The person has chased downstairs, and Wang Yuan can only meet once. I hope that seeing this will make her completely give up.

When I came to the lobby bar of the hotel, I saw a lady in her fifties, dressed in a bright and fashionable dress, with a pair of sunglasses on her face. When she saw Wang Yuan approaching, she reached out and took off her sunglasses and exposed a small smile to her.

"Sit!" She stretched her finger to the opposite position.

"Go to the cafe inside." Without waiting for her consent, Wang Yuan turned to go first. There is no privacy for people coming and going in the lobby bar. She doesn't want to be on the news tomorrow with Xue Ping.

Xue Ping was not displeased, stood up gracefully and followed her away.

The two sat down in the corner of the cafe.

"What is it for me?" Wang Yuan has carefully observed Xue Ping. She is a little different from another time and space. She looks younger here. Looking at her face, Wang Yuan thinks she should go to the plastic surgery hospital. Lifting and firming are done well.

"How can I just ask this at all times, can't I come and see you?" Xue Ping waved to the waiter, ordered a cup of coffee, and Wang Yuan ordered a cup of hot cocoa.

"Drink such a high-calorie beverage, don't you control your figure?"

Unexpectedly, Xue Ping would still care about her figure, "Drinking cocoa occasionally helps me stabilize my mood." Knowing the content of the next conversation will not be pleasant.

"I think you look good, and it seems that you have been able to manage your emotions recently. So last time you went to the hospital, did you commit suicide or hype?" Xue Ping asked her, looking at her.

Wang Yuan smiled without answering.

"I know a psychiatrist and I can introduce it to you. I have a friend's daughter who also committed suicide due to depression. As a result, I saw this psychiatrist and she is all well now, married and gave birth to a child."

"Oh, why do you think of suicide? You don't want to think that you have two children. As an entertainer, you should be a positive role model. You are still hiding the real reason for being hospitalized."

"Are you finished? You have a lot of imagination. Have you watched any series recently?" Wang Yuan hugged her chest and sneered with a smile at the corner of her mouth.

Xue Ping's face changed, "I care about you!"

"Thank you, I am very concerned about me. I am so concerned that we need to record our words and recollection?" Wang Yuan raised her chin and looked at her limited edition.

Xue Ping raised her eyebrows and was panicked.

Covered the past, and then generously took out the recording pen in the bag and put it on the table.

The waiter brought the coffee and cocoa ordered by the two of them.

She raised her coffee cup with her fingers, and took a sip elegantly, "Do you know how much the message you posted on the Internet had on Yan Yan? You hurt your sister so viciously!" She said in a hurry.

Wang Yuan smiled and said: "There is a problem with the information I sent, and you can choose to protect your rights through legal channels."

"Yan Yan has admired you since she was a child. She likes you so much and wants to be close to you. She doesn't ask you to help her, but you really lose your conscience if you step on her like this."

"You have to bring such a serious evaluation after every sentence. I really can't bear it." Wang Yuan took a sip of hot cocoa and was shocked. From viciousness to loss of conscience, she suddenly suspected that she had done something heinous.

"I need Qu Hui to help us introduce some resources." Xue Ping stopped walking in circles and went straight to the topic.

"Don't you have her contact information? You can contact her yourself."

"Without your face, she would not take the initiative to help us. As a condition of exchange, I helped you contact a variety show of XX TV station. The performance fee given by the other party is very considerable, which is a good opportunity for you to gain both fame and fortune." Xue Ping said condescendingly.

Wang Yuan chuckles and laughs, "My mother accompanies my daughter on the love observation program. This is more suitable for you to participate in with your current daughter."

XX TV station is the organizer of the Tang Yanyan girl group audition show. The TV station invited her to participate in their ace love variety show some time ago. Qu Hui knew that she would not participate at all, so she refused directly, but mentioned it to her. I guess this time The TV station wanted to reach a cooperation with her through her mother's side.

Xue Ping sat up straight, "Yan Yan is not well-known enough now. She has to prove herself through the women's team audition show. Don't take your first step. Make a name in the entertainment circle and look down on your sister. She Much better than you, a mentally unstable person. As long as you give her a chance, she will be more popular than you!"

"Then I congratulate you in advance." Wang Yuan clapped her hands.

"Did you not agree to what I mentioned?" Xue Ping stared at Wang Yuan and asked in a bad tone.

"What an obvious thing, do I need to explicitly reject it?"

The daughter in Xue Ping's impression is always

The girl who stretched out her hand for her living expenses, even if the original body became famous, she would no longer take the aid from her hand. She had become accustomed to the posture of being aloof from the original body. This was also one of the reasons why the mother-daughter relationship broke apart more than ten years ago. Now she is begging for others, but still can't let go of her posture, using her old method, either threatening or intimidating.

She put the recording pen on the desk into her bag, got up and smiled meaningfully: "It's not easy to cheer someone up, but it's a matter of minutes to ruin someone."

Wang Yuan also took out her mobile phone and put it on the table, with the recording mode turned on all the time.

"Don't do the useless work of recording and editing, it's been more than ten years, you don't change this trick!" Wang Yuan followed up and stared at her mockingly. More than ten years ago, she sent the edited conversation to the media to hack her own daughter, but she didn't talk about it for profit.

Xue Ping's complexion changed: "Do you think I can only rely on recording? My identity is the most powerful proof. I will let the public recognize your true face, a cold-blooded and inhuman mental illness, and see if anyone will look for it. You make a movie!"

"Is your husband's business having some trouble recently? I heard that the most profitable hotel under his name has been sold?"

Xue Ping stopped, and suddenly turned around, with a slightly sullen expression: "You, how do you know?…what do you mean?"

"The meaning is very simple. It has been more than ten years since our well water does not disturb the river water. I hope that for the rest of our lives, we will not have any more intersections. You have your methods, and I also have my methods." Wang Yuan brought a trace of unknown Smile, leave first after speaking.

Xue Ping looked at her background, her expression changed several times, and finally stomped her foot bitterly.

When Wang Yuan took the elevator back to her room, she thought of her mother's expression just now and found it very funny. After the hot search incident, she asked someone to check her mother's current situation and found out that her husband had a business problem recently. She just learned Xue Ping's method of intimidating people, she also mentioned casually, let Xue Ping make up for the specific plot.

She likes to save others by herself, she might have guessed it.


Wang Zining picked up the video of his mother and saw her and the little guy in the hotel discussing tomorrow's play plans. He was a little jealous, but if he followed along, he wouldn't be able to go out to play tomorrow because he was going to school tomorrow. Only kindergarten

Children only want to play all day long. When the little one goes to elementary school in the second half of the year, he will know that learning is the most important thing!

He convinced himself secretly, then took out his workbook and started to make up the weekend homework.

After he came back, he was forbidden to go out. Grandpa said that he was confined at home for a month as a punishment. Wang Zining regretted his death. Why did his brain rush so fast? Now, he has to go to jail at home until the summer vacation. He is looking forward to next weekend. If his mother comes to pick him up, will the confinement automatically expire? I hope that my mother and the little man will not be happy outside, and come back soon. Although he didn't want to stay with the small man, he was not so unbearable compared to being kept at home.

The injury on his leg seems to him to be inconvenient to take a bath. Others are not a major problem for a long time, but his grandparents still make a big deal, and he is not allowed to eat hair or dark food (such as today he He proposed to eat braised pork ribs, but Aunt Xiao Lin brought pork ribs in clear soup). He did not understand why the wounds that grandma said would look unsightly. This small injury was on the leg, not on the face. what relationship?!

As for what caused him to be cut, he couldn't ask why. Dad also checked the surveillance of the community. It turned out that it was a lawn mower placed by the green chemical industry next to the green plants. When he ran over When I encountered a cut calf, my grandma knew that Naonan Bodhisattva would bless me, and with his recklessness, if it was more serious, the whole calf might have to be scrapped.

I don't know if it was because they were so worried that Grandpa increased his sentence to one month.

He also looked at the photo of his little brother in his father's phone and saw the little red-skinned monkey-like baby. He couldn't bear to hurt his father's feelings, and hypocritically praised his good looks. Although he has never seen him, he is already worried about the future of this little brother. He looks so ugly, will he feel inferior in going out in the future?

He also received a lot of phone calls from his classmates today, only to realize that his family had asked them all in order to find him. He felt very embarrassed. Everyone would not know that he ran away from home.

Brother Shui also called him, but at that time he hadn't got his mobile phone back and didn't receive it.

When Wang Zining went to school the next day, the classmates came to greet him, wanting to know what happened to him on the weekend

What's the matter, he explained that it was a misunderstanding by the family, nothing happened! After finishing speaking, let the students disperse quickly.

Liang Wentao listened with his ears erected in front. He knew that things were definitely not as simple as Wang Tou said, but they had already broken off their friendship, and he was not easy to inquire. When receiving a call from Wang Zining's family, Liang Wentao also anxiously helped out to find someone. He searched the places where the two people he knew often went to, but did not see Wang Zining. He worried all night. Second Tian received a unified reply from Wang Zining's family, saying that he had returned, and he was relieved.

He also made up a lot of brains, wondering if Wang Zining became Zhang Ting's second!

Zhang Ting was also inquiring about his weekend affairs with Wang Zining. Wang Zining smiled and said that it was okay. He didn't plan to tell anyone about himself.

Today, Wang Zining smelled a familiar peculiar smell again. He knew that it should have been uploaded by Zhang Ting from the same table. He has been carrying the smell during this period. Wang Zining wanted to talk to Zhang Ting several times, but I held back, knowing that this would hurt my friend's self-esteem. Although Zhang Ting wears crumpled old clothes, he usually takes care of them clean. I don't know what has happened to him in the past few days. Why didn't he pay attention to hygiene.

In order to clarify what happened to Zhang Ting, after school, Wang Zining followed Zhang Ting all the way home. When he arrived at Zhang Ting's community, his cell phone rang, and he picked it up in a panic, for fear of being discovered by Zhang Ting.

It's grandma!

Seeing that his grandson hadn't come back, Wu Han called and warned Wang Zining that his leg injury is not healed, and he is in confinement. He must go home immediately after school and is not allowed to run around, otherwise the confinement period will be extended. Wang Zining Disheng said that he knew, and went back immediately. I was going home after I hung up, but I glanced ahead and couldn't help being stunned.

He saw Zhang stopped at the garbage collection area of ​​the community. He put his schoolbag aside, rummaged through the garbage can, and put all the plastic bottles and cardboards in it together. An aunt came next to Zhang Ting and said to Zhang Ting: "The little guy still knows that you make money by picking up garbage. If you don't study hard, come and fight for me!"

Zhang Ting ignored his aunt. His thin body continued to search in the trash can. Wang Zining felt that no matter how high his feet were, people would fall into the bucket.

He didn't disturb his friends, and walked out of the community secretly with his head down.

Zhang Ting's father should have given them living costs. The monitor can confirm this, but Zhang Ting said before that he wanted to make money on his own, and he promised him that he would help him…

As a result, he still broke his promise. Wang Zining was very depressed. Why didn't they grow up quickly? If they were 16 years old now, would they be able to do a lot of things.

Liang Wentao is also having a headache now. His pocket money has bottomed out. The new year's money saved in the past has also been used for this video shooting, buying props, hiring people to edit, entertaining, and paying salaries. The video he took the day before yesterday was also uploaded to the website. As a result, no one watched it. There were dozens of clicks, and no one left a word. When the video was uploaded for the first time, at least some people called them stupid, but now there are no people who scolded them. Liang Wentao received news from several members of the video team. They were all asking him why no one clicked and when the website would help them promote. He threw his phone aside and didn't want to reply to the news. He still needs some comfort. Motivation to motivate members.

It turns out that starting a business is so difficult!

He walked out of the room and wanted to have a deep chat with his father. When Liang Wentao opened the door of his parents' bedroom, Dad Liang behind the computer looked up at him, "Taotao, when will your video be ready? My study can't be requisitioned by you indefinitely!"

I'm still playing games in my study room, where the keyboard is a little harder, and my wife throws things over.

"Dad, have you seen the video we uploaded?"

"Ah, oh, I saw it, I clicked it to read it, you said it very well, very vivid, and the students cooperated well!" Dad Liang said perfunctorily while fighting monsters.

"Comrade Liang, I am going to talk to you now, can you put down the game for a while and have a good talk with me." Liang Wentao said dissatisfied.

"Fine." Dad Liang turned off the computer embarrassedly and got up from his chair." Let's make a pot of tea, and the father and son have a good chat."

Sit down in front of the tea set in the living room. Liang Wentao took a small note, "Have you read it, do you think we have any shortcomings?"

"What's inadequate?" Dad Liang poured the tea over boiled water, tilting his head and thinking, "You can't call it inadequate. It's already a good thing for you teenagers to make a video."

"Please don't treat me as your son, just take this as my study and homework and take it seriously, I want a real evaluation."

"Are you sure?" Dad Liang asked seriously.

Liang Wentao thought for a while and nodded affirmatively. He was ready to meet the storm.

Dad Liang cleaned the tea once, refilled the water, poured two cups, and slowly said, "I watched your video, it was a bit messy. Tell the story when you tell the story, and you perform when you perform. On the other side, the classmates are acting next to it, and it's messy. You can do it well, it's really messy. Besides, if you want to tell a story, you should watch more videos of other storytellers and seniors who talk about cross talk. Let's first think about how people say it. Now you are not like gods. This shape refers to your figure and has nothing to do with what you are talking about."

Liang Wentao snapped the book closed and looked at his father angrily: "Have you read it seriously? Do you understand the psychology and aesthetics of current netizens? You don't understand it at all!"

"You asked me to say it, and I told you that you are not happy!" Dad Liang said helplessly.

"You are outdated. The combination of our speech is a novel idea. No one has seen the old one now!"

"Is there anyone who is not outdated to watch your video? Since you are so confident, you don't have to listen to the opinions of an outdated person like me." Lao Liang said in a hurry.

Liang Wentao is struggling: "Although you can't keep up with the young people, the Internet still needs you uncles. You can also give some advice and see how we can help us increase the number of views on this video."

Uncle Liang drank tea leisurely, and didn't want to pay attention to his son for a while.

"Why don't you invite you, Wang Zining, to participate? Ask me to say that as long as he is there, someone will watch the video!" Liang's mother washed a plate of fruit and brought it over, and also participated in giving comments.

Liang Wentao glanced at his mother bitterly. Such an obvious and easy-to-see fact still needed her to remind!

"Read well, don't toss about your video anymore. I see that you have all those props piled up in the study. You bought them with the new year's money? Now the small vault is probably not left. I think you are not here today. I'd like to suggest that I'm here to sponsor the fundraiser. I will give you two words. It's nothing! Hurry up and take your heart to study. The final exam is about to come. You will be the second-to-last in the exam. I will still ask you to eat fried pork with bamboo shoots!" Lao Liang puts down the tea cup, don't mess with his son, waved to him to enter the room to study.

"You know when you study, have you considered my mental health? Our classmates are the last in the exam every time, and the family will comfort him and encourage him. You can learn something." Liang Wentao exclaimed.

"Isn't Wang Zining the last one? If you can win sports medals like him, I will comfort and encourage you. No matter which project they do, they can win glory for the country and compete for gold and silver. You and him Than? Don't you have any points, you can't just do it if you don't know how to do it, you still have reason?" Old Liang's voice also rose up.

Liang Wentao was irritated by Lao Liang, tears came down, and he sobbed: "I knew that you thought I was worthless, and wanted to secretly give birth to a second child and abandon me. I know what you think, I don't care!" Wiped his tears and went into the room.

Liang's mother was about to go up to comfort her and was pulled by Lao Liang, "Hold him, do you think your son's little mind is so fragile? He is really going to be stimulated to the point that I'm happy, so I might just settle down and study hard."


Zhang Ting rushed into the classroom at the last minute sweating profusely. He often stepped on to and from school recently. Wang Zining knew the truth, but he didn't tell anyone. He was not like before, so he directly persuaded Zhang Ting not to go. Picking up trash, patted his chest and said that he would help him. He knew that promises were easy, but it was difficult to fulfill promises. Before he found a good way, he would not speak easily.

Silently handed a pack of napkins to Zhang Ting, and pointed to the sweat on his forehead. Zhang Ting thanked him with a grin and said in a slightly embarrassing manner: "I went to the toilet to wash it. Recently, it was hot. I ran over with sweat." He put down his schoolbag, sneaked out through the back door, and went to the toilet to clean up for his own hygiene. He knows the smell of trash cans is strong, and he is worried that it will affect others. But no matter how you clean it, there will still be some smell on the clothes.

When Zhang Ting came back, he found that Wang Zining was looking at Liang Wentao's direction, and he followed his gaze. He saw several students in the video team surrounding Liang Wentao and asked him if there was any way to increase his popularity. If not, they plan to withdraw from the video team.

A female classmate laughed at the opportunity: "Someone bragged not long ago that the video he made would become the number one on the list of small online videos this year. Now the cowhide is broken!"

"Fortunately, I quit a long time ago. My friend said it's dirty and clumsy, especially the fat man who tells the story…" Wang Yaoyao deliberately prolonged her voice and gave Liang Wentao a sideways look, "Like a clown!"

"Someone is still promoting in the school forum, wanting to ask alumni to give a friendly click, but the post is blocked by the administrator, hahahaha, this kind of spam video is embarrassing to come to the school's official website to advertise." Wu Jingjing immediately attached.

They were all female classmates who had been scolded and cried by Liang Wentao, and they would definitely fight back when they had a chance.

A while ago, Liang Wentao pulled a few male classmates to make a video, coming in and out with his head high and bullshit coaxing, now he has been beaten in the face.

Liang Wentao made a fist secretly, because the video he made really failed. He is a little bit weak now, and he doesn't bother to fight with these cautious female classmates.

The teacher in charge of the class also came over, knocked on the desk, and signaled everyone to listen to him first. He glanced at Liang Wentao and said: "The final exam is about to come. I have to let go of my hobby. Our average score in the mid-term exam is much behind the second class. I hope we can catch up with the results in the final exam. Liang Wentao, I didn't watch your video. Your video team will be dissolved today. Well, you can change the video group into a study group."

After talking, everyone burst into laughter, especially the female classmates, who laughed very loudly and looked at Liang Wentao. The Lao Fang didn't know what made everyone laugh. He added: "Student Liang Wentao remembers short history stories very well. It would be better if you spend this time on memorizing history textbooks. You are interested in making videos or storytelling. As long as you study hard, you can take a major in director or actor in university in the future, and learn this knowledge professionally. Otherwise, it is easy to watch other people make videos. You really tried it, and found that the ability is insufficient, no one Look, this is the result of no learning and accumulation."

The classmates' sympathy or mocking sight made Liang Wentao's head hang lower.

He thought, everyone is laughing at himself now, his parents, teachers, classmates, and Wang Zining are all laughing at him overpowering. He's just a useless person. He can't do anything. He learns to drag the class, thinking that he has done what he is good at this time, and he is immediately beaten in the face. If my father and mother had another birth, no matter what kind of generation they were, they would be better than him, and he was completely useless!

Wang Zining was uncomfortable looking at the drooping fat head of Brother Shui. When Brother Shui was most proud, he thought that what he wanted most was his failure, but now he feels uncomfortable for him, and sincerely hopes that his video will succeed. Although his arrogant appearance is very annoying, but From now on, so dejected and strong.

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