Lao Liang was called to school by his son's head teacher.

When he arrived, he saw his son standing in the corner of the office with his head drooped, and his heart sank. What happened? If it's a trivial matter, my son will definitely sell it with a smiley face or squeeze his neck. Now, it's definitely not a trivial matter!

"Teacher Fang, hello, hello!" Lao Liang put on a smile as soon as he came in, and put the two bags of cold coffee in his hand on the table, "I passed by and brought some drinks. The teachers have worked hard. This is for everyone. for drink."

Teacher Fang was very angry at first, looking at the smile of Father Liang's face, he was too embarrassed to lengthen his face. He said, "You don't need to be so polite."

"It should be, I bought it by the way!" After he finished speaking, he took out the drinks and put them on the desks of other teachers in the office. The teachers thanked them politely.

He took out a bottle of iced coffee from the remaining cups of cold drinks and handed it to Teacher Fang.

Lao Fang was a little embarrassed by his enthusiasm, so he took it and put it on the table and motioned to Dad Liang to sit down.

He waved to Liang Wentao, and Liang Wentao moved slowly over, "Let classmate Liang Wentao tell you what happened first!"

With his son, Lao Liang no longer has such good patience, "Say, what happened, and tell me honestly!"

Liang Wentao glanced at his father secretly with small eyes, and said: "I got the tenth place in the final exam this time."

"Ah? Isn't this a great thing?" Dad Liang was stunned, his face was half happy, then he froze, patted the table, and shouted at Liang Wentao: "Say, are you? Cheated?"

Even his own father doesn't believe that his grades have risen so fast.

The cups on Lao Fang's table were shaken a few times, and he gently patted Lao Liang's arm: "Daddy Liang, don't get excited, let's figure out things together."

Old Liang replied, "Yes, let's figure it out first. Liang Wentao, tell me, how did you get such a good result this time?"

Liang Wentao lowered his head and said nothing.

Old Liang thought for a while, and the other teacher said, "Teacher Fang, is it possible that he really did it by himself? You think, even if he peeks at someone's test paper, he can't do it so well."

"This is what we want to ask classmate Liang Wentao. We won't be so successful because of him this time.

Achievement, we directly suspect that our students cheated, and we believe that he has learned to learn and achieved it through his own efforts. Teacher Fang glanced at Liang Wentao and continued, "We only came to him if we had evidence that he had problems with his grades this time. I hope he can make it clear, but he refused to say what I asked just now. So call your parents over and find out together."

The family got the handle, and they didn't explain it honestly. Lao Liang pointed to his son and said, "Quickly explain clearly, what's going on!"

Liang Wentao glanced at his father, gritted his teeth and said, "I'm looking for someone to buy the test paper!"

Dad Liang was startled, stood up, raised his hand to wave his son, Liang Wentao showed fear, Teacher Fang was shocked, stood up hurriedly, trying to reach out to stop him, Lao Liang's palm was finally slapped on his thigh. on.

"If you can, you dare to buy test papers with someone, who did you buy them?" The voice shook people's eardrums roaring.

Teacher Fang retracted his hand in a shameless manner.

"Looking at Liang Wentao's test paper, there are several alterations. He did it right in the first place, but later changed it to the wrong answer. This is also the case with the test papers of more than one subject. And we have a student and I. As mentioned, some of the solutions to some questions that Liang Wentao asked him a few days before the exam happened to be found in the test paper. Combining these circumstances, we suspected that there was a problem with Liang Wentao's results this time." The teacher explained, "Since Liang Wentao said that the test paper was bought with someone, we must find someone who sells the test paper for the No. 1 Middle School in the city and figure out how it leaked it."

"I will let the child cooperate with the investigation. I hope that the school will take into account that he was deceived at a young age and will be punished lightly for his cheating." Lao Liang asked the other teacher to bow.

"The nature of this matter is rather serious, and I have to report to school leaders. The specifics are determined by the school after research." Teacher Fang said.

Lao Liang turned around and drew Liang Wentao's arm. He didn't show any mercy anymore, "Hurry up and make it clear, who did you buy it with?"

"I, a person I know online, we trade through the Internet, and I don't know who he is." Liang Wentao bit his head.

"You went to buy test papers online, classmate Liang Wentao, you are really good!" The director of teaching came in from the door, and he pointed at Liang Wentao angrily, "Expelled, expelled directly, you know

How bad is this nature? How bad will it affect students!" He was notified by Teacher Fang that he had just rushed over when there was an accident in the exam.

Liang Wentao's mouth was flat, and he was really about to cry. He regretted that he went to Thailand to eat durian. He had known that he would just get a meal of fried pork with bamboo shoots, and there was nothing to do. He regretted his death!

Old Liang flushed anxiously, and just about to intercede with the dean of education, a figure rushed in from the door.

"I gave Liang Wentao the test paper. He didn't know it was a real test paper, he was just trying his luck." Wang Zining ran in and said. Knowing that Liang Wentao took the tenth place in the exam and was called away by the old party, he knew what was wrong and ran over. He listened for a while at the door just now and knew that the director of teaching was about to expel Brother Shui, so he was in a hurry. Step forward and bear it down. Brother Shui just wanted to blindly touch a dead mouse. Who knew that it was a landmine. If he didn't give him the test paper, he would be fine.

"Wang Zining, why do you still have you?!" The dean of education pointed at him in surprise, then turned to ask Teacher Fang, "His grades have also improved by leaps and bounds this time? He is also in the top ten?"

Teacher Fang was equally surprised, and shook his head, "Still the last!"


He looked at Wang Zining: "You got the test paper ahead of time. If you cheated, you still get the last one?" Then just put the answer on the table and copy it for you, can you copy it wrong too?

Wang Zining said with shame, "I didn't read the test paper."

"It's not about Wang Zining's business at all. He is loyal and wants to help me take care of it." Liang Wentao jumped out and said. Wang Tau, you are so stupid, do you really want the school to give us both in one pot?

The dean looked at them and was speechless, and finally shouted: "Expelled, expelled together!"


When Wang Yuan received the call, she was a little silly.

She knew that her son went to school today to get his test scores, and the head teacher called first before he came back.

Two pieces of information, one is that Wang Zining is still the last in the class in the exam, and the other is that he and Liang Wentao bought the exam papers and cheated on the exam!

Did you make a mistake, even if you cheated, why did you only get the last place in the exam?

She is a little anxious now. The school wants her parents to go there immediately, but the exposure of her identity will cause a lot of inconvenience to her son. Asking Fan Jiangliang to go, he is not suitable!

Qi Haoran saw her mother walking round and round at home, with an anxious expression on her face, and asked her what happened?

Wang Yuan is absent-minded: "My brother called from school to ask my mother to go there." Qi Haoran was a little worried. Could it be that he gave him the test paper and was discovered?

Seeing her mother called Aunt Ni Ying, Qi Haoran overheard it when she talked to the other party about the situation.

He immediately ran back to the room with small steps, closed the door, jumped onto the bed, and covered the quilt.

The big man was caught!

Do you want to expose yourself too?! He covered his ears. If my mother knocked on the door at this time, I would not hear it!

"Boom, dong, dong." There was a knock on the door, and Qi Haoran's breath choked." Mario, mom is going to the brother's school. Don't run around at home. Tell Aunt Zhou if you have something to do. We will be back soon."

Wang Yuan explained.

Seeing that there was no answer in the room, she didn't care, and now she was all about Wang Zining's cheating.


Wang Yuan is looking for Ni Ying to help her go to school. Ni Ying was talking about the script with Yu Xinxin's agent. The more she talked, the more excited she almost got into a quarrel. It happened that Wang Yuan called over, and she just happened to leave on the excuse of something. If the script is changed, her hair will be slicked.

Wang Yuan was waiting for her at the school gate. She briefly told her about the situation and asked her to help meet the teacher. When it comes to cheating, the school must have evidence, not to wrong her son out of thin air.

Ni Ying gave an OK gesture, and she would bring people back safely.

Wang Yuan sat in the car and waited anxiously, feeling that the time had passed extremely long, and she didn't know what was going on inside. About an hour later, she saw Ni Ying leading Wang Zining out of the school. She quickly got out of the car, put on sunglasses, and ran towards them.

"Ning Ning, what happened?" Wang Yuan asked anxiously.

Wang Zining pursed his mouth, avoiding answering.

Ni Ying smiled and said, "Don't worry, let's go back to the car and talk about it, but I'm so hot. Get in the car and talk to you."

Wang Yuan eased her emotions, patted her son and said, "Go home first."

"…This is the situation. Now both of them say they bought the test paper online. The leak of the test paper is not a trivial matter. The school must investigate it thoroughly. But ask them what website they bought and how they bought it. I can't tell you why. The school has not decided how to deal with it. However, the cancellation of the final exam results this time is for sure. Well, this has no effect on Ning Ning. If the scores are not cancelled, he is all the last place."

Wang Zining gave Aunt Ni Ying a glance.

"Ha ha ha." Ni Ying smiled awkwardly, "Now it depends on their confession attitude and cooperation with the investigation before deciding their sanctions. Let me come back and write a specific explanation and review letter first."

"Did you really buy test papers online?" Wang Yuan still asked in disbelief.

Wang Zining lowered his head and said nothing.

"Grandparents, including your mother, don't have too many requirements for your grades. Why do you want to buy test papers? Do you want to take a good grade and make grandma happy?" Wang Yuan guessed.

Wang Zining pursed his lips, "I didn't cheat!"

"Yes, he said he bought the test paper, but didn't read it, and gave it to classmate Liang Wentao." Ni Ying added, "The teacher turned his head and turned over his test paper and said that his score was true. Anyway, he can correct the question. Everything was done wrong."

Wang Yuan:…

I watched him review some time ago and she was very careful, really want her to admit that the eldest son did not study this material at all?

After returning home, Wang Zining would rather go to his room and be dragged by Wang Yuan, "Eat first, and after the meal, we will have a good talk."

Wang Zining: "I'm not hungry!"

"You have to eat if you are not hungry!"

Wang Yuan didn't see her younger son, and asked Sister Zhou, "Have Mario eaten?"

"He is hiding in the room, and I can't call it anymore." Sister Zhou said helplessly.

Wang Yuan knocked on the door, "Mario, mom is here!"

She knocked twice and her son didn't answer. She was about to push the door and found that the door was locked.

"Hey, Mario, what are you doing with the door locked, hurry up and eat out!"

"I won't eat!" A muffled voice came from the room.

"No, open the door quickly and come out to eat." Wang Yuan said angrily. One by one, it doesn't make people worry, "If you don't open the door again, I will open the door with the key and go in."

"The key is with me." Qi Haoran said in a low voice. Mom should not take the time to find the key. He had taken it and hid it in the room long ago.

Why is this awkward?

Wang Yuan told herself that to calm down, anger can't solve the problem. It's not a big deal to buy a large test paper, and a small one to lock the room to shut down… blame!

She intends to let the younger ones go first and solve them one by one.

Wang Zining had no appetite. He felt very hungry when he saw the food. When Wang Yuan returned to the restaurant, he had eaten up a large bowl of rice and was adding a second bowl.

He almost choked when he saw his mother come over with an ugly face, swallow the rice hard, and then start to choke.

The mother regretted immediately and stepped forward to pat her son on the back and let him eat slowly.

Without training or stressing him during the meal, Wang Yuan also served a bowl of rice and sat down to eat. During the meal, she praised the deliciousness of Sister Zhou's sour pork today and mentioned that Wang Zining likes to eat potato stew. Beef, let her cook this dish tomorrow.

Sister Zhou smiled and said okay.

Wang Zining also stopped his hiccups and started eating with confidence. The second bowl is good, and another bowl is added. Wang Yuan remained silent and smiled at Mimi.

Ask my son what arrangements are there for the holidays and where do I want to go to play?

"Country M, look at grandma." Wang Zining nodded affirmatively.

"Okay, please contact grandma first." Wang Yuan still smiled.

Wang Zining secretly glanced at his mother, really didn't ask him? Still a little uneasy, I don't know when the mother in front of me turned into a Tyrannosaurus.

After Wang Zining finished his meal, he patted his stomach. Wang Yuan reminded him to stay at home in the afternoon, the sun is too big outside, don't go out and run around.

She walked to the door of the youngest son and knocked on the door again, but the brat still couldn't open it.

She went to the living room and said to Wang Zining: "Go to your room, let's look at your computer and mobile phone."

"Why?" Wang Zining said dissatisfied, "This is my privacy!"

"Until the person selling your test papers was found, your privacy was temporarily taken back."

Wang Zining scratched his forehead and said in a panic, "I found someone on the road to buy it!"

"Do you think your mother is a fool? The final exam paper of the City No. 1 Middle School, do you think it is a tea egg, you can buy it on the road?"

But the little guy was bought by someone on the road… right? Did he also buy it online?

Wang Zining decided to carry it to the end, "Someone is selling it. I bought it casually, I don't know if it is true. I gave it to Liang Wentao, but I didn't tell him that it was a real test paper. He did it accidentally and was caught by the teacher. Thought it was cheating."

"Do you think I will believe what you said, or the school will believe it?" Wang Yuan sighed and said, "You will write an inspection at home in the afternoon and write down the matter before and after. Your brother is still thinking about how to help you improve your test scores. We all I hope you rely on…"

An unbelievable thought flashed by, Wang Yuan almost jumped up, she hurriedly walked to Mario's door and knocked on the door again.

"Mario, come out! I already know the truth, you don't need to hide it!"

Wang Zining watched her mother rush towards

In the little man's room, he didn't say anything, why did mom guess it?!

"I count to 10, if you don't open the door again…"

The door was opened. Qi Haoran strained her face and said to her mother: "You can't hit me! You can't use violence against me!"


One tall and one short, two bear kids, one big and one small, squat honestly in the corner.

Wang Yuan held a plastic sword she had just found in the toy box of her youngest son, waved it, and pointed at the two of them and said, "Who will explain first?"

"Traitor!" Qi Haoran complained.

"I didn't tell her!" Wang Zining felt a little wronged, and then became angry, "I didn't scold you, why did you give me the test paper to see how much trouble you caused!"

Mario really gave Ning Ning the test paper? Wang Yuan just guessed it just now, but she didn't expect it to be true?

"Mario, tell me honestly, where did you get the test papers?" She was even more worried about how a seven-year-old kid could get the junior high school test papers.

Qi Haoran hugged her knees, bowed her head and did not answer.

Thinking you don't speak, I can't do anything about you?" It's okay if you don't tell me. Since you like your brother so much and want to help him cheat on the exam, then I will arrange for you to live in a room in the future. Your room has been confiscated from today, so you will live in your brother's room and share with your brother in the evening. bed."

"I don't want it!" Qi Haoran quickly raised his head and shouted.

"Why? I don't agree!" Wang Zining exclaimed. This is to punish the little man, or to punish him!

"If you don't want to, then tell the truth honestly, and I will consider whether to retract the decision."

Qi Haoran struggled for a while, and finally said, "I copied it from the school computer."

"When did you go to our school?" Wang Zining looked at his younger brother questioningly and said.

Qi Haoran glanced at him and said with disdain: "Why do I need to go to your school to copy the files? I copied it remotely. Your school's firewall is too rubbish. I connected to several computers, and then I saw it on one computer. The file name is your test paper for the final exam of the first year of junior high school, so I borrowed it."

"Borrow it?! You steal the exam papers from our school, so I'm ashamed to say borrow it." If possible, Wang Zining would rather grab the little man by the collar and ask, who gave him such courage!

He turned his head and said to his mother: "You must teach him a lesson, he is really outrageous. By the way, how does he do it?

Yes, I don't know how to steal test papers through a computer. It's impossible to do it." The suspicion was directed at the little man again, did he still fail to tell the truth?

Is the son really a hacker?! The long sword in Wang Yuan's hand fell weakly to the ground. She used to think that her younger son was particularly proficient in computers, but she didn't expect that he still had this ability. What should we do now? If he is handed over to the school, people will not believe that a seven-year-old child has such advanced hacking skills, not to mention that she will never let others know that her son is a hacker, which will cause trouble to his son.

"Mom said that my brother's test scores depend on his own hard work to improve. Why did you steal the test paper and let him cheat?"

Wang Zining nodded, yes, although his grades were not good, he never thought about cheating. It was the fault of the little man, which left him stains.

"This is the deal I made with him." Qi Haoran said.

"When did we make a deal, why don't I know?" Wang Zining was taken aback for a moment, and pointed to the little man." Don't you want me to fall into the water and frame me."

"I will help you realize a wish, and you promised not to tell others about me." Qi Haoran reminded him that he had known that a big man was so credible and had such a bad memory, so he would not help him.

"Ah, you said you pulled your pants!" Wang Zining suddenly realized, looking at the little man's angry face and said, "I promised not to tell others. You are still a villain, and you want to fulfill my wish for me. When did I say that my desire to cheat to improve grades?"

Qi Haoran stood up suddenly, pulling the three words on his pants, and now it was not a small stimulus to him.

"I haven't agreed with you to stand up and squat down!" The sword in my mother's hand waved again.

The matter has been clarified, but punishment is still indispensable.

"I am now aware of the mistakes you made. In order to let you remember and learn from your lesson, you will be punished in different ways according to the severity of your mistakes. I will first announce the punishment for your brother: 1. Mario will be handed in before tomorrow. Give me a 500-word review book and have a deep understanding of the mistakes I made. 2. No electronic products can be used for one month. Starting tonight, mobile phones and computers will be confiscated…"

"No!" Qi Haoran immediately objected loudly.

Mother's long sword banged on the floor forcefully, "You can't interrupt or argue when announcing the punishment.

Otherwise, the penalty time is automatically doubled."

She continued, "3. Run for 30 minutes a day, play badminton for 20 minutes, and swim three times a week. 4. Go to bed before nine o'clock and get up before seven o'clock."

After speaking, she thought about it and added one more point, "5. Live with my brother for a week."

"I object!" Wang Zining called out first without waiting for his brother to raise an objection.

"Don't worry, I am about to announce the punishment for you."

"I, I'm not wrong. It was the little man who gave me the test paper, and I didn't read it or cheated!" Wang Zining defended.

"It seems that you didn't recognize your mistake. My brother gave you a suspicious test paper. Why didn't you ask what happened to the test paper? When you didn't figure out the situation, why did you put a copy of unknown origin? Did you give the test papers to your classmates? Do you think running out and carrying the pot to help your classmates conceal is loyal and responsible? Because of your carelessness and recklessness, there will be this cheating incident." After Wang Yuan finished speaking, she looked down her head and looked down. Said his son, "I now announce my brother's punishment: 1, 500-word review book. 2, Can't play soccer for a month."

When Wang Zining was about to refute, his mother's sharp eyes came over, and he closed his mouth to hold back.

"3. Confinement for one week, increase the time to practice big calligraphy by 30 minutes a day. 4. Live with my brother for a week."

"I can change with his punishment!" Wang Zining pointed to Mario's proposal. "I can double the running and swimming time."

Wang Yuan ignored him and said solemnly: "It's so decided. From now on, the protest will be invalid!"

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