Until he sat down at the dinner table, Liang Wentao still felt dizzy and dreaming. He turned around and asked Zhang Ting next to him: "Is this true? I saw the superstar Wang Yuan. She is still Wang's pros. Mom? How about you pinch me again?"

Zhang Ting, who was originally introverted, became more shy after he came here. He said softly, "Are you sure you want to pinch you again? In the living room just now, you called loudly." To be honest, it was a bit embarrassing.

Since Wang Zining's mother opened the door for them, Liang Wentao's emotions have not calmed down. When he first asked Zhang Ting to pinch him, Zhang Ting pinched his arm honestly, and he screamed, his face But he showed a contented smile, which was so wretched that it was unbearable to look directly.

Seeing Wang Zining's face kept dark, maybe he was already regretting that he should not recognize this friend, and took him home.

When Wang Zining helped his mother bring the dishes out of the kitchen, he glared at Liang Wentao and warned him not to play any tricks.

"Wow, it's so rich!" After entering the door just now, he went to wash his face and rinsed away the dry tears and nose, but now watching the table full of delicious food, and the big star personally cooks it, he is moved I want to cry again.

Wang Yuan brought the last bowl of yam pork ribs soup, entertained the two people: "Taotao, Zhang Ting, you are welcome to come to the house as guests. I don't know what kind of dishes you like. Next time, Auntie will cook a meal for you."

When Wang Zining called and asked her if she could take two classmates home for dinner, Wang Yuan happily agreed that her son would bring his friends home, in recognition of her mother. After answering the phone, she immediately opened the refrigerator and prepared a few more dishes.

"Thank you Aunt Wang, I will come next time and tell you in advance." Liang Wentao glanced at Wang Yuan and said shyly.

Wang Zining and Zhang Ting turned their heads one after another without seeing them.

"Wang Tou, what's your brother's name? I just asked him, he didn't say anything, it's so cool!" Liang Wentao looked at Qi Haoran with his hands around his chest and looked serious, excited.

"His name is Mario, and it's inconvenient for him to speak these days." Wang Zining concealed the missing front teeth for his brother.

"Hello Mario, you also have a foreign name, so cool! You can call me Big Brother Liang, he is Big Brother Zhang." Liang Wentao pointed out to himself and introduced Zhang Ting.

He didn't care when he saw the little guy's expressionless face. He saw a plate of chicken wings with egg yolk in front, his eyes lit up, and he said happily, "I like chicken wings with egg yolk the most! Aunt Wang, can I have one?"

Ask me politely first. Wang Yuan smiled and said, "You are welcome, you can pick what you like to eat."

Qi Haoran's cheeks began to bulge, and the stupid friend, like him, was braving stupidly, and now he was going to grab his egg yolk and chicken wings.

Wang Yuan noticed the young son's unhappy expression, she put a bowl of yam rib soup in front of him: "This soup mother has been simmered on a low fire for an afternoon. You can try it, is it nutritious and delicious?"

Qi Haoran shook his head firmly and wanted to lie to him to eat yam. Why is his mother so obsessed with this food? Yesterday, he made steamed yam and red dates cake for him. No matter how the yam was plastic surgery, it would be unpalatable!

He jumped out of the chair, planning to leave early. Wang Yuan frowned at her son, her eyes firm and shook her head gently. Qi Haoran sighed secretly, he also knew it was impolite to do so, but he really didn't want to eat at the same table with them. Being stared at by my mother, I sat down on the chair again.

Wang Yuan went to pick him up a piece of chicken wings with egg yolk, and glanced at her son approvingly, "Try the chicken wings with egg yolk made by mom for you?"

Qi Haoran opened his mouth and took a bite. Before he could chew the taste, he just listened to Liang Wentao, who was opposite, saying: "Wang Tou, it turns out that your brother has lost his teeth, so I have to talk, hahaha…"

Wang Yuan caresss his forehead, no wonder they can become friends. Liang Wentao is just like his eldest son.

"Liang Wentao, don't bully him!" Wang Zining defended.

Liang Wentao tut, he said he hated his brother or something before, but now he is protecting it like that, duplicity!

After being laughed at, Qi Haoran again wanted to leave the table in indignation. He was stopped by his mother, but he still turned around, not wanting to see the big man and his disliked friend. Wang Yuan picked a few dishes and put them in a bowl, and began to feed him.

The habit of feeding was formed some time ago when the mother and son were playing in the field. The main son is too picky and eats slowly. Wang Yuan used to see other people chasing the child to feed, and she was very disapproving, but after meeting the younger son, she had forgotten the words about cultivating the child's independence. Mr. Qi Haoran just started protesting, then obediently obeyed, and under the forced feeding of his mother, he ate a lot more than before.

Seeing this, Liang Wentao turned around to say something to Wang Tou, why does his brother want someone to feed him? Stopped by Wang Zining's eyes, he lowered his head to eat, and no longer dared to mutter.

Wang Zining is also very uncomfortable, but only he can say that even good friends can't give advice to a small man.

After eating, Liang Wentao came to Wang Yuan who was packing up the dishes, took out a pen borrowed from Wang Tou, asked Wang Yuan to sign for him, and signed it on the T-shirt he is now wearing.

Wang Yuan glanced at his blue T-shirt with a cartoon dog head, holding a pen and asked hesitantly: "Would you like to bring a piece of paper?"

Liang Wentao shook his head quickly: "Aunt Wang, I'll help me sign the T-shirt. I won't wash this T-shirt anymore. Hang it up for collection!" After Bibi's shoulder was next to her dog's head, she motioned to Wang Yuan to sign it there.

Wang Yuan looked at this dirty blue T-shirt, and the dog's head that was looking at her with her eyes rolled over, and she wrote her name in a single word.

Liang Wentao stiffened his chest, shaking his signature beside the dog's head, and excitedly returned to Zhang Ting, telling him: "You should also quickly ask Aunt Wang to sign a name for you, this is a rare opportunity!"

Zhang Ting blushed and shook his head.

Wang Yuan's phone rang, she picked up and said two times to hang up. I used to say to the elder son who was grabbing the gamepad with his younger son: "Ning Ning, don't fight with your younger brother, Liang Wentao's father came to pick him up, we will send them off."

Wang Zining was stunned for a moment. As soon as he let go, Qi Haoran sat down on the ground, then stood up with the gamepad he grabbed, and looked at his brother's thigh, thinking about whether to take a bite.

Liang Wentao was signing with Zhang Tingxiu, and when he heard Wang Yuan's words, he frowned and said, "Aunt Wang, have you notified my father?"

Wang Yuan said apologetically: "You have been away from home for so long, and your father is very anxious. You go home with your father first, and you are welcome to come to play next time." When Wang Zining brought her classmates back, she gave it to the parents of the children who left home. I've called. Tell them that the children eat now and ask them to come back later.

Liang Wentao kept his mouth flat: "My dad will definitely beat me and ask me to eat fried bamboo shoots with shredded pork."

Wang Yuan and Wang Zining sent the two classmates downstairs.

Comrade Lao Liang was looking downstairs with his head stretched out and saw a group of people coming out of the building. The face of the first one was still so familiar.

Time was stunned.

"Daddy Liang Wentao, hello, I am Wang Zining's mother. I called you before. Liang Wentao came to our house as a guest today. I didn't tell you in advance. I worried you. Please don't blame him." Although everyone Knowing that Liang Wentao ran away from home, but I still have to pass to classmate Liang, it is best to save him from a profound education of love and punishment.

"You, hello, hello. Too, I'm so glad to meet you! I didn't expect you to be Wang Zining's mother. I, my name is Liang Weihan." Lao Liang's face was in a trance of the same money as when his son first saw Wang Yuan. With a smile, desperately sucking his belly, wiped his hands against the sides of his pants, and reached out to Wang Yuan. He did not expect that the person in front of him on the phone turned out to be the superstar Wang Yuan. He can still see her so close today, and the children of the two are still classmates. He couldn't help thinking beautifully that in future parent meetings, he must attend in person. No matter how humiliating his son is, he can stand it.

"It's nice to meet you." Wang Yuan quickly returned her grip and then let go. She turned around, showing Classmate Liang Wentao with a faintly resentful expression, "Classmate Taotao, your father is here to pick you up."

Liang Wentao didn't know if he was like his father when he first saw the big star, but now he doesn't seem to see his lost and recovered son in his father's eyes.

"Hey, the child is ignorant, so you can worry about it. I would also trouble you to entertain Tao Tao for dinner. Next time, I will definitely invite you, Wang Zining, and Zhang Ting to have a meal together. Thank you!"

Old Liang could still think of Wang Zining and Zhang Ting. Classmate Liang Wentao looked at his father and said hehe.

He kept sending Liang Wentao and Zhang to Lao Liang's car, and Comrade Lao Liang stretched his head out of the window and waved enthusiastically to Wang Yuan.

Wang Yuan shook her hand in embarrassment and pulled Wang Zining upstairs, who had been expressionless.

"Lao Liang, you're enough, it's too shameful. If you are like this, Wang Zining would never entertain me to his house anymore." Liang Wentao sat in the back seat and accused Lao Liang of his behavior. He never looked at his son from beginning to end. At a glance, are you here to find your son or to chase stars?

Old Liang Haha smirked: "Taotao, I didn't expect you to run away from home this time and let me see the big star Wang Yuan. Forget it, I won't punish you when I go back." He has always been a fan of Wang Yuan. The deaf and dumb played by Wang Yuan

The girl was once the lover of his dreams when he was young. Unexpectedly, it still dragged his son's happiness, and he could actually see me.

My wife once said that Wang Zining, who looks like a child, didn't know what kind of parent would be able to give birth to him? He wants to go back and brag about it, only his former goddess can give birth to such a handsome son.

"Unexpectedly, your father is still a fan of Wang Zining's mother." Zhang Ting said carefully to Liang Wentao.

Liang Wentao sighed. His running away from home was originally vigorous. The final big ending should be when the guilty father retrieved his son, cried with his headache, and vowed never to be partial and not harsh, and treat his son who returned home well in the future. That's right. Why did it become an idol meeting? He just got in the car so casually, just like he was after school and get out of class, was taken home by his father?


Wang Zining who got on the elevator muttered, "I will never bring Liang Wentao to my house again." Otherwise, his dad must be stuck on like a fly, which is really annoying!

"When I was eating, I told my classmate Zhang Ting to invite him to come home more, do homework with you, review your homework, you are about to take the final exam, did Grandpa call yesterday to tell you to study hard?" Zhang Yuan ignored her son's complaint and reminded him that it was time to work hard.

"If I make progress in the final exam, I have to go abroad to see my grandmother!" Wang Zining asked.

"Okay!" No matter why you work hard, as long as you are willing to study hard. Wang Yuan thought for a while and reminded: "You go upstairs later, and apologize to your brother first! You shouldn't say that he is a nasty ghost." The electronic sound wave of the two brothers was interrupted by Liang Wentao's running away from home, but it does not mean this. The matter was over, but Mr. Qi Haoran proposed that he would leave tomorrow. If his brother can't apologize sincerely, I'm afraid this matter will not get through.

Wang Zining said rather awkwardly: "He is so stingy, he gets angry at every turn!"

"If he told you to hate ghosts, would you be happy?" Wang Yuan pointed out.

"I'm an elder brother!" The elder brother apologized to his younger brother, isn't it too shameful, he will be even more defiant in the future.

"If you know that you are the older brother, you should set an example for your younger brother, and make corrections if you make mistakes. Also, you can no longer laugh at his teeth. Do you want him to speak with that electronic sound all the time?" Thinking of the harsh electronic sound, Wang Yuan's head hurts like a drill.

Wang Zining can't stand the electronic sound anymore. If the little man speaks, he will try his best not to laugh.

As for the apology, what should I say?! Wang Zining was distressed.


It's another quiet morning off week, why is it said that quiet is off weekend, because there is that very noisy guy on the weekend. If it is not on weekends, his mother will pack people to school early, and when he gets up, his mother has already come back, so that he doesn't have to be in a good mood early in the morning, but is dispelled by a loud noise.

Qi Haoran stood on the small stool, facing the mirror in the bathroom, grinning, and looking up and down the dark gums, why didn't his teeth grow out. He closed his mouth, a trace of distress on his face.

The doorbell rang, Qi Haoran got off his stool and walked to the door slowly, looking at the door with some caution.

Jingle Bell–

The bell kept ringing very persistently.

Qi Haoran walked over, stood on tiptoe, and picked up the video call.

Outside the door was a strange man in a suit and tie in a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius in the morning.

"Is anyone at home? I am an attorney from Mingcheng Law Firm. Entrusted by Mr. Qi Ying, I came to Teacher Wang Yuan to discuss the issue of custody."

Qi Haoran hung up the phone and did not open the door. He wanted to call his father. Why did he find a lawyer to come up.

When Wang Yuan came back, she saw a man with a bag standing at the door. She walked over with a puzzled face. The man saw her back with a nervous smile on his face. He took out his business card and handed it over to introduce him.

Wang Yuan sighed, Qi Fan still found her.

She wanted to hear what he wanted to do and let the lawyer in.

After the lawyer entered the door, he took a quick look around and sat down on the sofa. He secretly said that this is not the mansion where the queen would live in his imagination. The layout is also very simple. The entrance hall contains children's belongings such as skateboards and footballs. There are uncleaned breakfast plates on the dining room table. Quite alive, a very ordinary home.

After Wang Yuan poured a glass of water for the lawyer, she motioned to him to wait a while, she went in first to see her little son, pushed the door in, and saw Qi Haoran sitting on the bed, making a phone call with her tight face.

"Dad, I'm so disappointed in you, I hope you can take back your lawsuit, that's it!" He hung up the phone and looked at his mother guiltily.

"Have you called your father?" Wang Yuan touched her son's little head and asked softly.

Qi Haoran nodded, "He found a lawyer and he is outside the door now."

Wang Yuan smiled and said: "He has come in now, sitting in the living room, mother goes out and chat with him first. You go to have breakfast first, it's almost nine o'clock, hurry up and eat!"

Qi Haoran was sitting at the dining room table for dinner, and his little head kept going to the living room. He asked to participate in the negotiation as a client, but Wang Yuan refused. He said that his most important task was to eat all breakfast.

Wang Yuan sat down in front of the lawyer and asked, "Have you all started to work so early?" She went to the client's house before nine o'clock. This work efficiency is too high.

The lawyer smiled awkwardly: "After receiving Mr. Qi's entrustment, I found out that I happened to live in the same community as yours. I was worried that Ms. Wang would go out later, so I took the liberty to interrupt."

"What does Mr. Qi entrust you to do?"

"Our law firm has always cooperated with Mr. Qi's company, and we also attach great importance to his entrustment. Mr. Qi… He wants to sue Ms. Wang for taking the child away without the consent of the guardian, and canceling your visitation qualification. We will also give you relevant warnings and punishments. We have learned about the situation and wanted to communicate with Ms. Wang first, and whether we can send the child back to the father's side. We also helped to persuade Mr. Qi to cancel the accusation." Mr. Lawyer smiled.

"The guardian has been unable to accompany the child to take care of the child for a long time due to personal reasons. I am also about to apply for a retrial of the ownership of custody. Regarding Mr. Qi's accusation, I would like to say that as a mother, I have legal visitation rights. Visitation rights include visits, contact, In a short-term living together, you, as a lawyer, should know that Mr. Qi's accusation is unreasonable." Wang Yuan said slowly, "You mentioned sending the child back to his father. Where is the father now? Which country?"

"I want to come to you for consultation and understanding of legal matters in this area. I am here this time to communicate with you to see if the two parties can mediate first and step back. Speaking of it, this is not a big deal, everyone. There is no need to go to court because of this." The lawyer said with a kind and discussing tone.

Wang Yuan picked up her business card and glanced at it and said, "Lawyer Lin, you should talk to your client, Mr. Qi."

"I want to communicate with you first to see if you make a concession first, Mr. Qi, I will persuade him to cancel the prosecution and retain your legal visitation rights."

"I need to think about it. I will let my lawyer contact you." Wang Yuan got up and made a gesture of seeing off the guests.

Attorney Lin immediately got up and said in embarrassment, "I know that I was a bit rash during my visit today. Please believe that I really want to mediate for the two parties, Mr. Qi, I will try to persuade him."

Wang Yuan smiled without saying a word, she walked to the door, and after closing the door, she shook her head. This lawyer who had bothered me was also a little weird.

Attorney Lin didn't know that he had become a strange person in the heart of the film queen. He is a partner of Mingcheng Law Firm and a senior legal expert in the industry, so Qi Ying entrusted him to accept this case. What Qi Ying didn't know was that he was also a loyal fan of Wang Yuan. He received Qi Ying's entrustment. He thought about it all night and didn't want to hurt the interests of the clients, but he had to protect the rights of the movie queen and dress up early in the morning. Yixin appeared at her door, intending to persuade the two to reconcile.

After talking with Wang Yuan, he found that she was a person with personality but kindness. He felt a little excited. He didn't know what was excited, but he felt that the idol he liked was not broken, and he was very happy. He must handle this matter well. Next, we must first contact Mr. Qi and try to persuade him.

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