In the evening, the two brothers huddled in front of the desk and immersed themselves in writing their own review books.

Qi Haoran's room was sealed, and his things were packed and transferred to his brother's room.

The two people can only share a desk at this time, and they are just about to draw another three-eight line. The arms meet occasionally, their eyes intersect, and there is a burst of fire.

Wang Zining bit his pen and wrote two characters. He had to count how far he was before he could make up 500 characters. Qi Haoran held a pencil with a small face, and wrote rusty words one by one, while annoyed that his mother had taken the computer away.

A muffled sound of "pounce" broke the silence of the room.

Qi Haoran turned his head in astonishment and looked at the big man. Wang Zining's face was blushing. He stammered and explained, "I ate too much purple sweet potato sago at night."

There was an indescribable smell in the air, Qi Haoran suddenly covered his mouth and nose, opened the door, rushed out of the room, and rushed all the way to his mother's room. Only then did he put his hand down and exhaled deeply.

"I am determined not to share a room with a big man!"

With a mask on her face, Wang Yuan was reading a book without raising her head and said: "The Nth reply, Mr. Qi Haoran, your application has been rejected. One week, one day can't be less."

Qi Haoran was so angry that her chest rose and fell: "Do you know how terrible he is? He just let out a loud fart, right next to me!"

Seeing his mother finally looked up, he quickly added: "It's still very, very smelly!"

"Really? Our bodies eat whole grains, and farting is a normal physiological phenomenon, Mario, I don't believe you can't fart?"

Qi Haoran said angrily, "I don't fart! I won't fart that stinky fart next to others!"

Because he was too excited to shout, the qi in his body not only went up, but also went down. With a "pounce", Mr. Qi Haoran became rigid on the spot.

He also ate purple sweet potato sago tonight.

Before Wang Yuan spoke, she saw her son scream "Ah" and rushed out like a headless fly.

Just as Wang Yuan was about to chase him out, she stopped again and continued reading. Mr. Qi Haoran shouldn't want others to disturb him now.

After a while, Wang Zining knocked on his mother's door, opened the door, and poked a head in." Mom, the little guy has locked himself in the bathroom for a long time. I want to go to the bathroom. I knocked on the door for a long time. No! He didn't fall into the toilet, right?"

When Wang Zining casually brought out to call her mother some time ago, although Wang Yuan was very excited, on the surface quiet. Wang Zining later changed from a decent mother to a regular mother. Well, the old mother is also a mother, she is just as happy.

"You go to the bathroom of your mother first. My younger brother needs space to be alone now." Wang Yuan said. I don't know if Mr. Qi Haoran can recover from the collapsed mood before nine o'clock. Anyway, he must go to bed before nine o'clock!

"There are so many problems!" Wang Zining muttered.

"Mom, there is no toilet paper…" Wang Zining shouted again.

Wang Yuan sighed, got up and found him a pack of toilet paper and threw it in.

This is really a tasteful evening!

At around six in the morning, Wang Yuan got up and went to her son's room first to see how they were sleeping.

Pushing the door in, I saw Wang Zining's air conditioner had been kicked under the bed long ago. At this time, he was lying on his back with his arms wide and sleeping, and the other one was lying on his back, wrapped in his own quilt, and a pair of small ones. The short leg is resting on his brother's belly.

Wang Yuan walked over and picked up a fallen mask from the ground. Mr. Qi Haoran found this. He insisted on putting it on to sleep last night. According to him, this is a gas mask. But when he said this, his eyes dodge, and he didn't dare to look at his mother.

When she went out and came in m call on time at seven o'clock, the two brothers were jumping up and down again. Take the energetic brother and the younger brother who is depressed and depressed to go for a run.

Wang Yuan asked her brother to run first, and she led her younger brother to follow behind and ran slowly.

Qi Haoran couldn't lift the energy at all. He slowly stepped on his calf, complaining from time to time: "Getting up in the morning to exercise is not good for your health."

"Calling you to exercise in the evening, you said the same, son!" Wang Yuan reminded that there is no time slot every day, it is the time for exercise that Mr. Qi Haoran thinks is appropriate.

Wang Zining ran back in a circle and looked at his little tortoise-like brother, panting and educating: "You have to exercise more to grow taller."

Without raising his head, Qi Haoran said, "Exercise is not a necessary condition for growing taller. Genes are more important." Both parents are tall, and he will definitely grow taller in the future.

Wang Zining: "It is possible that there is a genetic mutation."

Qi Haoran glared at him: "There is indeed a genetic mutation. For example, you only scored 50 points on the math test!" With such a low score, how did the big man get the test? He is the freak of the genetic mutation!

Wang Zining was furious and stretched out his hands and waved threats: "I won't let you today, I must beat you up!"

"OK OK, Ning Ning, you can run for a while, no matter how big the sun is, you won't be able to run." Wang Yuan blocked her eldest son and urged.

"I can run outside all the time!" I can't come out again when I go home, and I'm going to be confined today.

"I want to be beautiful!" Wang Yuan waved her hand and told him to leave quickly.

Keep the brothers at home and leave them to Sister Zhou to take care of. Wang Yuan will have a drama performance today.

While she was putting on makeup in the backstage, she was considering how to organize her language, how to call Teacher Fang to explain the source of Wang Zining's test paper.

Qi Kuang Shiran walked to her side, pulled a chair and sat down.

Wang Yuan glanced at him and ignored him.

"Well, Wang, I'd better call your sister." Qi Kuang said very well, Wang Yuan thought, courtesy of others, she must ask for something.

"I heard that you wrote Ren Jun's song "Mouse Loves Rice" to him?"

Wang Yuan remained silent, waiting for him to continue.

The power of the divine comedy of "Mouse Loves Rice", after Ren Jun was released, spread rapidly in this time and space. Now everyone on the street can hum the lyrics of "I love you, love you, just like a mouse loves rice." , Ren Jun's song has been ranked first on the new and hot song charts on major music websites, and the income from the song sharing to Wang Yuan's side has also been continuously increasing. All the income, she is still in accordance with the original decision, save Joining a children's charity organization does not take a cent.

With this song, Ren Jun has become a well-known singer, overwhelming popular singers such as Wu Ziqi, and has faintly ranked among the top ranks. He has been invited by major radio stations and variety shows with constant announcements.

Because Wang Yuan is the creator of this song, she has also been searched several times, and the agent has also received many business invitations, but except for the current drama performance, all activities have been pushed.

Many netizens on the Internet are now gossiping. Wu Ziqi regrets that when he first recorded slow variety shows, he was not the one who insisted on digging songs, so he missed an opportunity for a rapid rise. Xiao Wang also mentioned this to Wang Yuan. This is both within the company. It's not a secret anymore.

It can only be said that everyone has their own circumstances and opportunities.

"I don't like this kind of saliva song, but if you still have it, I can buy it all, no matter how much it costs!" Qi Kuang said boldly. The position he was given by his agent was to become a super idol with excellent singing and acting, and he agreed with this direction of development.

He asked tentatively, "Or, you can tailor a song for me, what I want is the coolest and most dazzling style!"

He has already thought about the MTV picture that he has in his mind.

Against the background of the cold and dazzling Matrix of the Matrix, he suddenly jumped out of a group of people in black, dressed in a long silver metallic windbreaker, a plane nose, and his sunglasses, his handsome face approaching the camera, and he sang coldly.

"No!" Wang Yuan simply refused.

"Hey, why don't you talk about love at all, how can your son call me uncle…" Looking at the people around him, Qi Kuang closed his mouth, he didn't want to expose his identity, he had to rely on his own. Strength, not family background, became the most popular and strongest man in the entertainment industry.

"How much, just speak up!" Qi Kuang didn't give up.

"The performance is about to begin, please prepare." The assistant director came over to remind.

Wang Yuan got up, Qi Kuang stretched out her hand to stop her, "You haven't promised me yet?"

"Have you said it! I'll send you three more words, it's impossible! Get out of the way!" Wang Yuan said displeased.

Qi Sanshao didn't know what it was like to be rejected. Since he was the former second wife, he couldn't refuse his request so categorically. He came up with brutal anger. He spread his legs, akimbo, and completely blocked the road.

Just when someone came to persuade him, Wang Yuan stretched out her hand and bent over, grabbed Mr. Dongfang Zheyan's belt, and threw the person out of the back. After clearing the obstacles, she clapped her hands and walked straight to the waiting area.

At the opening of the play, she was the first actor to appear. She was not a stupid person like Qi Sanshao with no professional ethics, and would not let him affect the normal performance of the show.

The most important thing is that Mr. Dongfang Zheyan has to come up with a little flower head every time he perforTeacher Wang Yuan's patience with him has reached his limit, so she simply teaches him directly so that he won't jump out annoying anymore.

Everyone present was stunned, Qi Kuang's makeup and assistant hurriedly stepped forward to help him up. Qi Kuang, lying flat and dumbfounded, his noble self-esteem was more painful than his aching back. He recovered, jumped up, and wanted to rush towards Wang Yuan. He never knew what it meant to be a man. Female fighting, just want to find the place back, and throw Wang Yuan.

The people present will definitely not let him make a fuss. The performers and his assistant agent have pulled him back to prevent him from getting into trouble. Fortunately, he still has a little sane in his mind. After calming down, he will perform later when he is performing. The performance is normal, and there is no direct rioting on the stage.

When the two were playing rivals, Wang Yuan, who played the elder sister, couldn't tell that it was the person who threw him back a while ago. She looked at her younger brother with a gentle expression, and her voice was gentle and gentle. The younger brother also looked back at his sister affectionately, a little bit of gnashing the teeth.

At the end of the performance, the backstage staff clapped their hands excitedly. Fortunately, nothing happened and the curtain ended safely. If this is to cause trouble directly on the stage, then the next hot search is scheduled.

Once the performance was over, Wang Yuan ran away. While she was thinking about how to contact Teacher Fang, Fan Jiangliang called and asked her in detail about Wang Zining's cheating on the exam.

Fan Jiangliang and a leader of his son's school knew that Ning Ning had cheated in the exam. That leader told him. He immediately called Wang Yuan and heard Wang Yuan tell the story (hiding that Mario was a hacker). It just said that he was looking for someone to buy it online), Fan Jiangliang told her not to worry, he would solve it.

Wang Yuan reminded him that Wang Zining is now in the punishment period, so that Fan Jiangliang should not tell his son, that he should not let him relax too early, and that he can't remember the lesson, Fan Jiangliang hurriedly said yes.

Wang Yuan asked him politely, how are Li Xiaoyun and the child now?

Fan Jiangliang said that Li Xiaoyun is now emotionally stable, mainly because her son was born prematurely and has poor physique. In addition, the jaundice has not gone away before, and the situation is more troublesome. After her body and mind are put on her son, she has no time to think about it. With regard to her own affairs, the child has been well taken care of, she has diverted her attention, and her body recovers quickly.

After Wang Yuan returned home, her elder brother ran over first. Her younger brother suffered a loss in his actions and was a step slower. When his elder brother criticized him for many problems, he also arrived in time and complained about his elder brother's problems.

Wang Yuan put the bag down, washed her hands first, smiled kindly at the brothers who were behind her butt, and replied: "Really? Really? That's it. Well, mom knows."

"Xing Ba, then I will move back to my room today." Qi Haoran saw her mother's attitude so good to talk, and thought she agreed to her request.

"No, baby, it's not time yet." Wang Yuan shook her head at him.

Qi Haoran stomped, and was so angry that he ran back to his room, unable to open the door, only to remember that the room was sealed – locked. Angrily, he rushed to the bathroom again and slammed the door.

"Running into the bathroom again, just stay by the toilet and don't come out." Wang Zining yelled at the bathroom door.

"Thanks for your hard work." Wang Yuan said to Sister Zhou who was preparing dinner, and she was locked up with the two noisy two at home for a day. It is estimated that she would also have a headache.

Sister Zhou smiled and said: "It's not hard, and I didn't do anything. The two brothers talked and laughed very lively."

Sister Zhou really doesn't think the two children are arguing, in her opinion, these two beautiful children, the two brothers bickering looks very funny. When the big one jumped with anger, the little one didn't touch his brother either. The little one is really smart. For such a little older child, some things are still unclear. He seems to understand everything, and he still knows the same thing. The older one can't speak to the younger one at all.

Wang Yuan just wanted to ask Sister Zhou if Mario had a good meal at noon when the doorbell rang.

Wang Yuan wondered who would come at this time.

Sister Zhou ran to open the door and told Wang Yuan that someone was looking for her. Wang Yuan walked to the door and saw Qi Kuang wearing a peacock blue shirt with most of the buttons open, revealing Qi Kuang with a thick bandage tied inside. Standing at the door looking for fault.

Wang Yuan has a black line." what's up?"

Qi Kuang said with a tugging expression: "I went to the hospital for a medical examination and suffered heavy internal organ bleeding. You must be responsible for beating me like this!"

Wang Yuan ignored him and closed the door directly.

Sister Zhou asked curiously: "Who is this person?"

Wang Yuan: "One of Mario's uncle who was kicked in the brain by a donkey."

There were constant knocks outside the door, pops and pops.

Sister Zhou looked at Wang Yuan, and Wang Yuan was also afraid that he would knock it down like this, and the neighbor would help call the police in a while.

She opened the door and asked loudly, "What the hell are you?"

"Did you not hear me? I am injured, you must be responsible."

Wang Yuan rolled her eyes. Who was the one who was alive and kicking in the theater just now? Isn't it stupid to tie such an exaggerated bandage right now?" You are bleeding from internal organs. Don't go to the hospital and lie down in the intensive care unit. Why don't you find me responsible? Go!"

When Wang Yuan was not paying attention, Qi Kuang squeezed in and walked directly to the house. He saw the food on the table and said naturally, "It happened that I didn't have dinner. I will give you some face today. Here Yes, Mario, tell his uncle is here."

When Wang Zining came out of the room, he saw a strangely dressed and somewhat familiar person at home. He thought he was a man pursuing his mother. He immediately glared at him: "Who are you?"

Qi Kuang was stunned when he saw Wang Zining, "Hey, you won't be Mario's half-brother, right? I'm his uncle. You can call me uncle too."

Hearing that it was Mario's uncle, Wang Zining was relieved. He walked to the bathroom door and knocked on the door loudly and shouted: "Little man, your uncle is here, please open the door and come out!" Stay away, the little guy has been locked in for so long, I don't know if he will be smoked.

The bathroom door was opened at once,

Mario walked out and saw his uncle with a look of confusion: "Why did you come to my mother's house?"

Wang Yuan also walked over at this time, just wanting to tell him to leave as soon as possible. Qi Kuang first pointed to the bandage on his body and said to his nephew: "Your mother hurt me, and she must make compensation."

Wang Zining heard Qi Kuang's words and knew he was here to find the fault, so he hurriedly protected him in front of his mother, pointed at him and asked, "What do you want to do?"

Qi Kuang watched Wang Zining stand up like a little man to challenge him, and laughed angrily: "Your mother hurt me. I am now a victim."

Wang Yuan was speechless, why was she entangled in this mangy sticker.

"Uncle, are you acting as a patient? It's not like it at all!" Qi Haoran pointed out. Or is the uncle acting as a gangster?

"I was really injured. Your mother threw me out when she was in the theater today. I just came back from the hospital, and now I am coming to your mother to solve the problem." He went to the hospital after the performance. The hospital was asked to take a film for him to be examined, and the doctor told him that he was healthy and not hurt at all.

He was dissatisfied, saying it was impossible, and asked the doctor to issue a certificate of injury and bandage him. The doctor almost went to the security guard to deal with it. It was the agent who pulled him away, bought a bandage at the drugstore, and wrapped him around according to his request, and then came to see Wang Yuan.

"Have you been to the hospital? Show me the injury certificate issued by the doctor." Wang Yuan stretched out her hand.

"I didn't bring it, I'll give it to you next time." Qi Kuang said.

"You came to ask me to be responsible, just wrap such a ridiculous bandage without any evidence? Also, people who don't know think you have been confirmed by someone in the chest. Troublesome blackmailers also have a bit of common sense, Don't use any internal organ bleeding next time." Wang Yuan just wants to send him away quickly. The family is still waiting for dinner.

"Anyway, I have someone to prove that everyone in the theater today can prove to me that you hurt me. Now there are two solutions for you to choose: one is that I will give you a back fall, and the second option is that you have to Customize a song for me. Would you like to choose?"

Wang Zining was so angry at hearing that, in front of him, he said that he was going to beat his mother!!

Without waiting for what Wang Yuan said, Wang Zining said first: "I also give you two choices. Should you go out by yourself, or should I throw you out?"

Qi Kuang couldn't even bother to condemn Wang Yuan. Hearing what the young boy said, he immediately became stronger, "The tone is so big, you can still throw me away…"

Wang Zining walked straight over and held his arm, Pushing him out step by step, Qi Kuang was restrained by a child with his hands, but he couldn't move, his blood surged, and he said loudly: "It's quite strong. You have a kind of letting go. Let's go single."

Wang Zining pushed people out the door all the way. Sister Zhou was a little frightened and stood by Qi Haoran hurriedly. She was afraid that something would happen later. She had to protect the little one first. She didn't expect to open the door to let in a troubled neuropathy.

Wang Yuan was prepared to take action. Although she did not hold back Qi Kuang's second stupid son at all, when her son took the initiative to stand in front of her, she silently stepped aside, paying attention to Qi Kuang's actions and not letting her son eat. A little loss.

However, Qi Kuang was a little taller than Ning Ning, and his figure was much wider than him. Ning Ning did not even have the power to counterattack.

After Qi Kuang was kicked out, he rolled up his sleeves and said to Wang Zining, "Come out, I'm really hot, whether you are my junior or not, I must teach you well today and show you good looks!"

The door slammed shut. Qi Kuang's voice disappeared outside the door, and then there was a bang on the door.

Wang Zining was eager to try, and asked his mother: "Should I go and drive him downstairs?"

Qi Haoran walked to the door: "Uncle, you really embarrass me, I will never ignore you! If you don't leave, I will call the police and let the police come and take you away!"

After a while, it was finally quiet behind the door.

In the video of Wang Zining and Liang Wentao in the evening, Brother Shui was lying on the bed with his arms to eat snacks. Wang Zining said disgustedly, "Isn't it uncomfortable for you to eat like this?" Wouldn't it be indigestion?

Liang Wentao nibbled on potato chips while saying, "My butt was swollen by Lao Liang with a branch and I can't sit. I'm on a hunger strike now to protest his domestic violence!"

"Do you still eat potato chips on a hunger strike?"

"I was on a hunger strike for them. Of course, I can't really starve myself. There is a box of snacks hidden under my bed. They don't know." Liang Wentao gnawed a mouthful of potato chips, then tore a bag of wafer biscuits to eat.

Seeing him eating meaty lying on the bed, and the snacks scattered all over the bed, Wang Zining said disgustedly: "Stop talking, when you are cured, I will find you out after the confinement is over."

Finish hanging up. Qi Haoran came over and asked, "Did he get beaten by his father?"

"Yes, all the test papers you got hurt us!" Wang Zining said angrily.

"You can't anger me, he won't be tempted, and nothing will happen." Qi Haoran shrugged.

Wang Zining ignored his brother and lay down to do his push-ups.

Qi Haoran watched for a while, then came secretly to the living room, see if there is no one, his little butt squatted on the floor and propped up his arms. As soon as the butt lifted up, his upper body immediately collapsed. He couldn't do a single one. He was a little depressed.

Seeing how his brother guarded his mother and beat off his uncle today, he thought it was very powerful. Before his steel suit was researched out, he still needed strength to protect the person he wanted to protect. The big guy is so good now, he was trained, so when his mother pulls him up for a run tomorrow, should he not be lazy and run well?

Thinking of running, he sighed, it was really tiring.

The annoying Qi Sanshao couldn't retreat with a single blow, and knocked on the door for several days to harass the family of three.

Wang Yuan finally couldn't stand it, so she invited him in.

Qi Kuang was so proud that he said: "If you don't come forward to solve the problem, I plan to pull a banner outside your building to pursue your responsibility."

When encountering this kind of rich, time and energetic second fool, and still a relative, Wang Yuan can only admit defeat.

"I can give you a song, and you promise not to bother us again."

Qi Kuang said dissatisfied, "Am I annoying? I am a normal defender of my rights, I am a victim…"

"Okay, let's say that I don't agree."

"I agree." Qi Kuang immediately said straightforwardly, "how much is it, you can talk about it!"

"You don't need to give money."

"That won't work, it's like I'm taking advantage of you." He shouldn't let others down, he has always done things voluntarily and fairly, "I want a song worthy of me, and the price must not be low."

Don't you worry too much money? Wang Yuan thought about it. It happened that Ni Ying recently had a quarrel with Yu Xinxin's agent over the script of "Parallel Space". Yu Xinxin's investors threatened to divest their capital several times. San Shao can invest in this project, just to help Ni Ying solve the problem. The crew can find a suitable heroine to participate in the show, and the show will not face the risk of being changed beyond recognition.

"There is a project, if you are interested, you can consider investing." Wang Yuan Qi Sanshaodao. 

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