The nurse answered the phone, reported to the head nurse and surgeon, and made corresponding arrangements, and then came back and found that Wang Zining had a seven-centimeter-long cut in front of her calf. At this time, she was still bleeding. She thought the blood on the teenager's body just now. Are all pregnant women, but he did not expect to be injured himself.

The nurse hurried forward to take him to the doctor for treatment. Wang Zining shook his head. He wanted to wait here to see if there was anything wrong with Aunt Li and his brother. He could not leave before the family arrived.

The traffic policeman glanced at the stubborn teenager and said to the nurse: "I'll help you take the person over. The cut is quite deep, and the skin and flesh have been opened. You must deal with it as soon as possible."

Pulled the person to the treatment room, the doctor checked the wound and asked what sharp object was it scratched? Wang Zining shook his head, he didn't notice at all. Because the wound was a bit deep, the doctor took ten stitches after disinfecting it, and after the bandage, he gave him a tetanus injection.

After the wound was treated, Wang Zining immediately went to the operating room and waited. The traffic police followed. Seeing that the young man had calmed down, he took out his notebook and asked him regularly: "What's your name? With the wounded. What's the relationship? What happened to her?"

Wang Zining raised his head and glanced at the traffic policeman, thinking that he was suspicious of himself, so he pouted and bowed his head without answering.

The traffic police looked at him silently, a little distressed. He found that the two parties were running on the road. He needed to know if there was a traffic accident and see if it was within his scope of responsibility. He had to go through the process and figure it out.

Seeing that Wang Zining was not cooperating, he just wanted to contact a colleague to ask if there was an accident on the nearby road, only to see a middle-aged man and woman running in anxiously.

"Where is Xiaoyun, where is Xiaoyun? Is there anything wrong with her?" Li Xiaoyun's mother rushed in and asked a nurse who was passing by.

Fan Jiangliang first saw his son who was sitting in the corner and hurriedly walked over: "Ning Ning, are you okay?"

Wang Zining had never wanted to see his father so much for a moment. His panic was calmed down, as if Lonely Boat had found a place to stay, his eyes were a little warm, he told himself that a man bleeds and does not shed tears, so he must hold back.

"Dad, Aunt Li entered the operating room. Will she be okay? She shed a lot of blood." Wang Zining asked, clutching his father's hand tightly.

Fan Jiangliang felt the coolness of his son's hand, and he quickly comforted: "It's okay, it's okay.

"Looking down at the gauze bandaged on his son's legs, he asked worriedly: "What's wrong with your legs?" "

"It's okay." Wang Zining shook his head.

"The nurse said Xiaoyun had entered the operating room. Go to the doctor to find out what's going on inside?" Li Xiaoyun's mother walked over.

Fan Jiangliang soothed: "The doctor is performing the operation on Xiaoyun inside. We waited first. Now we can't ask anything. We will wait for the doctor to come out."

Listening to her son-in-law's words, Li Xiaoyun's mother could only wait first. She clasped her hands tightly and said something in her mouth. Suddenly remembered, she turned to look at Wang Zining, and stopped talking.

Knowing that Wang Zining brought her daughter to the hospital all the way, she was grateful, but she still had doubts about what happened to her daughter.

She saw the traffic policeman standing beside Wang Zining just now, asking about Fan Jiangliang's situation. She got up suddenly, walked to Wang Zining, and asked, "Ning Ning, what happened to your Aunt Li today? Why did she fall down the stairs?"

My daughter is not a child, so how could she easily fall downstairs? This problem has been haunting her. The relationship between her daughter and her stepson is not good. She doesn't want to believe that this bright child will intentionally hurt her daughter, but if the daughter said something nasty first, he would fail…

Mother Li couldn't help thinking a lot, no matter what, Xiaoyun was in an accident, and she was still pregnant with a child, she had to ask clearly.

Wang Zining asked Mother Li with a skeptical look. He was a little surprised at first, and then understood, he said with a calm face, "I don't know."

"Why don't you know, you two were there at the time." Mother Li couldn't help but become anxious.

Fan Jiangliang and the traffic police came over when they saw this.

"I went downstairs first and heard a scream. I looked up and saw Aunt Li lying there." Wang Zining said.

"She sent you out, she has no reason to go downstairs, how could she fall down by herself." Mother Li continued to question.

"I don't know." Wang Zining continued to say this. After speaking, he glanced at his father to see if he would have the same skeptical look in his eyes at this time.

"Mom, don't get excited. Xiaoyun's operation is over. Ask her to know it." Fan Jiangliang stepped forward and said.

"It's best if Xiaoyun is okay. If she…what's going on, I'll definitely have to figure it out." Mother Li said. After she said she glanced at Wang Zining, she didn't get entangled anymore, she returned to the chair and took out The phone called her husband, Xiaoyun had an accident, and she hadn't notified her dad yet.

When the traffic police saw that it was not a traffic accident, they closed the book, no

Take care of this. He reminded Fan Jiangliang that Wang Zining's leg was injured and he had just sewn ten stitches, so pay attention. If the family members are not at ease, it is best to take him to another film.

Fan Jiangliang quickly thanked him. He just wanted to check his son's wound. The door of the operating room was opened. The doctor asked Li Xiaoyun's family. Fan Jiangliang and Li's mother hurried to greet him. The doctor informed that because the delivery was timely, the patient's life was temporarily out of danger and the child had also undergone cesarean section. The operation was carried out. The child had to stay in an incubator for a period of time because it was born prematurely. The problem now is that the maternal condition is more serious and the uterus cannot be kept. It must be surgically removed as soon as possible. Otherwise, it is still life-threatening. The operation requires family members to sign.

Mother Li suddenly felt dizzy when she heard this, but because of Fan Jiangliang's timely support, she didn't fall off.

"Doctor, can you not help but remove the uterus. Xiaoyun wakes up and knows that she will not be able to stand it." Mother Li cried loudly.

"The patient is in this situation, the uterus is definitely not preserved, the operation is still in progress, the surgeon is also waiting for the family members to agree to continue the operation." The doctor explained.

Fan Jiangliang said: "Give it to me, I am her husband, I will sign."

Mother Li looked at Fan Jiangliang's signature and wept again. The doctor reminded, "This is outside the operating room. Please control your emotions as much as possible and don't affect the doctor's surgery."

Mother Li listened, and tried her best to endure it with her mouth.

Before the doctor went in, he said again: "Thanks to the timely delivery this time, otherwise it's not that the uterus can't be kept, and the patient and the child are also in danger."

After hearing this, Fan Jiangliang glanced at his son. From the moment he received a call from Li's mother to what he had learned from the traffic police just now, he estimated that his son sent the person to the hospital within 20 minutes. It's a miracle. Especially for the elevator maintenance, he walked the 19th floor of the stairs with the pregnant woman. Later, when he heard about the traffic jam, he also ran all the way to the hospital with the people.

I don't know when my son's leg was injured or whether it was severely injured. Knowing that Li Xiaoyun was okay, Fan Jiangliang planned to take his son for an examination first.

Wang Zining heard what the doctor said and knew that Aunt Li was about to remove the uterus. He didn't know how much this would affect her, but it sounded quite serious, but fortunately, she and her brother were fine, and his heart was completely relaxed.

Thinking of Aunt Li's mother doubting him, his heart sank again. Seeing Fan Jiangliang walking towards him, he didn't know why. At this moment, he was afraid that his father would also ask himself this question. He was afraid to hear, if Dad really asked, then he would never pay attention to him again. Thinking of this, Wang Zining ran away. He didn't want to give Dad a chance to ask questions…

When Fan Jiangliang saw his son ran away without a trace, he was a little stunned. When he hurried to catch up, the whirlwind-like son was long gone.

Wang Zining ran all the way out of the hospital and ran aimlessly on the road. He ran for a long, long time, until his injured calf throbbed and his throat became dry. Then he stopped, recovered and found that he had come unconsciously. Downstairs of Liang Wentao's house.

At this moment, Liang Wentao and a few male classmates in the class came out of his building, and Wang Zining quickly hid behind the bushes in the community.

Liang Wentao and his classmates in the video team danced and chatted enthusiastically.

"Our first video has been successful, and today's second video was successfully shot. I invite you to go to KFC to have a meal and celebrate." Liang Wentao said proudly.

"Brother Shui, I watched our video upload, but no one clicked it. Some guys laughed at us below, saying that we are a few stupid Bs." A student who participated in the performance raised his doubts.

"What do they know? Our first episode is just to test the water. If there is no potential and value, will the website give us a share? Didn't I send you all your participation fees? We are not making videos to please netizens. It is to realize the economic value, the goal has been achieved, what else do you want. The road is step by step, and it is so easy to think that becoming famous all at once." Liang Wentao calmly analyzed.

"Okay, we listen to you! As long as your sister supports us, I think we can definitely do it." The members of the video team regained confidence after hearing this.

The group of people talked and laughed as they drifted away. Wang Zining walked out from behind the bushes and found that the sky was dark for some time.

He walked on the road, feeling that his throat was getting dry, and the sweat of Mercedes-Benz in the afternoon had drained his body's water. He walked to the vending machine, reached out to touch his pocket, and found that there was no money around him.

He can only continue walking. He doesn't want to go home. He doesn't know why. At this moment, even his grandparents don't want to see him. He is afraid that they will come and ask him the same question if they know it. He can't accept the suspicion of his closest relatives.

There is another place where he can go back.


Wang Zining came to the bottom of his mother's house. He knew she was not at home. He just called in the morning and she was still working outside.

His home is a place where he can relax and settle down.

Pressing the elevator to the 10th floor, the elevator door opened, and he walked out across his legs. Now he just wants to go into the house right away and pour a bucket of water to drink. He feels like he has not drunk water for three days and three nights in the desert. People are really dying of thirst…what is this? That tuft at the door…

"Hey, wake up!" Wang Zining stretched out his leg and kicked the object lightly.

Qi Haoran lifted his head from his arms and looked at the condescending stupid man. He was about to stand up soon. Who knew that his feet were numb after squatting for a long time. He fell backwards at once, and Wang Zining grabbed him quickly and picked him up.

"It's you!" Wang Zining said in surprise.

"Let me down!" Qi Haoran frowned.

"Aren't you in Germany?"

"Quickly let me down!" Qi Haoran insisted in a stubborn voice.

"You ran here without saying anything? She works in a field. If I don't come, are you planning to spend the night at the door?" Wang Zining asked in disapproval. The younger brother was really uneasy." The kid is reckless. Lost, did you sneak out again? This time you brought your suitcase, and you ran away from home again?"

Looking at the suitcase next to him, which was very miniature for him, Wang Zining picked it up and carried a struggling little kid in his arms. He pressed the fingerprint lock and opened the door.

With a hint of pride, he said, "Only she and I can come in here. We all have fingerprint locks."

Qi Haoran glanced at him contemptuously. I don't know what to show off. Isn't it a matter of minutes to add a fingerprint lock? He can actually get in, but he doesn't want to break in.

After entering the door, Wang Zining turned on the light. The moment the light illuminates the room, his heart also brightened. Putting down the kid and his suitcase in his arms, Wang Zining took off his shoes and put on his own. He hurried to the kitchen with his slippers, and did not forget to confess to the kid behind him: "Don't forget to take off your shoes and don't mess up the house."

Qi Haoran finally returned to the ground with his feet. At this moment, he wanted to turn around with the suitcase, and didn't want to be in the same room with that big fool, but reason let him stay.

He took off the small leather shoes on his feet, opened the shoe cabinet next to him, and found several pairs of lovely slippers, only he could wear that size. He nodded in satisfaction, took out a pair and put it on.

He put his little leather shoes upright and looked at the side crooked

When I twisted the shoes like a ship, I really wanted to open the door and kick these shoes directly out.

Of course, he would not do this, he is a sensible person with self-control, even in the face of fools, he will be calm. But when he walked into the room and saw a person holding a 3L can of mineral water buffalo drink, his expression suddenly cracked.

Can he really fill himself with water like a cow, and get along calmly with people who plan to kill him?

"Ha, really comfortable!" Wang Zining exhaled, feeling alive again. I was really dying of thirst just now.

He turned around and looked at the little guy's constipated expression, and asked concerned: "Do you want to drink water?"

Qi Haoran hurriedly shook his head, and stepped back unconsciously, for fear that he would hold him and pour him water.

Wang Zining put down more than half of the mineral water and turned on the lights in the room. He liked the bright feeling. He was obliged to do a good job as a guide for the children who visited for the first time.

Pointing Qi Haoran to the location of the bathroom and kitchen in the living room, Qi Haoran was expressionless: In just over a hundred square meters, each partition function clearly and clearly needs to be explained in such a detailed way. It seems that his IQ is really not high.

"This is your room. See it. There is a Scorpio baby on it. She still didn't take it off, but I think you match this pendant. Don't you think your plump face looks like it?" When Wang Zining finished speaking, he would push his room away and introduce him to the interior.

"Wait, this is my room. Without my consent, I don't want outsiders to enter." Qi Haoran said to the idiot who was about to step into his domain.

"What's so great, you see, the opposite is my room, you can't go in without my consent!" Wang Zining immediately quit, and angrily said, "I hate children entering my room, they will put mine The room is messed up."

Qi Haoran ignored him, pushed his suitcase, entered his room, and slammed the door shut.

Wang Zining was rather angry and wanted to open his mouth to curse, but he didn't know what to say, so he pushed the door into his Aries bedroom and slammed the door shut. When he sat down on the bed, he felt that he was a little silly, and he seemed to have been overwhelmed by the small man from the beginning. Who is the older brother?

By the way, is this little guy running away from home? Did you tell your family, does your mother know? He has forgotten, and he himself is running away from home.

Thinking of this, he came out again and knocked on Qi Haoran's room door bang bang, "You come out quickly, you just asked you about it, you haven't explained it clearly yet, did you run away from home? Adults know? Did you do it? Talked to mom on the phone?"

Qi Haoran ignored him. He turned around in the room and frowned when he saw the photo on the wall. He opened the suitcase and took out his laptop.

He lost his mobile phone, he needs to locate his position and find a way to get it back.

Wang Zining knocked on the door for a while, and saw that the little man didn't respond, grunted angrily, and could only turn around and leave. The gurgling in his stomach reminded him that he was hungry. His first reaction was to find a mobile phone to order food, and he felt annoyed when he remembered that the mobile phone was not around.

I can only go to the kitchen and open the refrigerator to find something to eat.

Opening the refrigerator, he was a little dumbfounded. Is this a qualified mother? Except for a box of raw eggs and frozen pork ribs, there is no food that can be eaten directly.

He turned around in the room, took out the game console to play, and went to the toilet twice, and found that after the mineral water in his stomach was consumed, he was even more hungry.

He went to knock on the little man's room again: "Lend me your phone and I will order food!"

No response.

He banged again, "Hey, Mario, aren't you hungry? If you don't come out, I will break in." Wang Zining threatened.

The door was opened, and Wang Zining grinned with a triumphant smile. Qi Haoran turned a blind eye, walked directly past him and walked to the door.

Wang Zining yelled: "Where are you going? It's night now, and you have to go out and run around?" However, his brother had no prestige at all. Qi Haoran opened the door, operated a few times at the door lock, and went to take the elevator up.

Wang Zining came out quickly and put on his shoes in a hurry. Before the elevator closed, he squeezed in. He looked down at the little man. When he was about to seriously teach him a meal, Qi Haoran said: "Get your phone back, and I'll buy you dinner!"

"Huh?" Wang Zining was stunned. 

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