After the whistleblower, Li Xiaoyuan was uneasy for a while, until Liang Wentao found him and asked him to help summon his classmates to join the video group. Li Xiaoyuan just refused. The last time Liang Wentao was ridiculed for making a video is still a joke in the class. I did not expect him to be so. It's about to make a comeback again soon. But Liang Wentao told him that because he informed the secret, now he and Wang Zining have been recorded in the school file.

Li Xiaoyuan said in an aura that he did not do anything wrong, because they cheated themselves to make it like this.

If Liang Wentao had a big quarrel with him, it would be okay, but he just watched him silently not talking. Li Xiaoyuan suddenly became weak, he was a little guilty at first, and finally frustrated: "You tell me what you want me to do, I will Consider if I can do it."

Liang Wentao: "This time I made a video, unlike my last time, we plan to do it well. At that time, we handed in an excellent summer homework. Wang Zining sponsored the funds. I was responsible for storytelling. Zhang Ting was a screenwriter. Now we lack a director system, and we need a person with organizational skills and charisma. This person is none other than you."

"Stop flattering!" Although Li Xiaoyuan didn't care much, his heart still worked, "When will you start?"

"As long as you are in place, we will do it right away!"

This time the shooting venue is a drama club activity room in H Big, with an area of ​​50 square meters, which is enough space for them. Wang Zining has a very good relationship with the members of the H soccer team and rented this place through them. Now in the summer vacation, college students are also on vacation, and the activity room is vacant. When Wang Zining offered to rent it, the drama club thought that there would be rent, which could be used for club funding, and he immediately agreed.

A group of junior high school students went to the campuses of major universities across the country to shoot videos. Even if they were as confident as Li Xiaoyuan, they felt that the level of the incident had improved a lot. It seemed that it was worth a try?

He brought a few male classmates who are usually active in the class, and he told everyone that before he succeeded, no one could tell the parents and teachers. In order to make this video well, don't turn into a joke like Shui did last time. Once he joined, he worked very hard to set up the venue and set up the scene.

Wang Zining discovered that the squad leader is still very capable. Although the scene is only half of the scene, he does look decent when he shoots, not like the kind of foolishness that Shui did.

Wang Zining praised Liang Wentao:

Okay, even drag the squad leader into the water.

Liang Wentao is complacent.

Zhang Ting's story has already been written. It is the familiar "Three Visits to the Thatched Cottage". This is also decided after discussion. They also learned from the failure of Shui.

Liang Wentao's two videos are made of relatively unknown historical figures and stories. He originally thought that it was too popular. Netizens knew that it was boring to say, but as a small and transparent video owner, this is more difficult to cause. note.

There was also a little dispute in the casting of actors. There are four characters in this story. Everyone raises their hands to play Zhuge Liang and Guan Yu. Liu Bei and Zhang Fei have no candidates.

Finally, Zhuge Liang fell on Li Xiaoyuan. He didn't intend to appear on the scene, but the role is too attractive.

Sports committee member Ma Chao is widely recognized as Zhang Fei's best choice, but he himself is determined not to play this role, and wants to choose the hero Guan Gong in his mind.

As Liu Bei's candidate, Wang Zining recommended Zhang Ting. Zhang Ting, who was so shocked that he could play soy sauce next to the script, was shocked. He waved his hand hurriedly and said he couldn't. She would be nervous and tremble in front of the camera. of.

Wang Zining patted him and said, "This is the opportunity for you to exercise. Imagine what you will look like after success. It is right to act according to this feeling."

Liang Wentao interrupted: "Wang Tou, do you quite understand it, as expected from a family of performing arts…" After that, he swallowed abruptly, almost exposing the king's head.

"Now that Zhang Fei's role is left, who will come?" Li Xiaoyuan looked at everyone and asked.

Wang Zining raised his hand: "Let me act."

"Wang Tou, are you serious? Are you really going to be in the photo?" Liang Wentao asked in surprise. He thought that Wang Zining was only responsible for contributing money and effort, and would not act in person.

Wang Zining nodded, he encouraged Zhang Ting to play Liu Bei, and of course he would not stay behind.

Li Xiaoyuan said: "Okay, that's it. I will arrange the division of labor now."


Ever since Qi Kuanghong got married, he knew that his song "Little Apple" was given to him by Wang Yuan. Many singers wanted to invite Wang Yuan to sing through various channels.

Wang Yuan also received a call from Wu Ziqi. He just started to hesitate, and finally said his purpose, which was also asking her to sing.

Wang Yuan logged into the social platform account for the second time and issued a statement stating that neither of the two songs was her creation, and hung the name of the real creator of the two songs, Yuan Shikong. It's a unified answer to all the people who come to her for a song. As for whether they can find the creator, then she doesn't care.

The twelve drama performances ended successfully. Wang Yuan also benefited a lot from the drama performance this month. It was a process of constantly digesting and absorbing the original acting skills for her.

Qi Kuang finally got his wish and was going to star in his S*x-turned "Parallel Space". After he became popular, Wang Yuan saw him again at the dinner party of the last drama performance.

Wang Yuan thought that his attitude would be even more arrogant when he became popular, but in fact, she was a little depressed. Without the usual arrogance, Wang Yuan was arrested and she had to fight with her. It was useless for others to persuade her.

Wang Yuan looked at his unstoppable posture, agreed to drink with him, everyone guessed the boxing, and whoever loses would drink a glass of red wine.

Qi Kuang sneered and nodded in agreement. He felt angry during this period. Although he was popular, there were more middle-aged and elderly aunts than young people among the fans. He felt that Wang Yuan was half responsible for his asymmetrical songs.

Now even his dad calls him by the name Erha, for this reason he has broken a lot of glasses at home!

This time he insisted on getting Wang Yuan drunk to make her make an ugly act and get back with revenge.

He thought it was drinking wine. Who knows that Wang Yuan and him are rock-paper-scissors. He thinks that the chance of winning is one-half. How can he say that he drinks better than Wang Yuan and can always drink her down?

He lost all the first three, and he drank three glasses of red wine in one go. Later, he was a little more cautious, and his shots slowed down a lot, because Wang Yuan was afraid that he would cheat in one step, but he still lost in a row and drank two more cups.

There were a lot of people gathered nearby, and they all joined in to watch their competition. When Qi Kuang made this request, everyone spoke for Wang Yuan, for fear that she would suffer. Until Wang Yuan agreed, the actors thought she was drinking well, who knows She is very good at guessing, which makes everyone even more curious. How can this be done?

Qi Kuang was even more surprised. He couldn't find the reason why Wang Yuan had always won. It could only be attributed to luck. He is not an easy person to give up. In the end, he lost and drank two bottles of red wine. Wang Yuan only drank a glass.

Qi Kuang was already drunk when he drank a bottle and a half, and he would not admit defeat when he was drunk. He must continue.

I found out what he and the other party had brought out, only knowing that someone next to him was handing him wine, and he habitually took it over and drank in, and then continued.

In the end he yelled, I am the king of the world, crying and singing Little Apple.

The whole audience was making a lot of noise, and if you pulled someone back, you had to dance with him. Wang Yuan hurriedly called his assistant over to take the people away, and loudly asked everyone not to take photos or video, otherwise Qi Erha would kill people before he committed suicide when he woke up and saw it!

She regretted drinking so much wine for him. Who knew that his drinking was not good enough, she dared to come and fight with herself.

After Erha was pulled out by his assistant and bodyguard, Lu Ziming curiously asked Wang Yuan how she won. Only one loser than one or two dozen, the probability of winning is too high, which makes people a little bit unbelievable.

Wang Yuan smiled and said that this was a kind of psychological suggestion she had learned before. It was conveyed to the other party through eyes and simple gestures. After he received it, he would produce scissors, rocks or cloth based on the suggestion given.

Lu Ziming was amazed and said that next time she had a chance, she must teach herself.

On the night before Wang Yuan's dinner, Wang Zining sneaked back to the room, locked the door and turned on the computer.

Their video has been shot, and a college student was found to do a post-editing. This 10-minute video will be uploaded to the website tonight.

Everyone has watched the video beforehand and thought it was a good shot this time, unlike the last time the video was shot a bit messy. In this video, the combination of lectures and presentations and the entry points are better controlled.

The acting skills of several participating students were also higher than last time, and Liang Wentao's storytelling rhythm has also improved, all thanks to Qian Shuheng.

He is the chief director of the filming team. As for why he was invited, this is Li Xiaoyuan's idea. He said that the director should be a person with high standards and strict requirements. This person is none other than Qian Shuheng, and he personally came to invite people.

Qian Shuheng just heard it at first, and of course he didn't want to participate, but the squad leader is good for a large population. He said that directing a small video filming will put a lot of weight on his junior high school life history. Looking at all the students in the class, only he has this ability.

Qian Shuheng proposed that his tuition and interest classes should not be affected, and Shi Shiran came.

Regarding his arrival, Liang Wentao gave up all previous suspicions and expressed

Welcome, and said that they will give him the role of the protagonist Zhou Yu in the next story of "The Straw Boat Borrowing an Arrow".

Qian Shuheng's face changed color: "You mean I am as narrow-minded as Zhou Yu?"

Liang Wentao smiled and said, "Of course not, I mean you are as handsome and handsome as him!"

Only then did Qian Shuheng express his satisfaction.

Wang Zining waited for a group of classmates, saw his video upload, and sat nervously in front of the computer waiting for the result.

Qu Xiaoxiao was interacting and chatting with fans in the live broadcast room. While holding a guitar to sing the most popular song "Little Apple", a stupid netizen came in randomly, and even in her live broadcast room, he called everyone to see a super handsome guy.

I ran a lot of fans for a while, and everyone has curiosity.

Qu Xiaoxiao was so angry that she cursed her. Fortunately, she remembered that this was a live broadcast. She had every reason to believe that this netizen was hired by his host to engage in malicious competition.

After the live broadcast ended, she followed the information given by the netizen to find the little handsome guy she said, hoping to find evidence that someone was maliciously pulling her fans, so that she could report it to the website for processing.

She saw a video called "Three Visits to the Thatched Cottage", and the following said the video was uploaded by: the historical story interest group in the first grade (2) of junior high school.

What the hell?

But the click seems to rise quite fast. Out of curiosity, she clicked in and took a look.

The one who appeared first was a little fat man in a long gown, holding a fan and pretending to be, and began to introduce the cause of the story of three visits to the thatched cottage.

When he frustratedly said that Liu Bei was going to visit Mr. Wolong with his two brothers, Qu Xiaoxiao thought, this little fat man is not without merits, his words are round, his breath is full, his emotions and expressions are also in place, and he will talk later. Maybe you can really talk about cross talk.

The camera turned to the three brothers Liu Bei.

Seeing the three of them on stage, Qu Xiaoxiao burst into laughter. These dumbfounded youths had strange costumes. They were obviously male classmates who played Liu Bei. They were thin and impossibly thin, and looked like they were wearing adult clothes. child. The next two are Zhang Fei and Guan Yu. They are quite tall, but one face is red, and the other has a beard. They are all very funny.

Zhuge Liang, who saw them visiting, was a student with a feather fan, dressed in nondescript fashion, with a tight face and a serious look.

Qu Xiaoxiao kept looking for the little handsome guy that netizens said, until the camera turned to storytelling again

She didn't see the shadow of the handsome guy on the little fat man. She thought, it is now certain that the netizen who came to her live broadcast room to pull people must be a competitor who came to mess with her.

I originally wanted to turn off the video, but found that although a few people dressed up were a bit strange, the lectures and performances seemed to be quite interesting. The video was also shot in a funny way, and a few interesting stalks were also put together. The combination is not obtrusive. Because the acting was a younger student, there was naturally a kind of likable feeling. Seeing the end, Qu Xiaoxiao felt that it was not bad.

She thought that the netizens who were fooled by the handsome guy would definitely be disappointed. If a handsome guy was forced to come out, only the junior high school student who played Zhang Fei could count. The boy is tall and thin, with handsome eyebrows, and a tall nose. He looks a bit funny just clinging to a moustache.

At the end of the short video, there was a curtain call. The little fat man also introduced the second episode of "The Straw Boat Borrowing an Arrow". At this time, everyone was no longer willing to listen to what he said, because when the curtain was closed, several actors were all Removed makeup and appeared normally in his own clothes.

When she saw this scene, Qu Xiaoxiao's eyes were almost glaring. She found that the boy who played Zhang Fei was really a handsome guy, a super handsome guy!

It's just that the fair and handsome face was only exposed for five seconds at the end of the camera, and it was fleeting.

Qu Xiaoxiao quickly played it back, and then took a closer look at Zhang Fei from beginning to end. After knowing that under the beard is the face of a super beautiful boy, he took the filter to watch how he acted, and he was so handsome.

In the story, because Mr. Wolong was not going out, Zhang Fei persuaded Liu Bei to give up and failed. A whirlwind kicked down the prop tree next to him, and then hugged his feet and cried out.

The first time she saw it, she thought this young man was very flexible. He had practiced martial arts or dancing. The flying whirlwind legs were really powerful and beautiful.

When I looked again, I knew it was a handsome guy. She kept playing back this whirlwind leg movement several times. With stars in her eyes, she called her so handsome, and she deliberately hugged her leg and screamed, which looked cute no matter what.

Of course, the real face in the last five seconds was the one that I saw the most. She made a lot of screenshots to save.

After she quit, she found that the comment area under the video had exploded, and in less than 20 minutes, the number of views on the video had doubled.

The comments are all shouting, don't give up, be sure to see the last nine and fifty-five

Seconds, there will be eggs. you must look!

Everywhere is asking, what is the name of this handsome boy, is he really a student?

Others said, everyone help push, we must let our Xiao Zhang Fei rush up, everyone!

More comments are, Xiao Zhang Fei, so handsome!

Wang Zining has been paying attention to clicks and comments. Later, he turned off the computer with a black line on his face.

After watching it for a long time, no one praised them for making this video well, and the focus was on Zhang Fei, who played him. He chose the role of Zhang Fei, and also specially posted a beard, just because he didn't want others to recognize it.

He doubted Brother Shui now, and suggested that everyone remove their makeup and appear in the mirror at the end, which is out of motive. But he couldn't figure out why such a flash of footage caused such an exaggerated reaction from netizens.

He was about to go out for a glass of water. When he met Qi Haoran who was going out of the porter to go to the bathroom, he couldn't help asking the little man: "Am I really that handsome?"

Qi Haoran glanced at him in surprise, and asked seriously, "Have you taken the wrong medicine?"

After finishing talking, he was very experienced and passed by, avoiding the big man's claws.

Isn't it because there are little girls like Libby and Ye Xingyu who say they like him, the big guy is really swollen!

After he went to the bathroom, while washing his little hands, he said to himself: "The big man will be a playboy in the future!"

Wang Zining didn't know that the little man had such a big brain, but their video was really hot.

Liang Wentao kept sending messages in the group that night, and he would send it once when he clicked on a change, and he was very excited. Wang Zining later shut down directly to avoid the constant harassment of his group information.

At noon the next day, Liang Wentao was already dumbfounded when he saw the number of clicks on the video. He looked like he couldn't believe it. He calculated it. The first time he spent a few hundred dollars to buy clicks, if he converted it according to the current number of clicks, How much does it cost him to get it!

Their video is really successful!

Seeing the comments in the comment area, most of them asked the most handsome Zhang Fei, but there are still a small number of sane netizens who praised that this video was made well. Liang Wentao was so proud and felt ashamed!

He opened his mailbox and found that many video websites were sending emails, and he wanted to find them to cooperate. He immediately sent the news to the group.

Li Xiaoyuan and Ma Chao are so happy, We are discussing when to shoot the second phase, and we must also consider which one is better among the many video sites that have proposed cooperation.

Qian Shuheng was no longer calm. He mentioned that Zhou Yu in the second issue must be him and he will not give it to others. In the video this time, he didn't want to appear as a behind-the-scenes person. He didn't know how sorry he was seeing how popular it is now. Although learning is usually important, everyone cares about the chance of becoming famous.

Liang Wentao immediately called everyone to gather to discuss the next filming.

Li Xiaoyuan said: This time the biggest hero is Wang Zining. Next time he has to take part in the performance, most of the netizens are directed at him.

Liang Wentao was afraid that everyone would raise this matter and let Wang Tou pick up his son. He hurriedly said: It is the result of collective efforts, and everyone is a hero. We will continue to encourage.

In the final curtain call proposal, Liang Wentao did so intentionally. After the last failure, he still lacks confidence in this video. He feels that if there is a king's head showing his face and blessing, there will be hope. But Zhang Fei's image was covered with a beard and disfigured throughout the entire process, which made him feel terrified. In the end, he could only bite the bullet and said that in order to promote the positive and healthy image of the students, everyone removed their makeup and appeared in the picture once.

But also because after everyone showed their faces, they were touched by a large number of omnipotent netizens at the school. Wang Zining caught fire. I don't know which student in the City No. 1 Middle School took secret photos of the streaming out. Now the photos of Wang Zining playing soccer on the greenery and smashing the ball on campus with his schoolbag are posted on the Internet.

It is said that the husband cheated, and the wife was the last to know. Now that the son is famous, the parents are also the last to know.

Fan Jiangliang was still a friend telling him that a handsome boy who is currently hotly discussed on the Internet seems to be his son. He searched it and found out that his son had gone to make a video. He doesn't have much opinion about his son's attempt. He is worried that his son's photos and information will be exposed on the Internet, and let people know that he is the son of the film queen Wang Yuan and director Fan Jiangliang, and people will follow him on the news. Has an impact on his son's normal life.

He immediately told Wang Yuan that his ex-wife really didn't know at all.

The two immediately made an appointment to meet, and called Wang Zining over for interrogation.

Wang Zining truthfully confessed that he had taken a video with his classmates some time ago.

Wang Yuan was a little angry. Her son was living under her nose. She didn't know when such a major event happened. She asked her son why he wanted to make this video.

Because of her stern attitude, Wang Zining would rather resist answering.

It was Fan Jiangliang who was so instigated. Wang Ningcai said that it was because he wanted to do something meaningful during the summer vacation. They filmed historical story videos, which is not a bad thing. I have been trained and grown, so I don't think I'm wrong.

Fan Jiangliang agreed with his son's words. He said that they were worried that he was famous and that his photos and personal information would affect his future life and study after the spread of his photos and personal information.

Wang Zining said that he didn't expect this to happen either, but now everyone's enthusiasm for new things comes quickly and disappears quickly, so he is not afraid. He feels that when school starts, netizens have almost forgotten about it.

He secretly looked at his mother's face and found that she was still angry. Wang Zining rather puzzled and said: "Your job, one is to make a movie, the other is an actor, why do you think that our students did something wrong in making this video?"

Wang Yuan calmed down and found that there was a problem with her attitude just now. If it is another parent, knowing that the child made a successful video and became famous for it, most of them are happy and proud, just because his son is treated differently because of his parents' occupation.

Wang Yuan always thought that after this time of getting along, she still knew her children better. Now she discovered that there are still many problems in communication with her children. She asked: "Ning Ning, you plan to enter the entertainment industry in the future. Are you in the same profession as your father or mother?"

Fan Jiangliang also turned to look at his son seriously, waiting for his answer.

Wang Zining shook his head in surprise: "Of course not! I want to become a professional soccer player in the future!" 

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