The next day Wang Yuan got up, gently pushed open the door of her son's room, and found that he was awake, sitting on the bed with a dazed expression.

"Ning Ning, you woke up so early?"

Wang Zining slowly returned to his senses. He was awakened by the heat. When he got up, he found that he was in an unfamiliar environment, not the bedroom he was familiar with, and he was a little dazed for a while. Seeing Wang Yuan coming in, I remembered that I stayed in my mother's new home for the night yesterday.

"Did you turn off the air conditioner, it's too hot!" he protested.

Wang Yuan woke up in the middle of the night and went to her son's room to check. She saw that his quilts were all kicked off and the air conditioner was turned on again, fearing that he would catch the cold and turn off the air conditioner. It's only June, and the weather is still cool sooner or later.

Wang Yuan ignored his protest, "It's about six o'clock now. Mom will go for a walk first and come back to make breakfast for you. Do you want to go to bed or go out with me to exercise?"

Wang Zining got out of bed immediately and simply said: "I will go too!"

There is a river next to the Xinju community, and there are many people who jog in the morning. When the mother and son ran by, they attracted a lot of turning heads.

During the jogging process, Wang Yuan kept reminding her son to slow down. Long-distance running is different from sprinting. It is necessary to grasp the rhythm and speed to run for a long time. Wang Zining had been running at a fast running speed for the first three kilometers, but finally slowly couldn't hold it. He watched Wang Yuan catch up. When running past him, he straightened up and continued to run. This time he finally followed. My mother's running rhythm is not leading by herself.

Considering that his son is still in the race in the afternoon, he is afraid that he will consume too much energy. Today, he only ran five kilometers and went back home.

When Wang Yuan was cooking breakfast, Wang Yuan's grandma and father called him separately and asked him how he had rested last night and whether he was comfortable with it.

After the phone call, a simple breakfast was ready, with cheese and ham sandwiches, milk, fried eggs and a few fruits. Wang Zining also eats deliciously.

Wang Zining was eating while checking his cell phone. He usually didn't read the news, just flipped through the class group. The girls in the group were discussing about organizing to see him in the game early in the morning. There are also a few male classmates who regret that they cannot cheer for him because they want to participate in the small video shooting.

Wang Zining originally didn't want to let his classmates know. He has a lot of games, and he has become accustomed to it. But every time there is a game, the class is treated like a big event. Cheerleaders are organized, banners are prepared, and groups enter the arena. If it is not for the competition to be reported to the school, the head teacher will know the first time, Otherwise he really wants to go by himself.

He saw that his classmates were posting,

[Old irons, hurry up and watch yesterday's slow variety show, Wang Yuan has a new divine comedy!]

[I recorded both the Wang Yuan version and the Ren Jun version, one is the Rejuvenating Curse and the other is the Requiem.]

Without continuing to watch the classmates echoing and chatting in the back, he looked up at his nonchalant mother, "You had a show yesterday, why didn't you tell me!"

Wang Yuan was stunned for a moment and said: "Oh, the slow variety show you mentioned. Didn't I call you from a field last week? I recorded this variety show. There was nothing to watch. I just went to pick wild vegetables and eat."

"You still sang!" Wang Zining reminded.

"Yes, I sang it." She suddenly felt a little guilty. Looking at Wang Zining's phone, she asked, "Your classmates have seen it too? Are you talking about your mother's bad singing?"

"They like to bluff." Wang Zining was still very considerate and comforted, "just sing again when you practice!"

Wang Yuan was embarrassed to tell her son that she sang what she thought was the best song, but she broke down.

"A classmate posted your song up, let me listen to it."

When Wang Zining was about to start, Wang Yuan hurriedly stopped, "Eat first, and mother will send you back to grandma's house if you eat well. You should rest for a while and get your energy to start the game in the afternoon. Then I will pick you up."

I don't want my son to find out that no matter what song she sings, it's not good.

"No, Dad will pick me up. Go directly to the swimming pool."


Li Xiaoyun looked at her husband who was standing in front of the mirror tidying up his clothes, and said displeasedly: "You really are going to watch Wang Zining's game this afternoon, so you won't accompany me to the checkup?"

Fan Jiangliang turned his head and said to her: "I didn't tell you earlier. Ning Ning will have a game this afternoon and ask you to reschedule. You must choose today."

"Your eldest son is important, but this is not important in my stomach, right?" Li Xiaoyun began to get angry.

"Didn't your mother accompany you? I asked Xiao He to drive you. If you have any questions, call me in time." Fan Jiangliang frowned. They started arguing about this issue last night.

Li Xiaoyun swept down the bedside table lamp and stared at Fan Jiangliang angrily.

Fan Jiangliang's face was also hard to look. After his wife became pregnant, his temper changed a lot. He was considerate of the pregnant woman's special situation and kept letting her. In the past two months, his wife has acted a little bit towards Ning Ning. She cares about and cares about things related to her son. Fan Jiangliang is not a fool.

He knew that Li Xiaoyun wanted to focus all her attention on her and the child in her stomach. It can only be said that he doesn't care about these careful thoughts with pregnant women, but how can he let him ignore Ning Ning as she thought.

"Calm down first, don't get too emotional. I'll ask auntie to come in and clean." Fan Jiangliang opened the door of the room and was about to go out. Seeing his mother-in-law came to their door, he apologized: "Xiaoyun is not very emotional. Mom, go and persuade her. There is something in Ning Ning today, I'll go there first, if you have anything, you can call me anytime."

"Okay, you can do it first, Xiaoyun has me here." Mother Li looked at her sulking daughter sitting on the bed worriedly, and nodded to her son-in-law.

After Fan Jiangliang left, Mother Li came in to put away the lamp, and rebuked: "Don't throw anything at all, what should you do if you trip yourself? You must not be angry with the baby in your stomach now, and it is not good for the child in your stomach."

"If you don't give birth, the father of the child doesn't pay much attention to him, why did you give birth!" Li Xiaoyun said grimly.

"Don't say such things! The children are stingy, I can't listen." Mother Li patted her daughter gently. The daughter used to have a good temper. After pregnancy, her temper was really much stronger. What she worried about was that she would get worse if she continued like this. What about postpartum depression, but I don't know what to do. Thinking about my son-in-law's coming back, I still have to persuade him to accommodate Xiaoyun for more than two months, so that she can give birth to the baby smoothly and take care of her health.

Li Xiaoyun watched Wang Yuan's variety show last night. Yu Xinxin deliberately mentioned Fan Jiangliang in front of Wang Yuan. Wang Yuan took advantage of the opportunity to give her husband a hand in the show. Many netizens touted her as a good ex-wife of Hua Guo. She watched it. Can't help being a little angry. So last night I was arguing not to let Fan Jiangliang go to watch his son's game, and didn't want her husband to be with the mother and son.


The Slow Variety Show was broadcast last night, and the hot spots have been fermenting in the middle of the night. To this day, several topics have been hotly searched.

Yu Xinxin has two exclusives, one is her love business design, the other is her tutu theory. There are also the topic of the Queen's New Divine Comedy and the new song "Mouse Loves Rice".

Among them, the song "Mouse Loves Rice" became popular before it was released. There are already online singers singing. Of course, the website was quickly cleaned up, and the website was afraid of encountering copyright disputes.

Yu Xinxin's agent looked at the eldest lady swiping her mobile phone with an angry look, and smiled and calmed down: "After all, your popularity is out, so don't care too much about netizens' comments."

"What's wrong with me? Why? All of them scolded me. The navy you hired is too useless. You can't scold these netizens at all. If you invite more people, don't be afraid to spend money!" Yu Xinxin frowned and waved.

"We have found someone to write a few public relations articles, and contacted a few big Vs to publish them in turn. Then the direction of the speech will naturally change."

"Is my performance really bad inside?" Yu Xinxin looked up and asked the agent.

"No, your personality is cute. It may be your first time on a reality show. You have tried hard… well, it may be that you are too nervous and want to behave better in front of everyone. In short, you I know it now, I just need to pay attention later." The agent finally got the word out.

"How was the connection with the movie you mentioned last time?" Yu Xinxin didn't bother with this question anymore.

"In further negotiations, there should be no problem." Parallel Space" has insufficient funds and has been unable to attract investment. It was originally a small production film. We are now willing to support them. They are too happy to have time. They just want a heroine role. If they don't give it, we won't invest, and we will directly pull people to make another movie." This is a rare time to be an agent of RMB players, and everything is easy to do without money.

"No, I like Ni Kuangda's novel, I must shoot it!" Yu Xinxin pouted.

"No problem, we must win it!" the agent promised.


Many students and parents came to Wang Zining's swimming competition. He won the gold medals in the 50-meter freestyle and backstroke without accident. Of course, Fan Jiangliang also enjoyed the lovely distress of being dragged by the coach of the national swimming team to chat for an hour.

Wang Yuan attracted the experience of the last soccer match. This time she brought a telephoto over and took a lot of photos of her son. After the match, she watched Wang Zining crowded by. A cameraman helped them take a lot of group photos. She was She didn't dare to go, until the classmates left, she took the camera and took a lot of new photos of her son who had already changed clothes, and also took a few photos of her son, grandpa Fan Jiang and grandma. Grandpa Fan Jiang took a group photo of their mother and son. She put it in her mobile phone and took it out from time to time to check it out. She was delighted.

The two mothers and sons stood together, both beautiful and tall, but they were both handsome but two shining gold medals on his son's chest.

As she looked at the photos, she conjectured that these two gold medals have grown into Olympic gold medals…

After her thoughts have drifted to the point where her son becomes an Olympic champion, she feels the words were good, the agent informed her that the performance fee for the variety show had been paid, and asked her to check it. And Chunzhen Milk hopes to sign the contract as soon as possible and let her arrange a time. In addition, Ren Jun's agent contacted him and asked to authorize the song "Mouse Loves Rice" to Ren Jun. They wanted to release the song as soon as possible, so no matter what conditions Wang Yuanfang offered, they would agree, hoping to sign the license agreement sooner.

Wang Yuan replied to her milk endorsement signing, as long as there is no problem with the agreement, she can sign at any time. In addition, she doesn't know how much the license fee for a song is now. This Qu Hui can help her negotiate. She only charges the cost of writing. The composer is still Ren Jun. They can apply for registration of the song. She will not have any objections.

Qu Hui told her that authorization was a sale, or it could be a way of sharing. Wang Yuan didn't understand this and let her handle it. Originally, she borrowed a song from another time and space. She didn't think about making money from this. After receiving the authorization fee, she would also donate all of it to the charity organization for children's aid.

Wang Yuan checked the account and transferred the labor fees for participating in this slow variety show, and she took a breath. No wonder so many stars like to participate in variety shows, not only attracting traffic, but also attracting money.

After the work schedule was finalized, she became busy for a while. After signing a spokesperson contract with Chunzhen Milk, she will attend the signing ceremony and take photos and advertisements.

Wang Yuan sent the winning photos of Wang Zining to the auspicious Three Treasures, and specially loved Dr. K Star and told his brother that he had won the gold medal in the swimming competition.

Dr. K Xing did not reply, and Wang Yuan dialed a video invitation to the younger son.

The video was picked up, and the person in the video had his head on his elbow and looked distressed.

"Hi, baby, good morning!"

"It's already afternoon." Qi Haoran reminded her.

Yes, the jet lag is seven hours, "What are you doing?"

Qi Haoran turned the camera to the large pot of salad in front, "Angela prepared a pot of grass for me!"

Wang Yuan laughed when she saw it, "I have to finish eating."

"I hate German food!" Qi Haoran concluded. It's not hard bread, or tired cheese and standard salad. The Germans love barbecue and ice cream, but Angela strictly forbids him to eat them.

"My elder brother won the gold medal in the City Junior Group in the swimming competition! Would you like to send a message to congratulate him?" Wang Yuan asked expectantly.

"You do these meaningless things again, I won't congratulate him, Wait until he won the Olympic champion." Qi Haoran said indifferently.

"Stingy!" Wang Yuan criticized.

"See you" Qi Haoran hung up directly.

"Hey, baby, my goodness, why have you eaten for an hour and haven't eaten a leaf?" Angela came over, touched his little head, and exclaimed in surprise.

Qi Haoran tried his best to break away from Angela's hand and stretched out his hand to smooth her hair.

"Baby, go out and play for a while, and I will have a headache when I see you sitting in a daze in front of the salad." Angela stroked her forehead.

Qi Haoran took the napkin and wiped his mouth, then stood up and retired like a gentleman.

He walked to the door and found that the pesky Libby was coming again.

"Hi, Mario, Jack and the others are playing soccer. Do you want to participate?" Libby asked with a rope tilted her short-legged Corgi while licking the ice cream.

"No, thank you!" Mario declined politely.

"They said that you are a useless guy and can't play soccer. Mario, I suggest you give them a little color!" Libby was not convinced for him. She thought Mario was cool and very powerful. Last time Using two sticks and a rope to pull her and her Corgi up from the pit, he said it was the lever principle. Libby didn't understand what it was, only he knew he was super handsome.

"I don't need to prove it to them." Mario said unmovedly, but stepped out.

Libby chased after him, "Mario, you can do it, you have to kick them down!"

Jack waited for a few young boys to play on the community soccer field. He saw Mario coming, and Jack took the lead: "Hey, Mario, are you going to play with us? Listen to Libby, you saved her from the hole." Come out, you are alone! Friends, listen, just this little one." After speaking, he burst into laughter.

Mario glanced around at them and compared them with his thumbs down.

Jack roared angrily: "Your grandmother came to ask my father to teach you soccer, because you are an unweaned kid who can't even play soccer!"

"Jack, you are a B*stard!" Libby stepped forward angrily and loudly accused.

"Soccer can't make your brain smart. Jack, if stupidity is painful, then you should yell every day!" Mario looked at him and shrugged slightly.

It took a while for Jack to react, knowing that Mario was mocking him for being stupid. If Angela was not the manager of the school where his father was serving, he would definitely come forward and beat him hard.

This kid has a meal.

"Go back and drink your milk. Leave our stadium. A guy who doesn't know how to play is not welcome here." Jack and his partner stepped forward and drove people aggressively.

Libby was a little scared and pulled Mario away. When he returned to Angela's garden, Libby couldn't help asking: "Mario, do you really know how to play soccer? If you want to learn, I can let mine Brother teaches you."

With his hands in his pants pockets, Mr. Mario said indifferently: "Why should I play soccer? I don't like soccer!"

Libby's big blue eyes were shocked and said: "Oh, my goodness! You don't like soccer, why don't you like it?"

Soccer is a sport that Germans love most, and there is no one.

He is not interested in ball sports, and he does not understand why a ball is set up for everyone to compete for. This kind of sports has no meaning except for sweating and consuming too much energy of these blind people.

"Just like I don't like your Corgi excreting in Angela's garden, Libby, please take care of its hygiene problems next time, and then bring it out."

After saying that Mario was about to walk into the house, she was stopped by Angela who came out and touched her head, "Sorry Libby, we welcome you to play with your puppy. Mr. Mario likes to be cool, please ignore him. If so. I made an ice cream cake. Would you please help me to taste it?"

Libby's blue eyes that had just been bent down regained her brilliance. She swallowed and said, "I'm very happy, Angela." Although she had just eaten an ice cream, it did not prevent her from continuing to taste the ice cream cake.

Mario looked at Angela, she lowered her head and said to him: "Of course, you still can't eat. Your poor little intestines and stomach will be raised later, although I don't understand how a little ice cream can make you hospitalized."

Mario slammed his face and stepped back to the house vigorously to express his protest.

When Libby left, Mario came out, very cautious, asked Angela to sit opposite, and said to her: "I heard you go to Jack's father and let him teach me to play soccer? I want to tell you, I I don't like this. You haven't heard my opinion and arrange things for me that I don't like."

Angela explained: "My dear, you need friends and you need to go out and play with them. You can't let me send you to the library every day and sit there for a day. I hope you are happier and run more exercises. So you will be healthier!"

"I don't need it, I am happy and healthy now!" Mario is stubborn and authentic.

"Okay." Angela said helplessly, "to tell you the good news, your dear cousin and cousin, you will also come to Germany after the holiday. It would be great to have them with you at that time."

Mario looked more and more serious and said: "I don't feel that way at all. This is very bad. I will tell my dad to arrange for me to return to China before they have a holiday."

Angela wondered: "Mario, why? Don't you like them?"

"You like them, doesn't mean I like them." It should be said that Mario hates the twins very much. They are five years older than him. When he was young, they liked to unite and bully him. They are not smart, and because of this, they are jealous of people whose heads are much smarter than them.

When they are less than IQ, they will take advantage of a stronger body when they are five years older, and when their elders cannot see him, they will be violent. At that time, he was too young to protect himself. Dad is often absent, and there is no one who can protect him. Instead, after the twins bullied him, they would often show their kindness to him in front of the family, and make people not believe his words.

He thinks that the twins are despicable, so they don't understand his thoughts. He will not sue the despicable person, because that will only show his cowardice and incompetence. He will slowly accumulate his strength to fight their violence. They hit the ground thoroughly.

Just like Iron-man, instead of using muscles to fight the enemy, you use your own brain and armed with high-tech to make yourself stronger.

After he grew up, he gave the twins a fierce counterattack, exposing their innocent and friendly disguise, and showing them the video evidence of their malicious words, mocking and trying to do something to themselves in the New Year party, and suddenly appeared on the TV screen at home and send some ugly behaviors and offensive words in their computers directly to their relevant people.

After that, Dad learned of the contradiction between him and the twins and stopped letting them stay together. The twins were also scrupulous and did not dare to do anything with him anymore, but his aversion to them would not be reduced as a result, he didn't want to, and would never stay in the same space with them again.

Angela didn't know their contradiction because no one had told her that she always thought the twins were cute little angels, so let her think so. Even if she knew it, it's useless, she would still love them, because They are also her little darlings, and they may also want to try to match their feelings. People are always so tolerant of their dearest.

The nasty twins are also useful for them, and for this reason, he can return to China early.

Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard!

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