Back in City H, Wang Yuan started a big purchase of soft furnishings for her new house.

Everything from furniture and appliances to bedding and kitchen supplies must be repurchased.

She is a relatively straightforward person to buy things, but it still took several days to make this purchase. Involved in children's use, I want to consult their own opinions, the group of the auspicious three treasures is constantly screened by her. She walked around and took pictures of what she liked, and let her sons choose from the group.

Whenever she sends a message, Dr. K Star immediately replied: [Busy, please don't bother!]

Because the reply speed was too fast, she couldn't help suspecting that her son had set up automatic reply, but she researched the message mode of her mobile phone, but she couldn't find this function again. I don't know how the little guy made it.

Wang Zining had limited time to use his mobile phone because he went to school, and it was relatively late when he saw the news, but he carefully checked the pictures sent by his mother. He wanted to give some advice, and found that the little ones responded so coolly. If he participates in the discussion, will he laugh at his mother-in-law?

Feeling obligated to teach his younger brother, let him learn the way of tactfully and politely rejecting, he thought and pondered for a long time before he typed one sentence: [Choose your own, big men don't care about such trivial things!]

After sending it out, I found that the little man changed his style.

[The naive baby Scorpio on the door can be replaced by Iron-man, thank you!]

Yes, he just wanted to say that at the door of his room, don't post the ridiculous Aries anime look!

Isn't the ridiculous kid looking like he doesn't want to participate? After he sent the message, he came to make suggestions. Is it countering him or pretending to be cool?!

Now he can no longer make the same request for replacement, lest the little guy thinks he follows him, what is his brother's prestige!

[Mom is Taurus, brother is Aries, and younger brother is Scorpio. We put signs at the door of each room. Isn't this cute? (Cute)]

[Of course, the younger brother's request is reasonable, then add an Iron-man's avatar at the door of the younger brother, OK?]

This will Wang Zining return quickly.

[Only girls pay attention to the constellations all day long. If you want to post, just post your own! I do not want! That plump Aries look is so ridiculous.]

[Don't do this, add a picture of Malasso on your brother's door? ] Marasso is Wang Zining's favorite star.

[You put a fat sheep and Marathon together? (White eyes)]

Why She thinks something meaningful, and the two boys are against it. Is it really because men and women think differently? If you are two girls now, you must agree with your opinion very much.

Little Bear is not cute!

[Let's go, accept your opinions! ] Wang Yuan is still very democratic. The main thing now is to attract her sons to a new home, but thinking of one who is still far away in Germany, she has something to do with it.

After all the furnishings in the house were in place, Wang Yuan invited a part-time worker recommended by her agent to clean it, and she would come here regularly every day from now on.

She contacted Wang Zining's grandmother and suggested that she moved to a new house tomorrow, and wanted Wang Zining to come home to have dinner together. If Ning would rather, she wanted to keep him for one night.

Wu Han readily agreed, and Wang Yuan took the opportunity to ask her Wang Zining's dietary preferences, and she also talked to her in great detail.

Wang Yuan knew that the eldest son had no taboos. He could eat anything, like seafood and red meat, but couldn't eat heavy flavors, heavy oils and heavy salty and spicy foods. Because the elderly in the family have a relatively light diet, and Wu Han pays attention to nutrition and health, Wang Zining has been accustomed to a light diet since he was a child.

Wu Han also especially urged not to give Wang Zining drinks, especially Coke. She said that Wang Zining often secretly buys and drinks outside. Coke is not good for the child's health, so he must let him drink less.

Wang Yuan immediately said that she knew and would supervise him.

After greeted Wang Zining's grandma, Wang Yuan initiated a formal invitation to her son. Wang Zining was also curious about her mother's new home, but she still behaved dispensable.

"Tomorrow I will go if I have time." It was very busy.

"You can bring a change of clothes when you come, but my mother also prepared pajamas and outerwear for you. You can stay here for one night. I have asked your grandma for permission."

"Let's talk about it!" Wang Zining would rather not let go easily.


Wang Zining had activities on Saturday morning, and Wang Yuan picked him up in the afternoon.

When he got on the bus, Wang Zining handed her a ticket, "I have a swimming competition tomorrow afternoon. Let me give you the ticket first. Do you want to go casually?" He didn't care at all.

Wang Yuan happily took it: "Of course I'm going! Last time I didn't have a chance to see you swimming, tomorrow I can finally see my son's extraordinary swimming style, I am excited just thinking about it."

He pressed the corner of his mouth hard, and said casually: "Try to win two more gold medals this time!"

"At that time, my mother will take a few more pictures of you, and also take a photo with your gold medal." Wang Yuan was excited, nodding straight.

It seems that the gold medal has been arranged by their mother and son.

"Go to the new home with my mother to recognize a door. Let's have dinner together. I'll take you back tonight. You have to play tomorrow, and change the bed for fear of not having a good rest." Originally, Wang Yuan wanted to keep her son for one night, knowing that he would have it tomorrow. During the game, I am afraid that his poor sleep at night will affect the state of the game.

"It's just a small game in the city, don't care too much." Wang Zining said indifferently.

"Why is it a small competition? The City Youth Swimming Championships is the highest level event in the city." Wang Yuan also just read the information on the tickets to find out, "Our city's swimming team is very strong. The previous Olympic athletes have all It was selected from our city. The coach of the national team may also come to watch the game to tap potential young people and focus on training."

Wang Zining pouted. In the past few years, he has participated in various sports events every year. The national team coach in his mother's mouth does not know how many he has met. He doesn't think it is unusual.

"You will see a coach of the national swimming team tomorrow. Don't make a fuss like this then." Wang Zining reminded.

National team coach Pan has contacted him a long time ago. He will be watching his game tomorrow. Last year, coach Pan followed him after seeing the game in the city. He always wanted to persuade him to concentrate on swimming and not to be misled by other "wrong ways." "The project is off the track. Coach Pan mentioned to Fan Jiangliang many times in private, saying that if he continues to practice, he will definitely win an Olympic medal.

"I heard your grandma mentioned that there are many coaches who want to take you with you, and there are also the national team swimming coaches, son, you are really amazing! Then which item are you most interested in?"

Wang Zining shook his head and said in distress, "Grandma and they asked me this question too. Grandma doesn't want me to play soccer in the future. She hopes that I will choose the same in swimming and sprinting. Dad said he supports whichever I choose, but I like it now."

The adult has already considered his future career development, and wants to plan the most suitable and promising route for him in advance. But for the fourteen-year-old Wang Zining, soccer, basketball, swimming or running are all his favorite sports. It's just pure liking, without too complicated ideas. If he has made a choice now, it seems that he can only concentrate on practicing a project, and he doesn't want to be arranged like this.

"Do you know that my mother practiced sprinting when she was a child, and then there was a coach who asked your grandfather to let me join the sprint team. Your grandfather asked me what I thought about that time?

Mom thought about it for a long time, but in the end she didn't go. No matter what my mother decides, your grandpa will support me. Because what he wants me most is that I have a good time. It's the same with your grandpa, grandma, and dad. We only want you to have a good time. Wait for you to think about it, then make a decision."

Wang Zining turned his head to the car window and whispered, "Yes, I see."

Wang Yuan's new residence was about five kilometers away from H. There was a traffic jam on the road, and it was only half an hour away. The new house is on the 10th floor. After entering the door, Wang Zining looked around curiously. The living room is large, with grey fabric sofas and carpets of the same color. The LCD TV has a large screen. He saw a set of game consoles under the TV. Equipment, guess this is for them?

Walking inside, I saw that the silly constellation pendants at the door of the three bedrooms had not been taken off, and looked at my mother with a questioning expression.

Wang Yuan smiled awkwardly: "Well, I forgot to take this off. When I match the pendants of Marathon and Irom-man, I will replace it immediately!"

"You promise?" Wang Zining stared at her.

"Of course of course." She did not find a new pendant. The cartoon shape of the three constellations was so cute that she couldn't bear to take it down for a while.

Wang Zining looked at the Aries cartoon at the door of his room. He didn't seem to be that annoying. Compared to the dark scorpion doll opposite, he looked much better. Forget it, if she hasn't found a replacement, just hang it up, and he doesn't bother to pick it up.

Push the door open and enter, the eye-catching is the eye-catching bed, full of soccer-patterned duvet covers. The corners of the mouth twitch involuntarily, what kind of taste is this! Where did she find this quilt!

Wang Yuan came behind her son and asked a little expectantly: "How is it?"

Wang Zining looked at her expression and struggled a few times, but couldn't help but said: "I think I will have nightmares when I sleep at night, dreams of being crushed by soccer."

It's horrible, how can anyone sell this kind of quilt, how can anyone buy it!

"Don't you like it?" Wang Yuan held back her smile, "It's okay. Mom also prepared a set. I'll put it on for you later."

A little disappointed. She thought Ning Ning would like it.

When she was shopping for household items, she consulted Ni Ying, knowing that her eldest son likes to play soccer, Ni Ying said that she knows that there is a bedding that sells soccer patterns. Last time her husband wanted to buy, she disagreed. She said that boys who like soccer would like it.

It seems not necessarily!

Wang Zining looked at several photo frames hanging on the wall. The most conspicuous one was that after the game, the family of three did not look good.

A photo of Heshen Yeli. Next to him is a photo of him who was secretly taken by his mother who didn't know when he was taken by his mother. Some of them were playing soccer and there was a profile portrait of him.

He curled his lips, pointed to the group photo and said, "Put this one in the little man's room and let him see it more."

"It's also in Mario's room." Wang Yuan said deliberately, "Mom won't favor one another. When we can take normal family photos in the future, we can zoom in and put them in the living room. Also, you can no longer call your younger brother smaller. He is angry when he hears it, maybe he will grow taller than you in the future."

Wang Zining's shocked expression, "Are you serious?"

After finishing speaking, he lowered his head and gestured at the height of his waist, "When I was seven years old, I was two heads taller than him."

"When I was a child, I was short, and there are many examples of growing taller in the later developmental period." Wang Yuan struggled for her youngest son.

"Hehe, wait! See if the miracle will happen!" Wang Zining snorted coldly.

Wang Yuan went to the market in the morning to buy a lot of fresh ingredients, and told Wang Zining to do her homework first, and she went into the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Wang Zining looked at the game console: "I'll open it and play for a while."

"No, before coming out, your grandma specially reminded me to urge you to finish your homework first. Don't you have a competition tomorrow, and you don't have time to do your homework. Hurry up and write now, and then play after you finish it." , Also made an X sign with his son specially to warn him not to play the game secretly.

Wang Zining leaned against the back of the sofa, wrapped his hands around his chest, expressing his unhappiness.

Wang Yuan looked at her and laughed. Although the two brothers do not look very similar and have different personalities, they often do some similar small actions. For example, Mario is upset, and likes to stare at her with his chest in protest.

While handling the ingredients, Wang Yuan would come out from time to time to see if her son did his homework obediently.

She just leaned out N times, and Wang Zining stopped her: "There is one question I can't do."

Wang Yuan hurriedly walked over. She looked at the numbers. She was a bit big." Mom has been away from school for many years. Some knowledge may have been forgotten. Let me take a look."

She picked up the homework problem and looked at it carefully, and again, she felt a little cold sweat on her forehead. Is the problem in the first year of the junior year so difficult, "You take the math book to mom to read it." What kind of formula? She had forgotten all about it a long time ago.

"Neither can you? Forget it, let me call Zhang Ting!" Wang Zining took out his mobile phone.

So ashamed, I can't even help my son in the first grade of junior high school with homework——

What she said is that she graduated from a key university. Although she had a national first-level athlete certificate for extra points when she was admitted to the university, she also read it along the way based on her strength. It is really too many years that she has not been exposed to this knowledge.

She didn't want to leave her son with an image of incompetent learning scum, and remedied: "Ning Ning, if you have any problems with English, you can ask mother, mother is very good in foreign languages."

"English homework on weekends is just copying words." Wang Zining continued to dial the cell phone. As soon as he dialed, Zhang Ting picked it up.

Wang Yuan watched her son call his classmates to ask questions, and silently returned to the kitchen. I thought, she couldn't teach the homework in the first grade, and she couldn't and couldn't teach the homework in elementary school, right? Should she buy some elementary school textbooks for review first? But it seems that there is no chance for her to tutor the homework of Mr. Qi Haoran, a genius child.

After dinner was finished, the junior high school student who was writing his homework while biting his pen was called over for dinner.

Wang Zining looked at a table of dishes. He likes potato stew, chestnut chicken, steamed sea bass, broccoli, carrot fried fungus, and a bowl of mushroom soup.

When eating, worried that the food would not suit her son's appetite, Wang Yuan observed secretly and found that Wang Zining was eating very fragrant, especially potatoes, beef and chestnut roast chicken, which was half-done at once.

She happily asked her son to eat more vegetables. Seeing Wang Zining obediently sandwiched broccoli and carrots, the old mother was always pleased that she had a good appetite to eat her son seriously. It was great!

In the future, the two brothers will gather together, hoping that the good appetite of the elder brother can influence the younger brother.

Wang Yuan asked her son's classmate Zhang Ting again. Wang Zining hesitated and refused to answer. Finally, he was asked anxiously. He could only say that the plan didn't work. Zhang Ting's father was already willing to pay for their living expenses, and he would slowly figure out ways to help him make money in the future.

After talking about this, Wang Zining felt that the food was not fragrant anymore. Because of this, he lost a friend, and he became a person with no credibility. The young boy didn't know why things happened like this.

Seeing that her son looked a little bit distressed, Wang Yuan didn't ask any more, young people always have some secrets of their own.

After eating, Wang Zining received a call from his grandmother. Wu Han confirmed on the phone whether he was going home to sleep at night. Wang Zining said vaguely that the man prepared him a ridiculous quilt cover, and he wanted to try to cover it. Will it be crushed by soccer once?

The nonsensical words drew grandma's training. Knowing that his grandson wanted to stay overnight, Wu Han didn't say much. He only reminded him to play tomorrow, go to bed early today, and don't forget to do his homework. Wang Zining answered casually and hung up.

Wang Yuan washed the dishes and came out, watching her son already sitting in front of the TV in the living room, playing a racing game with excitement.

Looking at the workbook still lying on the table, I originally wanted to ask him if he had finished writing his homework, but let him play a game and take a break. 

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