The play for this rehearsal is called "A Dream of Childhood". There are many characters in it. This time, we have gathered some well-known artists in the circle, especially Wang Yuan, a queen-level figure to join, so that everyone's expectations for this play are worthwhile. The child has improved a lot.

Lu Ziming didn't expect that Wang Yuan would come over after a call from him, and never asked about the cost of the performance from beginning to end. Compared to other entertainers who join for various reasons, it feels very rare.

The organizer of the drama also arranged a role for Dongfang Zheyan, namely Qi Kuang. Originally, they weren't really taken advantage of, and contributed money and effort. They just wanted to take this opportunity to make their official debut as a newcomer in the entertainment industry.

Qi Kuang's character is Wang Yuan's younger brother, and the two of them have several rival scenes, because they are aimed at deaf and mute children. Some lines have also added sign language expressions, so that not only must remember the sign language, but also think about how to intersperse. It doesn't appear abrupt in the performance. In addition to the choreographer's guidance, the most important thing is for the actors to figure it out.

"It's time for lunch. Why don't we come here first today and we'll continue tomorrow?" Wang Yuan looked at her watch. It was almost twelve o'clock. She and Qi Kuang had been sorting out the script and designing the performance details. Thinking of Qi Kuang looking at the sky exploding, when he talked to him about the performance, he listened very carefully.

"I'm not hungry, go ahead." Qi Kuang took his line script to study intently, shaking his head and saying, watching Wang Yuan start to pack things, he remembered, "Are you hungry? I asked the assistant to buy some food and bring it over. What do you want to eat? By the way, and Mario, ask him what he wants to eat."

Wang Yuan feels that to communicate with Mario's third uncle, we need to be more direct: "You can stay and watch the script yourself. I think the choreographer is also there in the afternoon. There are many seniors who will stay. You can communicate with them more. There is something else, I will go back today."

Qi Kuang leaned on the theater chair with one hand, with one hand on his hips, nodding on toes, and said a little dissatisfied: "I think they are all average!"

I hope that your words have not been heard by everyone. Is your negative EQ really suitable for the entertainment industry?

"What major did you study before?" Wang Yuan was quite curious, how could the third member of the Qi family suddenly want to enter the entertainment circle.

"First I was forced by my father to study finance, and then I switched to a major in drama and performance. After a year of class, I dropped out directly. I think the school is limited, so I still want to be honest.

Improve your performance in practice." Qi Kuang finished speaking, waved his hand to call the agent over, "How is lunch arranged?" "

"I booked two tables in a nearby five-star restaurant and told Director Hong that I would take everyone there." The agent said quickly.

"I won't go there anymore. I'm too lazy to accompany them to socialize. You can order me a meal. You know what I eat." After that, he planned to ask Wang Yuan what he wanted to eat and ask his agent to order it together and just finished.

He reached out and scratched his hair, his face looked annoyed. The gray and pink hairs on his head are scratched, not fashionable, a bit like a dozen woolen yarns in an old grandma's knitting basket.

Wang Yuan found Mario in the backstage lounge. He was eating mango pudding. The kid Lu Yihan was sitting next to him, chatting with him, without the pride of the first sight, his appearance was incredibly affectionate.

"My dad made this. He will also make a lot of delicious food. My favorite is his small shrimp wontons. Next time you come to our house, I will let him cook it for you. After eating, we will return it. We can play games together!"

Mario concentrated on finishing a small bowl of pudding. He saw his mother coming, hurriedly jumped off the chair, and walked towards her, "Are we going home?" If he doesn't leave, his ears are going to be deaf. The child is really annoying, and he is more annoying than the grandfather's. What a parrot can say.

"Yes." Wang Yuan touched his little face.

Lu Ziming smiled and said, "Have you finished teaching students?"

Wang Yuan knew that he was talking about Qi Lao San, and she smiled helplessly, "I may not be able to come every day in the next few days. My eldest son will have the final exam the day after tomorrow." She needs to say hello first.

"It's okay, the people outside, just get together a little bit today, and there will be another formal rehearsal on the last day. It can't be all in the middle. There are a lot of things for everyone." Lu Ziming said.

When I come back from the theater, I will be home a little bit sooner.

Wang Zining was playing with darts in the living room. He brought them from his grandfather's house two days ago. He said it was used to move his eyes when he was tired from studying. He threw a direct anchor in the red heart, turned around and gave himself a high-five to encourage him, just about to throw the next dart, he heard the sound of opening the door, he hurried over and saw his mother come back with the little man and a suitcase of his luggage. Ran forward happily, raised the little man, and went around in a circle.

As soon as Qi Haoran entered the door, watching a black shadow coming over, and then his feet lifted off the ground, he swung around in mid-air. He was frightened.

His complexion was a little pale.

Wang Yuan hurriedly went up and took a picture of Wang Zining, "Hurry up and put your brother down, you scared him."

Wang Zining laughed and said: "I thought you couldn't come back!"

Usually the little man walks around at home all day, pulling his face like the dean of the school, and he can say something by himself. He doesn't look like a cute and obedient brother at all. He looks quite annoying and waits for him. When he was gone, he found that doing homework alone in the living room was not fragrant anymore, so he might as well go back to his room and write. The air conditioning in the room is better.

When he put the person down, Qi Haoran felt that his head was still dizzy. He gave him an angry look.

When he received this accusation, Wang Zining was rather satisfied. He hadn't been stared at for several days, and he was a little uncomfortable. He bent down and took his brother's shoulders: "I brought you a gift, guess what?"

Qi Haoran: "I'm not interested."

"It's very fun. I played it when I was a kid. I went home and found it out of the warehouse and brought it to you." Wang Zining took him, "Go, I'll put your room in, take you to see ."

Qi Haoran followed him into the room and saw that there was a large shelf full of cartoons in red, green and green.

"This one has a basket on the top and a soccer block below. You can throw basketball or play soccer. It's fun!" Wang Zining said excitedly. He pointed to the transparent plastic box that was set aside, "There are still planes and trains there. Let's give it to you."

These are his favorite toys when he was a child, and they were kept very well by Grandpa Fan Jiang.

"Mario thank you brother, this gift just makes you exercise more, I think it's good." Wang Yuan came to the door and said with a smile.

"Try to shoot a basketball." Wang Zining held a children's basketball and handed it over.

Qi Haoran didn't like being forced to accept these disliked gifts. Seeing that the big man was very enthusiastic, he could only take the basketball, aimed at the basket, and shot it.

The ball flew up, immediately fell, and rolled into the soccer net below.

Wang Zining patted his stomach and laughed, "You put the basketball into the soccer net, the skill is too bad!"

Qi Haoran's eyes widened again, and Wang Zining held back his laugh, and gave him the soccer again." You try this again!"

I thought I would still be fooled, so I don't want to be used to make fun of you. Qi Haoran said: "I don't like soccer, you can play by yourself."

After speaking, he left the room directly.

"Really fun right, you don't want to play soccer, then you come to see the train!" Wang Zining is like an enthusiastic shopkeeper, selling his toys, but it is a pity that the customers leave without nostalgia.

Wang Yuan followed her son out. She saw Sister Zhou preparing lunch and said to her younger son: "This is Aunt Zhou. I will help at our house in the future. If you have anything you want to eat, just tell her."

It's the first time that Sister Zhou saw Mario, and she was amazed, how can such a beautiful child be born!

Qi Haoran raised her head and said to her mother: "Then you don't want to cook it for me?" Although her mother would cook the yam broccoli and other foods that he didn't like, and feed it into his mouth in a different way, but he felt it in his heart. Mom's craftsmanship is still good, better than anyone else he has ever cooked.

"Mom also burns. If you want to eat, you can tell me. It's just that if I'm busy at work sometimes, I need Aunt Zhou to take care of you."

Then he said to Sister Zhou: "This is my youngest son, whose name is Qi Haoran, but you can call him Mario."

Sister Zhou hurriedly smiled and asked, "I don't know when you will come back. I will let Ning Ning eat first. Have you eaten outside? If not, just eat it while it's hot."

Wang Yuan pulled Mario over. He just had a little snack in the theater. Wang Yuan had a bowl of rice and planned to feed him first. Qi Haoran just wanted to express the taste of the appraisal of the food, when his mother glared at him, he was speechless and began to eat obediently.

Wang Zining will take the exam the day after tomorrow and will not have to go to school today and tomorrow, but the closer he gets to the exam, the less he can enter his books. He saw the little man eating a good meal and listening to his earphones walking slowly in the living room, like a retired old cadre.

On a whim, he ran to his brother's room, took out a box of toys from the box of toys he had just given, and with a gun in both hands, he ran and made sound effects in his mouth, shooting at Qi Haoran.

Qi Haoran glanced at him, ignored it, continued to listen to Ye Xingyu's songs, and took a walk after cooking according to his mother's instructions.

"Stanney, you big villain, I want to destroy you for world peace!" Wang Zining shouted while shooting.

Qi Haoran had a black line on his face, Iron man would never shoot an enemy with such a stupid □□!

"Ah, you have been knocked down, why don't you fall?" Wang Zining urged.

Qi Haoran rushed into her room angrily, and ran out after a while.

A sparkling MK85 armor, a red full suit

The suit is equipped with a helmet. He raised his right hand and pointed at Wang Zining: "You idiot, perish! Tweet, twee…"

"You actually have equipment?! No, I have to change a weapon." Wang Zining finished speaking, and found one in the gift pile, and found a mini version of Captain America's shield. It seems a bit small, but better than nothing. La.

He took it and rushed out, and rushed directly to the proud little man. After Qi Haoran put on the Iron man suit, he added the courage to fight and attacked the big man. After just two rounds, he was hugged by his brother. This time he was not afraid, and stayed firmly in the air in a straight flying posture, being held by Wang Zining, running around the room, the two brothers hahaha, giggling non-stop.

Seeing them making such a fuss, Zhou Jie said to Wang Yuan: "The two brothers are very different in age. It is good. They don't know how to fight. They have a good relationship!"

Wang Yuan: I don't know how many days it can last! Also, is Ning Ning taking the opportunity to play games and be lazy and don't want to learn? After two days of final exams, what results can he get on the exam…

It was much shorter than the days estimated by the old mother. That night, the two broke up.

In the evening, Wang Yuan saw Wang Zining sitting on the floor of the living room, tilting her head, and digging her ears all the time. She looked irritable. She asked, "What's the matter?"

"Itchy ears."

Wang Yuan sat down and took a look at his ears, "Mom will give you some ears."

After taking cotton swabs and other items, she sat on the sofa, letting her son's head rest on her thigh, and Wang Yuan carefully cleaned her ears.

It was almost cleaned up. Wang Yuan watched her son's half-dangling eyelids cast a shadow beside the tall bridge of the nose, and exclaimed, "Our Ning Ning's eyelashes are so long, so handsome!"

Wang Zining leaned on his mother's lap, blushing, and stretched his almost grinning mouth.

Qi Haoran strolled over, took a look at the probe, something tasted: "My eyelashes are also very long."

Wang Zining: "Just like a little girl!"

The younger brother gritted his teeth. Wang Zining laughed at his shriveled appearance.

There is a crack in the plastic brotherhood.


After Qi Haoran took a bath, Wang Yuan asked him to change into long clothes and trousers. It was already summer, and there was an older brother who was particularly afraid of the heat. The air conditioner was always on at home, and the temperature was a little low. She is afraid that her younger son will be vulnerable to cold.

Qi Haoran put on his clothes, ran down, went to the present box and took out the shield of Captain America and played.

Wang Yuan laughed and said she didn't like it

Gifts, but watching him have a lot of fun. She was very happy that the little grown-up son finally showed a childish side, which is what he should be at his age.

The cheerful fighting atmosphere in the afternoon may still continue. Qi Haoran took the shield and rushed into his brother's room.

Wang Zining was doing one-handed push-ups, and saw the little man coming in with a shield. This mini-shield, which he thought was a mini version, accounted for two-thirds of the little man's height.

It happened that Qi Haoran was wearing a set of Hulk's pajamas. He looked at it and laughed: "You are like a tortoise with a shell on its back, hahaha…"

Qi Haoran was so angry that there was smoke above his head, he pounced on him, and took a bite on his brother's arm.

"Ah, are you a puppy?" Wang Zining hurried away, not daring to use too much force, but Qi Haoran still fell and sat aside.

Seeing his angry eyes like a little wolf dog, ready to attack again at any time, Wang Zining wiped the place where his arm was bitten, and muttered: "Your saliva is all on… well, this is your teeth?"

He picked up a baby tooth stuck on his arm and said to the little man.

Qi Haoran was also dumbfounded, he touched his teeth, and the other front tooth in the lower row, he retired gloriously in this battle.

The calm and rational Mr. Qi Haoran looked at the dead tooth, and then at the nasty big man, and finally broke down and burst into tears.

The plastic brotherhood is completely shattered.

On the day Wang Zining took the final exam, the air pressure at home was still very low, and the mood of the other brother's injury had not recovered.

The brother of Aries turned his head and forgot the battle of the previous two days. Before going out, he was very happy to extend his hand to his brother and say, "give me five!"

Haha, Qi Haoran turned his ass and walked away. Baby Scorpio is very vengeful!

"Slap." Wang Yuan gave her brother a palm in time, "Come on!"

When Wang Zining came to the school, Liang Wentao was holding a small note and muttering, he walked over: "It's useless to report the Buddha's feet temporarily!" After that, he patted his friend on the shoulder.

"Hey, I don't read anything these days, just memorize the test papers you gave me, so I'll bet this one!" Liang Wentao said, feeling that there was a shortcut, he memorized the answers to the test papers much faster than memorized.

"Do you still believe that the test paper is true?" Wang Zining looked speechless. He asked the little man where the test paper came from. The little man coldly told him that he picked it up on the road.

Only when he believes that there are ghosts. Whatever he picks up on the road, it must be a matter of anger biting people and biting his teeth. No

The ones bought and picked up by scammers on the road are almost the same.

"I have a hunch. You know, my intuition is quite accurate." Liang Wentao mysteriously said.

"Then you can go to the fortune-telling stall in the future." Wang Zining sneered.

At the end of the exam, Liang Wentao confronted Wang Zining, hesitated to speak, and finally said nothing. His current mood is both nervous and perturbed, and these test papers are all true!

He memorized all of them, but still deliberately made a few wrong questions, fearing that he might be suspected by the teacher if he progressed too quickly. Although the results have not come out, he already knows that he is stable, but because the results are obtained from cheating, he has been a little uneasy.

When the first test was completed, he found that the test paper was real. He wanted to tell Wang to make a surprise and memorize the answers of the other subjects, but finally held back. Wang's family did not ask him to take the test very well. If he was caught cheating together, their brother would take the dog together.


After the exam was completed, Wang Zining was completely released, and his whole body was relaxed, and he no longer had to read a book to endorse.

Wang Yuan asked how he did in the exam?

He thought for a while and said, it's okay! He wrote everything that could write, but he didn't know how to write, so he turned around and guessed, he can always get half of it right.

In the past few days, he rode his bicycle every morning, went out refreshingly in the morning, and came back in sweat in the evening. Wang Yuan had been rehearsing drama and ignored him.

The process of rehearsing the drama made her almost crazy. Qi Kuang, who has studied drama for a year, has his own unique understanding of the script. He felt that there was a problem in every place. He wanted to change it several times. He alone was burdened with the progress of the entire play rehearsal. The good-tempered organizer has already excuses himself for being unwell. Up.

There was only one day before the official performance, and when everyone rehearsed for the last time, he had to put forward his own opinions. When Xiao Huimao walked out of a group of people, Wang Yuan already knew what he was going to do. Her current mantra was "Shut up! Nope!", she directly shook her hand: "Others can make comments, Mr. Dongfang Zheyan, don't talk!"

With a strong attitude, Xiao Hui Mao straightened his lips. Others dare not spray him, mainly because they feel that there is no need to offend an investor. Wang Yuan has no such scruples.

Although Qi Kuang was very upset, he couldn't help it. He couldn't say that he would threaten to withdraw his small family spirit from investing. Mainly, he is a man of good manners, who just gives the former second sister-in-law a face.

The agent can't agree with him. My own boss is very stingy. Professionals can't compete with others, but he does a lot of small actions in private.

For example, buy drinks for everyone and ask everyone what they want to drink. Wang Yuan orders coffee. He will ask people to buy cocoa and send it there. He also teaches the staff to say that it was a wrong purchase. When Wang Yuan drank cocoa, he secretly stole it. Hi, whispered: Fatty you!

During the rehearsal, Wang Yuan made a gesture of sitting on a chair. He secretly poked and walked behind her. When Wang Yuan was about to sit down, he secretly moved the chair away, but he did not expect that Wang Yuan had no butt. I fell, but when I felt weightless behind me, I stretched out my hand in time and pulled at the people around him, and directly tore his delicate clothes, revealing half of his strong fragrant shoulders…

Once again, I ran to my little nephew who was playing games on the stage with a mobile phone and told him bad things about his mother: "Your mother is really fierce. The older she gets, the worse her temper. Is she menopause? Are you sure you want to stay? By her side? Do you want me to pick you up? I live by myself now, in a mansion with a full night view on the top floor, and a set of game equipment to keep you playing."

Mario: "Uncle, you really look like a woman with a long tongue who kidnap a child!"

Dongfang Zheyan was so angry that he lost his noble temperament, and changed back to Qi Kuang. If it weren't for his manager to hold him back, he would find his nephew and keep arguing until Mario admitted that he was wrong.

On the day of Wang Yuan's first performance, Wang Zining brought his friends Liang Wentao and Zhang Ting to join him.

The grand occasion on the day of the drama performance was no less than the premiere of a famous director's film. Many celebrities came to join in, and the reporter's flash light never stopped. Wang Yuan didn't expect such a scene, and she was a little worried that there would be accidents when the children were alone in the audience. However, today the theater also arranged a lot of staff to maintain order, mainly today there are a lot of deaf and mute children, everyone is still very careful, reporters dare not chase celebrities to interview and follow the film, for fear of collision with these children. A charity performance becomes an accident, and no one can afford it.

After the curtain was opened, Liang Wentao looked at the quiet audience around him and couldn't help but chatter: "I saw a lot of stars. I don't know if you can take pictures of them and ask for autographs later."

After a while, Liang Wentao said again: "The children next to them really can't speak. I saw them gesturing with their fingers, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Zhang Ting hissed at him, fearing being heard by the parents or teachers of the deaf and mute children next to him, it would be impolite.

"Oh my God,

That guy's hair is gray hair with pink highlights. It's so cool. I also want to dye my hair in the summer vacation. Is it better to be blue or green?"

Wang Zining really wanted to seal Brother Shui's mouth, "Just green. Go with you!"

Mario was caught between the big man and the big mouth, feeling that he was going to be depressed. He wanted to sit by himself at a distance, no one to bother him, but he was seated in the middle by the big man, with a beautiful name to take care of him.

He wants to grow up quickly and become stronger than the big man. Then he can stuff the big man in a bunch of crying babies and tell him that this is taking care of him!

At the end of the performance and the curtain call, the host specially called Qi Kuang to the front and introduced him for 20 minutes. This can be regarded as a return on capital investment. He is regarded as a newcomer in the entertainment industry and officially entered.

"I think that little gray Mao played well and cried loudly!" Liang Wentao commented.

"Boastful!" Wang Zining sneered, "When he gestured to sign language, he was like a convulsive mental patient!"

"I think he keeps robbing Aunt Wang's lens. Wherever Aunt Wang goes, he will jump in front of her and stop her." Zhang Ting said dissatisfiedly.

"Yes, a very scheming newcomer, this is a rush!" Liang Wentao said sophisticatedly.

Mario won't tell them that this is his uncle's. Because he is really embarrassed!


There are a total of twelve performances in this drama. This first performance is a hit. There are so many celebrities in the lineup, which is not popular and unreasonable.

Wang Zining doesn't care about the mixed performance evaluations on the Internet. He only knows that the final exam results came out and he got an unexpected normal result. Before he had much emotion, he heard Liang Wentao being called to the office by the old party for questioning. 

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