Tomorrow is about to start shooting a small video. Liang Wentao couldn't find a suitable place, so he planned to put the place in his father's study room. His study room has a large mahogany table and a long row of bookshelves in the back, so it can be pretentious.

His father's study was originally used for pretense. There were pens, inks, papers and inkstones on the table. The books behind were all hardcover books, and he hadn't touched any of them. He is in the study, that is, playing computer games.

Knocked on the door, and without waiting for a response, Liang Wentao pushed the door and went in. His dad lifted his head from behind the computer and asked, "What's the matter? Have you finished your homework?"

I am tired of doing homework every day, but this time I'm here to discuss things. Liang Wentao said to his dad seriously: "Our class has handed me a very important task. I am responsible for organizing a few excellent classmates to shoot together. A small video of historical stories. I want to borrow your study room tomorrow."

Dad Liang was stunned, his son would be entrusted with important tasks, it's rare!

"Okay, you can use it!" Dad Liang finished speaking and continued to play with his head down.

"I want to arrange the venue in advance, please cooperate and take away your computer and personal belongings first!"

"Hey, you kid. Wait a while, I'll have a good game before I talk." Dad Liang waved to rush people.

Liang Wentao retreated, and his mother came to ask.

"Taotao, how many classmates are coming tomorrow? Mom needs to prepare fruits and snacks in advance. Will your classmates eat here at noon?"

"Prepare whatever you want. We are here to shoot the video, not to eat." Liang Wentao waved his hand impatiently.

"Wang Zining, too? I haven't seen him for a long time. If he comes, I will buy some beef stew with potatoes tomorrow. I remember he likes this dish the most."

"He won't come! He won't come anymore!" Liang Wentao finished speaking, returned to the room angrily, and slammed the door.

With a bang, the paintings on the wall shook.

The door was opened again, "I didn't let him come. We have broken off our relationship. Don't mention this person again!" He closed it as soon as he finished speaking.

Mother Liang was speechless, "You kid, what's the matter, the two quarreled?"

Liang Wentao was sitting in front of the computer, still a little angry. He looked at the group of classmates in the phone, and they were all discussing about Wang Zining swimming competition tomorrow. The girls had already organized a cheerleading team and planned to organize a group to cheer for him tomorrow.

A member of the filming team sent a message and asked Liang Wentao if he could change the time of the video shooting.

Today, he wants to watch Wang Zining's game with his classmates, fearing the time conflict is too late.

Liang Wentao was angry and quickly replied: [You can only choose one to participate, and make your own decision. I hope you are a mature and credible person, don't half-hearted, but do it!]

After sending the message, he turned on the computer and found that Wang Yuan was the guest of the first episode of the third season of the Slow Variety Show. He subconsciously picked up the phone, and after reacting, he put it down again.

In the past, he would tell Wang Zining the first time this kind of news, who called Wang Yuan his idol.

He sighed and concentrated on watching the variety show.

Looking at it, he felt that something was not right. Why did Wang Yuan look a little bit like Wang Zining through several shots, including her appearance that she looked very Ashali with her luggage, she looked like a king's head! No, it should be Wang's head portrait of her, after all, she is old.

He shook his head and said to himself, Liang Wentao, you are a sturdy person, and you will not force a lost friendship. Don't think about it anymore. You look like him like him, how come you look like him on TV. It's the same for those who are broken in love and mentally handicapped.

Despise yourself!

He looked at Yu Xinxin's coquettish appearance on the screen and curled his lips. This kind of pretentious girl was the most annoying. He is now the public enemy of all the girls in the class. They see themselves as if they see a mouse, all of them roll their eyes as if they are going to cramp, and they dare not swear anymore, for fear that he will fight back.

He didn't like this Yu Xinxin, and found that netizens didn't like it either. The whole screen was talking about her being artificial. I used to see her singing and dancing in the women's group and didn't think it was a problem. Coming to the reality show revealed her personality.

Like all netizens, when everyone was complaining about Yu Xinxin, they were suddenly interrupted by a rabbit. Liang Wentao was also stunned. He followed the netizens to scroll through the barrage: [Where did this rabbit come out? That silly rabbit?]

[The program team arranged it?]

[My goodness, when Yu Xinxin said the rabbit, I was eating, and I sprayed it…]

[No, don't you think Yu Xinxin's acting like a baby is cute]

[You are the navy invited by Yu Xinxin…]

[The navy is getting thick…]

[Ahhhhh, so excited, I finally saw Yu Xinxin being assaulted…]

[Great happiness, come on Queen, continue to spray her!]

[Is there any quality? It's still a queen, so is it suitable for a junior!]

[The navy is getting thick…]

[Program group playback and capture Rabbit, look!]

Liang Wentao saw that the program set up a suspense. It was not until Wang Yuan and his party returned to the cabin that they played back the video edited later at a slow speed. When the rabbit ran by Yu Xinxin, she was startled. Then, before the camera in front of her could not respond, Wang Yuan leaned forward and grabbed the bunny ears and picked it up like this…

[It turns out that catching a hare is such an easy thing, I think I can do it too!]


[Watching slow motion is really easy, but it happened in a few tenths of a second. Wang Yuan reacted so fast!]

The more Liang Wentao looked, the more he felt that she and Wang Zining were alike, both of them reflexed so quickly.

If it was Wang Zining, he could easily catch one, no, two… dozens of them are possible!

"Taotao, you are playing on the computer again, hurry up and do your homework!" Mama Liang knocked on the door outside to remind her.

"Today's weekend!" Liang Wentao said indignantly, doing homework every day. Are my father and mother brainwashed by homework?

Qu Xiaoxiao also watched this variety show at night. Since the last live broadcast of Wang Yuan, she has started to pay attention to her. Seeing Wang Yuan, she felt heartache. She attracted tens of thousands of fans for herself, but these fans disappeared overnight. So far, the platform has not given her a word.

She saw netizens mad at Yu Xinxin, but a wave of voices had been talking for her. Qu Xiaoxiao thought with disdain, Yu must have hired a navy army. Compared with netizens who just saw Yu Xinxin's contrived works on the screen, Qu Xiaoxiao thought with disdain. Xiaoxiao knew her better. Yu Xinxin is a senior at her music school. She heard from her old classmates that Yu Xinxin went back to school some time ago to give a speech. She thought with disdain that her alma mater was too low, so she asked third-tier artists like Yu to speak back to school. For the second generation of the rich, the family donated facilities to the school.

Yu Xinxin sings and dances in general, and her personality is also very popular. Qu Xiaoxiao thought that it was because Qu always did not support her that she had no chance of getting ahead. I wanted to rely on myself, who knows…

When the program was put on the guests to chat in the evening, I heard Yu Xinxin thoughtlessly asking about her ex-husband. Qu Xiaoxiao felt that she was deliberate. She was really a little princess. She was accustomed to being praised. She would definitely want to fight back when she was overwhelmed. This kind of person can still mix in the entertainment industry, can only say that her family is too strong, after this wave, she may be even more red, black and red are also red!

When Wang Yuan sprayed back, the screen was full of praise, and the navy could not suppress the netizens' disgust towards Yu Xinxin.


Until Ren Jun asked Wang Yuan to sing, Qu Xiaoxiao couldn't help but patted the table and laughed as he looked at the collapsed expressions of the guests present before it was too late to conceal.

Wang Yuan's devilish voice was spread by her, and her current ringtone settings are all her singing voices, which are spread over the Internet and used to ward off evil spirits.

When Wang Yuan sang with imperceptible confidence, no, when she chanted the spell, the screen was blown up again.

[Hahahaha, inside I only admire Lu Ziming's calm, forty-five degrees uplifting stiff smile]

[Have you noticed that Zhang Kai looks constipated? I think he really wants to find a pair of earplugs, I can lend it…]

[Best Divine Comedy of XX Year, and collected a piece of music for warding off evil spirits, all of which are contributed by the heroines]

[I think I can sing well, I can hear every word clearly, unlike some singers, who sing like a big tongue and are vague.]

[Agree, very suitable for Scripture recitation]

[Speak weakly. Teacher Wenying and I feel the same. The lyrics are well written. Do you know the original vocals of this song?]

[Same request]

[The movie queen said, the song is called "Mouse Love Rice". Search it quickly and send it out if you find it.]

Qu Xiaoxiao was also curious. After searching on her phone for a long time, she didn't find it?

After seeing it, netizens were almost curious.

The style of painting has changed from critics' performance to looking for songs. The screen is all sorts of original songs. Listening to the lyrics is very innovative. The original songs should also be catchy. Everyone is just like Ren Jun. Entering the screen, I want to ask Wang Yuan to find out where the song was.

It wasn't until the next day that Ren Jun put out his conjecture, and the netizens instantly cracked before the shielding.

[Created by the queen?]

[Behind such a magical singing talent, there is a profound musician soul]

[Hahahaha, have you seen that Wang Yuan's expression is too funny, does she think she sings well? This self-confident spirit should be praised]

[Goddess, don't be discouraged, you must finish this song! It's okay if you don't sing well, we sing for you!]

When Ren Jun finished playing and singing the song, the screen was silent for a few seconds and burst instantly.

[It's so nice…]

[Sing out soon, we want to listen to the full version]

[Oh my God, is this still a slow variety show? It can be directly changed to a songwriting documentary]

[Wang Yuan really wrote it? Is there no gunman? Express doubt!]

[The gunman published it himself. With this song, he would get a lot of fire. Give the song to the singer of evil spirits? what are you thinking!]

[How could such a nice song be born without our Xiaojun picking it out a little bit]

[I admit that the lyrics were written by Wang Yuan, but the music should be counted by our Xiaojun]

[Are you blind? Full recording, all inspirations and ideas are provided by Wang Yuan, OK?]

Qu Xiaoxiao looked at the whole screen, and she hadn't recovered from the shock. She thought, is this talent and talent? Why is this song not composed by her.

Why do some people have both acting talent and being endowed with a talent for music creation? It's so unfair. (If Wang Yuan hears her voice, there will only be a black line, girl, you really think too much) She turned off the computer angrily.

Just now there was a little bit of jealousy of Yu Xinxin, and it has long since disappeared. Facing the taller mountain in front, she feels that Yu Xinxin is not enough to see. If she wants to enter the entertainment circle and become famous, she has to go like Wang Yuan. As long as the goal is set high enough, it can motivate her to work harder.

In another room, Qu Hui is also watching this issue of variety shows. She is watching it as a job, analyzing Wang Yuan's performance in it, and is always ready to arrange public relations to guide public opinion. This is not a business deal with Wang Yuan, the artists below her. She stared at the performances and always paid attention to the feedback from netizens. Even with the help of two assistants, she was still very busy.

She didn't care when Wang Yuan and Yu Xin switched from the very beginning. As a veteran in the circle, she knows the origin and background of this newcomer to the women's group. This kind of RMB player is really up against each other, and it is also a strong dragon. However, the local snake, the entertainment industry needs capital, but it is not possible to play in this circle as long as there is capital.

In the evening of Wang Yuan's singing session, although she was kindly laughed at by netizens, she still didn't care. The trump card in her hand was not smashed on the big screen. Relying on this to eat, and it is difficult to hear this level, that is also a kind of technology, watching the reactions of netizens, eating her contrast and cute settings.

However, she was also keenly aware that this song was unusual. Later, Ren Jun called out that Wang Yuan had created it herself. Qu Hui was a little skeptical. As an agent, she knew the following artists best, and Wang Yuan had never touched this aspect. Can it be said that art is common?

What she cares most about is to confess to the festival, I don't know if there is any arrangement. When Lu Ziming talked to Wang Yuan, when the two people talked about the child, the gentle smile on Wang Yuan's face and the nervousness and affection of the child, netizens shouted below. It turns out that the queen has such a gentle side. Some people say that the queen child turned out to be this old. The most discussed is the two-child school mentioned by Lu Ziming. Everyone is guessing which one it is. Several elementary schools in City H have been guessed.

Seeing this, Qu Hui felt that she could contact Chunzhen Company to confirm the endorsement agreement.


Wang Yuan knew that the variety show started to air in the evening, but she didn't go to watch it, and it was not a movie she had acted in. She needed to watch it by herself to find out the gains and losses. And the scene where she sang in it, the program team didn't know if she choked it off, if not, she would definitely be laughed at by the group.

"Wang Zining, can't play games anymore, have you finished your homework?" Wang Yuan had to be a strict mother and limit his playing time.

Wang Zining didn't drag him, and after seeing his mother urged him, he turned off the racing game. Compared with the various sports he participated in, he has no addiction to games, nor is he addicted to games.

Sitting on the long-haired carpet, leaning his elbows on the wooden table, he began to bite the pen and resume his homework.

Wang Yuan looked at him sitting with a bow and persuaded him to write on the desk in the room. He refused and liked sitting like this now.

Wang Yuan also took a few children's illustrations bought from Beijing and looked at it while sitting on the sofa. While reading a book, she looked up at the back of her son's head from time to time. In this state, she is very satisfied.

After a while, Wang Zining's homework started to swell, and he started to lose his mind again.

He turned to see the picture book Wang Yuan was reading, with a smile on his face, curiously picked up the one next to her, and opened it to look.

This story is a story about the adventure of potatoes. He watched the tragic end of potatoes made into potato shreds, potato chips, and mashed potatoes in order to escape. From the moment they were sent to the kitchen, he began to escape. The main style of painting is also very funny, he sees it with gusto, and laughs out loud from time to time.

Wang Yuan looked at the look of her son leaning forward and backward in joy, and couldn't help wondering if the age of the two sons was wrong. This one is seven years old and the other is fourteen years old.

Wang Zining happily said to Wang Yuan: "This potato is so funny, it is mixed into the kiwi fruit, pretending to be a kiwi fruit! Hahahaha."

Wang Yuan introduced him to another book, "This one is also very fun!"

Wang Zining will pick it up right away. After that, I was really happy while watching.

It was past nine o'clock, urging her son to wash up and go to bed early. She wanted to change a quilt for Wang Zining, but he refused. Wang Zining waved and said: "Forget it, I should adapt to your peculiar taste in advance, and say Soon there will be some surprises next time."

Wang Yuan:…

Before closing the door and going out, she smiled and asked her son: "Do I need my mother to tell you a bedtime story? The Adventures of Little Potato?"

"Am I a kid?! Tell the little kid about the story of keeping the little potatoes." After talking, he covered the quilt and fell asleep.

Wang Yuan smiled and helped him turn off the light, and closed the door by the way.

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