The producer of the movie "Parallel Space" contacted Yu Xinxin's agent and mentioned that there are suitable candidates for the male role.

When the agent told Yu Xinxin, she said, "Didn't you tell them? We have to decide on the male matchmaker. Who knows who they're looking for and whether they have a sense of CP with me. Also, the screenwriter, Has the script changed? The male partner will not be an old villain, right? Then how can I play a rivalry with me?"

"Listen to them, the role of male protagonist is also to bring money into the group. They will discuss an agreement with the crew in the afternoon. If you are not at ease, we will also check it out." The agent suggested.

Yu Xinxin nodded. This is her first movie to take the lead role, and the family has also spent so much money on her. She also takes it seriously.

In the afternoon, the crew office.

The producer, director, and screenwriter of "Parallel Space" have already arrived, but the two main characters have not yet arrived.

The producer asked Ni Ying: "Wang Yuan introduced this investor?"

Ni Ying nodded." Is the third child of the Qi family, a foreign drama major, and has only acted in drama so far, which is now the hotly discussed "Children's Dream"."

Qi Kuang's agent has contacted the producer, but the details have not yet been said, "Which character is he in? How is his acting skills? Can you… be able to deal with it?"

"…It's quite contagious." Ni Ying glanced at the producer and reminded him, "It's the little gray hair who has been hot during this period of time. No, it's the role of that younger brother."

"He." The producer remembered, and now there are different opinions on the newcomer on the Internet, and many people mock him, saying that he is playing the role of a bitter brother, and his hair color and hairstyle are not changed, which is too exciting. It is more rainbow fart, saying that his image is excellent and his performance is infectious, and the whole drama is supported by him.

The producer remembered that when he saw these comments at the time, he was thinking that marketing and navy must spend a lot of money. He has watched "A Dream of Childhood". It should be said that most of the people in the circle have rushed to watch it. Firstly, this is the largest charity drama currently publicized in China. Secondly, many well-known artists participated in the performance, and all friends in the circle Go and join in.

There are also people who went to the first drama of the movie queen. After watching them, they gave me a good evaluation of the whole drama, especially Wang Yuan's performance. For her first performance on the stage, everyone still gave a lot of praise. Highly rated.

He thought, if Wang Yuan introduced him, It's not surprising since the two have just worked together, and Wang Yuan is also Qi Kuang's former second sister-in-law.

"How do you plan to adapt the drama of the male role?" the producer asked.

Originally, this movie was a sci-fi mystery drama. Most of the whole movie is a heroine. There are not many male characters and they are not brilliant. The most powerful male partner is also a villain. In the novel, he is still a male in his fifties.

Ni Ying smiled bitterly: "This is where I can't communicate with Yu Xinxin's agent. He proposed that the villain should be younger and have emotional drama with the heroine. The villain's motives for doing these things are all because of the relationship with the heroine. Feeling hurt, the villain died in the arms of the heroine in the end."

The director ridiculed: "I can't make this kind of dog-blood romantic drama." He is famous for a suspense film, so the production talent will contact him to direct this film. He also came for the IP of "Parallel Space", if According to the investor's idea, it changed beyond recognition. Isn't it a joke in the industry that he photographed it?

The producer knows these things of course, because Yu Xinxin insists on adapting the script, and he doesn't give up on the love element. He is already looking for other investments. He didn't expect someone to contact him, which just solved his urgent need.

He was about to speak when two teams came in at the door.

Several people quickly got up to greet each other.

When Yu Xinxin saw Qi Kuang, who was in the forefront of fashion, he knew that he was a supporting actor brought by the film crew as mentioned by his agent.

She knew each other because there had been news about him during this period, and her friend recognized that this was the third son of the Qi family.

Knowing that Qi Kuang is acting as a couple with her, she is quite satisfied whether it is appearance or family background. With some hype in the later period, she will definitely make her more popular.

A group of people greeted each other and took their seats. The producer introduced them to both parties. He proposed that the film preparation period has been delayed for too long, and now the script should be finalized as soon as possible. Regarding the issue of script adaptation, let Ni Ying introduce it first.

Ni Ying hadn't expected Qi Kuang to ask for a role, but she thought that changing the age of the main supporting actor to a smaller one and keeping the big frame of the novel shouldn't be a big problem.

She talked about some of her adaptation ideas.

Xinxin Yu's agent raised his hand and said: "Screenwriter Ni, let me remind you that the script framework you mentioned just now has not been changed a bit according to our request."

Ni Ying said: "The selling point of "Parallel Space" is love. It's just abrupt and ridiculous to give the heroine a romantic affair, and the audience won't buy it."

"This is a problem of ability!" Yu Xinxin's agent laughed, "If you can't do it, then find other screenwriters who can do it."

Ni Ying smiled angrily: "You can find a screenwriter that meets your requirements. Just look for it. After you find it, I'll let Xian!"

The producer said: "Before making this movie, we did market research and we also have our own market positioning. If we want to change the framework of the script, then it doesn't matter if the movie is not shot, there is no need to do business at a loss. I believe investment. People's position is the same as ours."

Yu Xinxin tilted her head and said: "Is there a problem with your market research? I think young people must like to watch movies that are exciting and add a little love element. Now when I go to the cinema, I always go to the movies with my girlfriend. I think girls should like it all. If you do this survey, you should ask more young people what they think."

Qi Kuang tapped his fingers on the table and said with a look of comprehension: "I understand what you mean." He pointed to Yu Xinxin and said, "You want to change this movie into a romance? Your brain is not broken, right? Who are you? Falling in love? There is a villain who plays a little bit more, so don't you let it go? Then why do you come to make this drama? You can just find a love movie directly? Are you stupid and have a lot of money? This kind of bad movie is made. You must pay for the blood, you have to throw money yourself, and it also depends on whether people are willing to accompany you to be a fool!"

Regardless of Yu Xinxin's blushing face, he said to the producer: "I know you have a problem with your film set. You didn't think of compromise before because of the bad idea of ​​adapting it into a romantic movie? It's just a blow to everything. The face of a science fiction fan. Forget it, don't worry about the investment in this film, as long as you are responsible for making the film well."

Yu Xinxin patted the table and stood up, pointing at Qi Kuang and said, "We are investors, we have signed an agreement…"

Qi Kuang looked up at her and said disgustedly: "I signed the agreement to let you act in a romance? Did you get Mary Su's head?"

Yu Xinxin stomped her foot. She looked at her agent. The agent quickly said: "In our investment agreement, we agreed that Xinxin is the heroine in the movie. We also have the right to suggest the script and casting of the movie."

"What you said is a suggestion, we disagree! I am now determined to invest. I am also an investor. Let's replace the heroine first."

Yu Xinxin was so angry that her head was about to explode, she had never seen such an arrogant person before she debuted. Since then, I have never met such a person who does not give her face and slaps her face directly." Qi Kuang, don't think you have a stage name called Dongfang Zheyan. I don't know your background. Do you Qi family want to use money to suppress people?"

"Is there any mistake? You want to use the money to dig a hole. I kindly remind you that you can find other Mary Su scripts you want to shoot, and don't waste money here. Am I still wrong?!" Qi Kuang shook his head.

He turned his head and said to the producer and director: "The next cooperation, you can talk to my agent. You don't have to worry about the funds. Just make the movie with your heart. You can adapt the script according to the plot of the novel. Don't do too much. Big changes, I think the novel is very exciting, and I should try my best to capture the feeling of it."

Then he said to Ni Ying, "I only have one requirement for the movie and the script, that is, the heroine in it can be replaced by the actor, and I will play it!"

As soon as the voice fell, the audience was silent, even Yu Xinxin, who was so angry just now, had his eyes widened. This, who is this? When he asked to add a little love element, he sprayed it to no good. Turning his head, he was about to change the S*x of the protagonist…

The producer, director, and Ni Ying who were a little bit happy just now are all stupid.

"…That's the way it is." Ni Ying received a call from Wang Yuan and told her about the situation.

"I'm sorry, I wanted to solve the trouble for you. Who knew to introduce a bigger trouble to you in the past." She should have known that Qi Kuang was unreliable.

"It's okay, to be honest, I now feel that compared to turning a science fiction suspense movie into a romance, it is not so unacceptable to change the S*x of the protagonist." Ni Ying said in a bitter joy.

During the conversation, there were always new calls coming in. Wang Yuan saw that it was Qi Kuang. She said to Ni Ying, "First of all, Qi Kuang called me, I see what he wants to do."

"Okay." After Ni Ying hung up the phone, Wang Yuan answered Qi Kuang's call. Without waiting for her to question, Qi Kuang first yelled: "Have you finished that song? Hurry up. If I go to make a movie next, , There is no time to record songs."

Wang Yuan said angrily: "When it comes to making a movie, I only let you invest. I didn't ask you to take the leading role and change the gender of the character!"

Qi Kuang was a little guilty: "You only said that I would invest. I am going to invest now. Are you going to regret not fulfilling your credit?" He really likes the script of "Parallel Space" before he wants to perform. If it's not a good role, ask him to play it and he won't play it!

"Okay, I abide by the agreement, you will find tomorrow

A composer is here, I will sing for you!" Wang Yuan gritted her teeth.


Wang Yuan and the composer were locked in the recording room, just like when Ren Jun was working together, she sang the song, and the composer picked out the music bit by bit and restored it.

It took two or three hours to finally have the song. Just now Qi Kuang sang a few words when he heard Wang Yuan sing. He hid until his agent called him in and told him that the song had come out, and he walked in expectantly.

"How about this song? Isn't it cool?" Qi Kuang asked his agent.

With a constipated expression on his face, the agent said to him, "It's kind of cool, but it may not be as cool as you want."

"It depends on who sang it!" Qi Kuang was very confident about it, and Wang Yuan's chanting style of singing just now, no matter how good the song was, it would be ruined by her. Of course his momentum and voice will be different when he sings!

"Let's listen to it first!" The agent said with a calm expression.

The composer began to sing: "I planted a seed, and finally grew fruit… You are my little apple, you can't love you too much…"

Qi Kuang's face had changed when he sang to the front, and afterwards it was already like the bottom of a pot.

He walked up to Wang Yuan who was humming softly to the beat, like a firecracker that was lit up and about to explode, and said to Wang Yuan: "This is the song you gave me?!"

"Does it sound good?" Wang Yuan asked. She really didn't mean to play Qi Kuang. This "Little Apple" is one of the songs she can sing completely, and the other is "The Mouse Loves Rice".

"You let me sing this song?!" Qi Kuang roared, "This is a song suitable for Mario!"

"I only know this one, do you want it?" Wang Yuan said indifferently.

"I can't sing! You must write me another one!" Qi Kuang approached, with a threatening expression on his face.

Wang Yuan stretched out two fingers and placed them on his forehead, pushing his face away directly, then she pulled out the napkin on the table next to her, and wiped her hands carefully with disgust.

Qi Kuang was about to die of anger.

"I think this song will be popular, very catchy, and a popular song suitable for all ages." The composer exclaimed. Seeing Qi Kuang dissatisfied with the song, he put forward his own opinions and hoped that he would not waste it. opportunity.

"You have to make another song, otherwise…"

"Otherwise, you divest and change the S*x of the protagonist without tossing on the film? I think this will be the result of everyone's joy." After that, Wang Yuan picked up her coat and bag and planned to leave.

Before stepping out the door, she turned her head and said, "Don't think I can make another song for you. Do you really think I have the ability to write lyrics and music? Both songs were created by very good musicians. Yes, I'm just a porter." The porter of Parallel Space.

The agent stepped forward and asked Qi Kuang, "I have already contacted the music team. Do you want to record this song?"

"Don't sing! I won't sing when I die!" This was a thousand miles away from the song he wanted in his heart.


The song has been handed over, and Wang Yuan doesn't care what Qi Kuang intends to use.

When she returned home, she found one more person, "Brother Xiandao's mother, I am Ye Xingyu, and I am bringing you cakes."

When Ye Xingyu saw her back, he greeted her with a sweet smile.

"You are welcome to be a guest. Just call me Aunt Wang." Wang Yuan was a little surprised, but she still said to the little girl with a smile on her face, "Thank you for the cake. Did your mother bring you here?"

Ye Xingyu shook his head, "Uncle and I went to buy cakes. We saw Brother Xiandao downstairs. Uncle and I gave the cakes to you."

No wonder they knew their address. It turned out that they met downstairs. Wang Yuan glanced at the eldest son who was playing a racing game while avoiding her gaze. She smiled and said: "Ning Ning, it turns out that your confinement time is over. You can go down. Did you buy something in the building?"

Wang Zining said with a guilty conscience: "I'm thirsty, go buy ice cream."

"Did Mario eat it?" Wang Yuan asked immediately. Turning around to look for the shadow of the youngest son, won't he eat his stomach again?

"No, I didn't give him food!" Wang Zining said triumphantly. In the afternoon, the two brothers started a routine quarrel. Wang Zining couldn't compete with his younger brother, so he thought of how to anger him and went downstairs to buy ice cream and eat it in front of him. Let him die.

But buying an ice cream also brought a little trouble.

He didn't play with the little girl, and the little man ran into the room so angry, he could only greet Aunt Zhou to take care of the children.

Sister Zhou came out with a plate at this time, and the plate was filled with cut cakes, welcoming everyone to come and eat.

Ye Xingyu ran over with a wow, she liked strawberry cake best, but she still politely handed a piece to Ning Ning brother first.

"My uncle bought it, and the cake he bought is so delicious!"

Seeing someone accompanying the young guest, Wang Yuan went to the room to find her youngest son.

Seeing him sitting at the desk reading a book, Wang Yuan smiled and said, "Ye Xingyu bought a cake. Come here, let's go out to eat cake."

Qi Haoran shook his head, "Don't eat!"

"Okay, then you continue reading, don't get too close to the book!" Wang Yuan reminded, and she closed the door and went out.

"Auntie, won't Mario come out to eat cake?" Ye Xingyu asked.

Wang Yuan smiled and said: "He wants to eat later, and then come out." Wang Yuan asked her where she lives. The little girl reported the number of the building and found that it was the one next to them.

"We live upstairs and uncle lives downstairs."

"Really?" Wang Yuan smiled carelessly.

At this time the door bell rang, and sister Zhou went to open the door and came in and said, "Xingyu, your uncle is here to pick you up."

Ye Xingyu hurriedly approached Wang Zining's side, shook his head and said, "I have to play here for a while, I don't want to go back."

Sister Zhou talked to the people at the door, and only a male voice rang out: "Ye Xingyu, come out quickly, we can't disturb others for too long, we are going home."

Wang Yuan heard the voice somewhat familiar, she stood up and walked towards the door. Ye Xingyu followed her closely.

"Lawyer Lin, it's you!" Wang Yuan was surprised.

Attorney Lin was afraid of Wang Yuan's misunderstanding, and blushed and explained: "I took my niece out to buy cakes. She ran into your son downstairs. It seemed that they knew each other and they had to follow up as a guest. I was so embarrassed. I said yes. Take her away in half an hour."

Ye Xingyu hid behind Wang Yuan and said to his uncle: "I am very obedient, I will not quarrel with Brother Ning Ning and the others."

"No, we are disturbing people, go back with me!" Lawyer Lin stretched out his niece, and Ye Xingyu wrinkled his nose and started to cry.

"Let her play for a while, and pick her up later?" Wang Yuan suggested. Can't let the little girl cry and be taken away.

Attorney Lin was embarrassed and said, "It's troublesome, I'll pick her up later."

Ye Xingyu knew that he could stay for a while, turned around and ran in happily.

Eating the strawberry cake, she looked up and asked Wang Yuan: "Aunt Wang, do you know my nickname?"

Wang Yuan smiled and shook her head. This cake tastes really good. I don't know which store I bought it. I can ask Ye Xingyu's uncle later.

Ye Xingyu embarrassedly covered his mouth and giggled, "All the kids in our class call me the Queen of First Love."

The cake in Wang Yuan's mouth almost fell off, kid Ye Xingyu, do you know what first love means? Today's children, how come they are so mature.

"Haha, cough cough cough…" Wang Zining was listening, laughing and coughing, almost choking the cake.

Sister Zhou couldn't help but laugh.

Ye Xingyu's face blushed when everyone smiled.

"Why do you call your first love queen?" Wang Yuan asked curiously.

Ye Xingyu covered her face with her hands and said, "Because I'm so cute."

"You are very cute!" Wang Yuan praised.

Ye Xingyu was very happy. She looked up and asked, "Then can I marry Ning Ning brother?"

Wang Zining coughed again and almost didn't cough to death. Sister Zhou hurriedly handed him a glass of water.

"No!" Wang Zining Yun resolutely refused. He didn't want to marry this child, it was terrible!

"Why?" Ye Xing said anxiously.

"Yeah, why?" Wang Yuan asked her son intriguingly.

Wang Zining glared at his mother. He said, "I don't want to get married!" And he would never marry this little Douding. What a joke.

Ye Xingyu was very disappointed. After a while, she secretly attached to Wang Yuan's ear and said, "I will get married many times in the future."

Wang Yuan was stunned. After a long time, she asked why the second one today?

"Because the bride is very beautiful." So how many times do you want to be a bride?

She really doesn't understand the child's world.

After eating the cake, I drank the freshly squeezed milk mango juice made by Ms. Zhou. The round belly kid Ye Xingyu followed his uncle home.

"Mom, this kid is terrible, don't invite her to play at home in the future," Wang Zining said.

"Ye Xingyu is very cute, and she likes you very much. If you say she is terrible, she will be sad!"

Wang Zining shook his head, anyway, next time Ye Xingyu comes, he will definitely avoid it.

"Have you talked to your grandma on the phone? Did you tell her that you are going to visit her in Country M?" Wang Yuan remembered that her son asked him to go to Country M again yesterday.

Wang Zining nodded disappointedly, "Grandma did not agree with me to go. She said that she would be back in two months and let me wait for her at home."

Wang Yuan knew that this must be the result, and Ning Ning's grandma would not let him go back and forth so far.

"By the way, copy your review book again. Your father will take you to school tomorrow, and you will have to bring the review book with you at that time. The other copy will stay at home and hang it in your room, always reminding you to Remember this lesson." Wang Yuan reminded.

Wang Zining was dissatisfied: "It's so embarrassing to hang in the room, you will see it when you come over."

"The only people who enter and leave your room in our house are you and your younger brother, and at most your classmates, your younger brother's review should be posted on the wall. Your classmate Liang Wentao, I want his review book's number of words will not be less than you, and none of you need to laugh at anyone."


Liang Wentao and his son also came to school today, and brought his review book. The two fathers took their children and the school to apologize sincerely, because they have already greeted them, and the cheating was limited to two people, and the influence did not expand. The school also lifted it up high and put it down gently.

As a result of the final processing, the results of the two final exams were invalid, Liang Wentao slipped from tenth to last, tied with Wang Zining. Record a big pass once and put it in the file to see their performance in the next semester. If they perform well and their academic performance improves, the record can be removed from the file.

"Wang Tou, you are fine. Take a run or swim next semester to get a trophy. The school will definitely revoke your record immediately. I am miserable. There is only one way to improve my grades." Liang Wentao sighed.

"You can just study hard, next time you can get to the tenth place by your own real ability." Zhang Ting said.

He was called out temporarily by the two of them. At the beginning of the summer vacation, he had more time to collect plastic bottles and cardboard to sell. When he came over, not only did he smell of sweat on his body, but he also accidentally touched the side of the trash can. The sour smell.

Wang Zining glanced at him, and finally couldn't help saying: "Zhang Ting, we already know about you." 

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