When school was over, members of the video team pushed to Liang Wentao's seat. He was packing his schoolbags. A classmate standing at the front as a representative, handed a stack of change together in front of him.

"Liang Wentao, we already know that the video site has not given a share reward at all. The money was sent to us by yourself, and now it is returned to you. Let me tell you that we officially withdrew."

The female classmate was whispering on the side.



Liang Wentao's face flushed red, and he pushed the classmates in front of him and ran out of the classroom with his schoolbag buried in his head.

When Wang Zining and Zhang Ting saw this, they chased them out together. Halfway through the run, Wang Zining stopped. Zhang Ting caught up with Liang Wentao, patted his shoulder to comfort him, and waited for Zhang Ting to look back for Wang Ning's. At that time, he was found to have disappeared.

Wang Zining kicked the stones and carried his schoolbag all the way to silence. When he reached the door of the house, he looked up and saw his aunt standing there and waved at him.

Wang Zining took out the key and asked, "Are Grandma and Aunt Xiaolin not at home?" He thought his aunt could not get in without the key.

Fan Jiangwen had a strange expression on her face. She shook her head: "Grandma won't be back today because of something. Auntie will take you to dinner first."

Wang Zining was a little puzzled: "Grandma didn't tell me that she had something to do today? Grandpa is not coming back? And Aunt Xiaolin?" After speaking, he took out his mobile phone, "I'll call grandma."

Fan Jiangwen hurriedly stopped, and said helplessly: "Your grandma is in the hospital. Grandpa and Aunt Xiaolin are with her…"

Before finishing speaking, Wang Zining ran away, turning around anxiously and asked, "Which hospital?"

When Wang Zining and his aunt came to the hospital, they found a lot of people standing at the door of the ward. There were relatives and grandma's friends, and some people he didn't know. He went through the crowd in a panic and had to push the door in. Grandpa who opened the door.

Grandpa hissed at him and led him to the corner of the corridor.

"Grandpa, what's the sickness of grandma? I'm going to see her." Wang Zining said anxiously.

"Your grandma is fine, but the heart is a little uncomfortable. So take her to check it." Academician Fan Jiang soothed.

"So many people came outside…"

"Those are friends, they happened to meet today, so come to see your grandma." Academician Fan Jiang pretended to be relaxed.

These relatives and friends heard that Fan Jiangliang's daughter-in-law had a child, and everyone came to see him. It happened that Wu Han was in his daughter-in-law.

The women's ward was upset and came over. Academician Fan Jiang didn't want to talk to Wang Zining about these things, for fear that he would be anxious and angry.

Fan Jiangwen walked over, and Academician Fan Jiang said to her dissatisfiedly: "Please don't tell him yet, take him to dinner first, and help him with his homework in the evening…"

"You all treat me as a child, and grandma is sick, don't tell me!" Wang Zining exclaimed angrily.

"Mom has to accompany him every day, and usually has to go out for a little thing. I have already told him to leave without worrying about it. I haven't shown up for two days, so how can I hide it from him?" Fan Jiangwen explained.

"I'm going in and see grandma now." He was relieved to see that grandma was okay.

Academician Fan Jiang motioned his daughter to take him to take a look, reminding: "Your grandma is not awake now, let her rest first, don't wake her." The leader of the hospital outside is waiting for him, and he has to discuss the old wife with the hospital. Treatment problems.

Wang Zining watched her grandma lying pale on the hospital bed with her eyes closed. He suddenly became a little frightened. He grabbed his aunt's hand and asked anxiously: "Is grandma really okay?"

Fan Jiangwen patted his somewhat cold hands, and said with a smile: "It's okay, it's just the old problem. Let her rest for two days."

She wanted to take Wang Zining back first, but Wang Zining refused to stand outside the ward and refused to leave. When Fan Jiangwen was out of the ward, he was dragged by a friend of Wu Han and walked aside, not knowing what to say.

Wang Zining looked at the white coats in the corridors, and the patients passing by the hanging rod of the medicine bottle. The nose smelled of the hospital's unique disinfectant. He was a little nervous and at a loss. He really didn't like the hospital. The hospital left him with very bad memories.

Now he just hopes that grandma will get better soon, be healthy, and never use it in the hospital again.

"What's the matter with Fan Jiangliang's wife? It makes the old man so angry!"

"Yeah, it was all an accident. She fell on her own, and now she has suffered a physical crime, and the responsibility has been shifted to the old man. Teacher Wu kindly sent her the stew and it became a harm to her."

When Wang Zining heard it, he immediately looked for the source of the sound and found that it was the two friends of his grandmother. He had a calm face and was about to come forward to inquire, but was held by Fan Jiangwen who came back after talking about the matter.

"Aunt, what happened?" Wang Zining was serious. He didn't like being kept from his family. Everyone knew about it. He didn't know what happened to his grandma.

Fan Jiangwen sighed, pulled him to the corner, and told him today about what happened. My father didn't want Ning Ning to know, but she didn't think it was possible to hide it, and Grandma Ning Ning might go abroad for treatment next time. He was in the country alone, so some things must be clear to him.

In the past two days, many relatives and friends didn't know how they all knew about Li Xiaoyun's birth, and they also inquired about the hospital, so they brought things to visit.

Li Xiaoyun lives in a single ward. The room is full of flowers and gifts from the agency and fans. She is recovering well and she is in a good mood until she accidentally sees the doctor's order and knows her own palace. I fainted when I couldn't stand the stimulation. After I woke up, I was very excited. It happened that relatives and friends came to visit. Wu Han also brought soup to visit her daughter-in-law. She threw the soup box out and patted the bed frame and cried. It was said that it was because Wu Han sent some useless soups that she had an accident. Not only was the child born prematurely, but she also had no palace.

The voice was stern and resentful, and the usual backlog of careful thoughts was poured out without any scruples, saying that Wu Han and his wife were partial to grandsons. This time, she might have deliberately tried to harm her.

She kept accusing and scolding, her parents were too scared to stop her, and all her relatives and friends were stunned, until Wu Han suddenly fell down while holding his heart.

As soon as Fan Jiangwen finished speaking, Wang Zining ran away without a trace.

It's over. Fan Jiangwen hurried to catch up.

Wang Zining ran across the Women's Hospital in one breath, asked Li Xiaoyun's ward, and rushed over there. Two security personnel in black clothes stood at the door of the ward. Wang Zining stopped and heard that Li Xiaoyun was hysterical inside." Why do you all come to accuse me? I am the victim. I am less than 30 years old, and now I don't even have a palace. What do you want me to do in the future! That aunt is all her fault!" Let her take out the rubbish, she will sprinkle it all on the stairs, so I can step on it. I immediately quit her, drove her away, and let her be notified so that she could never find a job again…"

"…I didn't deliberately fainted her, is she right? Did she take care of me after I was pregnant, knowing that I was darling her grandson, and giving me soup twice would be good for me? Without her soup, I'm fine now, and my son doesn't need to wait for the incubator, my body…"

When Wang Zining heard this, he was about to break in through the security personnel, and was pulled by someone.

"Ning Ning, why are you here?" Fan Jiangliang pulled him with a heavy face.

Said, "Did they tell you? Have you been to see grandma?"

Wang Zining glared at dad: "Let go of me, I want to make it clear to her that grandma did not harm her, she should not talk nonsense, she fell ill with her grandma, and must apologize to her grandma."

Fan Jiangliang sighed, touched his son's head and said, "Come out with Dad."

Pulling his son to the downstairs of the inpatient department, Fan Jiangliang went to the vending machine to buy a bottle of Coke and handed it to his son. Wang Zining turned his head and refused to bribe.

"You protect her and let her bully grandma!" he accused.

Fan Jiangliang smiled, "Grandma didn't raise you in vain, knowing she helped her. Your Aunt Li is really wrong, but she is emotionally unstable and her body is not healthy, so she can't stimulate her."

"She can't wrong her grandma because of her bad health!"

"When her condition is stable, Dad will have a good talk with her. You go back now, follow your aunt, and go to school with peace of mind. Don't let your grandparents worry about you anymore."

"I don't go to school, I want to take care of my grandma in the hospital." Wang Zining said firmly and firmly. He doesn't want to go to school now. My grandma is sick and lying in the hospital. Grandpa is also old, and he has some errands. Want him to do it. He didn't worry that the two old people were in the hospital.

Fan Jiangliang was holding a can of Coke. He didn't know how to tell his son. After thinking about it, he still felt that he had to tell him in advance: "Your grandma has a heart surgery, and grandpa has a friend abroad. This is the authority in this regard. If he is in charge of the operation Helping your grandma perform the operation has a higher success rate. When your grandma's condition stabilizes, they will go abroad…"

Wang Zining said anxiously: "I want to go too!" He is definitely going to be together, and must not leave him alone and stay in the country alone.

"You heard from my dad that my grandma's heart is not good, and I had to have surgery. I wanted to wait until you have summer vacation before they can go out or take you with me. But now your grandma can't wait for her body, so she has to undergo surgery in advance."

"That's why I want to be together. I can take care of my grandmother. I will be off for summer vacation in one month. I can make up for the missing classes next semester." Wang Zining was worried that they would not bring him, and expressed his eagerness. Ideas must be followed.

"Your grandparents attach great importance to your studies. Your homework is already tight. If you are one month away from your progress, can you catch up in the next semester? If you don't have the expiration of the final exam, you may have to repeat one year. You don't want to be a repeater, right? ?" Fan Jiangliang persuaded.

"I, I must follow along anyway." Wang Zining said stubbornly.

"You are already a big and small guy. Many things have happened in the past few days. You have to learn to be mature and stop doing things that worry your grandparents. If you follow to go abroad, you will only distract your grandfather's energy. To take care of you, but also to worry about your study problems, you can stay at home and take good care of yourself to make them more at ease."

"They go abroad for medical treatment, and no one can take care of them." Wang Zining felt painful and uncomfortable thinking about the scene of the two old people going abroad alone.

Fan Jiangliang patted his son on the shoulder, stupid little  thinking all day, "Your aunt will go together, your grandfather has a project with foreign partners, and this time the team members of your grandfather research institute will also be together. There are many people who take care of them. Don't worry about it. Now, the person we are most worried about is yourself. Because your little brother was just born, and his father wants to stay and take care of him temporarily, I will contact your mother today. If she does No problem, I will ask her to pick you up and live for a while, and wait for your grandparents to return home, and then pick you home."

"You have arranged it a long time ago, and you don't ask me what I think." Wang Zining was very aggrieved and turned to leave.

Fan Jiangliang hurriedly said: "Don't run around…"

"I'm going to see grandma." After that, Wang Zining was gone.

Fan Jiangliang turned the Coke in his hand and sighed. He didn't expect that Li Xiaoyun would react so badly after knowing his physical condition. After two marriages, he felt that he was still a failed husband. After his mother was upset, his parents-in-law came to persuade him not to quarrel with Xiaoyun, fearing that her emotions would aggravate her and the postpartum depression that the doctor had reminded him.

The youngest son's condition is also unstable, and the jaundice has not gone away since birth. He is now focusing on taking care of his younger son. At this time, he feels that Ning Ning is most sorry. He can't care for the younger ones. His parents are about to go abroad for medical treatment, and his younger sister will stay with him. Only his son is left. I was at home, as if everyone had abandoned him. Fortunately, his mother would take good care of him.

After receiving Fan Jiangliang's call, Wang Yuan packed up and went home.

Unexpectedly, within a few days of separation from the eldest son, another major event occurred in Fan Jiang's family. Although worried about Wu Han's health, she was still very happy to know that she could live with the eldest son.

At this time, Fan Jiang's family was persuading Wang Zining together.

"Didn't you always want to live with your mother for a period of time? Now that she comes to pick you up, you should be happy." Wu Han is in stable condition. He has been in the hospital for two days and is now discharged home.

The procedures for going abroad have also been completed. She will leave the city for treatment tomorrow. She is still very pale at this time, and she is holding Sun's hand with an uneasy expression. If possible, she also wants to treat her. Take it with you, but knowing that staying in the country and letting his mother take care of him is the best choice for him.

"Who said that, I didn't want to live with her." Wang Zining was still angry, and he felt depressed and uncomfortable thinking that the two closest to him would leave him for a long time tomorrow.

"When you're off for summer vacation, grandma will also have the operation to return home. We will be back soon and will take you home as soon as we get back." Wu Han was also very reluctant to part with Sun.

"Originally, it was going to be locked up for a month, but now it's liberated in advance, are you unhappy?" Fan Jiangwen joked.

Wang Zining stared at his aunt with anger, not wanting to talk to her.

"During the period when your grandparents are away, you have to take care of yourself. The final exam is about to come. During this period, you must review well and strive for a good result. If you have anything to do, call your dad right away. He should have been Come to take care of you, don't let him relax, just tell him if you have anything, and let him do it for you." Grandpa Fan Jiang told Sun .

"Leave more money for the children, what's the matter, at least the money for the car to eat will not be less." Wu Han said to her husband, she had already imagined that Sun would suffer.

"Don't, forget that you gave him so much pocket money last year. He spent a few months' wages of ordinary people and bought a soccer signed by the ball." Fan Jiangwen quickly persuaded him to give him pocket money. Grandparents who were too lenient forced her to be a stern and rational aunt.

"Then he didn't mess around, he bought something he likes." Wu Han defended her grandson.

Grandpa Fan Jiang ignored his daughter's words. He looked at Wang Ning's face and said, "Grandpa gave you a card. If you want to buy it, you can swipe it."

Fan Jiangwen was speechless, she knew this. She didn't want her parents to spend money in Ning Ning. If it's a good expense for the child, it doesn't matter how much money she wants to bring out. She is worried that the young boy will have too much in her hand. Money is not a good thing. It's a pity that parents obviously won't listen to her advice.

She glanced at her brother.

Fan Jiangliang: "Daddy transferred a sum of money to your mobile phone. If you want to buy something, just tell me. You live with your mother and your younger brother. You usually take care of your younger brother, and give him more food and drink. Keep a copy." He was worried that the two brothers would not be able to get along, and wanted his son to be nice to his half-brother and buy the little one.

So as not to spoil anything.

Well, she already knew that her brother was also an unprincipled father.

"I don't want the pocket money you gave me. I just want to live in my own home and never go anywhere." Wang Zining said with his eyes down.

Wu Han's eyes were red, "This is our own home. You can come back anytime you want to go home. Aunt Xiaolin is also at home. You want to eat her cooking. Call her in advance and tell her that you want to sleep at home for a night. She will also help you dry the quilt, and grandma will come back soon, and will take you home as soon as she comes back."

"I'm going to the airport to see you off tomorrow. I still want to live at home today."

"Okay…" Just as Wu Han nodded, Fan Jiangliang reminded: "Mom, it will take another half day to go to the airport tomorrow, and Ning Ning still has to go to school, so he won't let him go. I also mentioned it to his mother, and I will send it away in the evening. He will go over." He was mainly worried that Wang Zining would go to the airport tomorrow, and the parting scene would excite Wu Han, which would be bad for her fragile heart.

While Fan Jiang's family was still pulling Wang Ning's instructions, Wang Yuan had already come to their door.

Xiaolin opened the door to usher her in. Wang Yuan put down the tonic gift she had brought and explained her intentions. She just knew that Wu Han was not feeling well, so she came to visit and picked Ning Ning by the way.

Wu Han planned to personally pack some of the things his grandson had prepared, and let him take it over, but was persuaded by his daughter, and her current physical condition simply couldn't bear it. Together with Wang Yuan, Fan Jiangwen and Wang Yuan simply took Wang Ning's several sets of clothes to change. His soccer and textbooks were packed in one bag.

"This is Ning Ning's home. What he lacks, I will bring him back to fetch it, don't worry about what will be left behind." Wang Yuan said to the Fan Jiang family who sent them out. Wu Han felt more comfortable after hearing this. Grandpa and daughter supported them, and watched Wang Zining silently and sulkingly from start to finish, and felt very distressed.

Along the way, Wang Zining still did not speak. Wang Yuan smiled and said, "Do you not like living with your mother so much?"

Wang Zining didn't want to answer, knowing that he didn't mean it, he was just worried about grandma's body…

"Don't walk too fast, mom is still carrying luggage." Wang Yuan smiled and shouted as her son got out of the car and walked forward.

Wang Zining turned his head, brushed up to Wang Yuan, snatched the luggage from her, and left without saying a word.

"Hey, this kid." Wang Yuan looked at his back and smiled. Although she was worried about Ning Ning's body, she had the opportunity to live with her son for a while.

The thing that has been looking forward to.

Wang Zining opened the door and put his luggage to the door. He saw the little man playing racing games in front of the TV in the living room. He felt like he was a stranger, standing at the entrance of the door and didn't want to go in.

Qi Haoran heard the opening of the door, turned his head and saw the big man stupidly standing still at the door, a little confused, and then continued the game without paying attention to him. Their brain waves were not on the same channel, and he couldn't understand his weird behavior.

"Why don't you go in?" Wang Yuan also arrived. She was a little surprised to see her son standing at the door. She took her son by the shoulders and led him in." It's too late to make dinner today. Mom ordered pizza on the way and I will give it to you tomorrow. Make it delicious."

She pushed her son to the bathroom, "wash your hands first when you get home."

After Wang Zining washed his hands with hand sanitizer, he went out first and sat down on the sofa in the living room, watching the racing game on TV in a daze.

The usually lively boy suddenly turned into a quiet and beautiful boy. Wang Yuan was a little uncomfortable. She asked: "Are you playing games with your brother for a while?"

"No!" The two refused at the same time.

When the doorbell rang, Wang Yuan went to open the door. It turned out that pizza was delivered.

She put the pizza on the long table in the living room, then went to the kitchen to wash the fruit, made a pot of salad and brought it out, and took a few bottles of milk by the way.

"Mario, don't play games yet, go wash your hands and eat pizza!" Wang Yuan said to her younger son.

Qi Haoran stood up slowly, took a look at the pizza, and said disgustingly: "Will you just give me this? Didn't you say that you will make healthy and nutritious food for me when you come back?"

"Mother is too late to cook dinner today, and I will definitely cook it for you from tomorrow." A few days ago in the field, the mother and the mother both ate outside. She said that she would cook it herself when she came back. She patted her son's little ass and urged, "Now go and wash your hands."

Wang Zining watched the interaction between his mother and younger brother, feeling sad for a while. He felt that they were a family, he was an outsider, and his relatives were leaving to go abroad tomorrow.

Wang Yuan looked at the elder son who was still a little depressed, took a piece of pizza and handed it to him, "If you want to send grandma, mom will take you to the airport tomorrow."

Wang Zining raised his head fiercely, "Really?" They wouldn't let him send it.

"Really. Your grandma gave me the contact information of the head teacher. I will help you take a half-day off. Your father and others don't want you to go. One is worried that you will go to school, and the other is that your grandma is emotionally excited at the airport.

When we can secretly send her off, not let her see you."

Wang Zining nodded, he took the pizza and finally had an appetite. Looking at the milk his mother handed over, he also said: "Pizza with milk, it's really tasteless!"

Wang Yuan laughed, knowing that she could go to the airport, and she seemed to be in a better mood now.

When Qi Haoran came out, he was surprised to see the big man eating deliciously with a bite of pizza and milk. How could it be the same? Could it be that the smell of pizza is automatically restored? It really is a big foodie!

He took a piece of pizza from his mother, removed the green pepper in disgust, took a bite, and was about to chew, and found that his mouth was abnormal. He spit out the pizza in his mouth with a white object in it, and he was wide open. Mouth, reached out and touched his teeth, for a while, his expression was very ugly.

"Hahahaha, you ate your teeth after eating pizza? You have no lower front teeth now, so ugly, hahahaha." Wang Zining made the first laugh in these two days, laughing too excited, his mouth He didn't swallow his food, he coughed several times before stopping.

I'm glad that my brother's changing teeth made you so happy. Wang Yuan picked up her dazed little son, took him to the bathroom to rinse his mouth, and checked his teeth by the way.

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