"I don't want to see…" Qi Haoran turned around and refused.

"I don't want to watch either." After the last unpleasant visit, Wang Zining had a big opinion on the little uncle.

"He will sing the song his mother gave him in the variety show." Wang Yuan folded her palms and asked.

The two can only quit the racing game and return the TV remote control to mom.

"He changed it again—purple hair." Wang Zining commented while digging in the chocolate ice cream to eat. I can't understand the man's hair dyed in such a strange color!

Qi Haoran stared at the ice cream bitterly. Now that the big man loses the game, he will eat ice at home.

Wang Yuan actually wanted to eat ice cream. She found that there were several flavors of ice cream in the refrigerator, which should be stocked by her eldest son. But she couldn't leave her younger brother-a person, so she had to accompany him-eating fruit.

This issue of "Rush Forward!" Various guests, except Qi Kuang, everyone else is quite famous, including the current flow Qiao Yu.

In contrast to Qiao Yu's humility, Qi Kuang did not converge in the show. He was still as bullish as usual. Although he did not behave impolitely to other guests, it certainly feels bad, Wang Yuan thinks After he has been on this variety show, he won't have to say goodbye to the entertainment industry.

In this issue of variety shows, the link is still full of guests. In the team PK competition, they played their classic fingerboard, and Qi Kuang also contributed his famous scene.

Originally he had his trouser pocket with one hand in his trouser pocket, and he looked so arrogantly that he dared not approach him. When other guests were anxious on the finger presses and screamed, he squinted his eyes-his face looked disdainful.

This time I gave him a close-up shot, Wang Yuan thought, if she is now connected to the computer to watch, all his barrage will be sprayed here.

The resident MC of his team asked him to try on the finger press. Qi Kuang directly took off his shoes and socks, and stepped on with his feet without hesitation.

"Ah …… oh …… wailing woo ~" after he stepped up, and the pain directly squat, then – and sat down on a small bamboo shoots above, twist the body hit – a roll, sounds miserable – continue straight.

The most moving performance in the world is a true performance. Compared with other guests deliberately making exaggerated expressions, the originally arrogant and arrogant boss suddenly turned into a really miserable bark, and also made a "Woo" milk dog barking, which was too real and counterintuitive. It came too fast.

Just like watching the villain get slapped in the face, Wang Yuan felt that the audience who had seen him unhappy at the moment should be able to relieve their anger. This stupid appearance made him harmless.

"Hahahaha." Wang Zining laughed and said to the little man, "Your uncle is really funny, I thought he was so good,"

Qi Haoran covered his eyes. Uncle's appearance was really embarrassing. After he watched the show, would he regret suicide?

Later in the Shiatsu PK competition, the players of the two teams were asked to make ten laps on the Shiatsu, and then read the words given to them by the program group. The fastest to complete wins.

After announcing this rule, Wang Yuan found that Qi Kuang's expression had changed. After playing, he happened to face another team member Qiao Yu.

He glanced at Qiao Yu next to him, and made up his mind to hold on to the end and never lose to him.

At the beginning of the circle, the torture of the small bamboo shoots and the loss of sense of balance. After completing the first ten laps, Qi Kuang saw a row of words from the program group, and he said dizzyly: "I…I am Dongfang Zheyan Zhe … Yan…" Before she finished reading, she couldn't hold back and fell down.

On the other side, Qiao Yu didn't read everything right in the first round.

The competition between the two began again.

In the second round, Qi Kuang said with eyes full of stars: "I am a lemon…" and fell to the ground.

In the third round, "I am Oriental Lemon…" Lie flat.

Wang Zining laughed so hard that he could barely breathe. He said, "I'll call him Oriental Lemon next time! It should be Qi Lemon! Hahaha…"

The program group is also a spoof, the whole text is actually very simple, that is: I am Dongfang Zheyan, I like to eat lemons.

It's just that the guests' brains are easy to crash under the pressure of dizziness and small bamboo shoots.

But Oriental Lemon is well-known.

In the second half of the show, Qi Kuang was obviously in a bad spirit. He didn't know if he was tortured by the previous games, or he was afraid of the upcoming new game.

In the new game, all the guests learn to dance with the most famous local square dance aunts, and then the aunts select the best guests, which will give the guest team all extra points.

While dancing, Qi Kuang waved his hands and feet expressionlessly, like a patient running onto the road, reaching out for help. Such a perfunctory performance, of course, did not get the votes of the aunts, but there was still an enthusiastic aunt who ran up to him, voted for him a flower, and supported him.

-An MC is for the atmosphere of the show, so

I would like to ask Auntie, why did Qi Kuang bid for him? Where did he dance better?

The aunt looked at Qi Kuang-eyes, and smiled and said: "I just saw his hair pleasing to the eye." Then she walked to Qi Kuang's side and moved her red and purple head over, "Our hair color is the same. Of course I want to support him." After finishing talking, I still laughed in front of the camera, and compared to a scissor hand.

Qi Kuang stared at the vote cast in his arms in amazement. He was stunned. How could his hair be the same as this aunt? His is the sky purple! The sky is purple! It is the color specially selected for him by the best hair stylist invited from Beijing. Only this-home, no semicolon!

The host MC felt a little sympathetic to him and witnessed him from the morning male peacock to the current defeated rooster. He thought, take advantage of this time, and help others to play the song. Not in vain for his contribution to this show.

The host asked him to sing his new song "Little Apple" for everyone.

The on-site director team also intimately provided him with accompaniment. When the melody sounded, Qi Kuang finally remembered his purpose of coming here today.

He cheered up and put on the POSE, even if it was a popular song, he still had to sing his unique momentum.

"I planted-a seed…" After just singing a few words, he realized that there were more dancers behind him?

"Pick off the stars and give it to you, take off the moon and give it to you…" The dancing aunts waved their red ribbons and walked out on both sides of him.

"You are my little apple…" The aunts flew past him, showing him sincere smiles like apples.

"Light up the fire of my life, fire fire fire fire fire fire fire!" bit the bullet and sang all the way.

-At the end of the song, the aunts, the guests on site and off-site fans clapped desperately, and Qi Kuang felt ashamed!

This is not the effect of the song he wanted at all! totally not!

"That handsome guy, your name is Dongfang Zheyan, your song is so nice, and the rhythm is good, hurry up and play the song, we will download it right away, and we will put it in our square every day!"

In the laughter of the eldest son, Zhihaha, the variety show finally ended. Wang Yuan thought, it was changed to a time and space, a divine comedy or a divine comedy, and it will automatically attract its audience!

She thought of seeing Qi Kuang two days ago, his listless appearance, is it because the wounded little soul of this variety show hasn't recovered yet?

Qi Haoran secretly took away his mother's phone and turned it on-next comment, he raised his head and said to his mother earnestly: "Uncle is really famous! Now!

Everyone calls him Erha~"

Two hours later, Erha has rushed to the top of the hot search on the entire network, and the second most searched word is Little Apple.

Qi Kuang yelled to his agent on the phone: "Didn't you say that you communicated with the program team? It will delete all the ugly scenes of me, why are there still?"

The agent cautiously said: "You have deleted a lot, but you can't delete all of them, or you won't be able to find your shots." The main reason is that you have too many famous scenes, and the agent silently complains.

"Actually, I think this kind of result is not bad now. The public is quite eating your personality, or else our future route will appear in a simpler image…"

"Do you want to live anymore? Let me pretend to be a fool? Are these viewers blind? Where can I be seen that I look like Erha? Am I that stupid? You found this broken show for me, who made the whole person. The project has damaged my image. You can find a lawyer for me, and I will sue them." Qi Kuang kept yelling.

In fact, do you look like Erha? Except you don't know it, the big guy knows it in his heart! The agent made another complaint, sighed in his heart, and continued to appease: "Anyway, the song became popular before it was pushed. There are always gains."

"Do I want this way of red?!" Qi Kuang asked. Thinking that the Internet is now full of pictures of him singing and dancing with auntie square dance, he is half-dead.

In the same episode of the show, he saw netizens' comments on Qiao Yu, that is, handsome, MAN, greedy for his face and figure. It's my turn, it's this person who really drags him, really wants to beat him, and becomes the later stupid, really funny, hahaha.

He felt that the netizens in this session were really blind!

No matter how annoyed Qi Kuang was, he asked his agent to find the navy to delete the post, but he still became famous in a unique way. Little Apple—launched, directly—the road went up, and the momentum made him think that the agent gave him again. Spent money.

The MV of the song "Little Apple" that he recorded at a big price, the reaction was so-so, but it was edited for him by enthusiastic fans-the version of his collection of famous scenes with the new song "Little Apple" was reposted madly.

Qi Kuang's acting career began with a hit song, funny video and various emoticons. Regardless of whether this was the result he wanted, he was suddenly red this summer anyway.

And his nephew's brother, Wang Zining, has officially started his video business.

Squad leader Li Xiaoyuan directed several male classmates to set up a shooting location based on the design drawings he drew.

Liang Wentao carried it in a whisper—a box of Coke came in and just put it

Down, just sat down on the ground. Following Wang Zining, he walked in with two boxes of mineral water in his hands, raised his leg and kicked Brother Shui, "-Go ahead, don't stop."

Brother Shui moved aside slowly, wiping the sweat from his forehead, and said to Li Xiaoyuan, "How is your scenery? Can you finish it this afternoon? We will start shooting tomorrow."

Li Xiaoyuan came over, took a few bottles of Coke, greeted everyone to come and get them quickly, and unscrewed the bottle by himself, and grunted it out—and said: "What is the reminder, your props are delivered too slowly. We will try our best to rush today. Come out." He raised his hand and looked at his watch, "Oh, it's broken, I'm almost late for tuition in the afternoon."

After talking about picking up the school bag and leaving.

Liang Wentao hurriedly stopped, "You are gone, who will do your job?"

"I'll go-an hour and come back soon. Don't worry, I'll get the job done." Li Xiaoyuan said.

He was unlucky. Liang Wentao captured the young man. Because he had a handle in his hand, he had to follow them into the filming team.

Liang Wentao cheated—the matter was leaked from him. Because Liang Wentao asked him several questions about his homework before the exam, he later discovered that these were all the questions for the final exam. He struggled for a long time before he hesitated to walk to the old office and told him about the situation.

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