Qi Haoran did not speak for three days. When he had to communicate, he also typed on his mobile phone to express his opinions.

After Wang Zining sent her grandma, he felt much better. His new home was a little far away from school. These days, Wang Yuan drove him to school, and called the slacker brother when he came back. Wang Zining suggested that he could go to school on his own by bike, and sent the mountain bike he found to Wang Yuan to see.

Wang Yuan didn't immediately deny it. She suggested that if he could calm down and practice a big calligraphy every day for a week, she would agree to buy a mountain bike.

In the past, Wang Zining's grandparents did not agree with him to ride a bicycle, because they were worried that there are many cars on the road now, because he was scared by several reckless incidents when he was a child and did not dare to let him ride a bicycle. Wang Yuan feels that he is fourteen years old, and if you put him under the wings carefully, the child will never grow up.

Now she just wants her son to be less impulsive and impatient, and wants to sharpen his temperament, so she starts to let him practice calligraphy.

There is another little guy who doesn't speak now. After he wrote a few crooked and weird characters with a pen, Wang Yuan felt that it was necessary for both sons to practice big calligraphy.

For this reason, she specially bought two wooden desks, one high and one low, and placed them in a corner of the living room, on which were placed a set of pen, ink, paper and inkstone. Wang Zining especially likes to stand behind the high table and look down at the younger brother next to him, giving him an inexplicable sense of accomplishment.

"I think practicing calligraphy is a waste of time. There are many ways to replace writing." Qi Haoran used his mobile phone to make electronic sounds. This rough and cold electronic sound has tortured his old mother and brother's ears for several days, but Mr. Qi Haoran insisted on talking in this way before his teeth grew out.

Wang Yuan checked, her son is less than six years old now, and he replaced the lower central incisor. When he replaced the upper incisor, would he stop talking? I felt tired thinking about it.

Wang Zining held a writing brush in his hand and nodded repeatedly, rarely when he and the little man agreed.

"The characters are just like their own. I think you don't want to give the teacher the dog-climbing characters on your homework after you are in elementary school. Practicing calligraphy can also exercise the coordination of finger and arm movements and help the brain develop." Wang Yuan finished speaking. And then said to the big one, "You have done a lot of reckless things. Practicing calligraphy can help you calm down and cultivate patience. Of course, if you want to choose embroidery, you can."

Qi Haoran still had a lot of arguments, but he felt that it was a stupid thing to reason with a woman, especially a worried mother, so he should write.

Wang Zining imagined in his mind that he was forced to embroider by his mother, and he was so scared that his feathers stood up.

After sending the children to write obediently, Wang Yuan is about to go into the kitchen to make dinner. First, she asks her sons whether she intends to eat cola chicken wings or chicken wings with egg yolk.

"Coke chicken wings!" Wang Zining said loudly.

"Egg yolk!" The electronic sound played.

"Do you have to use that ridiculous electronic voice to speak?" Wang Zining endured for several days, and finally couldn't stand it, and he felt that the little man chose the egg yolk and chicken wings deliberately against him." If you have the ability, you can say it yourself. Egg yolk chicken wings!"

Qi Haoran ignored him, knowing that this was deliberately arousing him, and now as long as he opened his mouth, this fool would laugh out of his breath, it was really boring!

Wang Yuan felt that she had asked the wrong question. She could only say: "Then make two kinds, but brother, I made chicken wings with egg yolk, and you must finish it."

"If you have confidence in your cooking skills, you don't have to worry about it being eaten." Or electronic sound.

"Well, I have confidence in my cooking skills, I have no confidence in you." Wang Yuan said helplessly. She now hears electronic sounds, and her head is very big, "Mario, it is natural for children to change teeth. It really has no effect on your image as a gentleman. Can you speak by yourself without having to turn on the electronic sound?"

"No." The electronic voice replied.

Although the electronic sound is harsh, it is quite cool. Wang Zining wanted to ask how it was made several times, but he resisted it and couldn't let the little man look down on it.

He looked at his younger brother who was writing seriously behind the short calligraphy desk next to him, then glanced at his mother who was not cooking in the kitchen, took out his mobile phone, secretly sent a message, and asked the classmates in the group if anyone knew You can convert the sound by typing on your mobile phone.

The class group became active quickly. The female students responded first. Everyone was very excited that Wang Zining, who is usually diving, took the initiative to send a message. Everyone answered for him. They all said that there is a special APP that can realize this function. There are enthusiastic students. I have already sent him a link to the APP.

Wang Zining received several messages to add friends, as before, put them aside and failed the application. He first downloaded the APP and performed the operation, and found that he had to input the document and save it, and then convert the sound. It was very troublesome, and it was quick and easy to operate without a small man.

"You have been lazy for ten minutes and forty seconds, I am not going to be a villain who makes a small report, but you have only written a word until now, which has clearly exposed the fact that you are lazy."

Wang Zining was anxious and accidentally pressed the document he had just edited and stored. Unlike the calm electronic sound made by his younger brother, a loud and powerful tenor suddenly rang, "Mario, Mario, pesky! pesky!"

Opera-like chants resounded through the room–

The brush in Qi Haoran's hand dragged a long black line.

Wang Yuan was cooking in the kitchen and heard it too. She thought the two brothers had quarreled.

This scene is not much better than a fight.

"I accidentally pressed it." Wang Zining explained embarrassingly.

Qi Haoran said solemnly to Wang Yuan, "I don't want to stay in a space with him anymore, I will leave tomorrow!"

Before Wang Yuan could be a gentleman, she received a call from Wang Zining's class teacher. A few days ago, she asked Wang Zining and Teacher Fang for leave, and also mentioned that Wang Zining's grandmother went abroad. In the next period of time, about Wang Zining's school, she asked the head teacher to contact her.

"What, Liang Wentao ran away from home?" Wang Yuan was surprised, and looked at her nervous son." Okay, I will ask Wang Zining. If he knows where Liang Wentao is going, I will contact you immediately."

"Are your children popular nowadays running away from home…" Wang Yuan asked her son helplessly.

"Lao Fang said that Brother Shui ran away from home?" Wang Zining walked out from behind the desk and asked with a look of concern.

"Yes, his parents contacted your head teacher, saying that he left home in the afternoon and he hasn't come back yet and doesn't answer the phone. Do you know where he is?"

"I'll go out to find him!" Wang Zining rushed to the door.

There is still cooking in Wang Yuan's kitchen, and there is another child in the house. She can't go out with her, and shouts at Wang Zining: "Bring your mobile phone, don't walk too fast. Whether you find someone or not, you must come back before seven o'clock ."

Wang Zining answered rather, opened the door and ran out.

"Zhang Ting, do you know where Liang Wentao has gone?" Wang Zining went downstairs and called Zhang Ting first.

"…He is with me now." Zhang Ting hesitated and told Wang Zining, his voice was slightly anxious, "He wouldn't let me tell Lao Fang, and he wouldn't go home."

"Where are you? I'm past now."

After Zhang Ting reported the address, Wang Zining found that he was not far from here and did not call the car over.

Liang Wentao sat on the steps of the park, wiping his tears, and said: "They are really secretly about to give birth to a second child. I heard Lao Liang say that this one can't be like Liang Wentao anymore, wow… they really don't want me. I will be abandoned soon."

Zhang Ting looked at his friends who had fallen into self-sorrow and didn't know how to comfort him, so he could only keep saying: "No, you are their own. I think your parents love you very much."

"You are also your father's own, he doesn't want you anymore!"

Zhang Ting retreated. Wang Zining ran close, panting, just when he heard this, he rolled his eyes secretly. Brother Shui's mouth was really hopeless!

"Hey, you can call your home quickly. Your parents and Lao Fang have already compiled you all over the world!" Wang Zining panted and walked closer.

Liang Wentao looked up and saw Wang Zining, his mouth opened wide in surprise. He turned to look at Zhang Ting: "Did you call him here?"

Zhang Ting shook his head and nodded, saying, "Aren't the three of us good friends? I can't lie to Wang Zining."

"We have broken up. We are not the Three Musketeers anymore!" Liang Wentao muttered softly, his voice no longer so arrogant.

"I didn't want to reconcile with you either." Wang Zining stretched his neck and said with dignity, "I came out to help find someone because I was asked by the Lao Fang."

"My classmates don't all know, right?" Liang Wentao became a little worried. Everyone wouldn't think that his video was unsuccessful and that he ran away from home if he couldn't think about it. I guess it will be more about his jokes now.

He wanted to take out his mobile phone and look at the class group, only to find that he was turned off. He didn't want to turn it on for a while, fearing that his family would call in.

"Lao Fang should have asked everyone." Zhang Ting reminded in a low voice.

Seeing Liang Wentao hesitating, Wang Zining took out his mobile phone and said to Zhang Ting: "Don't persuade him. I will call his mother and ask them to pick him up."

"I'm not going back! You are not allowed to call!" Liang Wentao hurriedly stood up, trying to prevent Wang Zining from dialing the number.

Wang Zining stretched out his hand and said to him, "Do you think it's handsome to run away from home? The family will worry about you, don't you know!"

"You haven't ran away from home yourself." Liang Wentao muttered, embarrassed to say to him.

Wang Zining was rather stagnant: "…I didn't run away from home, I, I was misunderstanding that time."

"You lied to me! You

I must have been angry at home too!" Liang Wentao looked sympathetic.

"Did I say it!" Wang Zining shouted.

The louder he said, the more guilty he was. Liang Wentao's nose and tears were smeared, and he looked at Wang Zining with pity and pity. He was really happy to see that Wang Tou would appear here. He still regarded him as a friend and would care about him. Those things he did before were really sorry for Wang Tou. Thinking of this, Liang Wentao's eyes filled with tears. He grabbed Wang Zining's clothes, raised his head and choked up and said: "Wang Tou, I'm sorry, it's because I am too young. I'm a man, I promise you that you want to make money from your beauty…"

When he heard Brother Shui's apology, Wang Zining immediately forgave him, but when he heard the word "beauty" behind him, he took a step back, pulled back his clothes, shook off Brother Shui's hand, and said with a black face, "Just If you stop mentioning such disgusting words as beauty or anything, we will remain good friends."

Liang Wentao nodded quickly and said hello, he pulled Zhang Ting over, and said affectionately to the two of them: "We three swordsmen, we will depend on each other in the future."

Wang Zining and Zhang Ting took a step back, and they couldn't stand his numbness.

"Wang Tou, do you know that my parents are really going to have a second child, don't want me!" He cried to Wang Zining.

"You ran away from home because of this?"

Liang Wentao nodded.

Wang Zining sneered: "Who said before that if you have younger brothers and sisters, you will give them away. Before the second child, you have come out of the house first."

Liang Wentao's eyes widened and he gave a high-five: "Yes, I came out like this. It's not that the second child is cheap. I can't let Lao Liang hold the second child with peace of mind and live a good life. I'm going to sway in front of them and let them When I was born, I had to worry about the child being lost. I also said that I was afraid that the child in the future would be like me, huh, if I dangle in front of my mother every day, the one born will definitely look more and more like me. They, let them regret it."

As long as you can figure it out, it's fine, although it seems that you think it too well, Wang Zining secretly said.

"Then you are going home?" Zhang Ting finally relieved.

"No, let them go in a hurry, tell me bad things secretly, and can't easily forgive them." Liang Wentao wiped his tears and his nose was sad. After thinking it through, he immediately became cheerful.

"Wang Zining, you can take me in for one night!" Liang Wentao blinked at him.

"No." Wang Zining refused rather embarrassedly. He couldn't take Brother Shui back to his mother's home.

"Why? You still refuse to forgive me?" Liang Wentao's expression collapsed again.

"My grandparents have gone abroad, and I am now at my mother's house." Wang Zining explained.

"Your mother is married again. Are you with your stepfather now? No wonder you are running away from home. Are you bullied by them?" Liang Wentao mended his brain for a while, rolled up his sleeves on his hips, and appeared to be a friend.

"Don't talk nonsense!" Wang Zining immediately retorted. He thought for a while, "My mother is not married… She married before, and then left."

Listening to the complicated look, the two looked at Wang Zining sympathetically, and Zhang Ting whispered, "My house is too small, otherwise you can go to my house."

Now his home is still full of cartons and plastic bottles that he picked up, and it is not suitable for entertaining friends.

Wang Zining struggled for a while and asked them to wait. He went to the side and called Wang Yuan.

After returning, he said to Liang Wentao: "I told my mother, you can go to my house." He called Zhang Ting, "Let's go to my house for dinner."

He made up his mind that since they are good friends, he should not hide from them anymore. Just asked his mother, she was also very happy to have classmates come to visit.

Liang Wentao jumped up happily, unlike a person who had just cried and ran away from home. Zhang Ting hesitated a bit and wanted to refuse. Two friends couldn't help but push away.

"Wang Tou, you have been secretive before. I only met your grandparents, but never met your parents. What kind of money is your mother? Kindness or harshness?" Liang Wentao chirped.

Wang Zining:…

Annoyed by Liang Wentao, he directly said, "You'll know when you see it later!"

After Liang Wentao recovered, he turned on the gossip nature and the endless talk mode, "Have you guys listened to "Mice Love Rice" recently? This song is really hot now. Just after it came out, I went straight to the hot song list. I was born watching it. I didn't expect him to be like this. Now the short videos are all stars singing this song, but I think the most magical version is your idol Wang Yuan version. My phone ringtone is She sang it. By the way, you don't like to let people know that Wang Yuan is your idol, but the three of us are not outsiders, right."

Wang Zining looked at Brother Shui with difficulty, and the elevator door opened. He regretted bringing this guy over, and wanted to shove him back into the elevator and pack it back. 

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