When Wang Yuan came back from the dental hospital with her son, she found that Lawyer Lin was standing at the door carrying the fruit basket, putting one hand on the doorbell, without pressing it down or taking it off, her face was tangled.

Why did Qi Ying's lawyer give her a fruit basket?

Attorney Lin also saw Wang Yuan at this time, met her puzzled eyes, and said in a slightly embarrassing manner: "Girl Wang Yuan, I'm really sorry, I didn't take care of the matter, so Mr. Qi went directly to other lawyers. Filed a lawsuit."

Are lawyers so considerate nowadays, taking into account the feelings of the defendant?

"Actually, you don't need to come here specially."

Wang Yuan stood at the door and didn't mean to open the door. Attorney Lin knew, put down the fruit basket quickly, said apologize, and left quickly.

Qi Haoran looked at the fruit basket on the ground: "This person is a bit strange, are you sure you want to accept the fruit he sent?"

"When Auntie comes over, I will ask her to help." Wang Yuan refers to the part-time workers who come to clean every day.

The two didn't care. When they got home, they found Sanxiao was doing homework in the living room.

Liang Wentao first discovered Wang Yuan's return, got up and waved at her, smiling brightly: "Aunt Wang, Wang Zining and I will come home to do our homework."

Zhang Ting also hurriedly called out: "Aunt Wang."

Wang Yuan responded with a smile and asked them to continue their studies. She prepared dinner for them.

She mentioned that Wang Zining took her classmates home to do homework together. You can learn from each other and promote your results.

Wang Zining shouted: "Don't burn our dinner, I will take them to McDonald's tonight."

Wang Yuan stared, who agreed?

Wang Zining was a little guilty: "My grandmother promised me to eat once a month."

Ok. Since the elders have agreed, let's go. It happens that she has been cooking every day recently, so she can take the opportunity to be lazy once.

"Mario, let's go out to dinner too, what do you want to eat?"

Qi Haoran pondered for a while and replied: "McDonald's."

Wang Yuan was stunned for a moment. The relationship between you and your brother turned out to be so good?

She didn't know that Qi Haoran started to pay attention to her brother after doing push-ups during this period. He felt that if he wanted to grow taller than a big one, he might have to refer to his eating habits.

Since the eldest son is allowed to eat McDonald's, it is impossible to restrict the younger son, he should be treated equally.

In fact, she also wants to eat fried chicken and French fries.

Before going out for a big meal, Wang Yuan received a call from her agent. She told Wang Zining that she would take her brother with her first. She is now a bit working.

You have to deal with the things you have done, and you will find them later.

Qi Haoran obviously didn't want to go out with his brother and his friends alone. Wang Yuan said, "I'm not worried about your brother. When mom is away, I will trouble you to supervise him. You can't let him order too much coke or eat too much. fried chicken."

Since his mother wants to help himself, he will do his best.

There is a leisure shopping center one stop away from the community, and there is a McDonald's inside, and a group of people walked past. Qi Haoran walked slowly, watching Wang Zining die anxiously, he followed behind his younger brother, and wanted to kick him so that he could take off and land to the destination.

Liang Wentao was swiping his phone while walking, and soon yelled angrily: "Too much!"

Wang Zining and Zhang Ting looked at him one after another.

"Someone posted a post on the school forum-[the most trash video of the year], the video I made before taunting me!" Liang Wentao was crying, "I have become the biggest joke among us."

"Who told you to buy a click before? If you have the ability to do it, you must have the courage to take it." Wang Zining also listened to the discussion of the classmates, only to know that Shui had done this. When the first video was released, he spent a lot of money. I bought a click for a hundred dollars. Of course, this little money didn't make much difference, but it was enough to bring down the truth, and was mocked and criticized by classmates and friends.

If there is a wall in front of him, Liang Wentao wants to knock and die on it, "I regret my death. Forget it, I will go back to discuss with Lao Liang and transfer to another school."

"Are you serious? The classmates just forget it after a while." Zhang Ting quickly persuaded.

"The girls in our class hate me so much. If you seize this little braid, you will definitely have to torture me for another two years." Liang Wentao sighed and said in a senseless manner.

Wang Zining just wanted to stimulate him, when the phone rang, it was Dad!

"My dad is coming over, let him treat him today!" Wang Zining said with his friends.

Liang Wentao forgot the frustration just now, and asked, "You, your father is Director Fan Jiangliang, right?"

Wang Zining nodded.

Yoho, I just met Wang Daxing and I'm about to see the great director. What kind of adventure is this? Liang Wentao looked excited.

Wang Zining glanced at Zhang Ting and seemed to be saying, "Look, he doesn't need anyone to comfort him, he can be resurrected at any time with full blood."

Zhang Ting: Liang Wentao's character is worthy of my study.

Qi Haoran stopped and almost ran into the elder brother who was right behind. He turned around: "Your father is coming to eat with us? He should make an appointment in advance! Please call mom, she needs to know about this." He felt that his mother would not want to appear at McDonald's with Wang Zining's father and happily nibble on fried chicken.

Wang Zining just wanted to refute, Liang Wentao said: "Mario is right. Divorced couples generally don't want to see each other again."

Is that right? But mom and dad have been communicating like friends these days, and they seem to be okay. But Wang Zining still obeyed the advice and called her mother. After Wang Yuan answered, she told him that she would not be there. It was not because director Fan Jiang was coming, but because her job had not been discussed yet, she asked her brother to take care of it. younger brother.

Qi Haoran nodded when he heard what his brother said, and continued to move forward.

"I'm afraid your brother will go back crying, but it's okay!" Liang Wentao leaned over and said quietly.

He asked curiously: "Forgot to ask you, didn't your brother always use electronic sounds? Why did he speak?"

Wang Zining: "My mother didn't speak, and used writing and typing to communicate with him, and he would automatically give up that ridiculous electronic sound."

Liang Wentao gave his thumbs up: "This is called to treat the human body according to the human way, strong!"

Fan Jiangliang was originally nearby, so he went to the leisure shopping plaza to wait for them after making a call. He was wearing a black short-sleeved shirt and a black peaked cap, and when he saw Wang Zining and his party, he waved quickly.

Asked if they had anything to eat, they all said McDonald's, and Fan Jiangliang took them to a fast food restaurant. Halfway through, he asked Qi Haoran if he wanted to hug him, but Qi Haoran solemnly and politely refused.

After finding a vacant seat, the children hurriedly squeezed up and took it first. Fan Jiangliang asked everyone what they wanted to eat. Liang Wentao reported a bunch. Zhang Ting pulled his arm in embarrassment, and Wang Zining said, "You can eat whatever you want."

Asked Qi Haoran, he pursed his mouth and said, "Ice cream, thank you!"

"No, you can't eat ice cream!" Wang Zining remembered his mother's instructions and immediately rejected it.

Qi Haoran looked at him: "You also ordered a bottle of Coke!"

As Wang Zining was about to reply, Fan Jiangliang was afraid that the two brothers would quarrel, and said quickly: "Uncle buys one, and you will eat half of it when the time comes. Okay?"

After speaking, I saw that the two had no objections, so I went to order.

Wang Zining and Zhang Ting were eating fried chicken while they started eating melons.

Liang Wentao was talking to Fan Jiangliang about making a video with enthusiasm. He thought it was black history an hour ago, and wanted to transfer school because of this. Now it has become a show-off capital. He also specially opened his own small video, and asked the big director to give pointers.

Fan Jiangliang is serious

After looking at it for a while, I really gave him some suggestions for improvement.

Liang Wentao patted his thighs and nodded frequently. If Wang Tou introduced Director Fan Jiang to himself earlier, he wouldn't be like that. So educated! He raised the Coke in his hand and must offer Fan Jiangliang a cup. Fan Jiangliang smiled and touched the paper cup with him.

When Liang Wentao grabbed Zhang Ting and whispered to each other and suggested how he should shoot the video, Wang Zining was a little stunned. He asked his father, Shui's video was okay?

Fan Jiangliang said that he still had some ideas, because it was shot by a junior high school student, so there are not too many technical requirements. As long as the story is interesting and the performers cooperate well, someone will watch it.

Wang Zining glanced at Liang Wentao and Zhang Ting thoughtfully.

While Wang Zining was meditating, Fan Jiangliang looked at his son carefully and saw that the edges and corners of his handsome face became obvious day by day. He was really about to become an older child." Are you in the habit of living with your mother?"

Wang Zining nodded." Well, are Aunt Li and brother discharged from the hospital?"

"I have gone home to recuperate. I will pick you up to see my brother in a few days?"

Wang Zining shook his head again and again, he didn't want to meet Li Xiaoyun.

"Mom promised to buy me a mountain bike. I'm already optimistic about one. I will buy one on the weekend!" Wang Zining went home from school every day to do homework, write big characters, and carry his brother to do push-ups, but he was really busy. But after insisting on it, his mother really fulfilled the promise, thinking that he would have a bicycle of his own right away, he was a little happy.

"Then be careful when riding a bike, watch the road forward and backward, don't ride too fast." Fan Jiangliang smiled and said in advance. When Wang Zining asked for a bicycle before, he planned to buy it for him, but his parents stopped him.

Wang Zining nodded, and he frowned suddenly, "Mario, you, why did you eat all of the ice cream?" I didn't pay attention just now, only to find that the little man had finished the ice cream without making a sound. Said to eat only half of it!

Qi Haoran looked at him pretending to be innocent, and started to gnaw on the French fries.

"Your stomach hurts by then, but don't blame me for not reminding you!" Wang Zining was depressed, and his mother had told him several times, but he still let the little man succeed.

Fan Jiangliang looked at him and smiled. Ning Ning became more and more like a big brother. Thinking of the first time the two brothers met on the stadium, it turned out that people are getting closer and closer, and he will also bring his younger son in the future to meet his brother.

When they were almost eating, Fan Jiangliang's cell phone rang.

He apologized to the children that he couldn't send them back. He had something to do and he wanted to leave early.

It was Liang Wentao who spoke first. He patted his chest and said, Uncle rest assured that he will take good care of several people. Before leaving, Dad knew that they were coming to eat fast food, so he immediately offered to pick him up. I hope that Lao Liang will not be too disappointed when he sees Wang Zining's mother's absence.

Lao Liang was still a little disappointed. He enthusiastically expressed that he must send Wang Zining brothers home before he was relieved, but Wang Zining refused by the watchful face.

Lao Liang drove Liang Wentao and Zhang Ting regretfully and left first.

"You walk so slowly, every time I see you walk, you can make me anxious to death." Wang Zining muttered. The brothers walked home. He also packed hamburgers and fried chicken for his mother. He wanted to give it to her while it was hot. At this speed, it must be cold.

Qi Haoran walked more and more slowly, his legs were clamped, and his face became unsightly.

"Are you okay?" Wang Zining approached and asked.

Qi Haoran stopped, turned his head and searched around, anxious on his face.

"Hey, why did you stop? So when can we get home."

Qi Haoran clutched his stomach and squatted down with his eyes closed.

"Hey, what's the matter with you?" Wang Zining squatted down nervously, stretched out his hand to support the little man's shoulder, and asked anxiously.

Seeing that the little man kept silent, and sweat came out of his forehead, Wang Zining remembered and said, "Did it have a stomachache? Hey, who made you eat a box of ice cream? You, how are you, can you talk? ?"

"I'm going to the toilet!" Qi Haoran squeezed out a word with difficulty. His stomach was overwhelmed. The most important and strong feeling of shame made him a little hard to tell about the status quo.

"Ah…oh!" After hearing this, Wang Zining was taken aback for a while, and immediately stretched out his arm to pick up his younger brother, and hurriedly looked for toilets. Just now he came out of the leisure shopping center. There are residential buildings nearby and there are no toilets. go back?

"You have to bear with me, we will be home soon." Wang Zining hugged his younger brother, with the packing box in his hand, and started to run. After a few steps, Qi Haoran called him to a halt.

"Don't… run too fast!"

You are so anxious, don't you let me run? ……Are you afraid of coming out?

After all, Wang Zining slowed down, and he was sweating with anxiety. He felt that the little man in his arms was trembling a bit, his stomach hurts so badly, he couldn't help it…

No, it won't be pulled on him, will it? Thinking of this, Wang Zining was stiff and nervous.

I got up, after all I held back, didn't throw the little man out, he could only continue to run steadily towards the house, praying along the way, little man, you must bear it until you go home.

Quickly rushed out of the elevator, unlocked the door, and threw off the shoes. In spite of the surprise of the oncoming mother, he walked past her to the bathroom door and put the little man down.

He breathed a sigh of relief.

The moment Qi Haoran suddenly landed on the ground, his face became very ugly.

Wang Zining urged: "Quickly, go to the bathroom!"

Wang Yuan approached with a look of confusion, "What's the matter?"

There was a smell in the air, and Wang Zining wrinkled his nose and woke up, clutching his nose and mouth and looking at the little man in surprise.

Still, still can't hold back?!

Qi Haoran buried his head, moved his legs slowly, and walked into the bathroom. Slap and close the door.

"What happened?" Wang Yuan asked her brother.

"He has a diarrhea!" Wang Zining said helplessly, and then he felt that it was a bit funny. He grinned, "He is no longer embarrassed to arrogantly, diarrhea little ass kid, ha…"

The laughter was muffled by her mother in time, and Wang Yuan didn't want to see the murderous murder of her brothers. She gestured to the eldest son to shut up, went outside the bathroom, patted the door softly, and asked in a soft voice: "Mario, do you need help from your mother?"

It was quiet inside.

Wang Yuan went to her son's bedroom, took out a set of clean clothes, went back to the bathroom door, and patted the door again, but no one answered.

She turned her head and asked the eldest son: "Did you eat ice cream for your younger brother?"

Wang Zining said with a guilty conscience: "He is only allowed to eat half a box. If he doesn't pay attention, he eats a whole box. Did he eat the ice cream?"

Because Qi Haoran had acute gastroenteritis, Wang Yuan became a little anxious and shot the door continuously: "Mario, if you don't open the door anymore, I will get the key."

An indifferent voice came from the bathroom: "Don't come in!"

He has been here for the rest of his life, and will never go out again. Qi Haoran has already taken off the dirty clothes and pants, and he is standing in the bathroom naked, thinking like a gray heart.

"I count one, two, three, I broke in with the key, or you opened the door for me."

"I'll kick the door!" Wang Zining stood by, eager to try.

"Hurry up and go back to the room!" Wang Yuan said with a big head. If he is making trouble here, the other one will never come out.

Wang Zining raised the McDonald's bag in his hand and shook it, a little aggrieved: "I also packed the burger for you."

Wang Yuan called out slowly

In a sigh of relief, "Thank you son, but I hope you leave for a while. OK?"


Wang Yuan went to find the bathroom key, opened the door, and a naked little boy squatting in the shower room saw her come in, raised her head, her face was embarrassed and resisting.

Wang Yuan closed the door, hung the clean clothes on the clothes basket, pulled a Mario towel from the bathroom rail, and walked towards him.

"Don't come here!" After speaking, he buried his head in his knees, and he didn't want to see anyone.

Wang Yuan saw that she took off her clothes and trousers stained with filth. She smiled and walked over, turned on the hot water in the shower, painted her son with a fragrant shower gel, and rinsed him off with a fragrant smell. Open the bath towel and wrap up the cleaned young son." Baby, you have a bad stomach. No one can control this. No one will laugh at you. I promise your brother will never tell others."

That night, Qi Haoran put on new clothes, and after being carried back to his room, he never came out again.

Early the next morning, he pulled his little suitcase and planned to leave. Just when he opened the door, his mother and the big man, who thought they hadn't gotten up yet, were standing in the doorway wearing running clothes and sweating, looking at him blankly.

"Hahahaha, after you have diarrhea, are you afraid of being laughed at and want to sneak away?"

"Shut up!" The laughing brother got a thud on the head.

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