Wang Yuan found out that Tang Yanyan's news was a hot search.

Under the message, she responded to a question from a netizen: [Our sisters have a very good relationship. She is not only my best sister, but also my idol. I followed in her footsteps and passed the film academy, and this time she also supported me to participate in the women's team selection program. I also hope you can support me!]

Some netizens found that it was wrong, [Always stressing that you are a sister, no one doubts your blood relationship, but are you really that close?]

[Wang Yuan broke up with her mother ten years ago, right? How old was Tang at that time, and she still had a relationship?]

[Post a group photo~]

Although there are doubts, most netizens still believe in the statement that the sisters are deeply affectionate, and they have expressed that they will support the rookie sister just like the shadow queen sister.

Wang Yuan logged in to the platform account that has been operated by the brokerage company and sent a message: [This is my relatives]

Attached below is a selfie taken with Ni Ying during dinner yesterday.

Put down the phone after sending it.

Until the agent sent a message: [Unexpectedly, you will post on the platform, the Internet has exploded, and your sister is now slapped in the face. Are you really afraid of your mother making trouble?]

Ni Ying also sent a message: [Won, I didn't expect a message from you to send me to the hot search. My sisters are also popular now. Where are you going? Everyone asked me what my name was.]

[Sorry, I'm a little bit impulsive. Didn't it bother you? ] Wang Yuan quickly replied.

[This kind of trouble can be a little bit more (arrogant laugh), and soon the leaders of the group will ask me to talk, get a promotion and raise the opportunity, just around the corner! (proud)]

Wang Yuan smiled. [Your script has a role that suits me, so it's on call!]

After a while, I received a string of air kisses.


I don't know if the show wants to take advantage of the Internet popularity these days, the slow variety show originally scheduled to participate in half a month later, I want her to join in advance as a guest in the first phase of the third season.

After receiving the notice from her agent, Wang Yuan didn't care. She already had the next job, and it was the same morning and evening.

Packed up and took the makeup artist and bodyguard that the company arranged for her to fly by. Xiao Wang returned as her assistant.

She also asked Wang Yuan curiously about the topic of that sister.

Wang Yuan simply replied with two words and was unfamiliar.

After the plane arrived in the city where the show was recorded, they first found a hotel to stay. Wang Yuan renewed in the hotel, put on makeup and change clothes, then pulled up the luggage, and got into the car sent by the show crew.

And the last time I participated in "Hello, Actor!" Like the variety show, Wang Yuan was put on the mic as soon as she got in the car, and the camera started to follow along the whole process.

Generally, the artists who come to participate will first prepare for the solo show on the car, and it is best to appear sincere and playful to gain a good impression of the public. But Wang Yuan was the same as last time. The camera was shot with a polite smile, but she resolutely refused to speak.

The staff made a narration and wanted her to pick it up to invigorate the atmosphere. By the way, she took some clips that could be edited, and she just responded briefly.

"Mr. Wang, we are here!" The staff in the front passenger seat breathed a sigh of relief, so that they didn't need to use their brains to figure out how to guide the guests to speak or communicate. Few artists are so uncooperative. He remembered that there were rumors in the circle that the actress had a social barrier. Is it true?

If Wang Yuan knew it, she might have been wronged, she just adhered to the principle of saying less and making mistakes. Knowing a simple sentence, the editing of the show and the brainstorming of netizens, I don't know what the deviation turned into in the end.

After the last variety show, her "this director is right" memes are still being quoted a lot.

After getting off the car, she automatically walked to the back of the car, opened the trunk, and picked up the suitcase by herself. The staff who had just approached had no time to reach out, so she pushed the suitcase and left.

After walking a few steps, I turned around and asked: "Is it in front?"

The staff was stunned for a moment, nodded, and showed her the way.

The camera followed Wang Yuan.

In another car behind him, the makeup assistant and other staff brought by Wang Yuan also got out of the car. The program group also arranged for them a place to rest.

Although it was a recording of the show, after Wang Yuan got off the bus, she was still attracted by the rural scenery. The winding terraces can not be seen at a glance, the air is fragrant with the fragrance of soil and wheat…

It would feel better if it weren't for recording shows, but for a week's holiday here. She wondered, if there is a chance in the future, will she take the children to the country for a trip, who grew up in the city, probably can't tell the difference between wheat and rice.

The resident guests who saw her coming with luggage from a high place rushed down and greeted her on the trail. They were exposed to the sun, sweating profusely, and exhaled.

Wang Yuan saw a fat man in a flowered shirt running towards her, and shouted: "Teacher Wang Yuan, welcome."

"Hello!" Wang Yuan replied with a smile.

"Let me help you with your luggage. There is a gravel road ahead, which is particularly difficult to walk."

Zhang Kai secretly complained that the director group must have deliberately set up such a path to embarrass their hosts. You can't let the guests carry such heavy luggage by themselves. Only they got on.

Wang Yuan knew that she still had to give others a chance to behave in front of the camera. She did not refuse and said thank you.

Zhang Kai carried a 28-inch heavy suitcase, and slowly moved forward with a bit of a hideous face. He also wants to control his expression, but the strength of his body is not allowed, and he also knows that the director team set up this roadblock to achieve this effect.

Wang Yuan saw that his entire back was soaked. The body of the male guest was really not in proportion to his physical strength. She moved slowly behind him. She wanted to take it several times, and carried him on her own.

When he went up the steps, Zhang Kai couldn't step on one foot firmly and almost fell on the ground. Wang Yuan hurriedly reached out to support him, and then directly picked up the luggage and snapped up the first step quickly.

Zhang Kai was dumbfounded, his thin arms were only one-third of his own, right? right? What did you eat, why is it so powerful!

Pushing open the wooden door, several other resident guests greeted us one after another.

The youngest and handsome guest hurried forward and took her suitcase.

"Teacher Wang Yuan, welcome. I'm Yuan Weiyi, welcome to our cabin as a guest." With a smile on his face, Yuan Weiyi came forward and greeted her unfamiliarly.

A well-known host in the country, Wang Yuan is still familiar with him.

"Hello, Teacher Yuan."

"Teacher Wang Yuan, have we not seen each other for more than ten years?" A middle-aged male guest in his forties, with a sincere smile on his face, reached out to her.

"Teacher Lu Ziming, hello." Wang Yuan also hurriedly stretched out her hand and shook him.

"By the way, you two have worked together to make a movie. It's "Echo". I had the honor to be reunited on our show today. The fans of "Echo" must be very excited when they saw it." Yuan Weiyi said, he turned his head, " Hey, our classmate Zhang Kai went to pick up the guests, but he was gone."

Zhang Kai pushed in the wooden door, crying: "Teacher Yuan, I'm useless. I went to pick up Teacher Wang Yuan. I almost got my feet hurt and the guests brought up their luggage."

"Oh, you are really, are your feet okay?" Wang Yuan asked only with concern.

"It's okay." Zhang Kai waved his hand quickly.

"It's okay, then you go to the yard and chop ten bundles of firewood. Since the work of welcoming guests is not well done, go and do some physical work." Teacher Yuan jokingly said.

"Teacher Yuan, do you think that welcoming guests does not require manual labor. The director team in this issue is too tricky. A long stone road is specially paved underneath. Any guest who comes without a suitcase will have to rely on us to carry it in the future. Come up." Zhang Kai finished, pointing to the program group gathered around to shoot, "Say, did you do it on purpose?"

"It's alright, let me introduce you first." Teacher Yuan brought Zhang Kaila over and said to Wang Yuan: "This is Zhang Kai, a tall and handsome young actor, and a resident guest of our show."

Wang Yuan nodded.

There was a laugh from the program group.

Zhang Kai pretended to be angrily and turned around and asked: "Is it wrong, I am not tall or not too big anymore." After speaking, he deliberately tightened his clothes and gestured to his wide waist.

"Brother, everyone knows, you are more than tall!" said the delicate male guest just now.

Zhang Kai strangled his neck in the past, and the two of them laughed.

Teacher Yuan hurriedly stopped, pointing to the handsome male guest and introducing: "This is our other resident guest, Ren Jun, a very good and talented singer."

After a while, she can finally go in and rest. Wang Yuan secretly breathed a sigh of relief, admiring these people who often engage in variety shows, facing the dense camera lens on one side, they can talk and laugh easily.

Lu Ziming took the initiative to take Wang Yuan's visit and led her around inside and outside the house. He introduced the animal guests in the cabin, including one cat, two goats, and one ox.

He picked up the three-flower cat and slapped it, and said with a smile: "This is your first time participating in a reality show. Don't be nervous, just take it as a vacation."

"I heard that I was going to work?" Wang Yuan was called over before she had time to tutor this variety show. She only spent two hours on the plane watching the first issue of last season. The guests of that issue seemed to be abused. Working hard.

"Hahaha, male guests come over to work, female guests don't need to." Lu Ziming blinked his eyes, "There is work for young people to do, exercise them."

Wang Yuan knew that he was joking. In the issue she watched, Teacher Lu Ziming was not easy, he was more tired than anyone else.

Wang Yuan just sat down and drank a cup of yogurt provided by the sponsor, and another guest came in at the door.

Among the guests who came to Qi one after another were Mr. Wen Ying, a 50-something old artist, and a female Tuan Aidou Yu Xinxin, and Wu Ziqi, whom Wang Yuan knew.

After a lot of greetings, several MCs asked the director team for funding to buy ingredients. The director team told them that today is the first phase, and there is no plan to pay for it, so they can solve the problem of three meals by themselves.

The guests are called a group one after another.

"Just put it straight, what should we do and how can we exchange funds?" Zhang Kai rushed over and asked with a clear look.

"You don't need to work today, you are free to move around. But we don't give money either." The director group announced the rules again.

"It's too ruthless. I just said that Teacher Wang Yuan and I were on vacation. In the end, I didn't care about the food. I slapped my face too quickly." Lu Ziming exclaimed dissatisfied.

"Director group, look, today we have our guests, including the well-loved teachers Wenying and Wang Yuan, as well as Idolziqi and Xinxin. You can't let them follow us and go to the villagers to have a meal. Or else. Let's discuss it, first lend us some funds, and we can work to pay back." Teacher Yuan came forward to discuss with the program group.

Yu Xinxin even stepped forward to play coquettishly, but it was useless. The director team did not relax.

Wang Yuan and Teacher Wenying sat calmly drinking yogurt, as if they were out of touch with the others.

"Teacher Wang Yuan, you also go to the director team, okay, otherwise we will have no food for lunch!" Yu Xinxin shook her hands and ran to Wang Yuan in small steps, pulling the corner of her clothes. Pouting his mouth.

Wang Yuan didn't frown. This girl is a five-year-old child, and Mario doesn't talk like that.

She had forgotten that her Mario didn't behave like a seven-year-old child.

"Xinxin, right? Since the program group arranges this way, let's follow the rules." Teacher Wenying said, relieved.

Yu Xinxin ran to find Yuan Youyi again, "Teacher Yuan, what should we do? Do we really have to go to the villager's house? It's shameful. I'm not afraid of hard work, or arrange work for me. I plant and weed. Yes." After speaking, he made gestures and made a sign of confidence.

"Xinxin, we just discussed, let's go to the villager to borrow some ingredients first, so that you won't let you go door to door. Don't worry." Wang Yuan is knowledgeable and did not show any impatience with Yu Xinxin's behavior.

Then Yuan Only and Lu Ziming assigned everyone's tasks. The only person in Yuan took Ren Jun to borrow some rice noodles from a nearby villager. Lu Ziming built a stove at home. Teachers Zhang Kai and Wen Ying stayed to help.

Wu Ziqi took Wang Yuan and Yu Xinxin to find some wild vegetables outside.

Seeing that they were leaving with their tasks, Teacher Wenying cleared the yard and made the space for the stove, and said to the director, "Your arrangement is not good enough. The three of them are looking for wild vegetables. Cai knows them, and they know vegetables?"

"Wu Ziqi~Do you know wild vegetables?" Yu Xinxin asked, tilting her head and pouting her mouth.

"I don't know him very well." Wu Ziqi turned his head and asked, "Teacher Wang Yuan, can you do it?" Don't say no, then why did they come out? Isn't it a joke?

"I don't know." Wang Yuan shook her head simply. She and the original body grew up in cities. She saw that the plants around her looked similar, and she couldn't tell which ones were edible.

"Ms. Yuan must have thought that people of Teacher Wang Yuan's age should know wild vegetables, so we arranged for the three of us." She turned around and waved to the camera." Ms. Yuan, we didn't bring vegetables back to have a meal, you won't blame it. Ours. Fans of Xinxin, don't you think I'm stupid, hehe!"

Is Yu Xinxin thoughtless, a newcomer to the younger generation, cue the age of the senior celebrities directly in the show, or does she want to take the black-red route? Wu Ziqi looked at Wang Yuan in embarrassment.

Wang Yuan turned a blind eye and concentrated on searching for plants she was familiar with.

After searching for a while, nothing was gained. Wu Ziqi began to sing Rap in front of the camera, occasionally taking off and spinning, which was completely outing.

Yu Xinxin looked at the camera for a while and ended her cuteness. Looking at Wu Ziqi, Da Da Da ran over and gave a false kick, "Wu Ziqi! Work hard, stop playing!"

Wang Yuan saw the fruit she knew in front of her and ran over and squatted down in front of a bunch of red fruit by the stream.

Take out the food bag you brought, pick the raspberries one by one, and put them in the bag.

"Hey, Teacher Wang Yuan has found it over there." Yu Xinxin stopped making trouble with Wu Ziqi, and ran over to Wang Yuan, "Ahhhh, what is this, so cute, is it a little strawberry? I really want to eat it."

Wang Yuan got up directly, trying to avoid the girl.

"Teacher Wang Yuan, I'll take two small strawberries." After speaking, he took out two from the plastic bag, one in each hand, and turned around and shouted, "Wu Ziqi, hurry up and take pictures for me."

Wu Ziqi ignored her and continued his rap.

Yu Xinxin turned around and pursed her mouth and said, "Brother camera, please help me to take a picture. Take a good look." After speaking, she held the raspberry on her cheeks with her fingers and continued to pretend to be cute.

Wu Ziqi meets Wang Yuan went straight forward and hurried to catch up, "Teacher Wang Yuan, let me carry this for you."

Wang Yuan looked around at the surrounding green leafy grass vines and said, "Let's first search for wild vegetables this season, and compare them with the picture below. Anyway, someone who I know will help you pick them out."

"Okay, just do it." After having direction, Wu Ziqi also focused on the task.

When they were immersed in the research to compare whether the plant they found was Malantou, a fellow villager passed by. Yu Xinxin cheered, grabbed the Malantou in Wu Ziqi's hand, and ran to the fellow.

Finally her expertise came in handy.

The enthusiastic fellow not only helped them identify Malantou, but also took them to find some wild vegetables.

When several people were bent over and tried to pick wild vegetables, Yu Xinxin had a mischievous smile on her face, sandwiched a twisted earthworm with a small wooden stick, and quietly walked to Wu Ziqi's side, and she pointed her fingers at the camera next to her. Screamed.

"Ah…" Yu Xinxin screamed deliberately, but Wu Ziqi turned around and saw the earthworm, with an unmoved expression, and continued to pick vegetables. She pouted in disappointment, but she was not surprised.

He threw the earthworm out and landed in front of Wang Yuan.

"Ah!" Wang Yuan jumped up and took two steps back, looking at the long worm on the ground with a complicated expression.

"Hahahaha, Teacher Wang Yuan, you are afraid of earthworms, so cute!" Yu Xinxin smiled, covering her mouth.

You are "really" cute! Wang Yuan didn't hold back and rolled her eyes.

"Teacher Wang Yuan, we have almost picked, do we want to go down." Wu Ziqi asked Yangyang with two big bags of wild vegetables in his hand.

"Yeah, the sun is so big, I don't want to get tanned!" Yu Xinxin said with her face in her arms.

"Go back." After returning, avoid the girl ten meters away.

The group of three slowly descended the mountain.

Wang Yuan walked in front, and the two followed behind, accompanied by a camera brother.

"Ah…Yes, something ran past me…" Yu Xinxin exclaimed. Before she could finish her words, she looked up and saw Wang Yuan carrying a hare with one hand in front of her, with a full face across her camera. The way she smiled, she was stunned, what happened just now! What happened?

The cameraman in front of her was also at a loss. Why did he blink an extra rabbit in the guest's hand? Did the program team arrange the special effects team? I didn't notify them.

He thought, fortunately, the camera has been pointed at the front, it should have recorded the truth.

"Can we bring it back for a snack?" Wang Yuan looked at the gray rabbit and coveted. In the process of picking wild vegetables just now, she had no hope of today's food. Unexpectedly, she accidentally captured a rabbit. She was really good character and lucky! She thought with joy.

"Tutu is so cute, you, are you going to eat it?" Yu Xinxin's eyes widened and weeping.

Why is this so familiar? It seems to have been heard in the movie…

"Let's let go of the bunny!" Yu Xinxin approached Wang Yuan with her fist in her hands, begging Mengmeng.

Take a deep breath, still unable to hold back.

"Girl, can you speak well in the future! Some of the tones and actions are innocent and cute. Your adult in your twenties is just pretending to be nasty. Consider the feelings of the people around you!" After speaking, turn around and leave. There is no rabbit in your hand. Put it down and take it away.

Yu Xinxin's face was red and blue. Before the camera, she blinked her eyes and squeezed her mouth. She finally squeezed a drop of tears out of her eyes. She said to the camera: "I really like Teacher Wang Yuan's. I don't know where to provoke him. By the time she was angry. But the person who was liked said that, I was really sad…"

Wu Ziqi was a little embarrassed in the back. At the moment when Teacher Wang Yuan screamed, he felt quite refreshed. He could not bear the speaking style of this girl group newcomer for a long time, but he couldn't shake his face when recording the show. But now, he had no choice but to step forward to comfort him.

"Don't mind, let's go down the mountain, I guess everyone is waiting anxiously." He stepped forward and said round the field.

Wang Yuan and her follow-up photo came back first. Teacher Yuan saw them, "Let me see your harvest, my God! There is still a rabbit that you caught on the mountain?"

"Teacher Wang Yuan, can I give it a hug?" Ren Jun approached curiously, took the hare, and touched its long ears happily, "It's so cute, I can make a nest for it, and it will be The resident MC of our cabin is now."

Zhang Kai, who had moved bricks all morning, also walked over and saw the rabbit's eyes lit up: "Wow, where did this rabbit come from? There is braised rabbit meat to eat in the evening. Put some peppers, how sweet it is!"

Fortunately, she is not the only one who treats this rabbit as food.

"Brother, you are so cruel, you won't really want to kill it to eat meat!" Ren Jun frowned.

"Okay, okay, Xiaojun, Zhang Kai is joking, you can help our Mr. Rabbit OR Ms. OR find a place to settle." Teacher Yuan said the final word.

Wang Yuan is a little bit embarrassed, so I still can't eat it?!

"Teacher Wang Yuan, why are you the only one to come back first, and the other two little guys?" As soon as Teacher Yuan finished asking, a whimper came from the door.

Upon hearing the sound, Wang Yuan raised her leg directly into the house.

After drilling in the grass for a long time, she planned to clean it first.

"What's the matter, what's this?" Teacher Yuan looked at Yu Xinxin, who was about to jump into his arms, half a step behind her skill, and patted her on the shoulder as if asked anxiously.

He just noticed that Wang Yuan heard the sound, did not stay, but left directly, knowing that there must be a problem between the guests.

"It's okay! It's just a bit uncomfortable in my heart!" Yu Xinxin choked with a strong look.

"It's okay. Go to the room to clean up first. I'll take a look at the wild vegetables you picked." Teacher Yuan pretended not to know, so as to appease him, he went to see some big bags of wild vegetables that Wu Ziqi was holding.

"I have worked hard today in Ziqi, wow, there are so many dishes, I don't know them, you can take them in and show them to Teacher Lu, which ones can be eaten."

Yu Xinxin saw no one comforted, and entered the house in frustration.

After a brief cleaning, Wang Yuan went out to help in the kitchen.

Teacher Wenying was packing up the wild vegetables they brought back, when she saw her and asked: "What happened to Xiaoyu just now? It seems to be crying?"

"Really? Maybe I said that I was crying." She pulled a chair and sat down to help clean up the dishes.

Several cameras were facing, Teacher Wenying didn't know the situation, so it was difficult to keep asking.

She smiled and said: "You are very good, picking so many kinds of wild vegetables, I thought you didn't know any of you. Surprising!"

"I have fellow villagers to help." Wang Yuan explained.

"No wonder."

Teacher Lu Ziming rinsed a small bowl of raspberries picked by Wang Yuan, took one for a trial, and handed the bowl to them: "It's very sweet! I heard Wu Ziqi said, you caught the hare with bare hands! I really didn't see it, you still It's amazing to have this hand! Tell me, how did you do it?" He was really curious.

"Really? You caught a hare?" Teacher Wenying took the raspberry and didn't even bother to taste it. She looked at Wang Yuan curiously, thinking that the program crew would not look at her identity and deliberately create something. Give her water.

"I didn't think much about it at the time. I saw a pair of rabbit ears sideways, and I picked it up and caught it like that." Wang Yuan laughed at herself, "Don't mention this rabbit. I originally wanted to have a snack, but now it's your MC. I wonder if I have no love anymore."

Lu Ziming laughed loudly

"Don't doubt yourself, I'm just like you. In the yard, except for the three flowers, I want to add meals, especially those two sheep. One day the program team will cut off the funding, and I will take them directly."

"Ms. Lu, you are terrible!"

Hearing this voice, Wang Yuanhanmao got up.

"You are joking, right?" Yu Xinxin walked in, covering her mouth with one hand, and asked ignorantly.

It seems that the serious remark just now didn't take the girl to heart at all. Yeah, it doesn't happen overnight to grow up like this. It's something someone else can change.

Wang Yuan got up directly, washed her hands, and went out.

Lu Ziming also saw that there was something wrong between the two female guests. He chuckled and said, "You can stay for a few more issues. You will know later if it's a joke."

"I also want to stay, I can be your permanent MC."

Lu Ziming said haha, "Welcome, welcome!"

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