Fan Jiangliang kept making phone calls in the hospital, feeling a bit burnt.

Li Xiaoyun had already woken up, she was hiding from her for the time being, so she didn't dare to let her know about the uterus removal. After she woke up, she was clamoring to see the child. Fan Jiangliang could only ask the nurse to arrange to push her to look at the child in the incubator through the glass window. Li Xiaoyun saw the child come back, and she burst into tears in distress. Mom finally persuaded her.

She regretted the clamor when she was pregnant, and said something to stop having a baby. When she fell down the stairs, the feeling of warm liquid flowing out of her body was still terrifying when she thought about it now. At that moment, how scared she was to lose her child, and silently made a wish at that time, as long as the child can be safe, what will she give The price is willing.

When she was held and sent to the hospital, she also had a sense of consciousness. Although she didn't know who was holding her, the fast beating heart and heavy breathing of that person in the running made her feel at ease, knowing that she and the child Being rescued.

She came out of the operation and asked about the person who brought her to the hospital. After Li Xiaoyun's mother told her it was Wang Zining, she was silent for a while.

"Have you not found Ning Ning?" Li Xiaoyun's mother asked Fan Jiangliang who was calling outside the ward, with guilt on her face.

Fan Jiangliang shook his head, "Xiaoyun's situation is stable now. I'll go home first. My mother's heart is not good. I'll go back and have a look."

"Go, go, I will take care of Xiaoyun and the child here. Hey, I blamed me and asked me if I didn't figure it out. Ning Ning was scared. If Xiaoyun and the child did not arrive in time for Ning Ning, they will still pay I don't know what the situation is, I really…"

Fan Jiangliang did not comfort his mother-in-law. He still feels a little unhappy now. The silly boy in his family has not been found yet. Although such a big boy shouldn't have any accidents, how could his family not worry about being missing for so long? .

When he returned home, Wu Han was on IV drips. She insisted on not going to the hospital. She was afraid that Wang Zining would come back and there would be no one at home. It would be useless to persuade him, so she could only call the doctor at home for treatment.

"Ning Ning has no news yet?" Wu Han saw his son and quickly sat up, Fan Jiangwen worried that she would pull the needle and hold her down.

"Not yet. Several relatives and classmates who usually communicate with each other have called and asked, and they all said they haven't seen him." Fan Jiangliang sat down in front of his mother's bed and sighed.

"This little guy, you must teach him a good lesson when you come back. He has learned to run away from home.

The courage is too big!" Fan Jiangwen said with a solemn face.

"Ning Ning, we desperately sent Li Xiaoyun to the hospital, who knew that he was the one who pushed people downstairs when he was suspected of being wronged. He is a stupid kid. Whoever suspects him, grandparents and grandparents can't do that. What about him? Even we don't believe it anymore! I haven't come back, and I didn't call my grandma." Wu Han said, crying again.

Fan Jiangwen gently patted her mother's back to comfort, and asked, "Is Li Xiaoyun okay? How are the children?"

"The operation was very successful, and she and the child were fine. It's just that I didn't dare to let her know about the uterus, for fear of irritating her." Fan Jiangliang replied.

Fan Jiangwen sighed, "How could such a thing happen!"

"Have you notified Wang Yuan? Did Ning Ning contact her?" Wu Han continued to ask.

"I have asked her, Ning Ning didn't contact her, she is also rushing back now."

"Don't sit here anymore. Go out and find someone. You must get Ning Ning back. If something happens to Ning Ning, I won't be able to survive." Wu Han patted the bed.

"Mom, what are you talking about? What can happen to Ning Ning is that the child's disposition cannot stand the grievance, where he is hiding now, and he will come back when he can figure it out. Don't think about it." Fan Jiangwen persuaded.

"What does it mean to be unable to bear grievances?" Wu Han pointed at his daughter dissatisfiedly and said loudly, "You don't know your nephew at all. You just got wronged. He just yelled and passed away. He was scared. I was afraid that there would be no evidence for this. I can't say it clearly, I'm afraid we will doubt him too, do you know it!"

Fan Jiangwen quickly apologized and comforted: "Mom, I was wrong. Dad has organized students and friends to find people in the places that Ning Ning usually goes to. My brother also sent some people out to find people. Ning can find it, don't worry, the doctor said you must keep your emotions stable now, or your heart can't stand it."

Wu Han ignored her and said to Fan Jiangliang: "Fortunately, Li Xiaoyun still has a conscience. He said that she fell by herself and did not wrong us Ning Ning. Do you know why Ning Ning didn't go home and feared that we would doubt him? Because he was also worried about Li Xiaoyun in his bones. He said that he was pushed back. I know that Li Xiaoyun was the hardest hit in this accident, but if it weren't for her usual attitude towards Ning Ning, how could Ning Ning distrust her? But it's all my faults. The fault is that I shouldn't make that pot of soup. I should deliver it by myself. Ning Ning shouldn't let Ning Ning deliver it. If there is no soup, nothing will happen."

Wu Han thinks of this regret but too late. Brother Fan Jiangliang glanced at each other, worried that if he couldn't find anyone, his mother would really be unable to hold back and fall.

Fan Jiangliang originally didn't want his mother to know about this, because she was afraid that she could not stand it. Who knew that Li Xiaoyun's mother called them all when she was in a hurry. Later, Ning Ning ran away and couldn't hide Wu Han. Fan Jiangliang is now not only worried about his son's whereabouts, but also worried about his leg injury.

Academician Fan Jiang was also worried about his grandson's leg injury, so he went out to find his grandson in the middle of the night.

Wang Yuan received a call from Fan Jiangliang and asked her to drive her back to City H overnight. She was very anxious along the way. If she finds this stupid son, she must scold him bloody. Now the most important thing is to send her back to H city. I found it, but after Fan Jiangliang talked about it, I had searched all the places he would go, but I didn't find it.

Wang Yuan originally wanted to go directly to Granny Fan Jiang's house to discuss the matter of finding someone, but suddenly thought of a possibility, would the silly boy return to her residence? Thinking of this possibility, she asked the driver to drive faster, wishing to fly back with her wings.

Without bringing any luggage, she left the elevator and opened the door directly. After entering the door, she ran directly to Wang Zining's bedroom. When she saw the sleeping boy with big hands and feet lying on the bed in the hazy moonlight, her heart suddenly settled. However, he immediately became annoyed and wanted to scold him, but he still couldn't bear it.

Hearing Fan Jiangliang said that Ning Ning's leg was still injured. She thought of this and hurriedly went to check and saw that a disposable towel that Wang Zining had temporarily bandaged herself had fallen off. She turned on the phone to illuminate and found that her son's leg was a little irritated. Redness and swelling, it must be that the back was not covered with water.

She touched her son's forehead and found that it was a little hot, not knowing if he had a fever. Seeing that he slept soundly and didn't wake him up, he went to the night pharmacy outside to buy anti-inflammatory drugs, fever-reducing drugs and gauze alcohol, etc., and went back to disinfect and bandage his wounds. Seeing such a big movement, he did not wake up. It seems that he was really tired yesterday.

When I went to the pharmacy to buy medicines, I had called Fan Jiangliang and told him that Wang Zining was at her house and was asleep, so he was relieved.

As soon as she bandaged her son, the phone rang. Fan Jiangliang and the others were worried and rushed over to take a look at Wang Zining.

Knowing that they were already at the door, Wang Yuan hurried over to open the door.

"I'm asleep, and the wound is a bit inflamed. I just re-dressed him. I will observe for one night and take him to the hospital for an examination tomorrow." Fan Jiang

The academician and Fan Jiangliang came together, and he nodded solemnly. He followed his son to see that his grandson was safe and sound. Originally, he wanted to teach the stinky boy again, so that the worried family members turned their backs. But like Wang Yuan, when she saw a child who was sleeping deeply, she put her hands and feet softly, for fear of awakening him.

"It's fine if it's okay, please take care of it this evening." Academician Fan Jiang said to Wang Yuan.

"I'm his mother, I will take care of him."


In the early morning, the boy grabbed his hair and got out of bed to look for the toilet. After returning from the bathroom, he fell back on the bed.

Qi Haoran dreams of being chased by a monster with long arms and legs. He runs all the time. He turns around and shoots the monster with his special laser qiang, but the monster's life is very tenacious and can't be defeated. He can only continue to run. But he was still chased by the monster. One of the monster's long hands grabbed him. He screamed and woke up from the dream, and found a long foot lying on his body. The dream and reality could not be distinguished for a while. Mr. Qi Haoran lost his calmness and self-sufficiency and shouted aloud.

Wang Yuan was preparing breakfast. She was surprised by the sharp cry of the child. She put down the knife and ran towards Wang Zining's room, opened the door, and found that there was no one on the bed. She froze for a moment and found that the sound came from the younger son's room. Then turned around and pushed Mario's room away…

Wang Zining felt that his ears were about to be deafened. He retracted his feet, covered his ears with his hands, and looked at the screaming little monster on the bed.

"Why are you in my room?" This is a sharp question from the soul of Mr. Qi Haoran who has recovered his senses.

"Why are you here?" This is the question of the somewhat stunned Wang Zining. Why did a screaming little monster appear on his bed, and he was also wearing ridiculous red cartoon pajamas.

"Why are you here?" This is when Wang Yuan shouted in disbelief astonished after seeing her youngest son.

Wang Yuan felt that her mind was about to be blown apart, she had to sort out her thoughts first. Her eldest son ran away from home and came to her. Her younger son is supposed to be in Germany. He is also here now. Is it another runaway child?

"Wake up, wash your face and brush your teeth, get up and eat breakfast." Now she needs to calm down in her mind, wait for breakfast, and then interrogate them one by one.


Sitting at the dining table, Qi Haoran was still so angry that her cheeks were bulging, her hands wrapped around her chest, staring at her brother.

Wang Zining touched his head awkwardly: "I finished

The toilet went back to the wrong room. It was not intentional. Why are you angry for so long?"

"…Have you washed your hands after you went to the toilet?" Qi Haoran neglected to realize a more serious problem.

Wang Yuan brought the mixed noodles, and Wang Zining quickly brought a bowl of noodles in front of her, deliberately avoiding the problem, and pretending to eat the noodles seriously.

Qi Haoran said to her mother with a heavy expression: "All my bedding needs to be changed, and the room needs to be disinfected."

"Affectionate!" Wang Zining whispered while eating his noodles.

Seeing Qi Haoran about to have an attack, Wang Yuan quickly put his small bowl of noodles in front of him, "Eat first, it won't taste good when it's cold."

Seeing the eldest son's big mouthful of noodles, the younger son picks up and eats one by one, at least not saying anything disgusting.

"Did you make eggs last night?" The kitchen was in a mess. There were broken eggshells and egg liquid everywhere. In the morning, she wiped it with hot water for a long time before cleaning it up.

"Hmm." With noodles in his mouth, Wang Zining nodded his head, but he made it for the little guy-although he failed.

It must have failed. The bowl of egg custard that was not cleaned had already told Wang Yuan the answer. She thought that her elder brother should have made it, and her younger brother would not do it.

"Next time Mom prepares some milk pastries at home, you can eat them when you are hungry."

"You can also prepare a case of Coke." Wang Zining suggested.

Wang Yuan glanced at him, still dare to make a request?! After eating the noodles, I will ask you to settle the bill.

"Have you eaten?" Wang Yuan saw the eldest son whose bowl had already bottomed out, and handed him the phone." Call your grandma first. She has always been worried about you."

Wang Zining took the phone and mumbled: "I called my grandma yesterday, but I didn't get through." After speaking, he took the phone and went back to his room to call.

The communication process was very unsatisfactory. Wang Zining was scolded bloody by his grandma. Then he realized that the number he called to grandma yesterday was wrong. Usually the numbers are stored in the phone. He doesn't remember that clearly, so that A text message was also sent to other people's mobile phones. Tell grandma that he will go back to see her in the morning and finally be able to hang up.

Wang Yuan looked at her younger brother who was eating slowly and leisurely noodles, and told herself to calm down and solve them one by one. First, solve the problem with her brother, and then figure out her brother's problem.

Seeing Wang Zining coming out of the bedroom, Wang Yuan pointed to the location of the living room and let him pass.

The interrogation officially began.

Wang Zining moved his arms and legs uncomfortably. Before Wang Yuan could ask questions, he said, "I have already settled with my grandmother. I have called home. Unexpectedly, the wrong phone number was dialed, which made them worry."

"Why ran away?" Wang Yuan asked, sitting opposite him, looking at her son.

Wang Zining lowered his head, "I didn't run! I, I came here to take a break, I wanted to come this weekend."

The dead duck has a hard mouth.

"I heard your father say that your Aunt Li fell down the stairs, and you brought her to the hospital in time. She and the child are in peace now. You did something brave and commendable, but you panicked. I ran away, why is this, can you tell mom?" Wang Yuan asked pretending.

"I said, I didn't run…" Wang Zining Wei said.

"Aunt Li woke up and said, she wanted to tell you not to run too fast down the stairs. As a result, she accidentally slipped and fell downstairs."

Wang Zining's face suddenly turned to one side, and his nose twitched suspiciously.

"I hope you stay a little wary, but when facing problems, you can't judge things prematurely because you are wary, especially when dealing with problems in an evasive way."

There were a lot of ideals in Wang Yuan's stomach to tell her son, but she gave up when the words came to her lips.

"Mom is very happy. You chose to come back here yesterday. But your grandparents are probably going to be sad. Mom will send you to the hospital for a checkup in the morning, and then send you back. Your grandparents must all want to have a good chat with you!"

Wang Zining turned his head and said dissatisfied: "I'm fine, why should I go to the hospital?"

Wang Yuan took her son's armpit temperature several times last night, and the temperature was normal. She lamented her son's calf-like good physique, "The wound on your leg touched water yesterday, let's go and bandage it again." She did something simple. But I still want the doctor to check it again before I feel relieved.

Wang Zining looked down and realized that the disposable towel tied to his leg was long gone. It had been re-wrapped with gauze. He shook his calf: "You secretly wrap it for me while I sleep. Already. It's packed, I won't go to the hospital!" He shook his head resolutely, and he would never go to the hospital again. The place is so simple and terrible that I don't want to go again in this life.

"You didn't fight with people yesterday, did you save them?" Mr. Qi Haoran, who had eaten breakfast, paced over slowly. He didn't want to listen to other people's privacy, but they were talking too loudly and were forced to reach his ears. in.

Wang Zining glared at each other: "Who fights and fights?"

"Now my brother's problem is clear.

The younger brother sits over, and now it's time to solve your problem." Wang Yuan waved her finger at the seat next to Wang Zining, motioning for her brother to sit over.

"Yes, did you run away from home again!"

Wang Yuan and Qi Haoran turned their heads to look at him together. The people who ran away from home were embarrassed to jump out and talk about others!

"I went back to China with my father's secretary. Before I came here, I had already sent an email to my father to present my requirements and rights."

At this time, Wang Yuan's mobile phone rang. She looked at the caller Qi Fan, and raised her head to her little son: "It seems that someone just saw your email, and he obviously didn't agree with your actions."

After speaking, she went to the room to answer the phone.

"Yes, Mario is with me now… It's not a kidnapping, but he chose to come here to find me… As for why you didn't know until now, then you have to ask yourself… Go to court, and you lost it. My child, you still want to use it as evidence against me for such a big mistake. Do you think the court was opened by your family?… You don't need to send someone to pick it up. Mario will be with me this time until when will you? Come and take him home personally when you have time… Are you abroad? That's right, my father doesn't have time, so I can take him, don't thank me, I am his mother, and it is my responsibility to accompany the children!"

After speaking, he hung up the phone, no matter how furious the people on the other end of the phone.

"Mario, I will help you pack your luggage. Mom is going to work in the field today. You will go with me. As for the other gentleman who ran away from home, I will send you back in the morning and apologize to the elders in the family. Review your own problems, and if you encounter a similar situation next time, dare you dare to be so reckless again."

Wang Yuan came out of the room and arranged a trip for the three of them.

"He also ran away from home, so you don't want to talk about him?" Wang Zining pointed to his younger brother, thinking that his mother had no intention of asking questions at all. It was unfair!

"Brother's problem, I will naturally communicate with him, so you can worry about your own business!" Wang Yuan simply cleaned up the dinner bowl and waited for the hourly worker to come and clean it. The filming crew was still waiting in the field. She came back temporarily yesterday. She was already very unprofessional. She wasted the manpower and material resources of the business. After dealing with the matters here, she has to rush back to finish the work.

Mario reminded, "Remember to disinfect the room!"

"Okay, I'll remind Cleaning Auntie." Wang Yuan could only meet his needs when meeting a son with such a queer hair.

Big son was determined not to go to the hospital. Wang Yuan watched him jumping around.

The wound on the leg was changed into gauze in the middle of the night. Today, it is no longer red and swollen. It is healing normally, and he was sent to the house without forcing him.

Sending Wang Zining to the door in person, Wang Yuan greeted the two old people who came out and Wang Zining's aunt, and apologized to them for Wang Zining. Although Wu Han calmed down, but after some tossing, his mental head was not very good. Wang Zining held his grandmother and lowered his forehead against her head. Wu Han lost his grandeur and slapped his grandson several times, but The small movement can't even kill the mosquitoes.

Fan Jiangwen stared at his nephew fiercely. Wang Zining knew that his aunt would definitely seize the opportunity to educate him.

Wang Yuan sent the people and rushed to work by car. In the car, she touched the youngest son's head and asked how he and his brother were getting along?

Qi Haoran was not prepared to answer this question, he would not satisfy his mother's wishful thinking.

"Then talk about it, why did you suddenly come back from Germany?"

The twins will not go to Germany until the summer vacation. There is still a period of time before the summer vacation. He wants to return home early, but he wants to see his mother earlier, but he won't tell her.

"Because I might starve to death in Germany!" Qi Haoran said.

"Little picky eater." Wang Yuan touched his tender little face and said with a smile. The little guy who is picky eaters doesn't eat very much, but his little face is fleshy.

"Why don't you call your mother in advance, I said that when you return home, I will pick you up at the airport."

"I'm not here to disturb your life, I will arrange myself." Qi Haoran said coolly.

Yes, you are so capable.

If Wang Zining accidentally rushed back, would the little guy squat outside the door of the house yesterday?

When Wang Yuan arrived at the shooting location, she had no time to rest, so she hurried to make-up preparations. She asked Xiao Wang to take care of Qi Haoran. Xiao Wang is also curious about the youngest son of the queen. Unlike the handsome man of the boss, the small one is too upright, and the cute round face is dressed as a gentleman. The question is pretty cool. Before the question and answer, they were very organized and concise, which made her suspect that the object of her communication was an adult.

Asked if he had any snacks he wanted to eat, but he refused. Seeing him watching his mother intently shooting an advertisement, Xiao Wang felt that genes were really important. This family of three went out, simply because of the peak value of the face and the gleaming light.

Qi Haoran watched her mother dress up, her hair was different from the usual scattered teeth and claws, or she was casually grabbed into a ball and tied, combed and draped on her shoulders smoothly.

She was wearing a light yellow dress, standing on the arranged lawn, facing the blower, holding the endorsement milk in her hand, looking very gentle and peaceful. The first time it seemed that the props weren't put in the right place to start again, the second time the wind messed up the hair, and the stylist stepped forward to take care of it again, and the third time… He felt that his mother could still maintain that gentle and airy look. But it really needs good acting skills.

One scene was finally filmed, and there was another scene to be filmed. The director asked her to rest for a while and wait for the little actors to arrive.

Wang Yuan was finally able to drink her saliva slowly. She patted and laughed at her stiff muscles. Seeing her little son next to her stupidly looking at her, she smiled and said, "We will take a good shot today. If you are tired , I will ask Aunt Xiao Wang to take you back to the hotel to rest first."

Qi Haoran shook his head, and asked with his hands behind his back: "Do you like shooting commercials?"

Wang Yuan thought for a while, "The original mother prefers acting. Shooting commercials is only part of the job. Now my mother hasn't found what she really likes to do."

With a very complicated look, Qi Haoran held up his chest: "I can make a lot of money in the future, I can give you a lot of living expenses, you don't have to do things you don't like."

Wang Yuan smiled happily. She ignored the makeup on her face, holding her son's small face, and kissed her, "Baby, thank you. But mom can't take your living expenses out of work, everyone should find what they can do. Things, work hard together, so that you can be fulfilled and happy."

After the shooting, in order to make up for everyone's waiting for her all morning, Wang Yuan asked her assistant to arrange for everyone to have a big meal. Let the assistant arrange the care for her, and she will not participate.

But after the end, the manufacturer representative came to Wang Yuan and said that one of their senior leaders wanted to invite her to dinner together and talk about the next cooperation. Wang Yuan directly refused and asked them to talk to their agent about work matters.

After she left, everyone in the filming crew started talking.

"The child Wang Yuan brought over today is her youngest son, right? He has never appeared in the news."

"Her two sons are well protected, unlike some second-generation stars, who have long been brought out by their parents to attract money together."

"There are two sons, and the father is either a famous coach or a rich man. It is impossible for the two children to show up."

"What did you say about her rushing back yesterday? An inside story revealed in the morning that Li Xiaoyun was delivered to the hospital prematurely yesterday. Could it be because of this?"

"What does the ex-husband's wife's accident have to do with her? How could it be possible to rush back for this reason."

"Have you seen that the face of the representative of the manufacturer just now turns black? It seems that someone wants to invite Wang Yuan to the dinner, but she did not agree."

"Although Wang Yuan was divorced twice, she still has a good reputation. She hasn't exploded with any ill-informed stories. People rely on their strength to eat. Coffee is here, and the wine bureau also has autonomy in socializing."

"She also relied on two men to get to where she is today. Now she doesn't participate in the small wine bureau. When there are good resources to fight for, there is a capital organization. Can she refuse?"

Of course Wang Yuan couldn't hear these discussions, and it didn't matter if she heard her. Holding her son back to the hotel, she asked her son what he wanted for dinner. Wang Yuan passed all the desserts that the little guy reported. She ordered shrimp dumplings and boat porridge for her son.

The dinner has not been delivered yet. She is looking for local attractions and plans to take her son to have fun at the end of work tomorrow. Xiao Wang hesitated approaching and said nervously, "Sister Yuanyuan, your mother is in the hotel lobby. She said she wants to see you."

Wang Yuan was stunned, but Xue Ping unexpectedly found here. 

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