At around six o'clock in the morning, while the guests were still asleep, Wang Yuan went up already, drank a glass of water, did a warm-up, and set off for a run.

She just ran for about a hundred meters, and she staggered to catch up with the cameraman.

Wang Ma said in surprise: "I'm just going for a run, you don't need to follow me."

The camera insisted on following, Wang Yuan could only speed up, throw him off, let him give up and go back.

After running for more than an hour, when Wang Yuan returned to the cabin, except for Teacher Wenying who was doing stretching in the yard, everyone else hadn't gotten up.

"I heard from the program group that you went for a run? You are young and in good spirits, so you need to exercise more." Teacher Wenying shared a room with her, and the two woke up almost at the same time, but after Teacher Wenying woke up, they did not immediately Get up, swipe the phone on the bed for a while.

"Aren't they getting up yet?" Wang Yuan asked as she stretched after a run in the yard.

"It's still early, I think it will take more than ten o'clock before someone gets up." Teacher Wenying said, "Are you hungry, let's get something to eat first?"

"Hungry. I'll take a bath first, and I'll burn it later. See if there is any remaining ingredients."

"I just saw it, and the ingredients were all eaten yesterday. I haven't paid back what is still owed to the villagers, but let's leave today. Let the task of repaying the debt be entrusted to the guests below." Teacher Wenying smiled, "Sponsored I'll heat two boxes of the instant porridge provided by the supplier, and you can eat it after you wash it."

"Okay, thank you Teacher Wenying." Wang Yuan went to the shower first.

Just as she was about to enter the bathroom, the door of the male guest's bedroom next to her was opened, and Ren Jun, who was wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses with a bird's nest, saw her: "Mr. Wang…"

"Are you awake?" Wang Yuan greeted politely.

"I didn't fall asleep all night." Ren Jun looked at her and said, "Teacher Wang, do you remember who sang this song? Has it been published? Can you give me his contact number."

Those who engage in art all have a little OCD, and Ren Jun will be more serious. If you don't figure out the tune of the song "Mouse Loves Rice", it's like playing a game and you won't be able to pass the level, and he is stuck to death.

"So you didn't sleep all night and kept humming constantly. Are you repeating Teacher Wang's song?" A grieving voice sounded from behind Ren Jun, scaring Ren Jun to rush out and look around. Is Zhang Kai with a black eye.

"I don't remember, maybe some friend sang it. Get up quickly, I'm all sweaty, go wash first

Take a shower." After that, Wang Yuan hurried into the bathroom and closed the door with a bang.

What should she do if she touches her heart? How to make this statement, I can never say that this song was created by myself, I can't even figure out the staff.

After taking a shower, her makeup artist was already waiting there, and she found that the other guests had also closed the wheat, and their respective makeup artists helped them take care of their image.

Xiao Wang also followed the makeup artist to the cabin early in the morning to wait for work.

"Teacher Wang, I heard that you sang last night? Hey, President Qu specifically explained that, let me remind you, don't sing…"

Wang Yuan looked sideways, what do you mean?

When she dressed up and came out of the yard, Teacher Wenying sat in the rest area of ​​the bamboo shed, pointed to another piece of porridge on the table, and told her that it was going to be cold and eat quickly.

Wang Yuan walked over with a smile and looked at the instant porridge. It was not very delicious and the portion was not large, but when she came back from a run, her belly was groaning now, and she was very happy if she had something to eat.

Just shaking a spoonful of porridge, before swallowing it down, Ren Jun, who had already made a styling, turned to her again.

Wang Yuan sighed secretly, why is this kid so persistent!

"I really can't remember." Wang Yuan drank porridge and made her ostrich.

"…Such a classic lyrics, it's impossible to be silent, didn't you, Teacher Wang, you created it yourself?" Yes, it may be like this, the more you think about it, the more sure Ren Jun is. Only this explanation makes sense. So I remember the lyrics very clearly, and the tune was humming a mess. It was because Teacher Wang Yuan had a talent for writing lyrics, but could not compose music.

Nani? Wang Yuan was stunned, what did this kid's brain make up for?

"Teacher Wang Yuan, let's compose the music together again." He looked at Wang Yuan hopefully.

"Wang Yuan, you really wrote this word? I think it's not bad. If you compose a good song, it will definitely be popular." Teacher Wenying echoed.

Wang Yuan:…

"Why are you still talking about songs? Hey, the two teachers have already eaten it? I also use leftover rice to make some wild vegetable porridge in the pot, do you want more?" Teacher Lu Ziming also came out.

"Yes." Wang Yuan ran away after hearing this.

The director team greeted Lu Ziming over there, and the director whispered a few words to him. Lu Ziming was a little surprised, and then nodded.

He walked back to see Wang Yuan was drinking porridge, smiled and said, "Would you like to fry a poached egg for you?"

"Are there eggs?" Didn't all the ingredients borrowed from the fellow last night all be made?

"I found an egg falling in the morning." Teacher Lu Ziming touched out an egg by the stove and said proudly.

"Okay. Early meal is too light, so give me some protein to refill it." Wang Yuan said happily.

When the egg was placed in the oil pan, the fragrance immediately floated out. In less than two minutes, a beautiful poached egg with charred outside and tender inside was brought over in a white porcelain bowl and placed in front of Wang Yuan. She swallowed her saliva. Less than two days later, she was so excited about being able to eat an egg.

Lu Ziming also brought a bowl of porridge and sat opposite her.

Wang Yuan took the initiative to divide the egg into two pieces, and just about to put it in Lu Ziming's bowl, he covered the bowl and said, "No need, you can eat it. As a guest, you should be treated well."

Wang Yuan laughed and ate immediately without being polite.

Lu Ziming looked at her and smiled and said, "I have a good appetite, aren't you afraid of getting fat?"

"When you are not working, you can eat normally, plus exercise to keep your body in shape." Wang Yuan replied while eating.

"Artists are actually thin and not very healthy, but because of the camera, there is no way. My daughter is also clamoring to lose weight and has started to stop dinner." Lu Ziming said.

"Teacher Lu, how old is your daughter, why did she start to lose weight?"

"Eighteen. We were born almost the year we finished "Echo"."

"Eighteen is still developing and it is not suitable for dieting to lose weight. You can make her exercise more and control her body shape by consuming fat."

"Persuaded not to listen." Lu Ziming shook his head, "Unlike your eldest son, who likes sports, he is already tall last time I saw him, and now he is 1.8 meters tall, right? The little guy is so handsome!"

Wang Yuan didn't know that Lu Ziming had also met Ning Ning. I think he and Fan Jiang have always been in contact with each other. It is very happy to hear others praise his son.

She curled her eyebrows and smiled softly on her face: "He likes sports very much and he is good at all kinds of sports. Last time he sprinted, he reached the national first-level athlete record. His favorite now is playing soccer." When it comes to her son, she has a steady stream of words to say. But I also remember that I'm currently recording a program, and I can't reveal too much.

Then he asked Lu Ziming, "Are you just a daughter?"

"There is also a son, who is eight years old this year and will go to elementary school in the second half of the year." Lu Ziming originally came with a mission. The director asked him just now and mentioned that Wang Yuan's agent hoped that he would find a chance to chat with Wang Yuan. Talk about the child's topic. He was a little puzzled. He didn't know what Wang Yuan meant by this. After chatting with her just now, he found that she should be ignorant.

But he thinks it's normal to talk about children's topics. In the past

When the guests came, they often talked about their children during the recording. So he didn't care too much, as long as he didn't disclose the child's specific information, it didn't matter.

"Ah, your son will go to elementary school in the second half of the year?" Wang Yuan asked. Coincidentally, so did Qi Haoran, "Which school does your son go to?"

Lu Ziming gestured to Mai on his chest, typed the school name with his mobile phone, and handed it to Wang Yuan. He also stopped the camera with a smile and said, "This can't be exposed."

After reading it, Wang Yuan opened her mouth in surprise, "My youngest son is also at this school. Then, they will be classmates soon?!"

Lu Ziming was also surprised now, what a coincidence!

"Leave a contact information, you can communicate with you if you have any questions in the future." He took out his cell phone and said.

Participating in the same show did not let them add friends to each other, but because the children quickly exchanged contact information.

"The small one is better than the older one. After all, he is a boy, a little skinny, he is a picky eater. The family feeds him like a guerrilla, and I look tired."

Wang Yuan can be regarded as looking for a bosom friend, nodded repeatedly, asking for advice with a humbly expression: "I don't like eating vegetables, eating is the same as a bird's food, I am so anxious, how can I let him eat more…"

While the two were chatting on the topic of parenting, Teacher Yuan came in.

Tell them that the director team has been assigned to live, and that they are going to open a new piece of land in the morning, and then build a formal free nest.

Wang Yuan glanced at Teacher Yuan, let's see, if according to her idea, if the gray rabbit is braised for a meal, now there is no need to give it a nest.

Lu Ziming seemed to see Wang Yuan's mind, and secretly said to her: "Don't think about it, how could the program group let us use the animals we brought back as food, and we would be scolded to death by the audience in front of the TV."

When everyone arrives in the yard and collectively assigns tasks. Ren Jun stretched out his hand and said, "I discussed with the director team just now. Teacher Wang Yuan and I can stay and continue to finish yesterday's song."

He walked up to Wang Yuan and bowed deeply, "Teacher Wang Yuan, please."

Wang Yuan was stunned, she didn't know what to say.

She turned to look at the director team, with a suspicious gaze on her face.

The staff over there ran over and closed the microphone for her. They explained that they checked all the information yesterday, including many professional musicians. No one knew of this song, indicating that this song is really king. It was created by Wang Yuan, or by a friend she mentioned.

Now their thinking is, If, when recording this program, a complete song can be created in the program, and it is a little bit created by the camera record, this is very meaningful and will improve the quality and ratings of this program.

Ren Jun also came over and added that he was only in charge of recording the song, and the songwriter was still Wang Yuan, or her friend who could remember it, he could guarantee this.

Wang Yuan felt that she was being framed up, and she couldn't tell the reason for her objection. At first she thought it was enough to avoid the persistent Ren Jun, but she didn't expect the program group to join in.

"Okay. Just one morning, we will compose the music together, and in the afternoon I will return according to the original schedule." It means that one morning, whether it can be done is your business, I don't care.

"No problem, let's start right away." Ren Jun said confidently.

The program group is efficient. As soon as the two people sat down and planned to start recording songs, they sent the "Mouse Loves Rice" lyrics printing paper. Wang Yuan only sang it once yesterday, but she didn't expect that they would remember it all, and there were no mistakes in the text.

When she praised the program group, the staff also answered her, mainly because she bit her words very clearly. When she said "bite", her tone was aggravated. Wang Yuan couldn't help but wonder what she meant.

Ren Jun asked Wang Yuan to sing once from the first sentence.

"I hear your voice, I have a special feeling."

"Stop!" Ren Jun said, his eyebrows and eyes were very focused, and he didn't show a trace of impatient expression from the curse-like voice, "Teacher Wang Yuan, let me tell you about the staff first…"

"Are you sure you are recording a song, not intending to give me music lessons? The knowledge of staff, do you think I can learn it in a morning?" What does this kid think? To remember a piece of music, she has to learn stave, which is outrageous!

"I want to talk to you about the pitch first. Have you noticed that the pitch of this song you sing is all in the same position, and the occasional ups and downs are also very strange…"

Wang Yuan suddenly said, "You think this song I sang is not good, because you can't hear the pitch, so you can't record the song?"

Teacher Wang Yuan, isn't this obvious? You don't know it now, do you. Do you always think you can sing well?! Ren Jun couldn't help but become embarrassed, and how distressed the words would not hurt her self-esteem.

Wang Yuan stood up." Mouse Loves Rice" was one of the best songs she thought she could sing. It turned out to be unpleasant in everyone's eyes. She remembered what Xiao Wang had just said, it turned out that this is what people don't know? So, she finished singing with a little confidence last night, thinking of this, she wanted to get back the tape with the show team, and completely choked off this passage.

To be honest, she felt a little bit irritated, but she quickly calmed down and the variety show was broadcast. The two babies in the family might still see it. She wanted to set an example for them and let them know that there must be a beginning and an end in doing things.

At the moment when Wang Yuan stood up and wanted to get angry and leave, Ren Jun was a little frightened. He frequently cast his eyes on the show crew, hoping that they would come to the rescue. Unfortunately, those people were in a state of watching a good show and wanted to take good photos. At this moment, he really misses Teacher Yuan so much, it would be great if he was there.

Wang Yuan sat down again and said to Ren Jun: "Go on!"

"Ah." Ren Jun couldn't believe it. He was not a good talker after seeing Teacher Wang Yuan's surprise with Yu Xinxin yesterday." Teacher Wang Yuan, I'm sorry, I actually didn't mean that…"

"Don't talk nonsense, start now, my return time in the afternoon won't change. You can remember as much as you can in the morning."

"Okay, let's start again." Ren Jun nodded quickly.

Just such a sentence, little by little, slowly tune out the true tune of this song. Wang Yuan is actually very familiar with this song. It's not like that at all if she sang it by herself. After Ren Jun talked to her one by one, hummed it to her again. Second, finally sorted out the songs in Wang Yuan's memory.

When Ren Jun was playing the electronic piano, playing and singing, the song was over, and the other guests who had already returned from work, but had not come to disturb them, all walked over together with applause.

"It's great, a cheerful song, but I cried when I heard it, because I think it's amazing and not easy." Teacher Yuan wiped the tears overflowing from the corner of his eyes. He is a very emotional person. Just now everyone came back together. At the time, when he saw the two of them devoting themselves to creation, he immediately persuaded other guests not to make noise, especially when he was still staring at Yu Xinxin for fear of something wrong with her. Bring everyone back to the house until you hear the song finished, and walk out along with the unfamiliar and beautiful singing.

He said to the people: "I didn't expect that such a beautiful song would be created in our program. To be honest, when Teacher Wang Yuan sang this song last night, I felt the same as other guests. But there is only one musician, through his perseverance and perseverance,

To unearth such a deep creative talent hidden by Teacher Wang Yuan, the two of them are amazing people, great, really great."

He took the lead in applauding, followed by everyone, guests and staff joined one after another, and the applause became louder and louder. Everyone was deliberately a little excited and sent the node of the show to the climax. There is a deliberate part, and of course there is also a part of the emotions that are real.

Listening to the warm applause and everyone's looking up, Wang Yuan was completely stunned.

I didn't, I'm not…It's really hard to argue this time!

When the guests of the first issue were about to say goodbye and leave, Ren Jun specially came to Wang Yuan, hoping that she would authorize him to sing the song. In terms of cost, he would definitely pay at the market price, and his agent would go with Wang Yuan. discuss.

Wang Yuan said: "You are one of the main creators. The song of this song was written by you. If the song applies for copyright, you will be the composer." At this time, she can no longer launch her own time and space as the true creator of "Mouse Loves Rice" , She herself did not want to bear the reputation.

Ren Jun shook his hand quickly and said anxiously: "Teacher Wang Yuan, I have said before that I am only responsible for recording songs. I have no intention of signing the composer at all. Don't get me wrong."

"I have no misunderstanding. If this song is not for you, there is no chance that it would be released. You are its composer. Okay, I have to catch a plane. You can record the song and send it to me as soon as possible. Tell my sons. They should like it too."

The two-day and one-night recording finally ended. Although the process was difficult to explain in a word, the work was finally completed.

T/N: Mouse Loves Rice is a super classic feel good song.

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