After receiving the call, Qi Ying said to the assistant with a cold face: "This lawyer you are looking for is not professional? As my client lawyer, come to persuade me to make concessions and settle?"

"Our company's legal business is all handled by Mingcheng Law Firm. Attorney Lin is not only a partner in their firm, but also has a great reputation in the industry. So I entrusted him to handle the case. Maybe Mr. Lin really thinks This case does not have a big chance of winning, so I hope you can reconcile with Mario's mother." Li Shen paid attention to the boss's expression, nervously.

"Find a lawyer who is good at custody lawsuits again. Replace him!" Qi Ying said without hesitation.

"…Okay." Li Shen could only nod his head. He really didn't understand the boss. He didn't have a lawsuit when he got divorced. Now because Mario went to find his mother, he planned to sue the other party. He didn't understand this operation either. No wonder Lawyer Lin persuades the boss to give in. From his point of view, it is really unnecessary to go to court for this trivial matter. However, the boss's instructions must be completed without any discounts.

After Qi Ying's lawyer came to the door, Wang Yuan also went to the lawyer she had consulted before, and told her about this, so that the lawyer was ready to go to court.

She searched the memory of the second marriage and found that she had done nothing to harm the other party and lead to enmity. It's just that they are not suitable for living together. When they broke up, it was calm, and even the media couldn't find any exploding information. I don't know why he does things so extreme.

Two days after she contacted her lawyer, she received a subpoena from the court. She didn't want her son to know, but Mario still knew about the notice after it was sent to her home.

"Don't worry, I will solve it." The son looked like a small adult and comforted his mother very seriously. He felt that it was the trouble he had brought to his mother.

"I'm not worried. Don't frown like an old man. This is something the adults have to deal with before. Our willfulness has affected you." Wang Yuan stretched out her hand to touch her son's soft forehead and smiled.

She remembered the little conflict between the brothers and asked, "Are you not going to forgive your brother? When are you going to let him do push-ups?"

Although Wang Zining resisted, he apologized to his younger brother a few days ago and said sorry. But Mr. Qi Haoran was not satisfied.

The brother asked: "Then how can you forgive me?"

Qi Haoran thought for a moment: "Are you sincerely apologizing?"

Wang Zining answered without hesitation: "Of course!"

"I need to see your sincerity!"

Wang Zining stared at the little man with some caution, and wouldn't let him do difficult things, right? He has learned to be smart, and he will never promise it lightly before he is not sure what is going on. He asked: "What do you want me to do?"

"You do a hundred push-ups every day until I forgive you!" It's hard! Who asked you to call me annoying ghost.

Qi Haoran's kindergarten physical education class, because he ridiculed the physical education teacher, was punished by the teacher to do ten push-ups. As a result, he couldn't support any of them, and he knew how difficult this action was. Although the big man has more developed limbs, let him make a hundred, he will definitely be tired and scream.

Thinking of this, he hesitated. If the big man gets tired, doesn't he need his mother to take care of him? or–

"You make fifty…twenty!" Forget it, don't exhaust him.

Who do you look down on!

Wang Zining immediately said: "Just do a hundred push-ups!" He embarrassedly patted his younger brother on the shoulder and said, "You are very loyal, I remember!"

Just now he was still a villain, and he suspected that the little guy would deliberately make things difficult for him. He didn't expect him to pick the simplest one. This was because he deliberately set a condition for him to complete it, so he could find the next step, he understood.

Wang Zining was lying on the open space in the living room on the spot, doing fifty push-ups in a rush, and Qi Haoran was dumbfounded. Is this still a person?

Wang Zining clapped his palms and stood up, Qi Haoran swallowed, "You only made fifty!" If you have the ability, you can do one hundred in one go.

Prince Ningpi smiled with his white teeth: "These fifty are for you, and one more will be here tonight."

He has already seen that his mother has brought out all the food. Now, eating is the most important thing!

Qi Haoran clenched a small fist. He remembered that for people with well-developed limbs, don't test physical games.

When Wang Zining delivered him a hundred push-ups in the evening, Qi Haoran was already disappointed. Wang Yuan looked at her brother who was doing push-ups quickly like a large battery, and her frustrated brother. Suddenly they arose, picked up her brother, and put them on. On his brother's back.

"Eh!" The elder brother suddenly put a dozen kilograms of weight on his back and almost fell on the ground, but fortunately he held it in time.

"I will add a little more difficulty to my elder brother. From now on, I will do push-ups with my younger brother on his back." Wang Yuan supported Qi Haoran, who was nervous, and said with a smile.

Fine! Wang Zining thought, it's drizzling at this little weight. But obviously, his push-ups have slowed down.

Qi Haoran was very nervous at first, afraid that she would fall, but after a while she felt a little funny, her tight little face began to show a faint smile, Wang Yuan glanced at her younger brother, smiled and let him go, reminding: "Hold your brother, Don't fall down!"

Qi Haoran quickly stayed with her brother.

"Hey, don't tickle me." Wang Zining laughed and twisted his whole body to the ground.

He accused his brother: "Don't move, you just touched my creak with your hand!"

Qi Haoran showed a little smile, hurriedly pursed her mouth to hold back, "It's you who are useless!"

"In order to apologize to you, I did push-ups behind your back. Don't know the good people." Wang Zining murmured dissatisfiedly.

"Is the elder brother tired? Carrying the younger brother on his back, just make 50." Wang Yuan was a little worried that the eldest son could not be physically strong.

"Only a hundred! Start over!" Wang Zining stood up again and said loudly.

Looking at the sweaty neck of the big man in front of him, Qi Haoran raised his head a little disgustingly, but sitting on his brother's back to supervise him doing push-ups, well, it's still a bit interesting!


"Do you want to keep your brother doing push-ups with your back on his back?" Wang Yuan reminded her son when the punishment of apology will end.

"Wait when he regrets begging for mercy!" Qi Haoran's inner little devil smiled, he didn't say anything to end it, and to see how long the big man could hold on, he waited for the big man to take the initiative to let him go, or he would give up automatically by destroying the letter.

Wang Yuan gave her little son a violent thud, "Just bully your brother!"

Qi Haoran narrowed her mouth and looked up at her mother, but you figured it out for me. You were embarrassed to say me!

The brother's push-up game continued. Wang Yuan saw that the eldest son hadn't complained, so she took him to exercise every day and did not persuade him.

Two days after receiving the court summons, she received a call from the Qi family's father, Qi Ying's father and Qi Haoran's grandfather.

She asked her son, "Did you call your grandfather?"

Qi Haoran nodded with a rare guilty conscience. He just let his grandfather take care of his naive father. He didn't expect that his grandfather would call his mother and invite them to meet.

Wang Yuan didn't know what her former father-in-law Qi was looking for, so she took Qi Haoran to the door again.

This time, Steward Zhou had been waiting at the door early, with a standardized smile on his serious face, leading them in.

On the English sofa in the gorgeous hall, Ms. Shao was already sitting there sipping coffee, watching Wang Yuan and the others come in, nodded to her, and then smiled and said, "Mario, you are really a little bit of a temper. After returning home, I didn't go home. I ran to find your mother. I haven't told us yet."

Wang Yuan smiled without saying a word, knowing that he hadn't come back after returning home, no one asked him!

Qi Haoran politely called the little grandma.

Back in this mansion, the originally cheerful son became a little stiff again.

Wang Yuan rubbed his little head and deliberately messed up his uncluttered hairstyle.

Qi Haoran looked back at her mother dissatisfiedly, making trouble! Reached out and stroked his hair quickly.

"Please remind Mr. Qi, that we have arrived." Wang Yuan said to Mr. Zhou.

Housekeeper Zhou motioned to the maid behind him, and the servant hurriedly left.

"Miss Wang, please sit down first! Would you like coffee or black tea?"

"It's okay. Give Mario a glass of hot milk." The son knew that he was going to see his grandpa today, but he didn't know if it was nervousness or what was causing him.

"Okay, please wait a moment!" Mr. Zhou left.

"Mrs. Qi, long time no see!" After sitting down, Wang Yuan politely said to Ms. Shao who was looking at her.

"Your dress is the style of the Xiang family the year before, how come you still wear it?" This beige suit is dignified and generous, and Wang Yuan looks more stylish than when the model was shown. But no matter how good-looking it is, it is out of season, and it would be inappropriate to wear it out again. She thinks that celebrities should manage their own image better. This ex-step-daughter-in-law is really getting less and less careful in dressing now.

"However, your skin and body are well managed." It seems that the beauty salon is not less.

Wang Yuan knew that Ms. Shao lived as a more delicate person, and she didn't think she was malicious, and she didn't care about her evaluation at all. She has been to her previous residence and brought back some clothes that can be worn for formal occasions. She has no research on clothing, but she only pays attention to generosity and comfort. She usually sends out T-shirts and comes to visit Qi Haoran's grandfather before wearing formal clothes.

As for Ms. Shao's praise of her skin and figure, if she wants to learn more, she can recommend suitable exercise and adequate sleep to her.

"I think you look good!

"Qi Haoran tidyed up his hair and said loudly to the mother who was sitting next to her. He felt that the little grandma was dressed strangely, and she was always dressed up all day for people to visit at any time!

"Thank you son!" Wang Yuan couldn't help smiling, and the little guy is taking special care of her now.

When Ms. Shao was interrupted by Qi Haoran's words, her face was slightly unnatural.

"Mummy, did Mario come?" A girl in a bright yellow dress ran down the spiral staircase.

When the young girl came to them, Wang Yuan saw that she was seventeen or eighteen years old, with thin eyebrows and oval face, very similar to Ms. Shao, she should be her youngest daughter.

"Sister-in-law." Qi Haoran greeted politely.

"Ah, our cute little cutie is back!" The girl sat next to Qi Haoran, reaching out to touch his little face, Qi Haoran quickly got up and hid in Wang Yuan's arms, looking at her aunt's claws warily.

"Qi Tian, ​​say hello to people." Ms. Shao reminded her with a soft face when she saw her daughter.

"Two…Well, what do I want to call you now?" Qi Tian looked at Wang Yuan and asked a little embarrassingly. She almost blurted out just now to call her second wife.

After Wang Yuan and her second brother divorced, she never saw her again, which really embarrassed her.

"Just call my name." Wang Yuan said indifferently.

"I'm still the same as a netizen, let's call you Yuanyuan." Qi Tian took a short approach in excitement. She just learned that Ersao had such a nickname, "Yuanyuan, your song "Mouse Loves Rice", why not Let Wu Ziqi sing, I think he must sing better than Ren Jun!"

Without waiting for Wang Yuan to answer, she immediately said, "Do you have Wu Ziqi's W letter, can you push me one? I am the vice president of his fan club, but I only have the contact information of his agent."

"Qi Tian, ​​that's enough. You, you hurry upstairs. Your father has something to talk to Wang Yuan." Ms. Shao couldn't bear to scold her daughter, but seeing her obsessed with star chasing, she couldn't stand it anymore.

Qi Tian ignored her mother's words at all, knowing that her mother had nothing to do with her, she begged Wang Yuan, "I won't disturb him, I promise!"

"Wu Ziqi's agent should have told you why he can't give you his contact information. If every fan can get the idol's contact information, then the idol's mobile phone will not be harassed all the time, if you like it. Wu Ziqi, it's fine to support his concert." Wang Yuan didn't think about meeting Qi Tian anymore. She raised her hand to check the time and she made an appointment.

Visited the dentist to check Qi Haoran's teeth.

The dentist made an appointment in advance. Mr. Qi called temporarily and she could only come here first.

Butler Zhou brought coffee and milk, and Wang Yuan thanked him.

"Hey, you are all like this. It doesn't matter if you refuse to tell me. I'll find the third brother, he must have a way." After Qi Tian said, she stood up, and she stooped to face Qi Haoran who was hiding from her, "I heard Your parents are going to go to court. It's so pitiful. Don't be sad."

"Qi Tian!" Ms. Shao is Bo Sha, she has always paid attention to elegance and etiquette, but she has nothing to do with her daughter.

"Qi Tian, ​​you go back to the room first!" A man in his seventies or so slowly walked down the stairs and said to his little daughter.

Qi Tian secretly made a face and ran away.

"Mr. Qi!" Wang Yuan stood up and said hello.

Qi Baijia waved to her, smiled and motioned for her to sit down.

"Mario, come to Grandpa."

Qi Haoran walked over and called grandpa.

Qi Baijia took his grandson to look around, and nodded: "The little face is rounded, and it seems to be a little taller. There should be a good meal, not bad!"

"Do you remember the astronomy article of "Youth Learning Qionglin" that I taught you before? Take it back to grandpa."

Qi Haoran was speechless. Grandpa grew up studying in the West. In the first half of his life, he only communicated fluently in Chinese. He was not very smooth in reading and writing. In the second half of his life, he suddenly became interested in ancient Chinese and liked to teach his grandchildren to read ancient enlightenment readings, such as "Three Characters Classic" and "Hundred Family Names" "Wait, when he didn't know the words when he was a child, grandpa read it once, and he could repeat it word-for-word, putting the five-year-old twins stupid, because the twins had nothing to do with the complicated and slurred ancient prose. recite. As a result, the two sides forged an enmity. Every time he gets praise from his grandfather, he will suffer revenge from the twins.

"Grandpa, let's talk about business first. Have you convinced Dad about the things I mentioned to you on the phone?" Qi Haoran said solemnly.

Qi Baijia teased his grandson and said, "I still want to hear you recite it first. If you can memorize it verbatim, we will talk about you again."

Qi Haoran frowned, thinking that grandpa was naive, just like his father.

He glanced at his mother, recalled the ancient text, and quickly recited it. Just after memorizing it, Qi Baijia was about to approve a few words, only to see Wang Yuan on the opposite side clapped her hands first, she turned towards her son, and Qi Haoran walked to it.

Next to him, Wang Yuan picked up the milk brought by the housekeeper and handed it to her son: "It turns out that you can memorize such a difficult ancient prose, it's amazing!"

Qi Haoran's reluctance just now turned into a faint reservedness, drank a sip of milk, with a moustache on the corner of his mouth, pretending to be very casual: "I can carry a lot of it."

Wang Yuan cooperated with a thumbs up.

Mom's two sons must always be smart, otherwise both of them are as stupid as a big man. What can I do? In the past few days, he watched big guys doing homework, and for such simple problems, he scratched his head and bit his pen to call for help. He shook his head. Even if he suggested that he could help big guys with homework problems, I believe he would not be willing, the more stupid he is. The stronger the self-esteem.

Qi Baijia watched the interaction between the mother and the son, and his expression was faint, making people unable to see through.

"Mr. Qi, I don't know why you are calling for me today?" Wang Yuan sat beside her with her son.

"Mario called me, and I learned about it. Now I want to ask you, how do you think about custody?" Qi Baijia looked at Wang Yuan.

Many years ago, the arrogant second son proposed to marry a divorced female celebrity as his wife. Qi Baijia opposed it. One is that she doesn't like her career, and the other is because she has a history of marriage. He exerted a lot of pressure on his son, but the second son survived, and his attitude was very firm. He understood his son's character was firm and stubborn, and would not give up until he reached the goal. He later met the client and found that Wang Yuan was not like some of them. Artists are so sleek, but some artists are naive. He is even less optimistic about this marriage. Sure enough, the two broke up within two years of marriage.

When he saw Wang Yuan this time, he found that she had become – a little bit into the world.

"My thoughts have not changed. I hope that the two people will raise children together without disturbing each other. We have many differences but one thing is the same. We all love Mario very much." Having said this, I feel that my son is facing himself. After taking a look, Wang Yuan smiled back and pulled him into her arms." I am not afraid of going to court. If Qi Ying can change his decision, of course it will be the best."

She originally wanted to talk to Mr. Qi alone and didn't want to mention these things in front of her son, but Mr. Qi didn't want Mario to avoid it.

"You are an artist, right?" Qi Baijia smiled.

"Yes, once the media knows that you are in a lawsuit with your ex-husband, there must be a lot of

Many gossips appeared." Ms. Shao attached.

Qi Baijia glanced at his wife deeply.

"The issue of child custody is not a scandal. The news broke out by the media. Apart from occupying public resources, it will not have any impact. As for gossip, I believe this is a problem that the Qi family needs to worry about."

Ms. Shao was about to refute, but was stopped by Qi Baijia's eyes.

"Okay, I understand." He asked Qi Haoran, "Mario, do you want to stay with your grandpa or follow your mother back?"

Qi Haoran took Wang Yuan's hand, looked at her grandfather apologetically and said, "I'm with my mother."

Qi Baijia nodded.

After the mother and son left, Ms. Shao asked: "You let Mario go with Wang Yuan, do you plan to let him live with his mother in the future?"

Qi Baijia said leisurely: "The child should have lived with his mother. I think Mario looks much better now, and his body is a little stronger. If Wang Yuan gets divorced, I will fight for the custody of the child. Stand on her side."

Ms. Shao was really surprised now: "Mario is a child of the Qi family. Are you going to let it go?"

"Mario is the child of the Qi family, the son of Qi Ying, and this will not change. I divorced Angela and broke up with Mario's mistress. The children are to be taken away. I agree, Mario's. My aunt and uncle have been living with their mother. This has no effect on our father-son relationship. I am still their father, and they are all the future heirs of the Qi family. So whoever I follow is not the most important thing. It depends on who can take care of them better. child."

"You really want to go!" Ms. Shao teased her husband.

"Yes, I can think about it, but my second son can't think about it!" Qi Baijia sighed, "The lawsuit he is going to fight is very funny in itself. What is he going to sue? Tell the mother to trick the child away or Mothers are not allowed to visit their sons in the future? How do you let the judge decide? This lawsuit is really an occupation of public resources."

Qi Ying is purely a struggle of spirit! Qi Baijia thought.

At that time, he fought and tried desperately to marry the best woman in his mind. Finally, he found that the two were not suitable. He liked Bai Yueguang. After marrying, he found that he was neither long-sleeved good dancers to accompany him to socialize and socialize, nor was he gentle and considerate enough to keep up every day. Waiting for him to return at home, still keen on filming, busier than him.

He has lived for decades, and it is rare to meet someone he likes so much, breaking some of his own principles and

Notion, after marrying someone back, he felt that he had sacrificed a lot, but the other party didn't appreciate it and couldn't live as he imagined. A person with his high spirits fell a little bit in that marriage. This anger, That's how it is accumulated.

Ms. Shao didn't know that her husband had already complained about her son, so she couldn't help asking: "Then you let him withdraw the lawsuit, will he agree?"

Qi Baijia smiled and said: "Of course I will agree. I'm still his father, the head of the Qi family. How could he not agree! As long as I swing my stick harder and hit him sober, it will be fine. Wang just now Yuan is right, their artists are not afraid of these news, but our Qi family does not want to show off because of this, I also want to remind Qi Ying, don't forget that he still has a fiancée who is about to get married, don't let the people of the Yuan family have it. The knot."

Also, you have to control Qi Tian, ​​don't chase stars all day long, I don't want to see her report on the entertainment news."

Ms. Shao immediately went back to protect her daughter: "She is a child with a disposition and is playful. Now, which one of the children doesn't chase stars? It's all right after this enthusiasm is over. But it's your third child. I heard that he is going back to China and wants to go. Entertainment development?"

Qi Baijia caress his forehead, the third child is the one that causes headaches!

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