A man in the lead joked, stretched out his hand violently and grabbed it. Wang Yuan kept paying attention to their actions. Seeing this, she raised her right foot and kicked the opponent's stomach directly, kicking the person out one meter away.

"Smelly B*tch…" The B*stard on the left rushed up angrily when he saw it. Before he could finish his words, he had already been punched to the face and landed on the ground.

The one on the right immediately leaped forward, Wang Yuan placed her fists on her side, kicked off with her left foot, and rotated, kicking the opponent's jaw with her right foot, and then quickly retracted after kicking. Another one got down.

"Hey, is it 110? I want to call the police. I'm now…" Ni Ying said, while watching the situation on the scene, she was silent for a while.

The three of them were a little blinded by the beating. They reacted, stood up and surrounded them again, with fierceness on their faces…

Within two minutes, he fell again.

"Hello, can you hear me, do you need help here?" The 110 operator's voice came.

Ni Ying came back to her senses: "…I'm sorry, it has been resolved, it's okay!"

"Would you like to dial 120 for them?" Ni Ying stepped forward, looking at the three people who fell on the ground and groaning blankly, and asked Wang Yuan.

"They are okay. My strength is much worse now, and there is no problem. It is all skin trauma." Wang Yuan touched her right fist, regretting that the strength of the original body was not enough. If it was her original body, it was the first blow. The other party has been unable to stand up and resist.

It seems we still need to strengthen physical strength exercise.

"Okay, let's go quickly. When someone sees it later, it will be troublesome to be photographed on the Internet." Ni Ying pulled Wang Yuan up.

When passing by a gangster who fell on the ground, Ni Ying couldn't help making up her foot: "Be honest in the future, and if you dare to molest a lesbian, you will be beaten by your hand."

When the two left the square park, Ni Ying was always in a state of excitement.

"It turns out that you have learned Kung Fu. When you took pictures of Lu Chuan Assassins, you used real Kung Fu. That's awesome!" Xing Xing stared at Wang Yuan. I didn't expect the goddess to have such a brave side. His wife really is beyond her.

"I don't know the kung fu in the movie. I have practiced boxing and taekwondo." Wang Yuan has always been a fan of various sports, running, rock climbing, boxing, and taekwondo. Before she walked through, she was already the second stage of taekwondo black belt. Level up, just one-on-three, if the opponent is not too weak, with her current physical strength, it will not be so easy to deal with.

"It's already amazing!" Ni Ying exclaimed, "Unfortunately, I can't shoot it, otherwise I will keep playing it back. I personally participated in it, and it feels more exciting than the movie."

"Where shall we go next?" she said still unfailingly.

"Let's go home. There was a fight just now, and the depression in my heart has been evacuated, and I am fine now." Wang Yuan exhaled happily. When I punched a B*stard in the face just now, I imagined Qi Ying's face in his mind. It feels so cool!

If anything can be solved by a fight, that's fine! Wang Yuan thought melancholy when she thought that the yin and yang ex-husband was about to take her son out of the country.


Oh, I really want to fight! It's much easier than it is now. Wang Zining thought.

He spread his homework in front of him, without moving a word, secretly swiping his cell phone, watching the messages constantly emerging from the class chat group, rubbing his fists and thinking.

Liang Wentao's speeches kept popping up, and he had been courageously urging everyone to participate in his video shooting group. There were really a few students who signed up to participate, and a few people were discussing enthusiastically.

Liang Wentao also posted a small historical story script he had just drafted, and assigned angles A and B to his classmates. A director-in-chief instructs the momentum of the country, who was still poking secretly, some went out of the way. People who didn't believe in words would not give him a chance if they wanted to turn around and beg him!


Wang Zining hit the table with a punch.

Here Liang Wentao looked at the lively atmosphere in the group and couldn't help but feel a little complacent. He collected the selfies that everyone had sent him just now and read them one by one. This is what he specifically requested. It must be good-looking and fully show his strengths and temperament. A simple PS is all right.

(T/N: PS = photoshop)

Sent a message to the network cousin of the network company.

[The most beautiful sister, our class has formally established a video shooting team, I will now send you the first episode of the story and the participating characters, please help us refer to it (please)]

[Okay, you can send it here. ] The cousin responded quickly.

Liang Wentao sent the manuscript and the selected photos to his cousin.

[Taotao, the classmate you posted to me last time did not arrange his role this time?]

Liang Wentao was bitter in his mouth, and he stubbornly replied: [Sister, that classmate's talent is not good enough. The ones I'm looking for now have both talents and looks.]

[Are you kidding me? younger brother. I agree to pick up this video from you and upload it to our platform, just for the super beauty of that handsome guy you gave me. Only by sucking his face can he break through the clicks, and then you can get a video commission. Now you give me these little kids, uploading videos is of no value.]

Liang Wentao was indignant, and quickly clicked the button with his finger: [How do you know that he can attract fans, but other people can't?! This video mainly relies on creativity and a combination of historical stories. Sister, you can't be too short-sighted and let go of this opportunity for promotion and salary increase!]

Cousin: [… (bye bye)]

[Even if I make an initial investment, I will send you the video for free, no commission! ] Liang Wentao is struggling to try to save.

[Thank Taotao! You make it well, and keep it for your appreciation. My sister accepts it, and I can't draw a promotion section for you. My sister has to make a meal and dare not waste platform resources and space casually.]

[Guo Lingling, do you think I can't do it myself without your help? I upload it myself, don't beg you!]

[Taotao, you fooled my sister first. First you made a little handsome guy who is more idol than an idol to hang on to her sister. But at the end of the day, the little handsome guy disappeared, and he squeezed into a group of schoolmates who caught a lot of students. It's okay if you want to upload it yourself. There are many video sites now, but do you really think your video can float? Based on my professional experience, the result of your upload is that a small stone is thrown into the sea and sinks to the bottom.]

[Wait, I will prove it to you! ] Liang Wentao threw down the phone angrily.

On the second day of school, Liang Wentao was surrounded by people as soon as he entered the classroom.

"Brother Shui, when will our video start?"

"Liang Wentao, can your cousin really help us promote it? Then I'll join in too, count me!"

Liang Wentao felt guilty in his heart and resolutely said: "We will start filming this weekend. At noon, we will check the script and assign roles. When you have time, check the scene."

"Brother Shui, a friend of mine also wants to join. He has studied photography and wants to shoot our video this time. Would you give him a chance?"

"…Let him come." Liang Wentao finished speaking, turned his head and glanced at Wang Zining in the back seat of the classroom, and quickly retracted.

Wang Zining entered the classroom, and as usual, the desk was filled with pastries and snacks. He cleared out all the snacks and pushed to Zhang Ting's side, "I'll eat it for you!"

"No, no, I won't eat!" Zhang Ting waved his hand quickly.

"I eat, I eat." Ma Chao ran over and took a packet of beef jerky from the table.

In the past, these snacks were all solved by Liang Wentao. Now……

Wang Zining picked up the snacks on the table, took a few steps away from his long legs to the front podium, and put the snacks on the podium. He turned around and looked around at the classmates in the classroom, and said loudly, "Don't stuff things into my desk in the future. You can bring them again, and I will send them directly to the old office."

Several female classmates in the classroom flattened their mouths, a little bit sad.

Wang Zining Tatata returned to his seat and sat down.

Ma Chao bit the beef jerky, and said happily, "Fortunately, I took a pack first. Wang Zining, my classmates, if you don't want to eat it, I can help you eat it."

Wang Zining opened his schoolbag and poured out all the books, half of them on the desk and half of them in the desk. Ma Chao was ignored.

"Zhang Ting, you can join me, I will leave you a role." Liang Wentao came to Zhang Ting's front and patted him on the shoulder.

He has already planned that if the video upload fails, he will use his pocket money to pay Zhang Ting's salary.

"No, my living expenses have been settled." Zhang Ting said with a smile.

"I heard from Li Xiaoyuan, your dad is afraid to provoke a lawsuit and agrees to send you money privately. But didn't you say you want to rely on yourself? You can join us and make a little pocket money."

"No, I'm not that piece of material, I can't do it." Zhang Ting shook his head firmly.

"Alright, if you are like someone and don't know how to seize the opportunity, I won't force it."

With a bang.

Wang Zining fisted on the table and stood upright: "Liang Wentao, what do you mean?"

Liang Wentao took a step back subconsciously, calmed his mind, and said, "What do you want to do, you want to beat people with brute force? Free speech, don't take a seat!" You can't really fight, right? Probably not, Wang Zining was a little impulsive, but not savage.

Hold on! Hold on! He secretly said.

Wang Zining felt that he had no eyes, how could he befriend such a despicable villain! You can't beat, and you can't scold you. Mad!

"Liang Wentao, it turned out to be you! No wonder Wang Zining quit our gift. What did you do?"

"I quit, I won't join your Sh*t video group anymore."

"Looking at you, you don't look like a good person. You used to eat so many Wang Zining's snacks and bit people back. I won't let you bully him!"

The female classmates in the class, the frustration of being rejected by the gift just now, suddenly found a way to vent, and began to attack Liang Wentao one after another.

Liang Wentao finally tasted what Qian Shuheng had experienced. But he was not a clumsy money bookworm, akimbo, pointing at the female classmates and cursing back one by one.

"Xu Xiaoling, don't open your mouth and squirt people, which one of your eyes saw me doing something bad?"

"And you, Wang Yaoyao, you want to be faceless and mindless, not for the sake of your sincerity, let you run a trick, do you think you can join our group? It's not you who quit, it's me You are removed!"

"As for you, I'm ashamed to be called Jingjing? Heihei is almost the same. You are blind, where I am, I am obviously sunny and cheerful, I ate your snacks, do you want to pay you back? Go to the toilet to find Right!"

As soon as he turned around, several other female classmates retreated one after another. I was afraid that he would say something bad.

"Liang Wentao, you are too much, I, I will sue the teacher." The scolded female classmates all cried out sobbing.

"Oh, I'm so scared. I caught a lawsuit from the junior high school. I will put you in the group and the school forum at night, so that everyone knows and knows, so as not to be mistaken by you."

The male classmates looked at Liang Wentao fighting alone, all of them stunned.

Including Qian Shuheng, who stood up early in the morning to watch a good show. He thought, I was scolded by these female classmates before. It wasn't that I was incompetent, it was not shameless enough.

Wang Zining's head was two laps older. Originally, it was his and Shui brother's business, and the girls jumped out to make a fuss. He was very annoying and wanted to retreat. Unexpectedly, Shui met himself. He had really seen how cheap this guy could be. Seeing the female classmates who were crying with anger, he just wanted to step forward and grab this guy away, lest he commit anger and die.

A stern voice sounded: "What are you doing, what are you doing? It's time for self-study now, you think this is a vegetable market, getting together is noisy!"

It is the dean of teaching.

"Mr. Yang, Liang Wentao bullies people…" The female classmates crowded around and cried.

Hey, I really went to file a complaint!

Liang Wentao twisted his expression, trying hard to squeeze a few tears out, bowed fat body and greeted him aggrievedly towards the dean.

"Ms. Yang, these girls bully…"



The male classmates on the sidelines have gained insights.

It's right to break a relationship, it's shameful to be his friend! Wang Zining watched Liang Wentao trapped in the girls group without any embarrassment and continued to behave miserably with the dean. He really didn't want to have such a friend.

Don't be angry, he likes to make videos and just shoot. Anyway, he loves acting so much, maybe he really gets hot.

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