Qi Kuang tilted Erlang's legs, holding a glass of red wine, shaking, looking at the agent and asking: "The crew that asked you to inquire, have you inquired clearly?"

The agent hurriedly handed over the collected information, and said: "I have already inquired about it. This crew is really a twists and turns. The original investor was a novel fan of science fiction writer Ni Kuang. At that time, someone was looking for someone to buy the copyright to the novel. Originally wanted to make a large-scale production. Later, the investor failed an investment and the capital chain was interrupted. The crew could only find a collaborator again. This new investor was Yu's Food, and the designated movie heroine was starred by Yu Xinxin. Because Yu Xinxin herself has a great source with the protagonist of the original script, and she requested drastic changes to the script, so far, the script has not been published. I also inquired that Wang Yuan and the screenwriter of this movie are friends. She was some time ago I also posted a group photo of the two on social platforms, and it may be that she helped her friend pull investment to relieve the siege."

Qi Kuang put a glimmer of color in his eyes, lowered his legs, and leaned forward: "You said it was an adaptation of Ni Kuang's novel? Which one is it?"

"Parallel Space" said the agent.

Qi Kuang frowned. He is also a fan of Ni Kuang's novels. It is a pity that the protagonist of "Parallel Space" is a woman. He said: "You can contact the crew, we can invest, you can ask again, if there is a suitable male role, I want to act."

"This investment will not be small, it will cost hundreds of millions of dollars, and the capital… The song Wang Yuan gave you may not get such a big return." The agent reminded that the shadow of the song has not been seen yet, even if it is good. Songs are not worth hundreds of millions of funds. What's more, Qi Kuang is only a rich second-generation, and he has no serious career. After hundreds of millions of dollars are spent, there will be nothing left.

I heard that Mr. Qi is very opposed to him entering the entertainment industry, and he will definitely not support him in the future.

"Do I look like bad money?" Qi Kuang glanced at his agent dissatisfiedly." I'm not doing business with her. This little money is valuable as long as it is used in the right place. And I am interested in this movie now. I'm interested, just because this time the new song and the new movie will be released together, it will surely be an instant success. The next step depends on your operational ability!"

Qi Kuang was afraid that his agent would be timid, and then said: "Don't think that investing in this movie is unrequited. We are the capital. As long as we take the initiative to shoot the movie, we may earn several times back. In return. Look at my second brother, he also has a film and television company in his hand.

He was founded by chasing his ex-wife, and now a few plays a year have become one of his most profitable industries. Take a long-term view."

The agent can only nod his head again and again.

Wang Yuan said hello to Ni Ying in advance about Qi Kuang's possible investment. Ni Ying was moved inexplicably when she heard Wang Yuan's investment for her. After thinking about it, she couldn't help asking, "Why are you? Treating me so well? From the very beginning, he took the initiative to make friends with me, then he trusted me unconditionally, and now he owes me such a big favor."

She is not a fool, she would not really think that she has such a big charm, this matter has always been questioned in her heart, only a little less suspenseful than the "Parallel Space" she is holding now.

Wang Yuan replied after a while: "You are like a friend of mine before, a very, very good friend."

"Then she now…"

"We will never see each other again, but I believe she is living happily now." It was just in another time and space.

When Ni Ying asked today, Wang Yuan was not surprised at all. Maybe she is not her original friend, but their looks and personalities are generally the same. To herself, they are the same person, the one who has the deepest connection with the original world.

Hearing what Wang Yuan said, Ni Ying was relieved and did not ask any more.

After hanging up the phone, Wang Yuan got up and went to look for her sons. Yesterday the two brothers handed in the review paper, but she called them back. She is going to see if there is any improvement.

Walking out of the room, they saw the two sitting side by side on the sofa watching TV. It's rare to be so quiet and harmonious. This scene is suspicious. She was about to ask how the review was written, but the elder son was puzzled and pointed to the TV and asked her, "Is that really our aunt?"

Wang Yuan looked back and saw that there was a rebroadcast of the talent show from XX on the TV. The person Wang Zining pointed at was Tang Yanyan, who was talking with tears in the corner of her eyes on the TV screen at this time.

Wang Yuan frowned and listened for a while. It's better for a new draft pick to have a dog-blooded family background to have a topic. Tang Yanyan is hung up with a shadow step-sister, who is not curious about the grievances in it. When the host asked her how she wanted to take the film academy, she would be able to elicit her long story. The TV station is also willing to leave such a long time to her. It seems that this story can still increase the ratings.

"Liang Wentao told me that my aunt participated in this show, and I am still wondering, you never told me about her?" Wang Zining also went to watch the variety show reruns after being told by Liang Wentao.

Qi Haoran didn't have much interest in this little aunt, but he was still pulled over to watch the show by the big man. It was quite annoying to see her crying and talking.

"A relative who doesn't talk to, don't care about her." Wang Yuan heard that Tang Yanyan had a verbal meaning, and her relatives worked so hard to raise Wang Yuan into a talent. She would not recognize her family members when she became famous.

The dispute between her and her mother has been rioted on the Internet for a long time, and Tang Yanyan repeats the old saying, but she also wants to gain some eyeballs and traffic.

She entered the room and called Qu Hui. Qu Hui said that she had arranged the team to guide the public opinion. Tang Yanyan just wanted to talk about it. It is said that her family had spent a lot of money and bought off-site votes to support her. It seems that Xue Ping is really desperate to support this daughter.

Qi Haoran quietly followed up and walked to her mother: "If you return my computer and mobile phone to me, I can block all those people's accounts."

"Thank you son, your computer can't be given to you. And after you re-use the computer, mom doesn't want you to do it. Adults' affairs will be resolved by adults, and the book "Network Security and Have you read the "Regulations" carefully? I will come to test you in two days."

"I'm still a child, and you want me to write such a difficult review and memorize laws and regulations. You demand too much of me!" Qi Haoran complained.

"Because you are not an ordinary child, you are the most powerful little genius in your mother's heart. Isn't these things very simple for you. If you think you can't do it, then mother will consider using ordinary children's requirements to deal with? you."

"…I'll try it first." I'm a genius, mom, you're right.

"Well, let's pack our things and go swimming in the afternoon!" Wang Yuan stood up and said.

Qi Haoran turned pale when he heard the swim and shook his head quickly.

"Didn't we say it? You swim for 30 minutes a day. Your brother started talking about when to go out for swimming since yesterday." The confined son is now thinking about going out all the time.

When he arrived at the swimming pool, Wang Zining rushed in, and Wang Yuan quickly grabbed him and asked him to take his brother to the men's locker room to help him change his clothes.

After coming out of the locker room, Qi Haoran's face was a little pale. As soon as he walked to the swimming pool, he suddenly vomited. Wang Yuan and Wang Zining were startled. Wang Yuan quickly hugged him and patted his back: "Baby, you Are you afraid of water?"

Qi Haoran did not answer. He remembered the memory of being pushed into the swimming pool by the twins when he was a child, and the water overflowed his mouth and nose.

He couldn't breathe at all, he kept throwing his hands and feet, but he sank slowly until a servant found him out of the water in time.

He never came close to the water's edge again.

"I'm not afraid." Qi Haoran's face was still a little pale. He shook his head, not wanting to admit that he was afraid of water, because fear of water meant that the twins' influence on him was still there.

When Wang Yuan saw her younger son saying this, she hugged him and said, "Mom will take you with you, and we will step on the water to play in the children's area."

Calling the cleaning staff of the swimming pool to help clean up the vomit, she sent her worried-looking elder son to the adult area to swim, and she took Mario to play in the children's area.

When he went down into the water, Wang Yuan kept holding her son, and Qi Haoran's small hands tightly circled her mother's neck and did not relax.

"Would you like to play with them?" The swimming pool in the children's area also made a castle slide. Many children climbed up and down to have fun.

Qi Haoran despised: "A group of kids!"

Two children were chasing in the water, splashing a wave of water, and one suddenly ran in front of Wang Yuan, and she quickly stepped back so as not to run into it.

The little girl braked suddenly and sat down in the water. She raised her head to look at Qi Haoran, who was held in her arms by her mother, and laughed: "You are so old, and you let your mother hug you, so ashamed!"

Qi Haoran was annoyed, and the brown eyes gave the little girl a fierce look.

"Slightly…" The little girl stuck her tongue out at him.

The other little boy who was chasing with her looked funny, and followed Qi Haoran to make faces.

Qi Haoran was so angry that his head was smoking, and he was actually despised by the two children. He pushed his mother, indicating that he wanted to go down.

Wang Yuan held back a smile and put him in the water. As soon as Qi Haoran's legs touched the water, she immediately shrank up, and hung half of her body from her mother's arm.

"Hahahaha, coward! This water is only a little high, you are scared!" The little girl laughed happily.

Qi Haoran immediately let go of Wang Yuan's hand, and as soon as his feet stepped into the water, the pool water covered his calf, his body trembled slightly, and his hands unconsciously moved up to grab something. Wang Yuan held her son's in time. Hand, "Mom is holding you, don't be afraid."

Qi Haoran held her mother's hand tightly with her small hand, and walked slowly in the water step by step.

The little girl strode across the pool water and ran in front of him. At this time, she saw clearly that this was a beautiful little handsome boy. The big apple face was blushing and she took the initiative to stretch out her hand: "Let me take you. Shall we go on a slide?"

Qi Haoran walked by holding her mother's hand indifferently with a small face, not giving the little girl any face. The little girl's mouth flattened down, and she quickly recovered her mood, followed Qi Hao, and brought splashes as she ran.

When Wang Yuan saw that her son never gave this little girl who was chatting around her face a good face, she just wanted to remind him that she should be a little gentleman. The little girl ran away and went to the mother who was sitting by the pool and swiping her mobile phone. Qi Haoran, who was tiptoeing in the distance and curiously stepping on the water, said: "He doesn't play with me."

The little girl's mother raised her head and smiled and said to her daughter: "If the kid doesn't play with you, what use is it for you to ask me? You have to review yourself. Have you done anything unpleasant?"

The little girl shook her head, nodded again, and took her mother's hand: "I laughed at him just now. You accompany me over, and I apologize to him."

The little girl's mother had no choice but to follow her daughter.

It is summer vacation. Although it is a swimming pool with high consumption, there are still many people who come to swim, especially the children's area. Passing through a group of noisy children, the little girl's mother finally saw the little boy her daughter was referring to.

However, her eyes were attracted by the person holding the little boy's hand. She opened her mouth wide in surprise, took her daughter and hurriedly walked over, came to the front of Wang Yuan, and asked excitedly and carefully: "Are you Wang Yuan?"

Seeing someone recognize herself, Wang Yuan smiled and said, "A lot of people say that I am like her. Do I really look like her?"

Today, she has all her hair combed on her head. She has a pure face and is wearing a one-piece swimsuit with short sleeves and trousers. She shows a tall and elegant figure. Although she is dressed in ordinary, she is still the most prominent among the crowd. There are many men's in the swimming pool. All eyes were cast, but because she was carrying the child by her side, she didn't come to say hello, so Wang Yuan reduced some unnecessary harassment.

Many people in the swimming pool may think she is pretty and familiar, but the first person to recognize her is the little girl's mother, mainly because she is close and sees clearly the reason.

"You are her!" The little girl's mother covered her mouth and smiled softly, "Don't worry, I won't say anything. You don't know, we are in the same community. I have seen you several times. Go downstairs and take her son out for a walk." She pointed at Qi Haoran: "That's this little handsome guy."

Wang Yuan laughed, she didn't seem to have deceived her.

The little girl watched the adults chatting, she took the initiative to align Haoran and said: "I shouldn't laugh at you as a coward just now.

I am sorry. My name is Ye Xingyu, what is your name?"

Qi Haoran suddenly raised his head and looked at the child Ye Xingyu in surprise: "Why do you call this name?"

"Hehe, I have the same name as that Ye Xingyu, do you know her? She is very cute and sings very well." Ye Xingyu smiled while covering her mouth.

Qi Haoran was still immersed in the shock that his idol was given the same name by the little girl with a round face and short legs in front of him.

He can't accept it!

"You shouldn't have the same name as her!" he accused.

Ye Xingyu's child's mouth was flat, and her mother explained: "Our Xingyu is six years old today, and she was born earlier than that idol. We did not steal the idol's name, it is the idol and we have the same name."

Ye Xingyu's mother looked at Qi Haoran's curly hair, and said with a sincere admiration: "You are so handsome, how old are you?"

Qi Haoran looked up at her mother and shook her head at her. Wang Yuan nodded to him after receiving her son's request. Don't worry, mother will not reveal your age, and will not let Ye Xingyu children know that you are older than her, but shorter than her.

"He should be younger than me, because I am taller than him!" The little girl Ye Xingyu gestured her fingers. The ones that are more like six are five and four." Are you four years old this year?"

Qi Haoran was furious, who was this insulting. He took his mother's hand and was about to leave, not wanting to chat with this stupid little girl.

"He is seven years old." Wang Zining, who had swam back two laps, found their side and replied to help his brother.

Before Qi Haoran could get angry, he saw the fat girl who was enthusiastic to him just now. At this moment, he completely forgot his existence. Her round face was flushed with small stars in her eyes, and she said to the big man sweet and greasy: "Big brother , Ye Xingyu, what is your name? You are as handsome as Xian Dao Zhang!"

Ye Xingyu's father is a fan of slam dunks, and from time to time he puts out the video to watch, so that the little girl can get to know the handsome guy inside.

"Isn't it supposed to be like Ruchuan Feng?" Ye Xingyu's mother also looked at Wang Zining with an idiot. Really handsome!

Wang Zining touched the back of his head with a smile, without speaking.

He said to the little man: "Are you afraid of the water now? I'll take you to swim, I can swim with you, I won't drop you into the water."

Qi Haoran originally wanted to refuse, but in order to leave the children's area with fat girls, he nodded.

"Can I take a photo with you later?" Ye Xingyu's mother hurriedly asked when the three of Wang Yuan were leaving.

"sure." Wang Yuan nodded with a smile.

"Then, can you take a photo with your eldest son, well, he is really handsome." Ye Xingyu's mother said embarrassedly.

Wang Yuan:…

"I want to take a photo with my big brother too! Mom, you are not right, he is not Rukawa Feng, he is Xian Dao Akira!" The little girl jumped.

Child Ye Xingyu, it seems that you have forgotten, and Mr. Qi Haoran, who you enthusiastically wanted to make friends at first. Don't think he is not as tall as you now, but he will grow up to be the Royal Highness Sashengwan Jiangziyou in the future.


Wang Zining jumped into the pool. The water in the shallow water was less than his chest. He stretched out his hand and motioned for the little man to come down.

The courage Qi Haoran had just plucked up just now disappeared. He took two steps back, his face tight.

Wang Yuan walked by, sitting by the pool, and beckoned to him: "Baby, come here, we will sit here and watch my brother swim. If you are scared, Mom won't let you go into the water."

Qi Haoran hesitated for a while, walked to her mother's side, took her arm tightly, and slowly squatted down beside her.

Wang Zining watched his brother refuse to go into the water, so he went to swim again. Seeing the big man at ease in the swimming pool like a dolphin, Qi Haoran was a little envious.

Wang Yuan took her son's shoulders: "Tell mom about the physics related to water."

Qi Haoran thought for a while and said: "Archimedes' law, the buoyancy of an object in water is equal to the gravity of the water it discharges…"

After physics knowledge came out of his mouth one by one, slowly, his mood began to calm down, and he felt that the water was not so terrible anymore.

He started trying to stick out his little toes, trying to hook up with the water in the swimming pool, but he couldn't touch it!

After watching it, Wang Yuan jumped into the swimming pool and stretched out her hand to her son: "Would you like to come down and play, my mother will support you, and you won't have trouble."

Qi Haoran hesitated for a few seconds, and carefully jumped into her mother's arms. Like a koala, he hugged her mother's neck and pressed tightly on her.

Wang Yuan stretched out her hand to drag the bear in her arms and walked a few steps in the swimming pool. Wang Zining quickly swam next to them. Wang Yuan asked: "Do you want to ride a dolphin? Sit on your brother's back and let him swim with you. Two laps, of course, my mother will always be there to support you."

Looking at Wang Zining's dissatisfied face, Qi Haoran nodded heavily.

After half an hour, the two did not want to come out of the water.

"Must go, not soak for too long." Until their mother ordered them out of the pool, The two people reluctantly left. I met Ye Xingyu's mother and daughter again in the parking lot and fulfilled their wish to take a photo with Wang Yuan. A kid from Ye Xingyu asked Wang Zining, but he refused to agree and only let the little girl go home disappointed.

"Big brother, my mother said that we all live in a community, next time I go to your house to see you for fun? I will bring you a gift!" Ye Xingyu waved to Wang Zining.

Qi Haoran thought, she was another stupid little girl like Libby, who only looked at her face.

Thinking of Angela and his video a few days ago, Libby ran out, saw Wang Zining in the video, and kept exclaiming, wow, cool! After that, I kept asking if this was his elder brother, could she talk to him, and wanted to go to Wang Zining social platform account, saying that he wanted to be friends with him.

Qi Haoran snorted coldly, completely forgetting who said Mario was so cool!

In order not to appear stingy, he took the tablet and asked the big man if he wanted to make friends with the golden freckled Libby in the video. Wang Zining was shocked for a while, and he didn't understand why he did half the bell, so the little man introduced him to one. Little girlfriend?

He still politely picked up the tablet and greeted each other, because each only speaks their native language, and Wang Zining returned the tablet to the little man without saying a few words. I'm still polite to your friend and annoying.

Qi Haoran would not tell him that Libby had been complimenting him in the video just now. He was just worried about the poor big man's poor language talent. The simple English greetings he just said could be wrong.

After swimming back, Wang Yuan received a call from Qi Kuang.

"I talked to the crew of "Parallel Space" today, and I decided to invest in this project. You promised to give me the song that you have tailored to me, and make it to me as soon as possible."

Through the voice of the phone, you can imagine him triumphantly.

"Did you talk smoothly?" Wang Yuan asked worriedly, after all, it was an investment of hundreds of millions of dollars, and there was a problem with Yu Xinxin's team. I don't know how it was going.

"Very smoothly! By the way, I have something to tell you. I will also participate in the movie "Parallel Space". You can wait to watch my performance when the time comes!"

"…I remember that there are no outstanding male characters in it. A villain is also too old. Is it an adaptation?" Let Qi Kuang play that sinister villain, which is quite suitable for him. It seems that he also knows. What's your own position?

"What villain?!" Qi Kuang's voice almost broke Wang Yuan's eardrums, "I am the protagonist, the protagonist!"

Wang Yuan:…

Isn't the protagonist a woman?

"Are you going to cross-talk?" The 1.83-meter figure pretends to be a female? Wang Yuan felt a little confused in her mind.

"Of course not!" shouted again, "the protagonist is a man!"

Did she take Ni Yingkeng? It was not a new investor that gave her, but a landmine?!

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