As night fell, after a dinner with simple ingredients but carefully prepared, some guests returned to their rooms to freshen up, and some stayed to chat.

Wang Yuan went back to the room and called her sons separately. After the call, she changed into a set of casual sportswear and went downstairs. Knowing that I will have to get together again to end the recording, and really zoom in and go back to the room to rest.

"Wang Yuan, you are here, we are watching Xinxin dancing, you sit here." Seeing her coming down, Teacher Yuan quickly got up to greet her, and took her to sit down next to her.

Wang Yuan saw Yu Xinxin dancing the popular female group dance, lowered her waist, got up, flicked her long hair, and made a cold and charming face.

She thinks that this girl can be less exaggerated, just like dancing, isn't it good?

After the dance, everyone applauded.

Yu Xinxin rushed back happily, holding her small face and said, "Well, I didn't make a few moves just now. If we danced, we would definitely be scolded."

"You have to ask Teacher Wang Yuan about this. She is professional." Teacher Yuan pointed to Wang Yuan.

Wang Yuan: "Dancing well!"

"I have seen Teacher Wang Yuan dancing in the movie "Changchuan Assassin". I thought it was a dancer. Later I checked and found out that Teacher Wang Yuan himself was the chief of the dance troupe. Her dance has always been It is one of the classic teaching videos of our drama school." Zhang Kai joined the audience.

"The movie "Echo" I collaborated with Wang Yuan, she played the dance of a deaf-mute girl. I watched her dance scenes with my own eyes, and I was very impressed! When filming, we all thought it was perfect , But the director's requirements were very strict. She cut her teeth again and again and asked for it again. She gritted her teeth without saying a word, fell and got up again, jumped and fell countless times, her hands and feet were bruised, and she asked the makeup artist to keep coming forward to make up. At that time, we all felt that we could stop for a while. Both physical strength and minor injuries needed time to recover, but she said she could do it! In the end, she showed a very perfect movie effect, which was polished out. She had no acting experience at all at that time, and was able to sweep away in the end. The best newcomer awards of major film festivals that year were not only because she had a talent for acting, but more importantly, she did not give up countless times. She played herself!"

Wang Yuan did not expect to hear this evaluation made by an old acquaintance of the original body.

"Thank you, Teacher Lu!" Thanks to him for the original body, remembering her stubbornness and persistence back then.

"I thought Director Fan Jiang was very kind.

It turned out to be so strict when making a movie. Teacher Wang Yuan, is Director Fan Jiang always like this?" Untimely voices always appear at the right time.

Now the other guests all felt that this girl was ignorant and fearless, or was she innocent.

Zhang Kai took a peek at the director team gathered on the side. You guys deliberately invited such a teaser. For the topic and popularity of the show, it is also a bold innovation to attract such a second product.

Seeing that Wang Yuan did not answer, Yu Xinxin suddenly said at a loss: "Oh, did I say something wrong again."

"Director Fan Jiangliang is a very good director. He has strict control over the details of the film. It is his responsibility to the work and to the audience. I don't know if you want to take the path of an actor. If you have the opportunity to work with him in the future, I believe you It will benefit a lot. As for what kind of person he is and what kind of attitude, why do you care so much!"

The previous sentence was quite upright, and the latter sentence was immediately revealed. Zhang Kai secretly gave a thumbs up, as he deserves to be Teacher Wang Yuan. It is rumored that she is fearful, indeed, the society fears her!

Yu Xinxin pouted her mouth and said, "Teacher Wang Yuan~ You want to be crooked, I really have no other meaning. A few days ago, someone on the Internet said that your sisters did not agree with each other, and I was still speaking for you on the platform."

What is an undead cockroach, this is it.

Just as Wang Yuan was about to speak, Teacher Yuan hurriedly said: "Xinxin, I don't think Teacher Wang Yuan doesn't want you to pay too much attention to her. A good learning opportunity. Although we are artists and belong to colleagues, we still have to have a suitable distance before each other."

"Ms. Yuan~" Yu Xinxin shook her shoulders, lengthened her voice, acting like a baby with a hint of unhappy.

Hey, this girl, it's useless to say it, she doesn't listen.

"Do you know that we have released a new song in the sub-period, please ask him to play and sing one for us!" Yuan teacher finished the task tonight before speaking.

Wu Ziqi came to the show to promote the new song.

When a guitar sounded, Wu Ziqi sat in front of the microphone, bowed his head and plucked the strings, entered the atmosphere of music, and began to sing.

Beautiful music flowed through, and several guests on the scene swayed gently to the beat of the music. After the song was over, everyone applauded.

Through the chat, Mr. Yuan led Wu Ziqi to introduce the background of the new song creation, as well as the launch time of the new song, which was regarded as a wave of promotion.

As Ren Jun, another musician, took the guitar and played a few times. He felt that as a resident MC, he was obliged to bring the atmosphere and avoid the minefield Yu Xinxin, and asked Wang Yuan: "Teacher Wang Yuan, what can you sing? Song? How about you sing a song and I will accompany it."

Everyone turned to look at him, Ren Jun touched his face, what's wrong? Any questions?

The problem is big, Zhang Kai really wants to grab his clothes and ask, brother, are you infected by Yu Xinxin? Which pot is open or not? Are you so indifferent to the news? Do you have no internet at home? I don't know how amazing the singing of Teacher Wang Yuan is, it is still spreading on the Internet, and it is used as a song to avoid evil!

Are you deliberately irritating her, or deliberately trying to hurt us!

Zhang Kai's eyes kept blinking at him, as if twitching. I hope Ren Jun can receive the voice of his soul.

Ren Jun looked blank, "Brother, are your eyes okay?"

I'm okay, you're okay!

"I can't sing well, don't sing anymore!" Wang Yuan waved her hand.

"It doesn't matter, we are not performing on stage, just singing a few words." Ren Jun thought she was humble and encouraged.

"Xiaojun, since Teacher Wang Yuan doesn't want to sing, then you can play and sing a song." Teacher Yuan interrupted in due course. He has decades of hosting experience and experience, and can be baptized with magic sound for a few minutes, but he I don't want the image of the queen to fall halfway in this show.

"I want to hear I want to hear, I want to hear Teacher Wang Yuan sing." Yu Xinxin clapped her hands.

Girl, you are everywhere!

"Yuan, you can sing a song, I want to hear it too." Unknown teacher Wen Ying encouraged.

Teacher Wenying, why are you…

Wang Yuan knew that the song she sang with at the last concert might be really unpleasant, but it was also a song that she was not familiar with Ye Xingyu, and she hummed it casually.

She is still a little sure about the songs she is familiar with, just like "My Motherland and Me" which was sung with her son last time, which is still very good.

She said to Ren Jun, "Will you play "Mouse Loves Rice"?"

I really want to sing!

Teacher Yuan: Now the director team is happy!

Zhang Kai: Do I use an excuse to go to the toilet?

Lu Ziming: As an old friend, I must control my facial expressions and keep a natural smile throughout, so as not to dampen her confidence.

Wu Ziqi: Do mice love rice? Is there this song that I'm not familiar with?

"Ms. Wang, is this a nursery rhyme?" Ren Jun asked for Wu Ziqi. He was very confident. Most popular songs, the melody is familiar and can be played, but he doesn't know much about nursery rhymes.

"You don't know how to play?" Wang Yuan thought for a while." It's been popular before. Maybe you young people don't know it."

It turned out to be an old song. Ren Jun looked at Teacher Yuan from Quku Encyclopedia, and shook his head when he saw Teacher Yuan.

"Wang Laoyuan, or you sing first, let me find the melody." Ren Jun said.

Wu Ziqi quickly moved the microphone stand in front of Wang Yuan. Wang Yuan was a little shy. She was still recording the show in front of so many people, but she cleared her throat and started singing.

"I hear your voice, and I have a special feeling that makes me keep thinking, I can't forget you anymore, I remember someone…"

The pronunciation is very standard, worthy of a professional actor, but, Teacher Wang Yuan, are you sure you are not chanting a mantra, is it a song?

Ren Jun wanted to accompany him. Normal songs and the melody are online. He can find an entry point no matter what. The reality is that his fingers are on the guitar strings and he is completely at a loss.

After listening to teacher Wang Yuan's song, I found that his understanding of music is still not enough.

"I love you and love you, just like a mouse loves rice, no matter how much wind and rain I still accompany you… I love you this way."

After singing a song, Wang Yuan is different from her usual self-confidence, with a hint of shyness: "Sing lightly, I can't sing well."

Teacher Wang Yuan, you are humble. Even if you sing along with the original karaoke in karaoke, you will definitely not be able to sing well!

Everyone recovered and applauded.

"I heard the lyrics clearly and they wrote it very well." Teacher Wen Ying took the lead in complimenting. She wants someone to sing it, so she has to brag about it. But the words are really clear!

other people……

Teacher Wenying, you are too honest, are you complimenting? Wang Yuan is singing, do you praise the lyrics?!

"Ahem, Teacher Wang Yuan, we haven't heard this song before, which singer has it sung?" Teacher Yuan raised his hand and asked, he also thought the lyrics were really good, and the tune would not be audible, but it's impossible.

Wang Yuan showed a surprised expression, "Have you never heard of it? This song is very…" Huo character swallowed back into her throat, and Wang Yuan suddenly remembered, Is there no "Mouse Loves Rice" in this world?

Looking at everyone's curious eyes, Wang Yuan could only say: "I also forgot, I heard someone else sang it."

As a musician, Ren Jun, since Wang Yuan started singing, he has not been in the situation. There is a stamina in his body, and there is nowhere to do it. Out of his dedication to music, he asks: "Teacher Wang Yuan, can you hum the tune, I will try to write it down."

Wang Yuan hesitated for a moment. After knowing that there was no such song in this world, she was afraid to study it deeply, and she couldn't tell the source of the song.

"Teacher Wang Yuan, please!" Ren Jun looked at her and insisted.

Boy, you don't plan to let us all have a good rest tonight, do you? Everyone thought.

"Xiaojun, everyone is tired today. Let the teachers go back and rest first. Tomorrow you will ask Teacher Wang Yuan for advice." Teacher Yuan stood up and said.

Music talent has his stubborn side: "I still want to hear Teacher Wang Yuan help me hum a tune again."

Seeing his earnest look, Wang Yuan nodded, "I'll sing it again, only once!" She also wanted to go to bed early and didn't want to be dragged.

"Teacher Wang Yuan, you don't need to sing…just hum the tune." You sing it, and it's impossible for me in my life to know what the original song is like.


The sound is very crisp, very similar to the early cell phone ringtones, or alarms…

"Wait a minute, let's start over from the first sentence." Ren Jun's brain was baptized by the humming cycle, and he was already confused, and he still refused to give up.

Wang Yuan glanced at him, okay?!


"I'm going to take a shower first." Teacher Lu Ziming got up first.

"I'll see if the rabbit is used to the new nest." Zhang Kai followed closely.

"I'll be with you!" Wu Ziqi said hastily.

"I'm getting older, you young people continue, I'll go to rest first." Teacher Wenying pounded her waist and got up.

"Teacher Wang Yuan…"

Yu Xinxin is the most energetic among them. She was about to speak when Teacher Yuan pulled her: "Xinxin, can you come and do me a favor."

Let the people go first, lest the girl say something surprising.

After it was over again, Ren Jun grabbed a handful of hair and still couldn't make out!!


"Stop singing, go to sleep!" Wang Yuan got up and shook her hand and left. She is also very tired, OK, it is impossible to keep humming songs to him repeatedly. It's not her son. He needs to listen to the lullaby before going to bed and ask her to sing it over and over again.

Teacher Yuan came in again, handed him a cup of yogurt, patted his shoulder and said: "Xiaojun, it is normal not to hear it, let's not worry about it."

"Teacher Yuan, I think as far as the lyrics are concerned, this song must be nice. I will ask Teacher Wang Yuan again tomorrow to find out whose work it is." Ren Jun said without giving up. 

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