The junior high school student, who was facing the final exam, was dizzy and reciting English words. Just as he stuffed one in, the one in front slipped away. He angrily yelled to the little man who appeared and disappeared by his side: "You Don't walk around by my side, disturb my study!"

Wang Yuan, who has been secretly paying attention to her brother's situation, put down her book and suggested: "Ning Ning, why don't you go to the room to study?" The sons' room is equipped with a desk suitable for their body height. Wouldn't it be more comfortable to lie on the wooden table and study on the floor?

"…I like to study here!" The room was too deserted, so he didn't want to stay alone and study hard.

Here, you are too noisy! I really don't know what you want to do. Wang Yuan also thought that after her son went in, she could watch it on TV for a while. Forget it, let's accommodate the irritable candidates.

"Why do you have to memorize these words for so long?" Qi Haoran is really puzzled. Is it so difficult for him to learn English or an alien language?

"Don't worry about it!" Wang Zining said irritably, what kindergarten children know, you will know how difficult it is when you go to school later.

"It's really puzzling!"

"What did you say?" It's not a curse. By the way, he forgot that this guy has lived in a foreign country, he must speak English, so lucky!

"Mario, don't disturb your brother studying. Mom takes you out for a walk. You have to walk at least 5,000 steps a day." The younger son doesn't like sports. In order to make him more active, Wang Yuan often pulls him up and walks. If the son doesn't want to study in the room, they will give him the site.

"I'm not going!"

"I'll go together!"

The brothers said at the same time. Those who should move do not want to move, but those who should study quietly have to go out. Just as Wang Yuan wanted to persuade each other, the phone rang, and she went to the room to answer the phone.

Qi Haoran stood in front of her elder brother with her arms folded, thought for a while and asked, "What do you want most?"

What do you mean? Wang Zining was puzzled.

"I can help you realize a wish. In exchange, you…help me keep a secret, and never tell the fourth person!" He was walking around with his brother just now, just looking for a chance to have a good talk with him, he thinks only The exchange of interests can ensure that the secret is not publicized.

Wang Zining was stunned for a moment, thinking of what the little man was referring to, and his white teeth appeared again. He squeezed it quickly, and his mother reminded him several times that he should never have diarrhea.

I can't tell anyone. Of course Wang Zining knows, he is not a big mouth, and if he tells others about this, he fully believes that the little man will find him and die!

"What are you talking about? I have all forgotten." He pretended to be.

Qi Haoran's face was deep, he didn't believe it!" Talk about your wish, what do you want?"

When Wang Zining saw him insisting on asking, he thought for a while and said, "I hope grandma can recover and go home soon!" Grandma has already had an operation and is still recuperating abroad. Although he will be videoed every few days, he I still miss her very much, thinking that he can rest assured only when his grandma returns home in good health.

This is a bit difficult!

"Any other wishes?"

"Are you Grandpa Christmas?" Wang Zining laughed, "And it's not Christmas now. Why do you have to ask my wish? You can't really help me realize it!"

"I will try my best, as long as you can keep it secret!"

I don't feel that if I don't say anything, the little guy won't be relieved. Wang Zining felt his head and thought for a long time, and found that he had nothing to want. He could get a bicycle tomorrow, and his pocket money was also sufficient." I hope that the final exam results, don't… can do well in the exam. One point." Originally, he wanted to say, don't be the last one, stop in time, and don't let the little guy know that he often takes the last one. This is as embarrassing as diarrhea!

"I can buy you signed jerseys, limited edition sneakers, lightning skateboards…" These can be bought with money. Isn't it simpler? Can a big man change his mind?

Every time the little man reported the same thing, Wang Zining swallowed his saliva. It seemed that he had more pocket money than himself. He shouldn't accept these things for no reason, as if he was blackmailing a child, if the exchange was made to keep that ridiculous secret, wouldn't he also become ridiculous!

"No! Take a walk, don't bother me!" Really, being interrupted by the little man, all the English words that I had memorized just now, all ran away from home, and my mind was blank and fresh as before.

Glancing at my brother, it's really messing up!

"Well, since you insist on the desire to improve your test scores, I will find a way!" Although it is difficult, he will definitely do it, "You don't have to do push-ups with me on your back, I forgive you!"

Give another hush fee!

"Haha, thank you!" Wang Zining didn't take his words to heart at all, what can a kid do? He can make a hole in his brain to stuff all the knowledge in the book?

But don't have to carry him to do push-ups anymore, but you can make money, and then he will have a psychological shadow on the smaller one, and I am afraid that if he does not pay attention, he will have a stomachache again. But this idea, must not let him know.

Wang Yuan came out after answering the phone, still thinking about something. The commercial for Pure Milk will be broadcast this week. In conjunction with the launch of the new advertisement, the merchant will have a large-scale promotion activity on weekends, requiring the presence of a spokesperson. This is also the agreement in the agreement. Fortunately, the event was held in this city, but she couldn't take care of her two children that day.

She wants to ask Ni Ying if there is a suitable nanny recommended. When she occasionally picks up work, she still needs someone at home to help.

"Mario, let's go!"

Wang Yuan went to take her reluctant younger son out for a walk, and at the same time refused to follow the older son.

Coming downstairs in the community, Wang Yuan pushed her son gently, "Mario, run!"

Qi Haoran walked with her hands in her pockets and walked slowly with her short legs, without any thought of running.

"Let's go eat ice cream!" After saying that, Wang Yuan ran in small steps. Looking back, her son still followed behind slowly, unmoved.

Do you trick him into running with this little trick? He won't be fooled! Why did mother mention ice cream again? Was it on purpose? He will never eat again!

"Don't you want to grow taller? How can you grow taller if you don't exercise?" Wang Yuan waited for him to approach, persuading her with all her heart.

did not hear it! Qi Haoran turned his head.

Wang Yuan resorted to a trick and stretched out her claws to approach her son…

"Haha, hahaha…" Qi Haoran twisted his body, flushed his face and let out an uncontrollable laugh, "No…no!"

"Would you like to run?" Wang Yuan retracted her hand and gave him some time to rest and consider.

"No…" Seeing the strange hand stretched out to his armpit again, he immediately said, "You are too naive… well, you run first."

Wang Yuan ran ahead, Qi Haoran finally swayed her short legs and chased him, but she was still slow, Wang Yuan turned her back and stretched out her hand to greet him, Qi Haoran immediately giggled, turned and quickly dodged away.

Just like this, the mother and son were chasing, like driving a duck forward, Wang Yuan was sweaty on her forehead for a while, and seeing her son sweating too, she quickly waved to him to come over.

Qi Haoran stepped back guarded, and hit a foreign object with his heel. He almost fell and was held back in time by the person behind him.

He looked back and found that it was the strange lawyer.

Attorney Lin showed a pleasant smile and asked, "Is it okay?"

"Thank you!" Wang Yuan walked over in time, took her son over, and thanked him.

"No, you're welcome." Attorney Lin's face flushed suspiciously, "Where are you going?"

"We are just walking downstairs in the community." Wang Yuan said, nodding to him after speaking, and planned to leave.

"I, I live in the building next to him." Lawyer Lin rushed up to run with them, still blushing and a trace of tension on his face.

Wang Yuan smiled and did not answer.

"I saw you running back that day, I, I also have the habit of running in the morning…" Attorney Lin was angry that he was useless, he was eloquent at ordinary times, but when it was important, his tongue was like a knot and he didn't know what to say.

Qi Haoran subconsciously stood in between them when he gave fruits and was about to ask his mother to run.

"Running is a good habit." Wang Yuan replied.

"Yes, I plan to participate in the city's half marathon in the second half of the year, but the longest I ran before was 10 miles. I don't know if the half marathon can run down in one go." Lawyer Lin saw Wang Yuan's response and was generally inspired. I feel better.

"What time is the city's marathon?" Wang Yuan asked.

"Usually it is the last weekend of October." Lawyer Lin said excitedly, "Are you planning to participate, too?"

"It's possible." You can ask Ning Ning to run together, just like when my father took her to run a marathon.

"I, we can practice together. I know a few great running gods. You can ask them to take us when the time comes. Oh, yes, it may be inconvenient for you." Attorney Lin thought of Wang Yuan's identity, and he continued, "I know There is a track nearby, and the running environment is very good. I will send you the address?"

"Thank you. I'll just check it out when I arrive." Wang Yuan said to him, "Someone gave me a cake today because I didn't write the name. Did you give it?"

Suddenly received a cake from a stranger, who would dare to eat it? Although the cake looked very tempting, Wang Yuan went to let Auntie Hour Worker take care of it.

"Yes, I always feel sorry…" Attorney Lin said embarrassedly.

"In the custody case between me and Mr. Qi, you, as a lawyer, just did your job duties. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Please don't send anything over." Wang Yuan smiled and refused.

"Okay, okay." Lawyer Lin's mood was like a roller coaster, and he immediately landed after taking off. He just came back today and parked the car, just in time to see Wang Yuan

Taking the child for a walk, ghosts and spirits followed him. He didn't have the courage, and he didn't dare to sign his name when sending things, but he couldn't control his hands and feet, so he followed.

Sure enough, he still had no chance.

Qi Haoran took her mother's hand and asked solemnly, "Is he trying to pursue you?"

Wang Yuan smiled and said, "No."

"I think so!" Qi Haoran said solemnly.

"If someone pursues mom, would you agree?" Wang Yuan thought it was interesting to discuss this with her son and asked deliberately.

Qi Haoran was silent until after entering the door, then she looked up and said, "I don't object to you being a boyfriend, but I don't want to have a stepfather! And you have a bad vision, what should you do if you are deceived?"

"What? You have a boyfriend?" Wang Zining heard something amazing after pouring a glass of water out of the kitchen. He almost jumped up." When? Who is it?"

"The water in your cup has been spilled out, son, don't be so excited, mom hasn't made a boyfriend!" Wang Yuan went over and patted her daer.

"Then what did he mean by what he just said?" Wang Yaning pointed to the little man, and he said that he would go downstairs together. He was not together for a while, and such a serious topic came up.

Wang Yuan said: "Your brother and I are just discussing one issue, so don't make a fuss."

If it is a discussion issue, he should also express his opinion: "I don't agree with you looking for a boyfriend, I don't want strangers to come into our house!"

I think so too! Qi Haoran thought, big man, go on!

Wang Zining looked down at the little man and accused: "You even said that you agreed to make her a boyfriend!"

Because I don't want to be so naive like you! Qi Haoran ignored him, turned and left. It seemed that Lawyer Lin would not affect them anymore. Now his trouble is how to fulfill the big man's wish.

After Wang Yuan and Ni Ying finished talking on the phone, the pressure was half relieved. Ni Ying said that the nanny at her friend's house was very honest in doing things. Her friend has always been very satisfied, but the family has grown up and there is no housework now, so she was introduced to Wang Yuan.

Moreover, Ni Ying said that she was fine this weekend and could help her watch the baby for a long time. Anyway, the two little ones are already old. Ni Ying only needs to watch them not to run around and take them to solve the two meals.

Wang Yuan was completely relieved. It is good to have a trustworthy friend, who can help her resolve her worries at a critical time.

As for the selection of the nanny, Wang Yuan has to wait for the end of the weekend work

Shu, arrange to meet someone to talk about it later. Coming to her to help, compared with doing things in ordinary families, there may be issues of privacy and confidentiality. She has to look at her character and temperament before she decides.

Thinking of this, she still missed Tia. I have to say that the professionalism of the Filipino maid is more trustworthy. However, it is not easy to find a suitable Filipino maid through an intermediary. If the person recommended by Ni Ying is suitable, it would be best.

Early on the weekend, Wang Yuan explained to the children about a day's schedule. Today my mother is going to work, and my mother's friend Aunt Ni Ying will come to accompany them. If they want, they can talk to Aunt Ni Ying.

Wang Zining thought of his unfulfilled mountain bike, for fear that the time would be delayed again. Wang Yuan said that she had already told Aunt Ni Ying that she could take them to buy it today.

Wang Zining is okay. Mom is not here, and it's the weekend again. He can just take a day off, go out to play a game, and play a shooting game. Otherwise, she would definitely have to detain him to study at home again.

"Ning Ning's task today is to take good care of her younger brother and take him wherever he goes. You are not allowed to run around with Aunt Ni Ying. If you buy a car and come back, you will go home to do your homework and think about your final exam!"

I knew it was so!

"Mario, today I am responsible for supervising my good brother and let him do his homework at home obediently! Two people are not allowed to quarrel, you must eat well and not be picky eaters!"

As long as the big man doesn't make him angry, he won't quarrel with him!

"I don't need him to supervise."

"I don't need him to take care of it."

"That's it, wait until Aunt Ni Ying arrives…" Before finishing speaking, the doorbell rang.

The team of Ni Ying and Wang Yuan arrived at the same time. Wang Yuan had already sent a message yesterday to Ni Ying, and introduced Aunt Ni Ying to the children, and then left with the team.

Qi Haoran was a little unhappy watching her mother walk so simply. He wondered if his mother was very happy to be able to go out to work without taking them anymore.

"Mario, you are more cute than you look in the video! Too kawaii!" This is the first time that Ni Ying has seen him, and his style is different from that of the handsome boy Wang Zining Junlang. This handsome boy is soft and cute. I really want people to come forward and pinch it, especially when I have a small adult expression. It's like seeing a little milk cat and wanting to slap it.

He didn't like this Aunt Ni Ying who was exaggerated by his mother, Qi Haoran was quite sure.

"You praise a man for using words like cute and kawaii, it's inappropriate." He pointed out Ni Ying's problem.

"Hahaha, I'm sorry, I did use the wrong words." Ni Ying held back a smile, and said such mature words through the little milk voice, this little man is really invincible.

"He is stingy, and knows how to hold grudges, you have to be careful." Wang Zining reminded leisurely on the side.

I remember your words! Qi Hao glanced at him, I will write down your words.

Ni Ying held back a smile and asked, "Have you had breakfast? Should we go buy a mountain bike in the morning or go in the afternoon?"


"Afternoon!" Qi Haoran glanced at her brother. I am a stingy person, and I will be stingy today!

"…Would you like to guess the boxing?" Ni Ying suggested.

Ni Ying drove to the mountain bike store.

Wang Zining walked in with excitement and visited various models.

People who don't know think he bought a sports car, not a bicycle! Seeing Wang Zining fascinatedly touching the mountain bike, Qi Haoran thought disapprovingly.

"The price of this bicycle is about to catch up with the car!" Ni Ying looked at the price tag, and tut.

"Are you going to be like a big radish and keep picking?" Qi Haoran impatiently accompany him, watching the big guy's endless test drive, and he has already picked up the car on the Internet a few days ago. I showed it to my mother, and when I came to the scene, I forgot the car I had chosen.

"Hahaha, the metaphor of the flower heart and big radish is too funny! Mario, if you have a lot of choices for something you like, you will pick it for a long time." Ni Ying stood with her chin and said happily.

"No!" Qi Haoran said affirmatively. What he likes can be known at a glance, and he won't waste this time making choices.

Wang Zining originally heard the enthusiastic shop introduce the characteristics of several bicycles, and he was confused. After the little man said that, he no longer missed other options, and bought the one that he liked first.

The car was picked up, because Ni Ying couldn't fit the bike in the back of the car, so she paid another fee and asked the store to deliver it to her door. Wang Zining originally wanted to ride back by himself, but when he thought of taking care of Mario, he was worried that he would be alone with a strange aunt, so he gave up on this idea.

Ni Ying took the card that Wang Yuan gave her in advance. She was really convinced that Wang Daxing gave her her credit card directly. Both her son and the card were handed over to her, so she was so relieved!

Qi Haoran looked at Ni Ying paid the money and sighed with regret. If the big man's wish was this mountain bike, then things would be much simpler. He didn't need to think about how to help him put up the final exam results. It's a pity that this opportunity to pay was taken away by my mother.

After buying the car, Wang Zining was always a little excited, and he became gentle with the little man, patted his shoulder and said, "Don't be jealous. When you grow taller, I will give you a bicycle!" He is now. A little rich man has no chance to spend his pocket money.

"Thank you, no need!" Qi Haoran sneered.

"Then what do you want?" He always felt that after his mother bought him a mountain bike, the little man was a little jealous. He had gifts, but the little man didn't! He feels that if he is an elder brother, he can be more generous and buy something to give him as compensation.

"A planet."

The topic can be over! Wang Zining turned his head and stopped looking at him.

Look, you can't do it again. This is indeed the gift he wants now. He wants a planet that belongs to him in the vast universe.

"I know that now on the Internet, you can get the right to name a planet with just over 200 yuan!" Ni Ying drove the car and listened to the words of the brothers. She remembered the information she had seen on the Internet not long ago.

"Really? I'll buy you one?" Wang Zining became interested, turned his head again, and asked his brother.

The topic can be over! Qi Haoran turned his head, not wanting to look at them.

"It's almost time for lunch. There is a shopping mall in front of me. There is a lot of food. Should we go there to eat a little?" Ni Ying suggested.

Wang Zining is fine. Qi Haoran did not comment.

The three came to a Chinese tea restaurant.

They found that other restaurants have long queues, only this one has seats. Ni Ying, the gluttonous food, doesn't care whether the food is good or not. With two children, convenience and simplicity are the most important thing.

Of course, when she walked through the crowd with handsome guys, one big and one small, the rate of turning around was like the spectacle of the four great talents in the movie Tang Bohu's Spot Qiuxiang that attracted all passers-by to turn back. Let her vanity be fully satisfied, and she started to walk with wind.

She will give birth to such a beautiful child in the future, which can be brought out by her every day to show off. I don't know if looking at the two handsome brothers more will help to improve the genes of her future children?

Ni Ying gave the menu to two people and asked them to order what they like. Wang Zining ordered a few, Qi Haoran.

She frowned when she saw everything. Later, Ni Ying ordered a few healthy, nutritious and easy-to-digest foods. She carefully read the precautions written by her mother and knew that her brother's gastrointestinal function was not very good, and she could not eat cold and difficult-to-digest foods. food.

She found that this restaurant also had her favorite food, and was pleasantly surprised to order one.

After the dishes came, like Wang Yuan said, my brother is really a picky little guy. Seeing that he eats, can cause people to die suddenly, Ni Ying secretly explained to the future children who have no embryos, they can look as beautiful and cute as a little brother, and don't learn to eat!

After the food she liked was served, she excitedly asked the children if they wanted to taste it.

The elder brother was curious at first, until he saw that Ni Ying had eaten, his face was shocked. The younger brother, the whole person froze.

Mom, you know what a terrible man you gave us, and she eats everything!

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