"The shooting location this time is in the northwestern rural area. Living conditions will not be very good. Would you like to go with your mother?" Wang Yuan called her two sons, held a family meeting, and told them about the situation. Ask them what they think.

"I can stay at home alone." Wang Zining raised his hand and said, with an eager look on his face. He couldn't wait to live a free and uncontrolled life. You can eat snacks, drink Coke and play games all day. There is no access control at night, and no one will whisper him, that's not allowed.

Wang Yuan didn't immediately deny, she glanced at her youngest son.

"I can go, but I want to have my own room." He will never share another room, a bed with a big guy!

"Mom doesn't know how the environment is there. If it can be arranged, mom tries to fight for it." Wang Yuan said, she clapped her hands, "Well, now there are two votes for and one vote for disagreement. We use democratic voting. It's decided in a way that the minority obeys the majority. The final decision is for you to go with your mother."

Wang Zining still wanted to fight, and Wang Yuan said, "Didn't your short video have been filmed? Then you have nothing to do. You have to write 5 essays for your summer homework, and you keep saying that you can't write it out, so you can experience it. In a different life, you may have material to write about."

"I used to go to the countryside with my grandpa and grandma. There are trees and mountains. It's boring!" Before, grandma Fan Jiang would often take him to the surrounding countryside for a day on weekends, eat at the farmhouse, and breathe in the fresh air. Wang Zining's impression of the countryside is the quiet mountains and rivers and the native chickens. I really don't know what's interesting.

"This time we went to a place completely different from our usual living environment. You will find it interesting." The filming location this time was to find a place with relatively backward conditions, two children who have been living in a favorable environment. Go there, they may have some different gains.

Although reluctant, Wang Zining still packed up and set off with his mother's crew.

Before leaving, he said goodbye to the members of the video team and told them that he would no longer participate in the follow-up of the video and let the students continue.

The second issue of the story is still very well received. Although Wang Zining played Zhang Fei not many shots, he still has that funny beard from beginning to end. The more so, the netizens are full of reveries about his real face under his beard. Many was taken as his new fans.

In this video, they selected the old website to cooperate with from many websites that they have sent for cooperation, and the website side also gave them quite good cooperation conditions. The contract was carefully watched by Li Xiaoyuan's father from beginning to end, no problem, everyone. Signed.

Once the short video of "Grass Boat Borrowing Arrows" was uploaded, the number of hits continued to increase. According to the agreement, the website gave them the first share. This money was paid back to the filming fee paid by Wang Zining, and there was the rest, and Next click OK, the website still has a share.

The students didn't expect that they could still make money, and they were so excited. Li Xiaoyuan proposed a distribution plan based on everyone's contributions, but everyone has no opinion. They are still simple and enthusiastic junior high school students, and they are not so fancy about gains and losses.

Wang Zining suggested that he didn't want the bonus. Liang Wentao wanted to say that he didn't want it, but he turned to think that if he said that, Zhang Ting and other classmates might not be embarrassed to take the money.

He knew that Wang Tou made the video mainly to help him and Zhang Ting, and he also hoped that Zhang Ting would get the bonus.

Zhang Ting received the most generous bonus for writing the script and participating in the filming of the main characters. There were more than 5,000 in total. He was shocked to hear that there would be a share on the following website, but he was a little uneasy.

Liang Wentao patted his shoulder and said, "Don't panic, no matter how many good scripts you write, even if we don't shoot, the website may be interested in taking over and continuing to do it, and you will still make money."

Zhang Ting thinks all this is like a dream.

Wang Zining also excitedly told him that his mother had helped his grandfather find a job checking tickets in the theater. The salary was 4,000 a month, plus various subsidies, and it was about 6,000 a month. The theater will also buy commercial medical insurance to solve the problem of his grandfather's lack of medical insurance.

After listening to Zhang Ting, he lowered his head and said for a long time, "I knew it would definitely be better, but I didn't expect that all this would come so soon."

He looked at Wang Zining and Liang Wentao, "Thank you! Especially Wang Zining, I know you made the video for me. You also asked your mother to help my grandfather find a job… My grandfather is now old, and the fruit stand His work is too tiring, and he will be overwhelmed. It's great to be like this now!"

"We are good friends, isn't this what we should be!" Wang Zining smiled nonchalantly.

He didn't expect that his mother would take Zhang Ting's matter to heart. He was surprised when she told him about it yesterday. He doesn't know though

It was the work of theater ticket checking. Because of the good treatment, many people were vying for it. Wang Yuan agreed to the theater's drama cooperation and implemented this work.

Knowing that he could help his friends, Wang Zining was not so resistant to the trip to the northwest.

Wang Yuan brought Xiao Wang, Sister Zhou, and makeup artist this time. Although the producer told her that if she was to bring the child, all the expenses would be borne by the film party, but Wang Yuan didn't want to take advantage of it. She brought her this time. When the children go to the filming location, one is that they are interested in the film, and the other is that they want to take the children to experience the life there.

After the plane arrived at the airport of a certain city in Northwestern Province, the crew sent people to pick them up. Wang Yuan led a group of people and drove to the filming location by car.

Passing through the ravines of the yellow land, and melodious singing in the distance, all this made Wang Zining very curious, and he kept looking out the window of the car.

Qi Haoran was already lying in her mother's arms a little, and said nothing.

The drive took four hours to reach the filming location. I don't know if it's because of the arrival of the crew that the village is quite lively. Rows of staggered cave dwellings with northwestern characteristics. There are very few young and middle-aged people here, mostly elderly people and children running and playing around.

When Wang Yuan got out of the car, she saw Dao Xu, who was wearing a white short coat with local characteristics, walking towards her.

"Finally waiting for you, great!"

Wang Yuan smiled and said, "Thank you for your recommendation." She was also the role that Director Xu asked the producer for.

"The little actors are already in place, and we have taken some shots, and we are waiting for you now. I heard that your son is also here, do you want to arrange a role to try?" Director Xu joked.

He turned his head and saw Wang Zining, who was tall and thin, looking around, and was surprised: "Isn't this the little Zhang Fei?" He said to Wang Yuan, "So it's your eldest son? No wonder he looks so good."

Wang Zining greeted Director Xu politely.

"Okay, okay, if you want to make a movie, you must come to Uncle Xu." Director Xu is not joking, he really thinks this young man is born under the flashlight.

"Oh, why is this little guy sloppy? Is he tired from the car?" He saw Qi Haoran, who was holding Wang Yuan's hand and leaning against her, said in his heart, he was another handsome guy! It's a pity that it's not suitable for this movie, it's too foreign and beautiful, otherwise there are so many children's roles this time, and he can really play a role.

Producers and other staff all came over to say hello. And led Wang Yuan and his party to rest in the house prepared in advance.

This is also a relatively new cave dwelling, with tiles on the outside, paper-cuts on the green glass windows, a stone mill in the yard, and a donkey with red silk tied to its head.

Wang Zining immediately ran over and studied the donkey. After watching the donkey squirt at him, he went to play with the stone mill again, and couldn't stop for a moment.

There are three rooms in this row of cave dwellings. The host's family occupies one, and the crew rents two. The producer is embarrassed to say that because there are not many houses in good conditions, there are only two rooms now. They may need to buy them first.

If it's inconvenient, you can only stay in a hotel in the county seat forty minutes away by car. Wang Yuan expressed her understanding and said that she would stay for one night first, and if the children were not used to it, she would consider going to the hotel.

Wang Yuan went to look at the environment inside the cave and found that it was better than expected. The walls in the cave were all painted with white ash, the wardrobe was fully furnished, and a smooth stove was built inside.

The innermost part of the cave is the bathroom. Seeing showers and squat pits, Wang Yuan's heart is relieved. This is the most important thing, otherwise she will really get used to it.

Qi Haoran looked at her mother, frowning and said: "I think we are going to the hotel. There can't be so many of us here. You promised me that I can stay in a room by myself."

He found that this place was worse than he had imagined. There were still large iron pots and stoves in the bedroom. He didn't know why they didn't separate. And the donkey outside is also disturbing.

"Sister Yuanyuan, I went to see the next room. The three of us can squeeze in to live in." Xiao Wang said, she was with Sister Zhou and the makeup artist.

So this room can only be lived with the three of them. Wang Yuan looked at the Kang. Although it was quite big, she was a little panicked when she thought of the two sons who were not sleeping well.

"How did Li Gang live?" She also brought two security personnel this time, which was also assigned to her by the company. Originally, she didn't think so many people were needed, but the company felt that safety was the first priority for filming in other places.

"They live in another place with the crew of the crew." Xiao Wang said, "It's the first time I live in a cave. It's very interesting. Sister Zhou and Xiao Lin said that they haven't lived either."

After letting Xiao Wang go to rest first, Wang Yuan will persuade her younger son to tell him that it is late today and everyone is tired. Let's rest here for one night. If he is really uncomfortable, then take him to the hotel.

At night the producer asked someone to invite her to have dinner together. On the first day when I went to the crew, Wang Yuan also wanted to get to know the people in the crew and took her son.

Since Wang Zining came here, after studying the yard, he ran outside to play. It is indeed the same as his mother said. The living environment is different in normal times, so he is curious about everything, including those who stand in a pile and look at it. With his local children.

Wang Zining even ran back to the room, opened the luggage, and shared the chocolate and beef jerky with them. The group of children ran behind his ass. He thought, if the little guy is so easy to buy. All right.

I went to dinner with my mother in the evening. The place to eat was in a cave yard rented by the film crew. There were a lot of food on the long table, including cold noodles, lamb chops, oil cakes, etc. He hadn't eaten them and couldn't tell them. Name food.

He tried a few and found them all delicious, but the little man was sullen and shook his head at the food his mother wanted to feed him and refused to try.

Finally, my mother stared, and the little man ate the food that looked like gnocchi but was called sip.

Wang Zining was sitting next to Director Xu. Director Xu was drinking a bowl of yellow and white rice soup. He was a little curious, and Director Xu asked him if he wanted to try it. Wang Zining thought he was smiling a little strange, but he still took it and poured half a bowl. He tried to take a sip first, it turned out to be wine! But it tastes good, not spicy, sweet and sour. It's not as unpleasant as the liquor that grandpa used to dip his chopsticks on him. He drank half of the bowl in one sip.

Director Xu also smiled and said that he was drinking well.

Wang Zining thought, this is not a drink at all, at best it is a drink with a little alcoholic taste. Later, he secretly poured another bowl. After drinking, he didn't dare to add another bowl to himself when he saw the majestic look of his mother staring at him.

After drinking, he felt a little hot on his face. Seeing his mother chatting with them, everyone seemed to be talking about him playing Zhang Fei again. He thought, how come these people would watch the short video they made?

He saw several young actors in this filming, who were also accompanied by his parents, and the young actors came over to talk to him, introduced himself, called his brother, Wang Zining felt that his head was dizzy, and he said everything. Without coming out, he kept nodding and smirking at them. He felt that wine seemed to make people happy, because he felt very happy now. So laugh all the time, laugh.

"Mom, after the big man came here, he became stupid, he laughed very strangely!" Qi Haoran didn't know that his brother had secretly drank the rice wine. Pick up

The scene that came down made him stare, "He still wants to dance with that aunt! Is he crazy!"

There is an actor in the crew. Seeing Wang Zining's smile all the time, Junxiu's face was flushed, knowing that he might be drunk, and jokingly asked if he wanted to dance for everyone. The boy actually did a dance with her. Stood up.

Wang Yuan was feeding her little son just now, and then she was dragged by Director Xu to discuss this role. Because she joined the group in a hurry and was not familiar with the role, she listened carefully to Director Xu's introduction and analysis of the role. She didn't pay attention to the situation of the eldest son. She saw her son drinking rice wine just now, but after she warned, Ning Ning didn't drink it anymore. She didn't expect her son to get drunk because of it.

She heard the reminder from her younger son. She looked up and saw that Ning Ning was being dragged to dance, with long arms and legs, and a smirk in circles. Xiao Wang and sister Zhou did not come over for dinner at night, but the two bodyguards were on the sidelines. The staff sat together, but they didn't realize that they were going to take the drunk Wang Zining away, and they were watching dumbly.

Wang Yuan quickly stood up and walked over.

"Ning Ning, you are too courageous. Have you secretly drank a few bowls of wine just now?" Wang Yuan pulled her son to her side.

The actress in the crew saw her coming and said with a smile, "I was joking with him just now, Xiao Zhang Fei looks so cute when he is drunk."

This is the second female in the play, and also a well-known artist. I saw the little handsome guy interesting just now, so I couldn't help but play around, forgetting that he is not a newcomer in the circle, but the son of Wang Yuan. Seeing Wang Yuan at this moment was a little embarrassed.

If it was an unrelated person, Wang Yuan would not bother to care about her today and simply ignore it. Because there will be some cooperation in the next period of time, she feels that some things need to be said clearly, "He is still a child and accidentally got drunk. What you should do is tell me, not pull him out to make a joke."

"I'm really sorry, I just passed it a bit." The actress quickly apologized. The few people who were sitting and laughing just now did not dare to appear. The scene was a little quiet for a while.

Wang Yuan took her son to say goodbye to Director Xu, saying that she would be there on time tomorrow.

Director Xu was also a little embarrassed. He secretly drank Wang Zining a while ago, and then he took Wang Yuan to chat again. The child was drunk and didn't notice. He also had a bit of opinion on the female number two. It was true that Wang Zining would rather be the little fresh meat in the circle, so wink!

Wang Yuan took Qi Haoran's hand while paying attention to the older side.

Li Gang and Liu Ye two bodyguards walked and staggered, waving their hands and feet trying to get out of their control. They knew that the employer was angry just now when they saw Wang Yuan coldly talking about the woman. The two people no longer sat stupidly, and hurriedly stood up to help Wang Zining leave.

"It turns out that the big man drank wine secretly. Wine is really terrible!" Qi Haoran sighed. Alcohol paralyzed the big man's central nervous system, and he really became a fool.

"Son, you have a good understanding of this, but can you stop pushing your elder brother out again, and pushing again, he will fall to the bottom of the pit." Wang Yuan just asked Ms. Zhou to cook a bowl of sober soup and serve it. When I came in, I happened to see the younger son secretly pushing his elder brother to the edge of the kang.

"Ning Ning, sit up first and drink the soup." Wang Yuan went over and helped the elder son to sit up. Wang Zining flushed and still showed a smirk. Seeing Wang Yuan handing over the bowl in her hand, she held it in one hand. Gululu drank it, frowned and said, "It's not good!"

Some time ago, I was drunk, and watching him drunk crazy, she still thought it was a bit funny. Now it's her son's turn to get drunk, and it feels completely different. Is this a punishment for her schadenfreude?

Put the eldest son on the pit again. Seeing the younger son stretched out his fingers, he drew his elder brother's hair, "Mom, look, he has yellow sand in his hair, he is too dirty, we can't put him on the bed."

Wang Yuan put down the bowl and asked him with a smile, "Where do you want to move your brother?"

"You can put him outside the cave. Anyway, he likes the donkey in the yard. They can be company."

Very unconscionable suggestion.

Seeing his mother's obviously disapproving eyes, Qi Haoran gave way, "Why don't you spread a blanket on the ground and put him on the ground to sleep."

"Mario, if you are drunk today, do you want us to throw you out alone, or on the ground?"

"I won't get drunk! So this assumption won't hold."

Wang Yuan:…

"Mom will help my brother take a shower, so he won't let him lie down beside you dirty, okay!"

"Are you going to take off his clothes and help him take a bath?" Qi Haoran glanced at his mother in horror, "Men and women can't accept it!"

"I am your mother!"

"You are a woman, and we are boys!" Qi Haoran pointed out. He thought for a moment, why did he help the big man? Forget it, it's not because he was stripped naked by his mother to take a bath anyway. Just let his mother wash him, and when he gets up tomorrow morning, he will know what happened

Whatever happened, you know how serious the consequences of drinking alcohol are!

"Okay, then you can help him clean it up a bit." After Qi Haoran figured it out, he immediately said straightforwardly.

"Mom, there is no hot water!" Qi Haoran washed halfway, before the foam on his body was washed away, and found that there was no hot water.

Wang Yuan remembered the two bottles of boiling water that Sister Zhou had just brought in, and knocked on the wooden door: "Mom brings you hot water in. Let's make it and wash."

"You put it at the door." Qi Haoran said.

"Son, I won't peek at you. This thermos is very heavy. Mom helps you fill it with water. If you carry it by yourself, it will be hot." Wang Yuan said with a tired heart after a little while.

"I think there is too little water to rinse off." Qi Haoran saw that there was a bottle of hot water left and suggested to rinse again. He still hadn't resisted just now, and asked his mother to help him take a bath. Mom only stingly added a bottle of hot water for fear of wasting it.

"Baby, learn to cherish water here. Mom promises that you have washed very clean." Wang Yuan wrapped him in a bath towel, carried him out, and put it on the kang." The clothes are already on the bed, you wear them yourself, and I will catch the water to help brother take a bath."

Wang Yuan then gave Wang Zining a bath and wiped his hair with a towel.

Looking at the disgusting eyes of her younger brother, and when he wanted to express his opinion, Wang Yuan said: "Mom is going to take a bath too, and I have to get up early to film tomorrow, baby, is that okay, my brother has really washed it, let go of my brother, let go Live mom."

Qi Haoran flatly said: "Then let him sleep outside, you sleep in the middle, I want to sleep inside."

"No, my brother is drunk. What should I do if he falls? You sleep inside, I sleep outside."

"I won't lie down with him." Qi Haoran insisted.

"Okay, wait for mom to take a shower before coming out to allocate a bed. Now you help mom look at your elder brother, don't let him roll down the pit." Wang Yuan stepped forward and touched the elder son's forehead, seeing that his face didn't look like just now. It was so red, people stopped making trouble, and slept very sweetly, so I felt relieved.

In the evening, Wang Yuan first received a left uppercut, which woke her up from her sleep, looked at her brother's arm on her neck, sighed, turned around, and put her brother in her arms. Fortunately, here The temperature on summer nights is so low that it won't make both of them too hot.

Just after falling asleep again, she received another heavy blow on the waist, she reached out and touched it, and it was a sturdy calf that struck her.

Tomorrow, do you want to pack them and send them all to hotels in the county? If this goes on, the old mother really doesn't need to sleep.

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