This—the beginning of the day is no different from usual. However, what happened in this day was left deep in Wang Zining's memory, so that he could not forget.

After the game ended last week, after a week, it's Wang Zining's favorite weekend time again. This weekend his mother is going to shoot an advertisement outside of the country and did not pick him up again, but the mother and son talk on the phone every day, and the mother still sends it. Several boxes of milk were said to have been given by the endorsement company. He hoped that she would endorse the Coke advertisement, so that he would have several boxes of Coke to drink.

Milk is at home-there is no lack of it, but he wants to drink now-a bottle of Coke is very difficult, he was guarded strictly by his grandma, he bargained to try to drink-a bottle every day, to three days-a bottle, without the consent of grandma , Grandma's point of view is that cola will affect the attraction of calcium, and she absolutely disagrees with him drinking this.

Looking at grandma—instructing Aunt Lin to cook the soup early in the morning, the whole room was full of the taste of soup. Wang Zining frowned, stretched his head into the kitchen, and shouted: "Grandma, the taste of this soup is too unpleasant. I don't want to drink!"

Wu Han smiled and said, "It's not for you to burn, but for your Aunt Li to drink. After the stew, I will let your Aunt Xiaolin run-a trip and send it to her." The result of Li Xiaoyun's birth check last week said it was too little amniotic fluid. In this situation, the pregnant woman still needs to drink plenty of water. Li Xiaoyun's mother said that she now—drinking water makes her stomach uncomfortable, so she usually stews some soup for her to eat, and Wu Han will also cook it from time to time—something to send, as much as possible. -Get your mind.

While talking, the nanny Xiaolin ran out and said to Wu Han in a panic that something had happened to her son, and she was about to rush over. After speaking, she looked at the soup stewing in the kitchen and looked at Wu Han apologetically.

Wu Han waved her hand quickly and asked her to go quickly. These are all trivial things to deliver soup. Let her not be too panic, don't be afraid to spend money, take a taxi, if there is anything, call her immediately to see if she can help.

Xiao Lin nodded, turned around and hurried out.

Wu Han went back to the kitchen and looked at the fire.

In the afternoon, she called her son and asked him if he could come by himself-and help boil her-the morning soup was sent to Li Xiaoyun.

Fan Jiangliang told her that he is still out of town and will not be able to come back in a few hours. He will find someone to help send it to her then.

After lunch, the person Fan Jiangliang said did not come. Almost two o'clock in the afternoon

At that time, Wu Han changed his clothes, packed the soup, and planned to send it to his daughter-in-law.

Wang Zining came in with a skateboard sweating profusely. Wu Han looked at his blushing face, and said distressedly: "In such a big sun, what are you doing out there? You won't wait for the sun to go out before going out to play."

Wang Zining shook his sweat, watching her grandma preparing to go out, and asked curiously: "Grandma, where are you going?"

"The person your dad said-never came. Grandma sent you soup to Aunt Li. You do your homework obediently at home and don't run around." Wu Han confessed.

"I'll call my dad again." Wang Zining wanted to take out his mobile phone after he finished speaking.

Wu Han stopped and said: "Forget it, when the person your dad said doesn't know when, I'll run by myself-let's go."

Wang Zining looked at her grandma, unwilling to let her go out with such a heavy object on a hot day, he struggled internally—for a while, put down the skateboard, reached out and grabbed the thermos box in grandma's hand and other nutrients to be given to Li Xiaoyun." I'll send it to her, don't go out!"

Wu Han hurriedly said: "No need. You study hard at home. Grandma can go there. I'm not too old to move." She also reluctant to let her grandson return home on a hot day. She also knows that Wang Zining doesn't like Li Xiaoyun, he He has never been to Dad's new home either.

"I said I'll send it. Let's go." Wang Zining took the things and turned and left. Wu Han couldn't catch up, so he could only call out loudly from behind: "Take a car and go over, grandma and your Aunt Li said-sound, let her Find someone to meet you downstairs in the community, you don't know the place."

Without looking back, Wang Zining replied loudly, "I see."

When he went outside the gate of Fenghua Mansion, he didn't see anyone who came to meet him. Someone swiped his card to enter, and he followed in. Although he has never been, he knows the address.

When he arrived at his father's building, he found that both elevators were under inspection. The inspection time was written from 2 to 4 in the afternoon. It would take more than an hour to return to normal. He went straight up the stairs with his things.

-Climbing to the top 19th floor, still a little panting, especially when walking to the top of the stairs-He stepped on during the festival-His foot almost slipped, but fortunately his balance is good, he stabilized in time, he looked at that-Tan Oil stains, and then lifted his foot to look-under the soles of my shoes,-the face was disgusted, I don't know if the garbage has leaked out.

He breathed evenly and went to ring the doorbell.

Li Xiaoyun's mother opened the door and saw the sweating profusely Wang Zining and said happily: "It's Ning Ning, come in quickly. Didn't you meet anyone downstairs? I asked Aunt Zhang to wait for you."

Li's mother had received a call from Grandma Wu beforehand, and arranged for a nanny to go downstairs to pick up Wang Zining.

Wang Zining shook his head. He handed the things on his hand to Mother Li, and planned to leave. How could Li Xiaoyun's mother let him leave without a drink.

Mother Li took him by the hand—definitely take him home." I saw you last time. I didn't expect to grow so much taller. The longer you get, the more handsome." She looked at Wang Zining, with a smile in her eyes. She liked it from the bottom of her heart, and Wang Zining sold it. The appearance is for all ages, no one would dislike the sunny and handsome young man.

Of course, there are exceptions.

"Ning Ning, are you here?" Li Xiaoyun came out of the room with her belly in her arms.

Wang Zining nodded, a little embarrassed, wanted to leave, but was dragged by Mother Li again.

"Sit down quickly, grandma… Then I will get you a bottle of drink, what do you want to drink?" Mother Li asked enthusiastically.

"…Coke!" Wang Zining originally wanted to say that he didn't drink it, but he felt that it was a little bit of a stalemate. He was indeed a little thirsty after passing by and sweated so much, so he took the opportunity to order his favorite drink.

"I just bought Coke at home. I plan to make Coke chicken wings. I'll take it for you." Mother Li went into the kitchen and brought out a bottle of Coke for Wang Zining.

Li Xiaoyun smiled and greeted him to sit down: "Your grandma asked you to bring things here?"

Wang Zining nodded, holding the coke and said: "I'll go back first."

Li Xiaoyun's mother looked at him eagerly and said: "Sit down for a while, cool down, drink some Coke, you rarely come here, and you will leave after dinner."

The child has never been to the door, it is rare to come, just let him go back, this is too unreasonable.

Wang Zining regretted coming in. He had known to press the doorbell before turning around and ran away.

"I'll pour out the soup that your grandma brought first. Xiaoyun, see if there are any snacks at home, and take it to Ning Ning."

Mother Li—while talking, dialing the phone, mainly asking where the nanny is now, and asking her to bring a bag of kitchen waste downstairs and throw it away. By the way, Wang Zining was picked up, but the guests arrived and she disappeared.

Li Xiaoyun looked at her mother's enthusiastic appearance, a little disapproving, thinking it was also to please the child for herself.

She turned around and pulled out a smile: "I heard you won the swimming gold medal, congratulations."

Wang Zining drank coke, "Thank you!"

"I'll wash some fruit!" Li Xiaoyun got up.

"No, I'm going back." Throwing the empty coke can into the trash can next to him, Wang Zining stood up to leave.

"Sit down for a while, wait for your father to come back, start to have dinner?" Li Xiaoyun kept the guests politely.

Wang Zining shook his head and walked to the door, Li Xiaoyun got up to see him off.

When he left the door, Wang Zining waved at her-started, and ran downstairs, Li Xiaoyun followed a few steps past, and the result-her feet slipped empty, she fell to the ground, bang dong dong,-the road rolled down-a flight of stairs, Stopped at the turn of the stairs.

Wang Zining heard the abrupt scream and object collision and raised his head. He saw Li Xiaoyun fall down on the stairs with blood stains under her body. The young boy's complexion suddenly became pale. He quickly turned and ran up. He came to Li Xiaoyun and looked at her holding her belly groaning. He didn't dare to touch her at all. He ran upstairs quickly, rushed into the door and shouted: "Li, Aunt Li fell down the stairs!"

Li Xiaoyun's mother heard Wang Zining's words and ran out quickly, with a panic expression: "Where is Xiaoyun, what's the matter, what's the matter?"

Mother Li followed Wang Zining to the top of the stairs and saw her daughter lying there with blood stains under her body, she suddenly limp on the ground, "Quickly, call the phone and call for an ambulance."

Wang Zining trembling hands, picked up the phone and dialed 120. The other party knew that the pregnant woman had fallen and asked if the pregnant woman was pregnant for a few months and if she had any underlying diseases. When Wang Zining gave her mobile phone to Mother Li, she had already recovered. I took my mobile phone and rushed down the stairs and came to my daughter. While checking the situation of her daughter, she answered the question 120, "My daughter is almost eight months pregnant, and she has no underlying diseases. I have fainted now and have shed a lot of blood. You guys, come on now, and later, my daughter will be dead…. What? You still have so long, no, my daughter can't wait, she has amniotic fluid now. It's broken, and there is still blood on the body, and then it will be-dead! I beg you, come hurry up."

After she couldn't cry, she put down her phone and tried to pick up Li Xiaoyun, "Yun, don't be afraid, it's okay, mom is here, I'll take you to the hospital, you-there will be nothing wrong."

Her physical strength, how can she pick up a pregnant woman who is more than a hundred catties.

Upon seeing this, Wang Zining gently pushed Mother Li away, Stretched out both hands and hugged Li Xiaoyun, "I'm here, shall we take Aunt Li to the hospital by ourselves?"

Mother Li nodded unconsciously, and said with a trembling: "Can't wait for the ambulance, we have to take Xiaoyun downstairs first, stop the car and take her to the hospital."

After she finished speaking, thinking of the elevator inspection today, she was in despair. When she was thinking about who else could help, Wang Zining had already run downstairs with someone in her arms. Mother Li returned to her senses, trembling her legs and hurriedly followed,-while shouting: "Thousands, don't fall."

After all, Wang Zining was still a child, and no matter how strong his hands were, she couldn't hold on to it. A pregnant woman ran such a long stairway. She was afraid that her daughter would fall again. She looked at the figure that was no longer visible at the top of the stairs. She was distraught with helpless legs and feet. Can't keep up, she — walking down, — calling for help.

In order to buy time, Wang Zining ran down. Even though he was physically strong, his lungs exploded uncomfortably at this time. He went downstairs and didn't stay. He rushed out of the community with Li Xiaoyun in his arms, halfway through. He felt the calf stab and pull, and was scratched by something. When he was anxious, he didn't realize the pain, and he didn't even lower his head to look down.

When they ran to the gate, the security rushed to meet him when he saw it. Wang Zining-running,-said: "The pregnant woman fell down, can you help me stop a car, come on!"

At this time, the owner happened to drive in. The security guard told them about the situation. The owner did not hesitate to get out of the car and let his driver help to take the person to the hospital.

Wang Zining got in the car and looked at Mother Li-until she didn't show up, he couldn't wait and asked the driver to drive first.

Seeing that Li Xiaoyun's blood was still flowing out, and the car seat was also contaminated, Wang Zining's whole body trembled. He wanted to call his father, and found that the cell phone was not with him. Maybe he handed it to Li Xiaoyun's mother when he dialed 120. It was with her. You can only talk to the hospital first.

After the driver helped through the red lights twice, he stopped at this time, turned his head and told Wang Zining that he was at the Women's Insurance Hospital with one kilometer ahead, but he didn't know what happened in front of him, and he was stuck here. This is the situation. He can't help it.

Wang Zining looked at Li Xiaoyun, who was desolate and confused, opened the car door, picked her up again, took a deep breath, and began to run wildly. —A thin young man is holding — a faint pregnant woman is running on the road, and the crowd that is flustered by the traffic jam starts from surprise and curiosity to

Worry, I want to go over and ask about the situation, when I want to help, I was taken by the gust of wind, and I couldn't stop the young man who only knew how to bury his head on the run.

At this time, Wang Zining didn't dare to look down at Li Xiaoyun's situation, and he didn't dare to think that the temperature of the person on his hands was getting colder, let alone the aches in his hands and the pain in his calves, he just knew-he must be sent to the hospital as soon as possible. Aunt Li can't have an accident, her… brother can't have an accident.

Soon the traffic police discovered the situation and drove a motorcycle to catch up with the young man who rushed to the entrance of the hospital. He quickly stopped and wanted to pick up the person from Wang Zining, but he refused, and the traffic police turned to follow them. Take them to the emergency room.

When the hospital saw the blood-covered person coming in, he hurriedly pulled the push bed over. Wang Zining put the person up and looked at the doctors and nurses-as they pushed the person away, he was relieved and slowly sat down against the corner. At the moment, he only felt that his strength was taken away, and he was a little dazed.

Because of the hospital's regulations, the nurse stepped forward and pushed him softly-next: "Classmates, what about your grown-ups, what is your relationship with the patient? You need to do it-the next procedure. The patient is in urgent need of surgery, and the hospitalization deposit must be paid. To sign a surgical order."

The traffic police stepped up displeased: "The child is holding such a heavy—an adult,—the road ran over without stopping, you let him slow down first. And how do you treat it first."

When the nurse was about to retort, Wang Zining looked up and asked, "Can you borrow my cell phone to make a call?"

The traffic police immediately took out his mobile phone and handed it to him.

Wang Zining dialed a number, and as soon as he dialed the other party, he picked it up: "Dad."

"Ning Ning, where are you? What about your Aunt Li, how is she now?" Fan Jiangliang asked anxiously. He also just received a call from his mother-in-law, knowing that Li Xiaoyun was in an accident. Wang Zining took him away, but she didn't chase him. Come on, I don't know where the two of them are now.

"I'm at the Women's Insurance Hospital. Come here quickly. Aunt Li is going to have an operation and you need to sign and go through the procedures." Wang Zining said in a dumb voice.

"You call the nurse or the doctor, and I will tell them." Fan Jiangliang said calmly.

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