The nanny Ni Ying helped to contact is in her 40s and divorced. She has a daughter in this city, and her daughter is now working. When Wang Yuan moved to this new home, she did not consider the issue of nanny, so there was no extra room for the nanny to live in. After she met this sister Zhou, she looked simple and refreshing, and her thoughts were clear and her attitude was kind when communicating. Seven or eight were satisfied. After confirming the employment relationship, Wang Yuan paid her a generous rent subsidy, so that she could find a house nearby, come during the day and go back to rest at night.

Of course Sister Zhou is willing. She is her daughter going to college here, and she followed. She used to live with her employer. Now her daughter is working. Compared with the high housing prices in City H, if the daughter's salary is paid for the rent , Only enough for daily expenses, now she has this rental subsidy in addition to the nanny's salary, just to find a house to live with her daughter, and save her money.

Regarding Wang Yuan's proposal that she can't disclose the family affairs and some privacy related to her, she needs to sign another agreement for this. Sister Zhou has no objection. She is always not a talkative person, and she is the one who does this with a tight mouth. The first requirement of the profession.

She rarely watched movies, but watched some TV dramas and heard the name of Wang Yuan, but she didn't know what movies she had acted in. She doesn't care what the new employer is doing, as long as she speaks well.

Knowing that the employer has a son at home, the child is old, and she doesn't need to take it with her hands. She usually only takes care of the three meals and cleaning the house. When the employer is out, she helps to look at the child. She thinks this job is really good. Easy. The remuneration offered by the new employer is also very generous, allowing her to appreciate the benefits of being a celebrity babysitter.

Hiring a babysitter will cost a lot of money every month, but compared to Wang Yuan's current income, she feels that the money is completely negligible. This time the endorsement fee of Pure Milk has doubled her savings, and she has only realized that the entertainment industry is really fast, no wonder so many people want to come in.

At the same time, Wang Yuan also admires the original body. With her fame and coffee status, if she is fond of money, in the previous years, as long as she accepts more advertising endorsements and commercial performances, her wealth is definitely more than what she is now, at least Many times more.

But her pursuit is not here. She lives a very pure life and only devotes her life to acting. In comparison, I am just a ordinary person.

After Sister Zhou came, Wang Yuan relaxed a lot. It took a lot of time to prepare three meals before. Now she finally has time to go to the gym to reshape her muscle lines.

Watching Wang Yuan carrying a gym bag to go out, Wang Zining, who had already learned his eyes and stared at the stars, said, "I will go too!"

"Come on!" This poor child was also very hardworking for this final exam. He wanted to tell his grandma a good result in the exam to make her happy. Wang Yuan saw that he was drowsy with a book every day, but desperately trying to see it in. She thought to herself, other than children, we still have to work hard to eat!

The mother and son happily went to the gym to hit the iron.

The gym she went to was recommended by Xiao Wang. It is said that many celebrity models in this city come here to work out, and their privacy is better. Wang Yuan and Wang Zining jogged on the treadmill for ten minutes to warm up.

She found an equipment to do goat stand-up movements, mainly to strengthen back training, improve back shape, and prevent hunchback. Now her son is lying on the wooden table every day to do his homework, and it is just right to practice this movement.

It was the first time Wang Zining came to the gym. He usually played outdoors or swimming indoors. It was quite new to see these fitness equipment, and he wanted to try them one by one.

When Wang Yuan was about to find a machine to train her arm strength, she received a call from her younger son.

She picked it up immediately, smiled and asked, "Hey, son, what are you doing now?"

Qi Haoran said depressedly: "Dad took me to see his girlfriend. We are eating out now." He went to the bathroom under the pretext of running out of the terrace and secretly called his mother.

"How are you talking? Do you still like her?"

Qi Haoran did not answer directly. He said, "She is very smart. If she marries her father, I think the child born will not be too stupid." There is already a stupid big man, and he doesn't want to have another so stupid brother or sister.

Son, you still think a long way, Wang Yuan smiled secretly." I have an appointment with your father, and I will pick you up tomorrow."

Qi Haoran nodded, he lowered his face, and then said for a while: "I don't want my father to get married!"

He finally confided that he didn't like his father's girlfriend, whether he was clever or not.

"Baby…" Wang Yuan didn't know how to comfort him, "Even if your father is married, he will still be your father. This will not change."

Qi Haoran opened her small mouth and wanted to ask her mother, is it possible for her and father to be together? Think about him still closed my mouth and didn't ask. Dad and mother are about to quarrel when they meet. It is impossible for them to get married again.

Seeing her son did not speak, Wang Yuan said, "Have you eaten properly these days? What did you eat when you were outside today…"

The old mother began to talk about the pattern. Qi Haoran simply said see youc and hung up the phone.

Wang Yuan put the phone up, she looked up for her elder son, and found that he was doing the butterfly machine chest action, and there were already a few more people watching.

Wang Yuan walked over, and she saw another machine with an acquaintance doing this action, as if playing with her son.

Qiao Yu arranges time to exercise every day. When he came over at night, he found a thin and tall teenager who was training on equipment. His movements were not very standardized. He was worried that he would be injured. He went to give some guidance. Later, he was surprised to find that the teenager looked very thin. But when doing the butterfly machine-clamping chest action, the weight-bearing code is very high, and it looks quite relaxed.

He got interested and offered to compare with the other party, adjust the code to the same, and see who stopped first.

Compared with boring movements, competitions are certainly more fun. Wang Zining agreed in one fell swoop. He followed the norms that the man had instructed and followed his breathing, doing them one by one, getting more and more vigorous.

Qiao Yu's assistant was helping them count. He saw Qiao Yu's face gradually reddened, and his movements became more and more difficult. After that, he insisted entirely with willpower, but the young man still looked relaxed and curious.

He is amazed, are the children so fierce now? Qiao Yu is an expert in the bodybuilding industry, with very beautiful muscles, and he is not ostentatious. Now he is being abused so quickly.

I don't know which trainee this boy is from. It is estimated that he was trained with great effort. This appearance is the peak of his debut.

Qiao Yu didn't know that his assistant had already made so many brains. The amount he had just completed was far beyond his usual practice level, and finally couldn't support it and stopped.

Wang Zining watched him stop, and after doing a few more, he also stopped, jumped off his equipment, walked to Qiao Yu's side, patted his sweaty arm and said, "You are doing well!"

Qiao Yu looked up at him, her slightly startled expression turned into a wry smile. Unexpectedly, he would still be comforted one day. He stretched out his hand to the teenager: "Qiao Yu!"

Wang Zining patted his palm, showing his big white teeth: "Wang Zining!"

"Compare it again? Switch to pull-ups?" He was a little bit unwilling

Convinced, I want to try the level of a teenager again.

"Okay. I'll drink saliva first!" Wang Ningdada ran to the vending machine, looked at various drinks, originally wanted to buy Coke, it seems that this month's share has been used up, he can only press twice to exercise Buttons for drinks.

After getting the sports drink I bought, I walked over and gave it to a friend I just met.

Qiao Yu was taken aback for a moment, and said with a smile: "Thanks." Ignoring the mineral water that the assistant was about to hand over.

Wang Yuan watched her son having fun, and left without worry. She saw a boxing room inside and planned to try it.

When Wang Zining and Qiao Yu tried pull-ups, Qiao Yu said: "Let's decide the victory in one minute. See who does more in one minute."

"Okay!" Wang Zining said plainly.

At the beginning of the game, people from around who came to exercise also came to watch.

Qiao Yu's assistant also took out his mobile phone to shoot.

"Start!" This time there is a professional fitness trainer by the side, reporting for them.

Wang Zining once again pulled up easily. If Qi Haoran were here, he would definitely say that you are like a big flexible monkey.

But later, his speed also slowed down a bit, and he was still a little tired, he thought. When the fitness coach reminded the time, Qiao Yu on the other side went straight down and sat on the ground, as if physically exhausted.

He took the towel thrown by the assistant, wiped a sweat, and looked up at the strange boy, who was energetic and eagerly chatting with the fitness coach.

Wang Zining came over and said to him: "I am forty-two and you are thirty-five. Hahaha, I won." He looked very happy, just like an ordinary child who has won a game. But it is a strangely powerful child.

"When did you start working out?" Qiao Yu asked. Looking at his young age, his bones may not have fully developed yet. How did this strength develop! Few people can do 42 standard forehand pull-ups in one minute.

"I haven't been to the gym before, so I play soccer, run, and swim." Wang Zining said.

"I also like to play soccer, but I play less, mainly because the players are hard to get together." There are also soccer teams in the entertainment industry, but Qiao Yu thinks that the circle not only plays soccer, but also takes care of interpersonal relationships. He is too lazy to get together. past.

"Then I will play soccer and call you." Wang Zining said straightforwardly. The summer vacation is about to go. The time for him to run on the green flat is finally coming. This Qiao Yu is not bad, call him up.

Qiao Yu smiled openly and sincerely: "Thank you. You won't be a high school soccer team, are you?"

Wang Zining scratched his sweaty hair and said embarrassedly: "I am still in the first year of junior high school, but I will be promoted to the second half of the second half of the year. Our junior soccer team must not be able to play you. I often play in H soccer. The team and the city soccer team can play with you."

Qiao Yu was surprised and took a look at him, "Are you as tall as a junior high school student now?" He is still developing so well. Although he is thin, his newly exposed upper arm muscles are very solid.

"I am the tallest in our class." Wang Zining was slightly proud.

Qiao Yu taught Wang Zining some common sense of fitness and the use of various equipment. Later, the two people made another wave on the treadmill. After the big idol Qiao lost his upper body strength, the speed of the lower limbs competed, and it is even more unlikely that he is the little flying prince. Ning's opponent.

It is rare for Qiao Yu to meet a person with such excellent physical abilities, and they have no interest relationship with each other, and they are not competitive." I am in this city these days, and I will come here to work out at night. Will you come tomorrow?"

Wang Zining shook his head in distress, "I will have the final exam in two days. After I come out today, my mother will definitely not bring me over again tomorrow."

He forgot that this kid is still a junior high school student and has trouble studying for exams. He smiled and said: "Add a mobile phone, and when you have time to come out to exercise and call me, don't forget to play soccer. As long as I have time, I will definitely go."

Wang Zining nodded happily, "I have time for summer vacation." He watched Qiao Yu open the W letter QR code, "My phone is at my mother's, I'll go get it." After speaking, he turned his head and looked for that one. An outrageous mother who doesn't care about her son.

When Wang Yuan was brought over by her son, she saw Qiao Yu's surprised expression and smiled and said, "I saw you and my son practice equipment just now. If you took him, I went inside and boxed for a while. It seems You guys are having a great time, and you have to add contact information to each other."

Qiao Yu nodded awkwardly, "Teacher Wang Yuan, hello." He didn't expect that the young man he had just met was actually Wang Yuan's son. Her two sons had passed on a fictitious gossip. Later, the agent reminded him many times to try not to get too close in the future to avoid being photographed by reporters again. Unexpectedly, Wang Yuan's son is so old. Just now, she lost to others in comparison with strength. Thinking of this, she was even more ashamed.

Wang Zining just scanned Qiao Yu's W letter and was giving some notes. Hearing that the two of them knew each other before, he suddenly remembered in the news that I have followed before, I pointed to Qiao Yu and said in surprise: "You, are you that Qiao Yu?" The person who had the scandal with his mother.

So, did he lead the wolf into the room?!

"Son, I saw the name you gave Qiao Yu's contact person." Wang Yuan said to her worried son in the passenger seat on the way home, "I thought you had a good impression of him."

That's I don't know, he is that Qiao Yu! Wang Zining said to himself.

When Wang Yuan returned home, she urged her son to take a shower first. She saw Sister Zhou's message. She had already gone back. She left them the white fungus, lily and red jujube soup in the saucepan, so she remembered to drink it.

Wang Yuan thought, it would be nice to have someone at home to help. She brought out two bowls and started eating by herself. The other bowl was waiting for her son to drink.

While drinking the soup, she also answered a phone call from Teacher Lu Ziming. He asked her if she was free during this period and wanted to invite her to participate in a drama, which was specially prepared for deaf and mute children. Wang Yuan readily said that she had time, and she had made an appointment to take a look tomorrow.

Early the next morning, she went to Qizhai to pick up her youngest son. Mr. Qi Ying arranged for his girlfriend and son to meet yesterday and went abroad again. It was Steward Zhou who brought Qi Haoran out, and Wang Yuan took her son and went directly to the theater Lu Ziming said.

When I came to the theater, there were a lot of people from the show business world. Wang Yuan thought it was just a simple drama, but she didn't expect so many people to participate.

People who knew or didn't, all came over to say hello when they saw her, and she responded with smiles one by one. If she knew that so many people had come, she would not bring Qi Haoran over, worrying that her son would be unaccustomed to such an environment.

Qi Haoran held her mother's hand the whole time, expressionless and silent.

Teacher Lu Ziming saw her coming, jumped off the stage, and waved to let a little boy next to him come over. He took a little boy who looked like him six or seven points and walked over and introduced: "This is my son, Lu Yihan."

Wang Yuan smiled and said to the little boy: "Lu Yihan, hello, this is the aunt's son, Mario."

"Your name is really strange!" Lu Yihan said. He gestured for a moment and raised his head to his father, "He is so short, I am half a head taller than him." The tone was quite proud.

Lu Ziming lightly patted his son on the head, "Mario is one year younger than you, and it's normal to be taller than you. Come, you meet, and you will soon become classmates." He pushed his son forward.

"Ah, he's younger than me, still be my classmate? Shouldn't he still be in kindergarten?" Lu Yihan said unconvincedly, why this kid is his classmate? He has grown up and doesn't want to be classmates with the kid.

Looking at Lu Yihan, Qi Haoran kept silent, especially when he heard Lu Yihan talk about her height, her expression became more serious. He thought, it's another kid who doesn't know anything. He has no interest in being classmates with them at all.

They both thought that each other was a little boy, and they didn't want to be friends, but the kid Lu Yihan saw that today they are all very old people, it's not fun, so slowly, they got close to Mario again.

"Do you know how to play this game? You see, I have played to level five, and I am very good." Lu Yihan held the tablet and handed it to Qi Haoran.

The two were sitting in a corner of the theater, watched by the assistant nanny. Lu Ziming and Wang Yuan had already taken the script and went to talk to a group of people.

Qi Haoran was a little boring. He didn't want to talk to people. Seeing the tablet he handed over, thinking that he could just pass the time, he took the tablet and continued the game Lu Yihan was playing.

Lu Yihan was not angry when he saw that he had taken the tablet. He turned his head triumphantly to watch Mario play a game, wanting to see how the other party was eating, who knew that this kid who was shorter than him was so good at playing games. His mouth slowly opened into an O shape, his eyes exclaimed, watching Mario upgrade all the way, and when he was about to clear the level soon, he raised his head and said to Lu Ziming's assistant, "He must have already played." Otherwise. Not so powerful.

Although he was a little unconvinced, when Qi Haoran cleared the last level, the game coins crashed and dropped, and a congratulatory text popped up on the screen, saying that "Yifu Dangguan" netizens passed the level with the fastest speed in the entire network, and is currently No.1 in the game player rankings.

Lu Yihan was completely stunned. He is now the number one, and there are two, three, four… He is better than the three hundred thousand players who play this game! He is amazing! Hmm…Although it is the person who completed the game by the silent kid next to him, this game ID belongs to him, so he is just as good!

"Do you still play other games?" Lu Yihan took the tablet and hurriedly clicked on another game he usually plays. This kid, no, his classmates, it would be great if he could help him all get to the first place. Up. He has now admitted that Mario is his classmate.

While looking for games, he said to Haoran, "Little Ma, you will be my good friend from now on!" Since I am a good friend, I have to help him play games.

Qi Haoran was too lazy to take care of the child. He refused the tablet Lu Yihan handed over, jumped off the chair, and was about to wander around when he saw a group of people swaggering into the theater.

A young man walking in the front, about 20 years old, 1.8 meters tall, fashionable grandma gray hair color highlights a few strands of pink hair, dressed in the latest casual style of Ji Jiajin with black background and red lines The shirt, dark green suit trousers, a pair of zebra leather shoes, the saucy bag is a mess, but with his deep facial features, the inverted triangle slender figure, it makes people feel very harmonious, there is a kind of alternative and outstanding.

In particular, he also brought a team of people behind him. It was visually observed that there were four bodyguards, assistants carrying briefcases, makeup artists and other unknown personnel.

Who is this?

Everyone is at a loss.

The posture is better than the heavenly king, but it is a completely unfamiliar face, no one knows it.

The organizer of today's drama rehearsal, a senior in the show business circle, saw this man coming, greeted him with a smile, and introduced to everyone, "This is Dongfang Zheyan, a newcomer in the show business world. This event is an investment he got. This drama performance lasted for a month, a total of 12 shows, all sponsored by him, the tickets received were donated to welfare institutions for deaf and mute children, and Dongfang Zheyan also plans to donate 10 million to schools for the deaf and mute to build school buildings for them. Purchase electronic teaching facilities."

There are a few entertainers who know in advance that there is such a person. This charity drama performance can invite so many people in the entertainment industry, and it is also the money of the investors that can be put in place, and it is in the name of charity, everyone. Not for.

Wang Yuan looked at this man dressed like a peacock with some confusion. She felt a little familiar. She seemed to have this person in her memory, but she couldn't remember it for a while.

Dongfang Zheyan nodded at everyone, he also saw Wang Yuan in the crowd, a little surprised, but stepped towards her: "Second sister, long time no see!"

Wang Yuan was stunned until Qi Haoran walked to her and raised her head and said to the man: "Uncle, my mother is no longer your second sister-in-law, and why did you change your name?"

This, this is the third son of the Qi family?! His ex-husband Qi Ying's younger brother had seen him several times before. At that time, he was not dressed so exaggerated. Moreover, she and her son have the same question, clearly named Qi Kuang, how did she become Dongfang Zheyan?

Qi Kuang touched his chin, and said, "This is my stage name, I just took it. How about it, is it okay?" Hearing it was noble, cultured and cultivated.

Wang Yuan:…

Mario: The third uncle is still so stupid, if he wants to enter the entertainment circle, this circle will be very strange for him.

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