I didn't want to enter the entertainment industry. Wang Yuan thought that her son suddenly went to shoot a video because this idea was germinated. She is in this industry now, but she doesn't want her son to enter the entertainment circle in the future. Wang Zining's character is not suitable for this circle.

"Are you really determined to play soccer in the future?" Fan Jiangliang said in surprise. He is a soccer fan. Of course he hopes his son can take this path. The most important thing is that he thinks his son has this talent.

Wang Zining nodded.

"If you really want to take the path of a professional player, you must plan ahead. Dad thinks about it and discusses with coach Liu of the provincial team." Fan Jiangliang was a little excited.

Wang Yuan wanted to say something, and finally held back, turning into a sigh in her heart. Both parents wanted to protect their child under their wings, hoping that he would grow up in a safe and stable environment. She doesn't want her son to be involved in the complicated entertainment industry, nor does she really want her son to join the cruelly competitive professional stadium.

These are all just her hopes and thoughts. The most important thing is to let the children like them. This is their own life.

She didn't comment on Wang Zining's words, which made Wang Zining a little uneasy. He looked at his mother and worried that she would oppose him like his grandmother to play soccer in the future.

Wang Yuan received his gaze and smiled: "If this is your answer after thinking it through, my mother will support you and do what you want to do."

Wang Zining was relieved, and he continued: "I want to make another short video. This is our second episode of the story. It was decided in advance. I will withdraw after the filming is completed to let other interested students. Stay and continue to do this."

He made up his mind to make a video last time, the main purpose was to help Brother Shui and Zhang Ting.

Brother Shui was frustrated by the last video and was always jokes by his classmates. In addition to this cheating, he will definitely be rejected and ridiculed by his classmates even more from next semester. Although Shui is a big mouth, occasionally he still has a little bit The little shrewd calculation, but he believes that if he encounters the same problem or has any difficulties, he will definitely help himself without hesitation. Because they are best friends!

There is also Zhang Ting, he is more mature than them, but he is so unconfident. Wang Zining later discovered that it is more important to build self-confidence than helping friends make money. He doesn't know how to build confidence in others. But he felt that if he succeeded in accomplishing a major event, would he be more confident.

This time the video is still a success. The classmates are all praised, saying that Brother Shui is very good, without his creativity and failure experience, it will not lead everyone to success this time. Now no one laughs at him anymore, and no longer mentions them cheating in exams.

Zhang Tingcai is even more surprising than Shui, who has always been highly topical. The success of this story is related to his well-written script. It is a familiar historical story with several interesting stalks he added. The video is fresh and interesting. The classmates called him a little talent, saying that he could eat by writing essays in the future.

Zhang Ting now walks, his back is straighter, and the smile on his face is more . He is now immersed in the creation of the second story, striving to achieve another good result.

What he has to do now is to help his friends make the second issue of the story.

He was worried that his parents would disagree, so he had to convince them first.

Seeing their son's firm expression, Fan Jiangliang and Wang Yuan could only say nothing but nod their heads in agreement.

Although his mother had reminded him that after he became famous, it would cause some minor troubles, but Wang Zining didn't know this deeply, and he really experienced it personally.

He used to see his mother doing some disguise when he went out, and found it really troublesome. Now he has to wear a hat and lower his head when he goes out. He dare not stay in the same place for too long, otherwise he will immediately attract a bunch of screaming women. Child, rush over to take a picture of him.

Before I took a video, I often found someone looking back at him on the road, or wanted to secretly take pictures of him, but everyone was still implicit and low-key. I don't know if it's because he appeared on the Internet, everyone thought he could consume. All behaviors have become blatant. Wang Zining was very uncomfortable with this, but he would not regret making a video because of this.

The little man said that if an Internet celebrity wants to keep trying to maintain his popularity, he doesn't have to worry that he will continue to be popular. At most one month, the public's interest in him will be like the tail of a blazing flame, and it will disappear with a bang.

Wang Zining agreed. I don't think the little man is mocking him. Sometimes when he thinks the little man is in a normal mood, what he says makes sense.

As soon as Wang Zining walked into the drama room, he immediately took off the hat on his head. His forehead and short hair were already wet with sweat. When he entered the room, although the temperature was a little lower than outside, it was still quite hot.

He saw that in front of the only electric fan in the room, two classmates who needed to rely on it to cool down were already standing around.

"Hey, our handsome Zhang is coming! Ma Chao laughed and joked when he saw him coming in. He stood in front of the fan, pulling the hem of the T-shirt, the wind swelled his clothes, but the sweat still ran down his face.

Although Wang Zining was hot, he didn't want to run over to smell their stinky sweat. "Are they here yet?" The other classmates were asked.

As soon as the words were finished, the little friends who kept coming in at the door kept shouting hot.

"Wang Tou, I plan to let my dad sponsor an air conditioner, otherwise we will die in it when we shoot the second installment." Liang Wentao's voice opened up as soon as he arrived. He is now at home and finally exasperated, and Lao Liang also admitted that they did a good job this time. Liang Wentao is not rare at all for Lao Liang's approval now, and the number of hits that go up straight like a rocket has given him enough confidence.

"Liang Wentao, I can do what I say, I can wait for your air conditioner." Ma Chao said immediately.

"Okay, I will definitely fight for it!" Liang Wentao agreed.

"Don't brag casually, if you can't do it, you will have to be a joke again." Qian Shuheng put down his schoolbag, found a book from it, and fanned it.

Just as Liang Wentao was about to refute, the squad leader coughed lightly: "Are you all at the set? Let's quickly get to the topic and start discussing the details of our second video."

Zhang Ting wiped the sweat from his forehead and took out the script of "The Straw Boat Borrowing Arrow" he had written from his bag. Several people gathered around and sat down, and began to look at the copies they got.

"Squad leader, I found that your look is unusual today." A male classmate looked at Li Xiaoyuan and said curiously.

Everyone turned to Li Xiaoyuan.

"Indeed, compared to the wet hair of each of us, has the monitor's hair style been specially made, and even mousse?" Ma Chao said.

"This dress is new, right? A striped short-sleeved shirt and khaki trousers remind me of someone… Yes, it is Wang Tou's brother Mario, the monitor, you can unbutton your shirt again on such a hot day. Two." Liang Wentao suggested.

Wang Zining took a special look at the monitor and found that the dressing style was indeed a bit similar to that of the small man, but the small man was now dressed a little bit by his mother, becoming very childish and fancy.

The clothes of the little guy now are mainly T-shirts, with a variety of colors and patterns, red, yellow, blue, green and purple. The patterns include anime heroes, physical formulas, and the wonders of the universe. His mother also bought him a bunch of bright T-shirts, but he still insisted on choosing only light-colored T-shirts.

He is a little sympathetic to the little man because playing badminton has been losing to my mother, and can only wear those bright clothes as agreed. However, he felt that the little guy knew that he was not good at soccer, and he dared to accept his mother's bet. Maybe he wanted to wear it. He has a so sassy uncle Erha, maybe his aesthetic is so special.

Mom wanted to trick the little man into putting on those red and green clothes, but he was not fooled.

Li Xiaoyuan's face blushed a bit for everyone's ridicule, and he shook his head to deny that he had dressed up specially.

But before he went out, he did sort out his own image. He thought that what he did was not obvious, but he did not expect to be discovered.

Mainly because he is now a small celebrity in their community and relatives and friends. Everyone has seen him play Wolong, and his grandparents, grandma, and grandpa who don't know how to access the Internet have also been recommended by family members to watch it.

Originally, he was a little worried that his family would know about the video, but after the video became popular, although his father did not approve of it, he did not object. He maintained a neutral attitude and said that he could think carefully. Mom was very excited and praised the video. Wang Zining's Xiao Zhang Fei is really as handsome as the netizens said, and he is also proud of his son.

When he goes out now, he has to be watched by one or two people, asking him if he was born in Wolong, he nodded confession reservedly, and also cooperated with the request of his fans to take a photo, because there are so many things like this, he feels that he should pay attention to his appearance. Otherwise, if a fan asks him to take pictures, it would be no good to keep his bad side.

He is embarrassed to say these careful thoughts, but some people don't care, and talk about them arrogantly.

"It doesn't matter if the monitor doesn't admit it. You must be the same as me. Now you have to pay attention to your appearance before going out. You see if I don't have this dress. My mom bought it for me because I'm a celebrity now. You will be recognized whenever you go out. We can't give our video team a shame." Liang Wentao said, he watched everyone around, "Don't just talk about the monitor, I think you're a little messy except your hair and sweaty clothes and shoes. It's not the same as usual. Ma Chao, you just entered this pair of AJs. It's such a hot day, so I'm not afraid of getting stuffy and sweaty feet. And stop, you don't see you wearing your clothes usually, it's very flat, hahaha, Liu Bei also knows to dress himself up."

Seeing what Liang Wentao said, everyone was a little embarrassed. Only Qian Shuheng was regretful because he didn't appear on the scene this time. Now, looking at everyone's appearance, he is also thinking about it, if Zhou Yu is famous in the next issue, is there any clothing that suits his image?

"I see everyone present, only the king is the most honorable and shameless. This is the demeanor of the boss." Liang Wentao originally wanted to open a gun on the king, thinking of what he did, he was still a little guilty, timely Held back.

"Wang Zining is really hot. My cousin came and asked me for his photo and contact information. Can I betray my classmates? And my cousin is 18 years old, so I am so embarrassed to come and chew on the tender grass." Ma Chao tweeted, " I had known that I went to play Zhang Fei, and you all said that this role is suitable for me, but it is a pity that I played a red-faced Uncle Guan. That makeup ruined my image."

"Did you not remove your make-up like Wang Zining in the end? I didn't see you red." Liang Wentao said, "It's not a role issue, it's a matter of appearance. Do you still need someone to remind you?"

Ma Chao immediately walked behind him, strangled his neck and said: "Say loudly, Ma Chao is a handsome guy, otherwise, hum."

"Wang Tou, help me!" Liang Wentao coughed and reached out to Wang Zining for help.

Wang Zining didn't bother to deal with them, Qian Shuheng rescued him with a single sentence: "Ma Chao, strangling his neck, don't you feel that his arms are all greasy and sweaty? You can stand it too?!"

After listening to Ma Chao, he immediately let go of him in disgust.

The second video shooting began in this slapstick atmosphere.

Wang Yuan brought Qi Haoran out of the children's dentistry office. A little bit of millet had grown from his lower front teeth, and another tooth was a little loose next to him. I brought it to the doctor today. The doctor suggested that it be pulled out, otherwise it will affect the new teeth.

The first two teeth fell suddenly. Today was the first time I came to the hospital to extract my teeth carefully. Qi Haoran's nervous face turned white. He suggested that he could come again next time.

Of course, Wang Yuan wouldn't let him delay. Qi Haoran even suggested that he should take another bite of the big man to see if his teeth could fall out automatically.

Wang Yuan:…

"Later you open your mouth and stay still, cooperate with the doctor, and imagine in your mind that you are biting your brother, and your teeth will come down soon."

"No, no…" Looking at the cold and sharp dental instruments next to the medical chair, Qi Haoran struggled to escape.

"Pull out your teeth, mom buy an ice cream, you can eat two bites."

"No…" The voice was not as firm as before.


Qi Haoran's eyes were still fixed on the vanilla ice cream in his mother's hand. He just licked the first bite

It was judged by my mother once. He took a big mouthful for the second bite, and finally, his mother ordered to open his mouth and dig out most of it.

"I don't think I will have any more diarrhea after eating ice cream now." Qi Haoran reminded her mother, "I weigh 1.5 catties now, which is still one centimeter tall, and my body is already healed."

"Then keep it up, don't be picky eaters and exercise. In another two years, when you are taller and stronger, you can eat the food you like."

Qi Haoran sighed. Two years are 730 days, 17520 hours, 1051200 minutes, and it will be a long, long time later.

When the two people walked out of the ice cream shop, Wang Yuan felt that someone was following them. She turned her head and glanced at a few girls. She thought she recognized her identity. Seeing that the other party hadn't come up, she didn't. Careful, holding his son's hand, speeding up his steps towards the parking lot.

When she walked to her car, she was about to open the door. The girl who had been trailing at a distance of ten meters before suddenly rushed over. Wang Yuan frowned and hurriedly protected her son behind her.

"You are Wang Yuan!" a fan asked.

Without waiting for Wang Yuan to answer, another fan said: "We are Liangtang, we are fans of Tang Yanyan. We hope you can stand up and help Yan Yan clarify."

"Yes, we also like your movies. I hope you and Yan Yan can support each other and work hard together! Don't just care about your own development, and we won't save Yan Yan."

It turned out to be Tang Yanyan's stubborn fan. Wang Yuan calmly opened the car door and persuaded her son who looked like an enemy to go up.

Closing the car door, turning her head to face these fans, she asked, "What happened to Tang Yanyan? How do I need my help?"

Fan: "You don't have to pretend to be ignorant. Although your relationship is not good, I don't believe you didn't watch the news."

"Knowing that our relationship is not good, are you still looking for me?" Wang Yuan didn't look good anymore after she knew their intentions.

"We Yan Yan always said that you are a good sister, she really misunderstood you, why are you like this!"

"Yan Yan is now being framed by people for buying off-court votes. Fans of other contestants have been violently violating her, making her withdraw from the draft competition. Our Liangtang will never sit back and watch her leave. We hope to find more people to support her."

"Yes, we just want you to stand up and speak for her!"

Seeing them all talking, Wang Yuan knew what was going on.

"Is there anything Tang Yanyan bought off-site support tickets? I think the organizer will find out. If they do, then

The big question is, as fans, do you have to speak for her again?" Wang Yuan said, "No matter what the truth is about her, I have no interest in knowing, let alone stand up to speak for her." "

"Why are you like this! You are still a queen, regardless of sisterhood, your character is too bad…"

"We will gather fans to boycott your movie together…"

Seeing that they started to stop in front of the car to prevent her from getting into the car, and some people stretched out their hands to pull, Wang Yuan sneered with her fists: "I know why I never bring bodyguards and like to come out alone?"

The soups were stunned by her, and they didn't understand what she meant.

"Because I can deal with little girls like you with one dozen ten, and two dozen more, I can also beat you one by one so that your parents can't recognize it." She approached the soups.

The fans were a little frightened and shouted loudly, she didn't dare to hit anyone! But still step by step back.

Wang Yuan moved her arms, "I will count three times. If you don't leave, I will do it. Three, two…" By the time they counted to one, everyone had run ten meters away.

Wang Yuan smiled, she just scared them, as long as they don't block the way, these fans, the society will teach them to be human. Even depending on their age, they are only seventeen or eighteen years old, which is a headache for their parents.

She turned to get in the car, and the fans came over again. At this time, they heard the sound of the police car approaching, and several security guards rushed over not far away. The fans were shocked, wondering if it was a guilty conscience. He ran away, and several mall security guards with nervous expressions chased them all the way.

Wang Yuan was stunned when she saw that there was another police car approaching. She hurriedly got in the car and drove in the car and was about to leave.

She glanced at her son who was hiding something in the passenger seat, and asked somewhat, "Mario, did you find someone?"

Qi Haoran moved her little butt, and said in an awe-inspiring manner, "In this case, I think we still have to seek the help of the police."

"Then did you call the police through normal channels?" Wang Yuan said flatly. The son is definitely not calling 110.

Qi Haoran didn't speak.

He just used some methods to tell the mall security room and 110 criminals were doing sabotage. In his opinion, those fans are criminals who intend to hurt his mother.

"I don't know, when did you secretly take your phone back?" Wang Yuan turned her head and took a look. After listening to what she said, her little hand secretly touched the seat clip.

Sewing's son glanced.

"Baby, can't you really insist on not touching your phone or computer for a month? I didn't even know you came out with your phone."

"Today is the last day." Qi Haoran reminded that he did not violate the punishment agreement.

It's been a month? So fast?

Qi Haoran was relieved to see that her mother didn't ask any more questions. He has located the phone device addresses of those fans just now. He wants to delete all the information and accounts on their phones. I believe this will let them remember the lesson and won't make trouble again.

Of course, Wang Yuan didn't know that her son had a plan to strike next.

She didn't care about Tang Yanyan's affairs, but was a little worried that her brain fan would continue to jump out one after another. It seems that she wants to contact her agent to put a little pressure on the organizer to find out the number of votes for Tang Yanyan as soon as possible, and see if she can pour a pot of cold water on her brain fans sober and sober.

Those fans failed to contain Wang Yuan and were chased by the security guards. Finally, they were taken to the police station for questioning. They honestly explained their problems in the police station, but only said that they were looking for Wang Yuan to stand up and help. And did nothing to her.

The police also paid more attention to incidents involving well-known artists and came to ask Wang Yuan about what happened in the parking lot.

Wang Yuan seemingly asked the police comrades unintentionally how they knew she was blocked in the parking lot. The police said that they received a message, but the source of the message was not found. It may have been discovered by people passing by and notified them. of.

The police confirmed that Wang Yuan was not harmed by fans, and then left with confidence.

In the evening, Tianyu Company issued a statement mentioning that the company's artist Wang Yuan was maliciously besieged by Tang Yanyan fans in the parking lot. The police entered the matter. If any fans contact and try to harm the artist through such methods, they will Will be held accountable. Fans are also asked to stay sensible and chase stars.

As soon as this statement was issued, the Internet exploded for a while. This also put the last straw on Tang Yanyan's precarious draft. The organizer quickly came out to declare that it has checked the number of off-site votes for Tang Yanyan. True, she was disqualified from the competition.

A few of Tang Yanyan's little fans did not expect that they just accidentally ran into Wang Yuan and made a request to her. They did not expect that their idols would crash directly in the end. But they don't care about idols now. They find that there is nothing in their mobile phones, chat history, photos, and even platform accounts and loudly cries.

In response to this incident of fan harassment of artists, many artists on the Internet have come out to talk, because they have also experienced some harassment and have a deep understanding, and they are calling for everyone to chase stars rationally. Please take care of their fans and keep them from doing things. Overreaction.

It also made some traffic people nervous now, and they told their studios to ventilate with the fan support clubs and they must not go wrong.

The development of this incident was also somewhat beyond Wang Yuan's expectations, but the result was good. At least at this stage, no fans will come to harass her and her family.

The producer of the story of the film unit came to her again and offered her an invitation again. Said that if there is no one to take care of the two children, they can take the children together, and they will help arrange people to take care of the children throughout the process. And he said that because it will be released on November, the shooting time will be compressed very short. It is said that the shooting time is one month. If it goes well, it will be over in half a month. Please think about it again.

Wang Yuan thought for a while, and planned to discuss with her sons and listen to their opinions. 

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