

Wang Zining Shao stood up, and said to the sports committee member who was walking towards the door with the basketball: "Ma Chao, wait for me, I'll go play with you."

Ma Chao looked surprised, raised his palm to Wang Zining who was walking over, and slapped him, "Wang Zining, you finally figured out, are you planning to join our basketball team?"

"People are banned from soccer, go to your place to play soy sauce." Liang Wentao leisurely said.

Wang Zining glared at him, and there was another crackling when they met.

"Liang Wentao, are you deliberately looking for trouble? Do you want to go out for a fight?" The impulsive boy still wanted to solve the problem by force.

"I, I won't fight you, don't think I'm afraid of you, I don't want to violate school regulations. Violent!"

Liang Wentao watched Wang Zining approach, and quickly backed away: "You, don't come over, if you dare to beat me, I will really break your relationship with you!"

Ma Chao hurriedly pulled Wang Zining away, "Hey, you don't really want to hit people, are you guys. Are you iron buddies? When did you collapse?"

"Don't worry about it!" Wang Zining said.

Ma Chao immediately said: "Okay, I'm too lazy to take care of your business. It's true that you and I go to play basketball. Help me kill the second class today, let them see…"

Liang Wentao watched the two walking away, he told himself, don't care! Love who is good and who is good. He can also make new friends!

"Come, come, how are you thinking about, do you want to participate in the end…" 

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