Zhang Ting was taken aback for a moment, and then realized what Wang Zining was talking about. He opened his mouth and said nothing in the end.

"I don't look down on you picking up rubbish, I think…" Wang Zining patted his head, thinking about how to use his words so as not to hurt his friend's self-esteem, "We can help you find other ways to make money."

Zhang Ting's thin face showed a peaceful smile: "I think picking up trash and selling money is the best thing for me to do now. I'm less than sixteen years old, and I'm not smart enough and physically strong enough, but I won't be like this forever, I will. Study hard, get a good university in the future, find a good job, and honor my grandfather."

As he said, he walked to the steps of the park and sat down, looking up at the sky: "I won't pick up rubbish all my life, and I don't feel shame on this matter. I have made four hundred yuan this month, and I can do it every day. Buy bone soup for grandpa."

After speaking, he looked at his two friends with bright eyes.

Liang Wentao walked to his side and sat down and patted Zhang Ting's shoulder: "Yes, your hard-earned money is nothing to be ashamed of. It's only shameful for me to click on videos and cheat on exams. Don't worry. Mom has a pile of express boxes every day, I save them all and bring them to you."

Zhang Ting smiled and said, "Thank you."

Wang Zining looked at them and felt that he was very tacky. The scene of Zhang Ting picking up trash had a great impact on him, and he had been thinking about it recently. And Brother Shui, when he was laughed at by his classmates, he didn't help him either.

He hadn't done anything for his friends at all. He kept saying he wanted to help them, but he didn't do anything at all.

He walked up to the two of them and sat down. He stepped two steps with his long legs. He also looked up at the sky and made up his mind: "Brother Shui, let's make a video!"

"Huh?" Liang Wentao thought he was hearing a hallucination.

"Last time my dad said, your video still had some thoughts, so this summer vacation, we will shoot it again!"

Liang Wentao heard it clearly this time, and was so startled that his jaw almost fell off." Wang Tau, why did you come so suddenly? It's so surprising!"

"Because it's the summer vacation, this holiday, we have to do something." Wang Zining said lightly.

"We just did a big deal, and the punishment is still pending." Liang Wentao touched his still aching buttocks and asked, "Are you sure?"

"If you don't want to shoot, then forget it." Wang Zining doesn't care.

Liang Wentao immediately stood up, sat down beside him, took his hand, and Wang Zining threw him away with disgust.

"Are you really sure?" A little nervous, a little nervous, and a little excited, Liang Wentao is now in a complicated mood.

"Very sure." Wang Zining nodded, "The three of us are the creators, Zhang Ting, you will help us." He turned to ask Zhang Ting's opinion.

Zhang Ting hesitated a little, but nodded quickly. This was the first big thing the three of them did together, and he couldn't hold back.

Liang Wentao said in a flustered manner: "Do you really want to shoot again? Oh, I knew I wouldn't throw away those props and costumes. We can really shoot this time, right? I'm a little unsure."

"You can do it. Didn't my dad analyze it for you last time? Just shoot as he said. Also, I have seen the video you shot last time. The costumes and props are all too low. You are here. It was taken in your dad's study room. The air-conditioning and the bookcases of a row of biographies of modern entrepreneurs were taken in. There were too many wearing shots. You made four different costumes for your classmates and made them look like clowns…" Wang Zining continued Point out the problem of Shui Ge video.

"Isn't my funds limited!" Liang Wentao rarely blushed.

"This time I'm funding, we will shoot the best if we want to shoot, we must make it well and don't make it shoddy!"

"Wang Tou, do you have a lot of pocket money?" Liang Wentao smirked, almost rubbing up.

"Not bad." Wang Zining said, "enough to support us in making a good video."

Then the three people began to divide the work. Zhang Ting went to find a suitable story to adapt the story. Liang Wentao was in charge of rallying the people. Although his credibility was already negative, he got up wherever he fell. The other two decided that this important task should still be handed in. Give it to him.

Wang Zining is responsible for spending money and efforts, finding venues, and buying costumes and props.


As soon as Wang Zining's confinement period ended, Wang Yuan found out that she could no longer see others. She went out early and returned late every day, secretly touching the phone, making her mysterious.

"Mario, do you know what your brother is doing lately?" Wang Yuan asked her brother.

"I'm doing something very boring. But I can't tell you." Qi Haoran said, "You can ask him yourself."

When the big man was in the video with Liang Wentao, he found out. The big man said that if he doesn't tell others, next time he takes him badminton, he can release the water and let him play by himself. He will not supervise him according to his mother's request.

Of course Wang Yuan tentatively asked her elder son, but he refused to say.

Forget it, just let him go, let the teenager keep a little secret of his own.

Wang Yuan is also a bit busy recently. A producer contacted her and wanted to invite her to collaborate on a movie.

This film is counted as being released on National Day this year. There are five unit stories, directed by five well-known directors. There is a unit story on the topic of left-behind children. The director originally invited temporarily withdrew due to some circumstances. Finally, director Xu was invited to direct it. In the choice of actors, Xu Zhigui recommended Wang Yuan to the crew.

The producer contacted Qu Hui, and heard from her that Wang Yuan was not a job arrangement in the second half of the year. He was a little disappointed, so he was looking for other actors. But after seeing Wang Yuan's recent drama performance, Director Xu asked the producer to talk to her personally, thinking that she would appear in this charity drama, and maybe she would also be interested in the movie about left-behind children.

The producer again contacted Wang Yuan herself, sent an invitation to her, and told her about the film.

Wang Yuan did not arrange a job this year. If it was a general commercial film, she would definitely refuse it early in the morning, but this film is indeed quite meaningful. What's more, I heard from the producers that the stories in other units are closely related to the themes of the times, and the actors who participated in the scenes were old actors and influential actors in the circle, and some were not paid. This is also a sense of social responsibility for artists.

A unit story of this movie is about 20 minutes long, but the shooting time is estimated to be one month, and the shooting will be done in other places, so she can't make arrangements at this time. It is impossible to leave the two children at home for Sister Zhou to take and leave for so long.

The producer listened to her difficulties and expressed understanding, but still hoped that she would consider it again. Wang Yuan could only say that she would consider it first and ask them to contact other suitable actresses.

There are also the last two performances of the drama here. Recently, Qi Kuang stepped on to the theater every time, and then hurriedly put on makeup and changed clothes. During the performance, his voice was obviously much lower than before, and his vocal cords were a little hoarse. She suspected that he recorded the song recently.

She didn't take the initiative to ask Qi Kuang if she finally sang the song "Little Apple", but Qi Kuang's manager came over and told her that Qi Kuang's new song would be released next week.

Really-very efficient!

I don't know if this song was handed over to someone who was successful in it

In the hands of the singers I have seen, will it eventually become a popular song familiar to the masses like the original time and space?

The summer vacation is the time when the entertainment life is the richest. Major entertainment programs are constantly being launched. Now the hottest is the two variety shows, one is the women's group audition, which has been dominated by hot searches due to various black materials and topics.

There is also an outdoor reality show. This is a trump card variety show. It is now the fourth season. The reason for the high ratings is entirely because the various games and competitions in it are aimed at guests, almost every The guests who have come to participate in the show have been brutally abused. But it is also very good for celebrities. If a celebrity has a good emotional intelligence and a sense of variety, or has good physical fitness, or has a thicker skin, he will be able to shine in the show and win the audience.

Qi Kuang's agent contacted this variety show for him as a platform to promote new songs. Originally, the slow variety show was more suitable, but Ren Jun's "Mouse Loves Rice" was discovered there. Now this song is of course necessary Promote somewhere else.

Qi Kuang still had great opinions on this song, but when the song was recorded, he still sang it honestly. The producer of the music team and his manager said that this song is actually quite suitable for him, and the difficulty is not high. Otherwise, with his singing skills, singing other songs, it is estimated that the post-production will be exhausted.

Of course Qi Kuang's agent wouldn't tell him the truth about what the musician said. He just said that everyone praised him well, and praised him for singing well. He would surely be an instant hit.

Qi Kuang was still a little unhappy, he was a little skeptical: "I feel that when I sing this song, the whole popularity is gone…"

The agent comforted him: "No, another temperament must have a good effect."

Qi Kuang didn't know what the other temperament was about by the agent. What he was worried about was participating in a variety show." Why did you choose such a variety show for me? I watched two episodes and didn't get up early in the morning. I rushed into the room and poured water on the guests who were still sleeping, and arranged for people and cats to be cute? What the hell is this."

"This is the hottest variety show right now, and the ratings are very high. I finally found the relationship between all parties and got the position of the first phase of the guest. You said that if you want to participate, you must choose the hottest one. This way It drove the promotion of the song."

Qi Kuang frowned and stopped talking.

See you on Friday night

The two brothers were playing racing games together, and the fight was inextricable. In the end, the brother's car was run out of the race track by the younger brother.

Game over!

Wang Zining almost fell the handle of the game angrily. How could he lose to the little guy every time? It was so annoying.

He turned his head and asked suspiciously: "Are you cheating?"

Qi Haoran couldn't help rolling his eyes, and refused to admit that he was inferior every time he lost. The racing game does not test the operator's own strength and speed. It requires calm enough control, which is completely impossible for a big man.

But he wouldn't tell the truth to irritate the big man. He also wanted him to play games with him, defeating the big man again and again in the game. If he kills his popularity, it is estimated that he will not play again.

"I didn't cheat!" Qi Haoran explained calmly.

Wang Zining thought for a while, a little unwilling, "Do it again!"

Qi Haoran nodded happily, hoping to lose again, the big man would not be too angry, hehe.

"Guys, can we watch TV for a while first." Wang Yuan sat cross-legged on the sofa and raised her request." There is Uncle Mario's variety show tonight. Let's take a look?" 

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