When Wang Yuan came back in the evening, with heavy makeup on her face, she asked everyone how was your day?

Ni Ying said that traveling with two handsome guys was really beautiful, but after returning, one was locked in his room and the other ran out to ride a bike, leaving her alone in the living room, which was a bit boring.

Wang Yuan thanked Ni Ying and became a voluntary nanny for a day today. She took some gifts from the merchant and asked Ni Ying to take home, and by the way, she sent people downstairs.

When she came back, Wang Zining immediately ran up to her and said seriously, "Do you know what Aunt Ni Ying ate today?"

"Ah? Ni Ying sent me a message and took you to eat the food in a Chinese tea restaurant." Wang Yuan was puzzled, not knowing what his son meant.

"She eats that kind of chicks that have hatched halfway." Wang Zining said with a numb scalp.

"I hope you can make friends carefully." The kid Qi Haoran walked over and added, "Her eating habits are too strange!"

Now in his mind, Aunt Ni Ying opened her mouth wide, showing Bai Sensen's teeth, pulling out the black-gray fluffy chicken wings from the cracked egg…

"It's more terrifying than the brain flower that father eats!" Wang Zining emphasized. It was cruel to think of the half-formed baby chicken.

"Hahahaha, you are talking about Xidan." Wang Yuan laughed. Ni Ying likes to eat this food, and she can't accept it. No matter how Ni Ying recommends it to herself, she will never consider trying it.

"Why is it called Xidan, it should be called Horror Egg!" Wang Zining shook his head puzzled.

Wang Yuan promised that she would not eat such a terrible hidan like Aunt Ni Ying, and the two little ones would be relieved.

After Wang Yuan removed her makeup and put on a mask, she sent a message to Ni Ying to see if she had arrived home safely.

Ni Ying said that she had just arrived for a while, and she was now eating the egg stewed with love made by her husband.

Wang Yuan pressed her face mask and controlled her smile and said, "Have you not eaten enough eggs today? I heard my two boys say that you have eaten a lot of sweet eggs, and they are terrified."

Ni Ying laughed loudly, "No wonder they were so far away from me later that they were frightened by Xidan."

"By the way, I took a job, the script adaptation of "Flat Space"." Ni Ying sighed.

"I remember you mentioned that the screenwriter of this script is your brother?"

"Yes. Originally, the script has been delivered, but now the new investor is not satisfied with the script and requires it to be revised. The investor side and

My brother didn't communicate very smoothly, so my brother refunded the money and left in angrily. Now that the script is handed over to me, I guess it is a hot potato."

"If the other party asks too much, you shouldn't run into this mixed water either." Wang Yuan suggested.

"No way, the station is next, and it's assigned to me. Do you know who the leading female actor is who brought the funds into the group? Eh, that's Yu Xinxin!"

"It's her! I have read this novel. The heroine in it is in her thirties, and Yu Xinxin is not suitable for her image."

"So I have to make big changes according to her request. It is obviously a science fiction suspense, and now I have to take the science fiction love route. I went, and now I can predict that I will be sprayed to death by the whole network."

"If you can, let's push it." Wang Yuan and Yu Xinxin have recorded the show. Although they have been together for a short time, this girl is really impressive. If she brings money to join the group, she can really mess up.

"At first, I hesitated. Now that I think that Ni Kuangda's novel will be so ruined, I feel uncomfortable. Instead of becoming totally unrecognizable in the hands of others, it is better for me to take over.

Wang Yuan laughed, "You just have to know it in your heart."

Wearing a cartoon T-shirt pajamas, Qi Haoran frowned and knocked on the computer in the room. Hearing a bang outside the door, he closed the laptop and immediately jumped onto the bed to lie down.

"May I come inside?"

"Come in!"

Wang Yuan came in with the bedtime books and came to her son's bedside.

"What story do you want to hear today?"

"Just tell the story of Grandma Wolf!" Qi Haoran said calmly.

Wang Yuan gave a sigh. She thought she would have to bargain with her son. She tried to persuade him to give up the profound earth mystery and listen to a fairy tale that the children love. She did not expect Mario to take the initiative to mention such an ancient story.

"Why do you want to hear this story?" Little Red Riding Hood's story, she can tell it fluently without reading a book. This is a story she has heard countless times when she was a child.

"Because when Aunt Ni Ying ate Xidan today, it was like Grandma Wolf chewing a child's bones." Although he knows the story, he hopes his mother will tell it again and let her know that Aunt Ni Ying really is. A terrible person.

Why does she think her son's tone is weird? It seems that the scene of Ni Ying eating Xidan really impressed the children.

Wang Yuan was just about to start talking, she only heard the younger son ask: "Mom, you know how to let the older brother improve your exam results this time?"

I didn't expect Mario to care about his brother so much! Wang Yuan was very pleased. She touched his little head and said: "Learning depends on the accumulation of knowledge. My brother is working hard now. As long as he persists, his grades will definitely improve." She went to her brother's room and saw that he was still there. Studying, ignoring the fact that my son played for an afternoon is still very gratifying.

"I want to guarantee that he can do well this time!" Qi Haoran said, he sighed inwardly, his mother didn't know how heavy his task was!" What is the solution?"

"Baby, your brother doesn't have the ability to be a prophet. If he does well in the exam, he has to study hard by himself. There is no other shortcut."

"An unknown prophet? Yes, if you know the test paper in advance, you will be able to do well in the test!" Qi Haoran suddenly became clear.

Wang Yuan scratched the bridge of his tall nose lightly: "It is impossible for your brother to know the test paper in advance. If it is, then it is cheating! The results obtained by cheating can only deceive himself, which is meaningless."

Qi Haoran thought disapprovingly, it made sense to me, as long as I helped him realize his wish, it was enough.

Two days later, when Wang Zining was holding his textbook, Qi Haoran handed over a stack of printed paper when he was wandering beyond the sky." If you do all the questions inside and memorize them all, you will get the first place in the final exam.

"Huh?" Wang Zining took it confusedly, and saw that there were test papers for Chinese, English, and Mathematics on the paper." Where did you get this test paper?"

"You don't need to worry, you just need to make sure to memorize it well. Okay, my task is completed, then it's up to you." After Qi Haoran finished speaking, he walked away with his hands behind his back coolly.

"What!" Wang Zining threw the paper aside. He has so many exercises that he can't finish. The little man still needs to give him a test paper. The ghost knows where he got it, so he won't waste time. Do the topic he brings.

The next day Liang Wentao followed him back to do his homework, and saw a dozen test papers under the wooden table. The title read the final exam papers for the second half of XX year of the City No. 1 Middle School.

His little heart almost jumped out with excitement, "Wang, Head Wang, where did you get this test paper?" His words trembled.

Wang Zining glanced at it and said indifferently, "Mario gave it to me, who knows where he found it."

"Here, it is written here is the final exam paper for the second half of the first half of the first grade of our city's first middle school, and the Chinese test paper has the name of the person who wrote the paper. It is our language teaching and research group teacher!" Liang Wentao said more and more excited

It is less than ten days before the final exam. He is so lucky. Can he get the test paper in advance?

Wang Zining took it and looked at it seriously. After reading it, he frowned and stood up. He was about to call the little guy out, and remembered that he and his mother had gone out. He took out his cell phone and dialed his mother's phone number.

"Hey, Ning Ning, what's the matter?"

"Small… Is Mario with you, you let him answer the phone!"

Wang Zining heard the mother's voice on the phone: "Brother asked you to answer the phone."

"What's the matter with you?" The familiar voice of immature pretending to be mature sounded.

Wang Zining originally wanted to question loudly, but later worried that the mother next to the little man heard him, he lowered his voice: "The test paper you gave me two days ago, is it our school's final exam paper this time?"

"Yes." Mario replied quickly.

"How did you get it? Did you get cheated by someone on the road and bought it? Say, how much did you spend? Oh, why are you so stupid, quickly explain it, or I'll tell mom!" Wang Zining was rather angry. To stamp his feet, the little man was so worried about buying him this kind of fake test paper back. If he catches the liar who swindled children's money, he must be beaten.

"Don't worry, what I gave you is true. I said that you want to realize your wish." Qi Haoran whispered while clutching his mobile phone.

"Hehe, you were deceived, and you want me to be fooled along with me?! Okay, I know, if you come back and interrogate you, you must tell the liar." Wang Zining put down the phone.

Liang Wentao was listening with his ears erected just now, and when he saw this, he hurriedly asked: "How is it? Really it was bought by a liar?"

"He said it was true, eh, how come I have such a stupid brother." Wang Zining sighed worriedly.

"Maybe it's true." Liang Wentao picked up the test paper and took a closer look, saying with anticipation.

"If it's really more troublesome, then we buy test papers and are found out by the school, and we will be expelled!" The little guy will really cause trouble, so remind mother to remember to confiscate his pocket money.

"Well, it must be false, but even if we have one more simulated test paper, we can do it." Liang Wentao suggested that he still didn't give up. He really can't be second to last. Lao Liang no longer uses a stick this time, but instead tempts him with a carrot. If he can get ten ahead of the final exam, he will take him to Thailand during the summer vacation.

Heh heh, he didn't want to see the ladyboys, but Thailand was so delicious, durian and mango were so cheap that he vomited.

"You do it, I don't have time!" I can't finish the test questions issued by the school. How can I have time to do this kind of foreign goods!"

"That's OK, then I'll take it back?" Liang Wentao put away a dozen test papers.

"Take it, take it." Wang Zining waved.


Here Qi Haoran put down the phone and Wang Yuan asked, "What is your brother asking for?"

Qi Haoran shook his head and said nothing.

Wang Yuan did not ask any more questions.

As soon as Qi Ying arrived, he unbuttoned his casual suit, called the waiter, ordered a cup of coffee, and ordered a cup of juice for his son.

Wang Yuan originally wanted to remind him that Qi Haoran already had a cup of hot milk in front of him, so think about it and forget it.

He glanced over Wang Yuan with icy eyes, and Qi Haoran waved: "Come here and let me see you."

Qi Haoran got up helplessly, passed in front of his mother, and came to the opposite father's side.

"You have lost a lot of weight, are you not used to living there?" His tone was dissatisfied.

Are you blind? My son's small face has been rounded a lot, OK, let him be alone in Beijing or in the Qi family mansion, and no one will stare at him for activities and meals, so he will get thinner and thinner!

Wang Yuan was calm, wearing a mask with a smile on her face, but her eyes were barbed and shot at the opponent.

"I'm not thin, I live well with my mother." Qi Haoran puffed out his chest.

"Why did your teeth fall? Have you started changing your teeth? Have you seen it in the hospital?" Qi Ying looked at his son's lower gum, and raised his chin, and took a closer look.

Qi Haoran really didn't want anyone to mention his teeth. He has overcome the psychological barrier and spoke, but still feels that it is a shame to have no teeth.

"Dad, mom has taken me to the dental clinic, and the doctor said that my teeth will grow out soon."

When Qi Ying asked about his son's teeth, Wang Yuan's sharp eyes slowly eased. Only those who really care about him will pay attention to any detail that happened to him. When I went to the house that day, Mario's grandfather and little grandmother didn't notice his change of teeth, or they saw it, but they didn't care.

The waiter served coffee and juice, and Qi Ying said to the waiter: "Bring the juice to the deck next to it." Turning to Qi Haoran, "Daddy, the driver sits there. Go and sit for a while. I have something to discuss with your mother."

Of course Qi Haoran didn't want to leave. Just about to speak, Qi Ying closed his chin slightly and his eyes became severe. Qi Haoran sighed, turned his head down and said to her mother: "I'm right by the side. If he blames you, you call me to come over!"

"Ok, baby!" Wang Yuan felt relieved, and kissed his little cheek to let him go first.

Qi Haoran didn't like people calling him baby before, but she couldn't help her mother having a bad memory. She reminded many times that she still likes to use this greasy name. Later, he gradually got used to it. strange.

Just like she likes her relatives, because she is used to it, sometimes she forgets to kiss good morning or good night, Qi Haoran will secretly get angry.

Qi Ying watched with cold eyes. He admired this woman's little tricks more and more. After a few years, she has improved a little. Learn to curse around the corners, and also know how to win people's hearts.

Seeing his son's appearance, he really fell to her side.

"Have you met Mario's grandfather?" asked coldly.

"Yes. Mario's grandfather invited me to meet." Wang Yuan nodded, "Then he talked with you?"

Although Mario's grandfather didn't say anything that day, Wang Yuan intuitively felt that he didn't want his son to fight this lawsuit and acquiesced in Mario's life with her.

Qi Ying sneered, "I don't know how you convinced him, but I won't change my mind."

"If that's the case, what's the point of asking me to come out to meet you today? It's better to see me directly in court." Wang Yuan shrugged.

"It's too late for you to apologize now." Qi Ying reminded.

Wang Yuan sighed deeply. She put her arms on the coffee table and leaned forward, watching Qi Ying earnestly.

Being stared at by her, the familiar face suddenly approached, Qi Ying was a little uncomfortable. He moved his sitting posture slightly, coughed slightly, took a sip of the coffee in front of him, and concealed his emotions.

"I have carefully recalled some things during our marriage during this period of time. I can't find a reason for you to hate me so much. Or maybe there is something else that I didn't remember." It's not my own memory. Moreover, the memory of the original body's later return is also a bit messy and mixed. In addition, the more important feeling in marriage is the emotional experience and change. She has the same impression as a documentary, but she does not have that emotional memory.

"We finally decided to break up because of disagreement. I remember that we had quarrels, but they were more restrained. The biggest problem that cannot be reconciled between us is that you want me to be a qualified businessman's wife and give up my acting career. This is impossible for me. During the breakup process, we have no financial disputes, no custody disputes, when everyone makes a decision

At that moment, the formalities were handled quickly."

Wang Yuan looked at him sincerely, "So I don't know why you saw me several times, it seems that we have had an eight-life hatred." She didn't compare her first marriage.

In fact, in memory, the process and end of the first marriage, there were more quarrels and frictions. After all, the original body was a bit more immature at that time, but in the end, the two could not be married, but now they get along like ordinary friends. start a feud.

Why did the original body deal with it more calmly and maturely the second time, but faced the strong hostility of his ex-husband.

As a spectator, she raised her own inner question.

Qi Ying's face was dull and unclear.

When he came back this time, he first met his father Qi Baijia. He advised him to enlarge his mind and not to worry about a failed marriage.

Of course, Qi Ying sneered at this kind of statement. When did he brood about it? But I really calmed down. When facing my own heart, there was a voice reminding him that what my father said may be correct.

His first half of his life went smoothly, his IQ was higher than that of ordinary kids since he was a child, and his academics will always be among the best. Outside, he is the pride of heaven, and at home, he has always been the pride of his parents compared to his average eldest brother. Later, I started my own business and my career took off and flourished.

His first half of his life was perfect until he met Wang Yuan. She was the person he admired in his youth. Ever since he watched the movie "Echo" starring in her, and every time she premiered, no matter how far away he was, he would come back to watch.

At that time, he knew that she was married, and hid this love and regret in the corner of his heart. Until a business reception, he saw me again. She was already single again. Because she was coaxed by a business celebrity and asked her to drink a cup of wine, she directly took the cup Smashed, got up and left, completely not showing the other side a bit of face.

He smiled when he saw it, but he didn't take it too seriously.

But he himself didn't know what was driving him. He knew that because of that unpleasant time, her investment in the film she was about to shoot was also bad. He actually raised funds and invested in a field he didn't understand at all. This was not like his character at all. Unlike every investment in the past, the return must be calculated carefully.

Because of the opportunity to contact, the touch that he hid in his heart slowly sprouted. At the beginning, his passionate pursuit was only to realize the dream when he was young, but the road of pursuit was not smooth. The more frustrated he became, the more courageous he even divided. With half of the energy and funds, I started a film and television company, just for

The better he can approach her, the deeper he puts in his heart and affection, the more he cherishes, and eventually, regardless of his father's opposition, he insists on marrying her.

After getting married, he didn't know which day it started. The friction in life became more and more. He hoped that she would lay down her career and be a good wife, and she hoped that he would be as considerate and gentle as before marriage. Slowly, there would be more quarrels, just remember The most fierce one was that Mario was dissatisfied with a hundred days. She was going to a foreign crew to stay in the first half of the year, just to make a movie. In the end, she won the laurel of the queen of Cana because of this movie, and what she paid was the price of a marriage.

Although Wang Yuan proposed the divorce, it was not the marriage he dreamed of, and it was no longer worthy of his nostalgia. The breakup was very simple, but after the breakup, because of Wang Yuan's identity as an artist, their relationship was constantly mentioned. His cinnabar mole turned into lingering mosquito blood, a stain in his life.

Although his father handed over most of Qi's company to him, according to the current posture, he will surpass his eldest brother and become the helm of Qi's, but his father still evaluates him this time as narrow-minded!

He wasn't convinced, but in dealing with his ex-wife, it was indeed a hurdle in his heart that he couldn't cross.

Father is also joking. If it is not narrow-minded, is it possible that you still have feelings for her and hate you because of love?

Hearing these words, he erected his armor like a hedgehog. He would never admit such slander! He doesn't feel that he is not big-minded, and he is definitely not left behind. He wants him to learn from those hypocritical couples and pretend to live in peace and peace in order to get rid of these labels?

He came to Wang Yuan this time, in fact, hoping that she would be soft in front of him, draw an ending for their relationship, and let each other know that he won.

"If you can realize what you have done and missed, maybe we won't be the relationship of enemies like this."

"Give me a hint?" Wang Yuan asked cautiously. She really didn't know where the problem was? After she walked through, the first time she met, this person was already yin and yang strange.

Because from the beginning to the end, you didn't take me to heart, you didn't take the previous marriage to heart, and you left so simply, without nostalgia afterwards, making my contribution a joke, let My life left a stain of failure.

I need you to tell me that your feelings for me are deeper and that the failed marriage hurt you more. Let me know that I haven't lost emotionally.

At this moment, Qi Ying only truly admits to himself the knot of his heart, but he will never say it.

"Call Mario over. Go back with me today. I want to find out about his recent situation." After finishing speaking, he stood up and said, "If you want to pick him up, call my assistant in advance."

What do you mean? That's the end of the topic, man, you haven't said anything yet, "Mario can go back with you first, but he has some things at home and needs to bring…"

"No, he has everything in his own house." Qi Ying ignored her and called the driver and son next to him, ready to leave.

"Dad, what did you talk about, why are you taking me away?" Qi Haoran was a little uneasy, he was worried that his father would send him abroad again.

"Mario, I'm back, of course I want to take you home. I respect your idea, as long as you want to see her, you can ask her to pick you up." Qi Ying calmly said to his son.

Qi Haoran reluctantly left, Wang Yuan was also a little disappointed. She thought that Qi Ying would definitely come to pick up her son when she came back, but she didn't expect that he would take the person away directly. The guardianship is in his hands, and currently she has no way to force the child to stay.

When he got home, Wang Zining ran out and shouted, "Where is the little one?" He should be tried carefully on the question paper.

Wang Yuanqiang vigorously said: "He and his father will go home for a few days."

"Ah…" Wang Zining was a little surprised, not knowing why he felt a little lost, "I still have something to ask him."

"What's the matter?"

"No, nothing happened." Wang Zining immediately shook his head and denied. He remembered and reminded, "You have to take care of his pocket money. He buys things randomly, and be careful of being cheated!" 

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