Wang Yuan ran back and sent a message to Ni Ying, planning to invite her to dinner at night, thanking her for helping last time. Before I received a reply, I swiped my phone to read today's news, and found a message related to her.

Tang Yanyan posted two messages on her personal social platform. One was that she announced her participation in the women's team audition variety show, and the other posted two personal photos of her and herself. Caption: Do my sister and I look alike?

Originally, her social platform account had few fans, but because of this news, it was reposted by countless netizens at once. Everyone left a message below, sisters?

Tang Yanyan personally replied below for authentication. Now netizens are picking up their relationship, analyzing the similarity of the appearance of the two sisters and so on.

Others said they would support her talent show, ask her to cheer and so on.

As the author expected, it finally aroused the water splash and achieved the publicity effect she wanted.

Wang Yuan sneered. She didn't know if it was Xue Ping or Tang Yanyan's own idea. She should just watch the change.

New news comes in.

[You are too polite. Last time it was just a trivial matter, but there was a meal. I will definitely be there. I have been fond of that port for a long time.]

Wang Yuan's expression eased. She knew that Ni Ying likes Cantonese food the most, and she was still the same.

At night, she wore a blue striped boy style shirt with a pair of black denim pants underneath. Before going out, she curled up a long hair, wore big metal circle earrings, put on a red lip makeup, and picked up a slanted shoulder bag and went out.

She drove to the most famous Cantonese-style tea restaurant in City H. Before she entered the shop, she had attracted a lot of attention. The crowd lined up outside the restaurant whispered to each other, and she was a little excited to see her coming.

When someone tried to take a group photo first, Ni Ying came out from the front of the team in time and claimed her away.

"This is an Internet celebrity restaurant. I checked the queue for two hours before, so I came here early. It's our turn, let's go in." Ni Ying was a little excited today.

The failed wool roll has been straightened, and she has trimmed short and neat hair, which makes her round face particularly refreshing. She also put on a little makeup today, which puts her in a good mood, and she feels a little radiant.

"I thought the workday would be better, but there were still so many people." Wang Yuan followed her in and watched the seats in the hall were full. The waiter wearing the Fu pattern red vest looked back at Wang excitedly.

Yuan, enthusiastically led them to their seats.

"Can I take a photo with you?" The waitress took out her mobile phone and couldn't help but said.

"After a good meal, can you?" Wang Yuan said with a smile.

"Okay. Thank you, you guys look at the menu first and call me if you need it."

After the waiter left, Ni Ying looked at the person sitting opposite her and clapped her hands happily: "Wow, you are so beautiful today. Of course, you are also beautiful on the screen, but it feels really different from real people."

Wang Yuan knew that Ni Ying liked this kind of dress, she smiled and said, "Your new hairstyle suits you very well."

"Hahaha. I'm not a delicate beauty with a small face, and I can't follow your curly hair style route. If the attempt fails, I'll go back to the old way."

There may have been several exchanges, Ni Ying is not as vigilant as before, and now she is slowly becoming like another time and space, passionate and open.

Then the two looked at the menu and discussed the signatures in the store and the dishes recommended by netizens. The list was just handed over to the waiter, and guests at other tables also spotted Wang Yuan. They picked up their phones and took photos. Some people wanted to take a group photo.

Ni Ying blocked it all at once.

"Like everyone, we are all here for the food in the store. Let us enjoy the food with peace of mind. Please don't abandon your food and go back to our seats."

As soon as she sat down, Wang Yuan handed her a roll of posters that she had brought.

Ni Ying took it curiously. After opening it, she almost jumped up excitedly: "It's Qiao Yu's signed poster! Oh my God, this is really amazing!"

Wang Yuan laughed, and she really got it right. She also asked Xiao Wang to get it from Qiao Yu's agent.

"Do you like Qiao Yu that much?" Wang Yuan asked while pouring tea to the two.

"Of course, how handsome the young man is, and watching him can eat two more bowls of rice." Ni Ying admired the poster and couldn't bear to let it go.

"The delicacies that will be delivered later, I am not afraid that you will not be able to eat them." Wang Yuan smiled.

"Leave it to me, I'm good at eating this."

Wang Yuan laughed.

Ni Ying looked at the beauty in front of her with a smile, a little stunned, and she sighed inwardly, the handsome guy is eating, and the beauty is also eating. I just don't know how the person in front of me came across a dead mouse and fell in love with me. Sure enough, she was still excellent and didn't know it.

"By the way, is there nothing wrong with your son's arm?" Ni Ying asked caringly.

"It's okay. The young man is in a strong spirit." There is a strong individual.

Son, compared to the picky eater, it makes people worry.

"I really envy you for having such a handsome son!" Ni Ying sighed, recalling that seductive little handsome boy, once again proving that genes are important, and she has completely inherited and carried forward her mother's beauty.

"Come on, too!" It was also her most gratifying thing to see her friends getting married and having children.

Ni Ying held her face and smiled pretentiously: "Hey, we will work hard too!"

The dishes came quickly, Wang Yuan sandwiched a piece of mango sandwich coconut milk cake, the fragrant taste made her eyes narrow, she also prefers sweets, this point Mario should be like her.

Ni Ying loves crispy red sausage, she ate a piece of it, and then said: "I heard that you rejected the movie "Parallel Space". It's a shame. If you can do it, it would be the best choice for the fans. The image of the heroine is gone. I don't know who will be selected for this role next."

Wang Yuan was curious that the film party invited her to participate in this film, but it was not announced to the public. Only a few insiders knew how Ni Ying's news was so well-informed.

She thought about it and asked.

Ni Ying pointed to herself and said: "Introduce myself, I am a small transparent screenwriter in the industry, and Ni Kuangda's novel was adapted by a senior of mine. So the news is a little more informed."

It turns out that I have never inquired about Ni Ying's work. She was a civil servant in another time and space, and she did not expect to become a screenwriter here. But not surprisingly, she has always liked watching dramas and chasing stars. My dream was to tailor a script for my idol. Unexpectedly, I really did this job here.

"Which film and television works do you have? I'll go back and find out and watch it."

Ni Ying was embarrassed and said, "Don't mention it. I have taken over several web dramas and adapted them, but they all fell on the street."

"Come slowly!" Wang Yuan encouraged.

When the two were chatting, the phone vibrated and Wang Yuan turned on. It was a video invitation from Qi Haoran.

She hurriedly accepted with joy.

"Hi, son, I am eating out now, I wanted to go back and call you again."

"My father and I are going to Germany to stay with Anji for a while." Qi Haoran lowered his eyes and said, "You won't be using it in Beijing next week."

Wang Yuan's heart sank: "Why are you going to Germany suddenly? Don't you still go to school?"

"Dad wants me to accompany Angela. At the kindergarten, he has already gone through the graduation formalities for me."

"Baby, I'll call your dad right away…"

Wang Yuan intuitively felt that Qi Ying had deliberately sent away her son and prevented her from visiting.

"I don't want you to do this. Dad has already decided. We are going to fly away soon. I don't want you to fight." Qi Haoran said. No matter how high his IQ is, he is just a seven-year-old boy, and no child wants the conflict between his parents to increase.

Ni Ying stopped her chopsticks a long time ago, and looked at Wang Yuanqiang who was opposite to endure the fluctuating emotions, trying to raise a smile.

"Well, I won't call him, and we won't fight. I will send you a video every day. When you come back, my mother will pick you up at the airport."

When Wang Yuan put down her phone, Ni Ying was thinking about how to unlock her.

"Eat a good meal, do you want to have a drink?" Wang Yuan asked.

Two people carrying a few cans of beer bought from the supermarket came to the deserted corner of the park on the square. Wang Yuan opened two bottles of beer and handed one to Ni Ying.

As soon as Ni Ying took it, she had already dried half a bottle in one breath, and burped out of her wine. The sulky breath in her heart was brought out, and she finally felt more comfortable.

Ni Ying took a sip: "Celebrities don't get what they want, they also have so many worries." She looked quite emotional.

"Of course, it's just a little more famous than others. Whatever you will encounter in life, celebrities will also encounter it." Wang Yuan did half a bottle again.

"Don't drink too much." Ni Ying reminded, always helping to pay attention to the surroundings to prevent passers-by from taking pictures.

"It's just too angry. How damn it made me meet such a narrow-minded, bitter ex-husband."

"You should be lucky, you are already an ex-husband!"

Wang Yuan didn't have much alcohol, and coupled with her emotional ups and downs, she drank two bottles of wine, her stomach was already surging, and she bent down to support the trunk and threw up. Ni Ying hurriedly found a tissue and handed it to her.

"Hey, it's a beautiful woman!" Three young people walking in front of them, pointed at them, and laughed ambiguously.

"It's just you two drinking, how bored, our buddies will accompany you to drink together." We will come over after we finish talking.

Ni Ying frowned, crossed her hips in front of Wang Yuan, looked at them directly and said, "Get out of here!"

"Hey, it's kind of rushing, we won't look for you. Ask the beauty behind you if she's happy, why are you in a hurry." After speaking, she kept getting closer.

Ni Ying became a little anxious, took out the mobile phone in her pocket, and wanted to call for help.

"What, what, who do you want to come over?" A man in front stretched out his hand to grab the phone.

Wang Yuan got up at this time and pushed Ni Ying to be behind me, a hand stretched out to split the B*stard and asked in a cold voice: "What do you want to do?"

"It's quite strong!" The B*stard touched his hand, "How about our brothers who want to make friends with you? How about, if you want to drink, find a place, and we will drink with you."

"I'm not interested in making friends with you, please leave immediately!" Wang Yuan held down the impatient Ni Ying behind her, not letting her jump out.

A B*stard next to him tilted his head, looked at Wang Yuan carefully, and then grinned: "How do I feel that this girl looks like a star?"

"That's right, today we will find celebrities to be friends."

The three laughed together.

"Let's go." Wang Yuan picked up the backpack on the stone slab and pulled Ni Ying to leave.

"I really don't take us seriously, and just leave." The three of them gathered around together, and began to tease uncleanly.

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