"Are you sure you don't change your clothes? I don't want to be misunderstood to walk with Jack the Ripper." Qi Haoran raised his head and glanced at his brother, and avoided the other side of the elevator in disgust.

Wang Zining looked down and found that his clothes were all dried up bloodstains. He hurriedly held down the elevator, "Why didn't you tell me just now!" The elevator returned to the 10th floor, and he said to his brother, "You wait." Now, no one is allowed to leave first, I'll be back right away." After that, I quickly entered the house and changed clothes.

Qi Haoran shrugged her thin shoulders lightly. This is an incompetent person who likes to push the problem to others. Did he not find so much blood on his body? By the way, this stupid man, where did the blood come from? His little brows began to frown uncomfortably.

When Wang Zining came out with a clean T-shirt and shorts, Qi Haoran looked at his legs and finally couldn't help but ask: "If you were involved in a fight and escaped by the police, please tell me in advance. I don't want to be implicated by you."

Wang Zining was very angry when he heard the little man's words. After he was angry, he wanted to scare him, "You guessed it, would you report me?" He stared at his brother in a vicious manner.

"I can send you abroad to Africa." Qi Haoran replied.

"Thank you, because you sheltered me, so when I go to Africa, I will take you with you!" Wang Zining shot his teeth.


When the two went downstairs, Wang Zining couldn't help but ask: "I have a friend, he didn't do bad things, but what if his family suspects him?"

"That friend of yours happens to look exactly like you and is covered in blood? Then he is suspected to be normal, because he looks like a big villain!" Qi Haoran gave him a slanted look.

Wang Zining almost jumped his feet, why is he so stupid? Ask a kid like this, what can he understand!

The two left the complex and kept walking forward.

"Where are you going? You have to make it clear to me, just let me follow your butt like this? You walk so slowly, I hold you to walk faster!" Wang Zining is like a big crab, in a snail The average younger brother turns around and keeps persuading.

Qi Haoran was unmoved, he looked at the sign and finally stopped in front of a noodle shop at the intersection.

Wang Zining saw the sign of beef noodles, swallowed, and asked, "Did you bring money?"

Qi Haoran ignored him, and Wang Zining stood aside stubbornly without saying a word.

Asking his younger brother for money to buy noodles, he can only offer a treat, and he will never ask for each other.

"What on earth are you standing here waiting for?" After five minutes, Wang Zining was already very impatient.

Qi Haoran raised his hand to check his watch, turned around and walked into the noodle shop, and said to the waiter: "Bring him a bowl of beef noodles, increase the amount!"

Judging by the amount of water he drinks, this is not a normal person's stomach.

Wang Zining was overjoyed, and sat down opposite the little man. He wanted to say a little thank you. He felt shameless. He coughed and said, "I didn't bring my wallet and mobile phone today. I will invite you next time. You can pick any place." After speaking, he waved his hand, very generously.

Qi Haoran didn't respond, his eyes kept staring at the door, and from time to time he raised his hand to look at his watch. Until the door came in a man with a probe.

He saw that there were only two customers in the store. A teenager was eating noodles with a hail, and the other was a kid, and it could not be him, but why did this kid keep staring at him?

He wandered around the store, and the waiter approached him and asked him what he wanted to order. He didn't respond. He took out a mobile phone from his pocket and handed it to the waiter: "Someone will come to pick up the mobile phone later, and you can give it to him. I remember that I must give it to him, so I said that the phone was returned to him, and I should quickly transfer my money back. If I don't pay it back, let's see how I clean him up!"

The waiter looked dumbfounded. She didn't want to take the cell phone of this strange man, and stepped back and said, "Sir, we don't keep the personal belongings of the guests."

The man angrily stuffed the phone into the waiter's hand: "If you give it to you, then, remember, you must return it to the person who came to look for." After speaking, he lifted his foot and left.

When Wang Zining was eating the noodles, he also noticed this strange man. He felt that this was a neurosis. The waiter and his thoughts were the same, and when he was about to ask the store manager how to deal with it, Qi Haoran walked out, pointed to the mobile phone in her hand and said: "Please return it to me, thank you!"

The noodles in Wang Zining's mouth slipped, and the waiter also looked astonished.

"Hey, little man, you can't claim other people's things casually!" Wang Zining hurriedly came forward and educates his younger brother in a righteous manner.

"Please give me a try. I can use the fingerprint lock to open the phone." Qi Haoran presented evidence of claim.

The waiter could only pass him the phone, Qi Haoran took the phone and checked it. During the time he was away from himself, someone tried to refresh and unlock the phone because he had a special second defense measure, and the other party didn't succeed.

He pressed his finger on the phone screen, and the phone automatically unlocked. When the phone screen was turned on, the waiter was convinced that he was the owner of the phone, but he was still confused about the series of operations: "So, the man just now, is your friend?"

"I don't be friends with the thief!" Qi Haoran thanked him, "please bring the payment code, and I will use my mobile phone to pay the bill."

Therefore, this little guy had no money just now. Wang Zining was so surprised that he couldn't even bother to eat noodles. He was about to pat the table, "Say, what's the matter with your phone? Who is that ghostly guy just now?"

What happened? Wang Zining felt that his mind had been messed up.

"Have you eaten well? We will go back after eating well." Qi Haoran said blankly.

"Not yet." Wang Zining realized that he couldn't think of it, so he didn't care about it, and ate the noodles before eating.

"Are you a starving ghost?" Qi Haoran was puzzled as Wang Zining finished drinking the soup. Is this noodles so delicious? He didn't think it was noodles, depending on the level of desertedness in the shop and the appearance of the noodles. Attracting people, it is people who have problems.

"Do you know how many roads I ran today? I didn't eat dinner. I was starving to death." Wang Zining put down the bowl, touched his stomach, and was finally satisfied, "You won't come to the bowl of noodles? There is nothing to eat when I go home tonight!" He reminded.

Qi Haoran looked at the empty bowl and shook his head in disgust.

When the two brothers walked out of the store, Qi Haoran looked at the hidden places around and made sure that there was no one before moving on.

It seems that the man was scared off by his own scheduled text messages.

Today, when he took a taxi, he left his cell phone on the taxi. He started using the simplest method to call his cell phone and ask the other party to return it. Who knew that the other party would not pick up the phone and turned off the phone.

After Qi Haoran entered the house, she turned on the computer, located the location of the mobile phone, and then sent a message to the nearest mobile phone, requesting the return of his mobile phone.

The other party was in a panic, wondering how he would find himself, and still know his mobile phone number.

It wasn't until a small sum of money in his bank was transferred to a charity account that the man became frightened, and returned a message asking if he did it, and asked to transfer his money back, otherwise he would call the police.

Qi Haoran sneered after receiving the text message from the man, calling out to catch the thief as a thief. He continued to send text messages to warn that he did not want the money to be transferred all the time, and just an hour later, at the noodle shop on XX Road, he handed the phone to the store for safekeeping. One second late, his money will be less. male

After receiving the text message, he took the cell phone he picked up and pushed the door and ran out.

When he came out of the noodle shop, he was hiding in the corner. He wanted to wait for the person with the mobile phone to give him a severe lesson, but the mobile phone received a text message again, saying that he did not arrive home within ten minutes. It will be less. The man stomped his feet and could only get away and drive home.

"That man was a thief just now? He stole your phone, but he agreed to send it to you?" After eating, Wang Zining's brain resumed functioning. After figuring out some problems, he stared at his brother angrily." I don't know how you used to get him to return the phone. I want to ask you now, did you intend to come out alone to meet the thief? You are really getting bolder. You are not afraid that he will take you back by the way. Take it and sell it? If it wasn't for you to just ask me to eat a bowl of noodles, I must tell my mother to beat you up!"

Qi Haoran held the phone and lowered his head to operate, ignoring the way that Wang Zining jumped with anger.

"I knew it was a thief, so I grabbed him and sent him to the police station." Wang Zining said with regret.

Qi Haoran didn't tell him that when the man returned, there should be a policeman waiting for him. Nowadays, all information about people is stored in his own electronic products. He checked the man's bottom and found that he had a lot of problems. He directly took out one or two and sent it to the police to provide evidence and address for the police. Are you afraid that you won't be able to catch the person?

But he didn't plan to tell the foodie around him, everyone has different IQs!

After getting his mobile phone, he originally wanted to send a message to his mother, asking her when she would be back, thinking that it was already late today, so that the old mother would not bother him with fuss, he should take a nap and tell her to return home tomorrow.

When the two brothers returned to their residence, Wang Zining saw the little man taking the lead out of the elevator. He was calm and relaxed, with a smile of inexplicable superiority. No matter how fast he walked, he didn't have to wait for him to open the door. I opened the lock with fingerprints. When he came today, he obviously couldn't get in. And he didn't give him permission, why? ?

The confused Wang Zining followed his younger brother in. He saw that the little man was about to go back to his room again, and shouted: "First take a shower and then go to bed!"

Whoever keeps his mother away, he can only be a worried eldest brother. I'm really worried that the little guy won't take a bath by himself. Will you ask him for help later? big head! Or he doesn't want to wash it. Just let him go to sleep stinkingly.

Wang Zining worried secretly. He took a set of pajamas that the old mother had prepared in the closet.

I went to the bathroom to wash. When the cold water from the shower head washed on my body, I felt very comfortable, but it felt very short-lived and was quickly interrupted by the tingling of my calf. He looked down at the soaked gauze on his calf and remembered his injury.

After washing quickly, he lifted off the wet gauze and found that the wound was a little red when it touched the water. He looked around in the bathroom, and finally found a box of disposable towels. He took out two and tied them to his calves, perfect! He praised himself for being smart.

I went back to my room and lay on the bed. What happened today came back to my mind. I don't know how Aunt Li and that newborn brother are now. I think of Aunt Li's mother's suspicious accusations and the last expression of my father (Fan Jiang). If Liang knows what his son is thinking, he will definitely scream injustice. The old father is just worried about your injury and wants to take you for a checkup!" He was sad, and wondered if his grandparents would doubt himself. That's right, Grandparents! Thinking of this, Wang Zining suddenly jumped out of bed and sat up. He didn't go home at night. Grandparents must be very anxious. He forgot to call them.

"Boom boom boom, boom boom boom." A slow, rhythmic knock on the door interrupted his thoughts.

At this time, only the small man would knock on his door. He happened to ask him to borrow his cell phone to call home, and Wang Zining went to open the door immediately.

"I want to borrow your cell phone!"

"I'm hungry!"

"Ahhh… I reminded you that you are hungry if you don't eat dinner. Don't listen. Where can I find food for you now? I don't want to go out and buy it for you!" Wang Zining said excitedly.

"I borrow your cell phone, and you can cook something for me to eat." Qi Haoran calmly talked about the terms.

"Despicable! I don't want to borrow your phone!" Wang Zining said angrily, even using the phone to threaten himself to cook for him!!

Qi Haoran turned around and left, Wang Zining thought of his grandparents, stomped his feet and said, "Deal!"

"Give me the phone first!"

Wang Zining got her mobile phone, recalled her grandma's mobile phone number, and dialed her. As a result, no one answered him. He could only edit a text message to tell her that he was fine now and would go home tomorrow so that she would not worry.

After editing, he returned the phone to the little man, and he went to the kitchen to fulfill the exchange promise.

"Only eggs and ribs!" He reminded Qi Haoran who was following him, "Don't expect me to make you braised ribs, I won't!"

"Make a bowl of steamed eggs, thank you!" Of course Qi Haoran knew that this big man had limited skills, and he only ordered the simplest food.

Order a good meal, He went to sit down at the table and waited for the meal.

"How is the steamed egg made?" Wang Zining clutched his hair, recalling desperately. He took out an egg, tremblingly following the appearance of Aunt Xiao Lin, and wanted to knock it on the side of the bowl and then hit it into the bowl. The result was too much force. When the egg shell hit the mouth of the bowl, it broke into bones and the egg liquid flowed. Come out and get his hands all over him.

I screamed in annoyance, washed my hands, poured out the broken eggshells that fell in the bowl, and took an egg again. This time I controlled my strength and knocked slightly, but the eggshell only cracked a little. When he broke it apart, the eggshell and egg liquid mixed together and fell into the bowl.

Wiping the sweat from his forehead, Wang Zining took out the third egg…

When Mr. Qi Haoran waited impatiently and came to inspect, he found that the first step of steamed eggs had not been successful.

He sighed and shook his head. How could he be such an adult, he couldn't even knock an egg. Seeing Wang Zining holding a chopstick and carefully picking out egg shells, he reminded: "There are many unknown objects on the egg shells. Even if you pick out the shells now, those suspicious substances have been left in the eggs. This bowl of eggs, I don't I can eat it."

Wang Zining put down his chopsticks angrily, "Come by yourself!"

Qi Haoran immediately took a step back, "You have used up your phone, please keep your promise and don't push your task to others!"

Another promise!" I will definitely make steamed eggs for you, you wait!" Wang Zining said full of warfare.

"There are two eggs left, please use with caution!"

A box of 8 eggs, 6 have been killed. His hands, countertops, and sink are all egg liquid.

When the last egg was knocked out completely by him and dropped into the bowl, Wang Zining was so excited that he almost waved the flag and shouted. Finally, he finally succeeded. It's like after a day and night reviewing and finally getting a good result-maybe he can't get a good result after reviewing well, but he often tries hard, but he can knock out a complete egg! He is amazing!

Looking at the big man who was excited like a fool, holding a bowl in his eyes and appealing to him, Qi Haoran had to be a person who poured cold water to calm him down.

"Now is the first step. Next, you have to beat the eggs into a well-balanced egg liquid."

This is easy, Wang Zining immediately took out his chopsticks, turned into a whisk, and beat the eggs quickly.

"You can stop, what I want to eat is steamed egg, not chicken cake."

Wang Zining stopped, looked at his younger brother, and waited for the next instruction.

"Put a little salt, pour 45 degrees of warm water, the ratio of egg to water is 1:1.5, and you can steam it in the pot when it's done."

Wang Zining cautiously filled a spoonful of salt and came to his younger brother to ask if the amount was okay.

Qi Haoran glanced at him, did not speak, said in his heart, how do I know if the amount of salt is appropriate? I have never made steamed eggs! The above steps are only provided by online teaching materials.

When Chef Wang's bowl of steamed eggs was finally out of the pot, he brought it in front of his younger brother with a proud face, waiting for his evaluation, and was a little excited, just like a master of cooking competition waiting for gourmets to give high-quality affirmation The mood is the same at that time.

"It's so ugly, are you sure it's cooked?" The steamed eggs that the seller has eaten are different. Mr. Qi Haoran used to be disdainful of such foods, and must not let them have the opportunity to enter his mouth. But he didn't eat for the whole day. He was indeed a little hungry. Under his brother's eyeing gaze, he took a spoonful of it and his expression suddenly changed color. He squeezed his mouth and swallowed the liquid in his mouth with difficulty.

"How, how?" Wang Zining asked expectantly.

"Allow you to taste it yourself." Qi Haoran pointed to the steamed egg and said.

Wang Zining swallowed, took a spoon, took a sip, and put it in his mouth. Just as he entered the mouth, there was a pounce, and it all came out.

"It's too salty. Why didn't you just say that you lied to me to try!" Wang Zining exclaimed, it was terribly salty, didn't he just put a spoonful of salt, how could it be like pouring a whole pot of salt.

Qi Haoran touched the egg liquid and unknown objects on his face, and stared at the culprit with indignation. Wang Zining found that the little man had been sprayed on his face and hair just now, and said awkwardly that he was sorry.

But the little man didn't mean to forgive him at all, pushed aside the chair and jumped off, and walked away.

"You lied to me first. I sprayed you accidentally. I already said I'm sorry. Don't be so stingy!"

Qi Haoran washed his hair and took a good shower, put on his anime pajamas and lay on the bed, touching his groaning belly, still angry. The elder brother in the opposite room has fallen into a deep dream. He was extremely tired from the rush of the day. The sad emotions that had just returned to the basket were healed by a bowl of failed egg custard.

He didn't know how worried his family was by his reckless behavior.

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