Wang Zining felt that something was poking his face. He tried to open his eyes and saw the little man sitting next to him, recovering his little paw.

He felt that his head was a little heavy, and he ignored the little man, turned his head, and planned to continue sleeping.

Little Claw started to harass him again, Wang Zining turned around, half-opened his eyes, angrily said: "Believe it or not, I will throw you out?"

"Why are you still up? Do you know what time it is?"

This is usually what his mother said to him, and now it is finally his turn to teach the big man.

With a cry, Wang Zining stretched out his hand and rubbed his cheek vigorously, stretched his arms and legs, stood up, and sat up.

For a while, he looked at the unfamiliar environment around him in a dazed manner, but he was not completely awake.

"You were drunk yesterday!" Qi Haoran squatted on the pit, looking at the big man who was still a little confused, and reminded him.

After listening to the little man, Wang Zining tried to recall what happened yesterday, and found that the memory stayed in the scene of eating last night, and how he came back later, he has no impression at all. He looked at the little man in horror, "Am I really drunk?" He only drank a little sweet and sour rice wine.

Qi Haoran nodded.

"You still danced. With an actor aunt. Just in front of everyone, jumped up."

Wang Zining rubbed his head and yelled "Ah", regretting and embarrassed.

Qi Haoran watched his reaction with satisfaction, and continued: "Because you are so dirty and smelly, it was your mother who showered you yesterday. She also changed your clothes!"

Wang Zining once again looked down at his clothes in horror. Did he change his clothes? The real mother bathed him? He jumped up on the pit, then hugged his head and squatted down, rubbing his head and continuing to shout in regret.

Qi Haoran woke up early in the morning just to wait for the big man's reaction, and now he is very satisfied.

Sister Zhou heard the voice coming in, she saw Wang Zining wake up, and asked him if he had a headache, would you like to drink some honey water?

Wang Yuan went to the set early in the morning and asked Qi Haoran if she wanted to go with her. Qi Haoran didn't like those adults who wanted to reach out and rub his head, and didn't want to go with her mother. Wang Yuan saw that he wanted to stay, so she asked him to help take care of her brother, and when her brother got up, she took him out to play.

After she left in a hurry, she gave her two children to sister Zhou and Xiao Wang to help take care of them.



Wang Zining squatted at the door to eat YouPozi noodles. The homeowner's grandma asked him to eat the noodles.

The owner is a couple in their 60s. They liked Wang Zining and Qi Haoran when they saw the two brothers yesterday. Knowing that the film company came here to make a movie, I thought that the two brothers Wang Zining were little actors because they were so good-looking. In the morning, I saw them eating millet porridge and enthusiastically gave them their own oily noodles for them to taste.

Wang Zining thanked him for accepting it. Qi Haoran didn't want to eat it. Sister Zhou knew the little picky eater, and politely helped him refuse.

The homeowner only speaks the local dialect, but it is similar to Mandarin, so I can talk with Sister Zhou. They told Sister Zhou that their son and his wife had just gotten married, and they both worked in other places. The two houses they rented to the crew were their son's new house.

Asked sister Zhou, what film did the film company come here to shoot? Sister Zhou didn't know, she only knew it was children's subject matter. The host said that it's no wonder that the film company looked for extras in the village a few days ago. They were all selected children. They said that the children of whose family were picked, and now they can do it. TV up.

Sister Zhou told them that they were making movies, which can only be seen in movie theaters. The host and his wife were disappointed, saying that there is no movie theater in the village, only in the county, but everyone will not rush to watch movies outside.

Wang Zi would rather eat breakfast, grab the soccer and go out. Thinking of leaving the little man here alone, he felt uneasy, and asked him if he wanted to go out and play together.

Qi Haoran looked at the hostess and his wife who were enthusiastic about pulling him up and nodded, let's go out with the big man.

Not long after the two brothers walked out of the yard, they found a few children secretly following them.

Wang Zining flipped soccer and asked if they wanted to play together.

Several children nodded desperately. He also gave directions to Wang Zining as to where there is a suitable place to play.

Qi Haoran stood far away and watched Wang Zining kicking a ball and running a group of children on the sparse grass. If any of the children came into contact with soccer faster than him, he would give the other party a piece of candy as a reward. He thinks that a big man is suitable to work in kindergarten in the future and can be a kindergarten male teacher!

"Wow, wow!"

Qi Haoran turned his head and saw a local child who was half a head taller than him, and came to him with a yellow dog.

Seeing the yellow dog barking at him, Qi Haoran couldn't help but back up two steps, he didn't want to be bitten by the dog.

"Old Huang, don't scream!

Cried the boy.

Hearing the boy's reprimand, Lao Huang squatted there wagging his tail and stopped shouting.

He has a dog-biting hair, which is definitely not cut in the barbershop, as if it was cut out by someone casually using scissors. There is a yellow and black stain on the chest of the clothes. I don't know if it has not been washed, or if it has not been washed.

Qi Haoran took another step back.

The boy touched Lao Huang's head and praised him for being obedient and not screaming.

He looked up at Qi Haoran. Although he looked curious, he did not speak, and then turned to look at a group of children running over there.

The yellow dog, with brown eyes open, has been looking at Qi Haoran curiously.

Qi Haoran felt that when he was not screaming, he was still quite gentle, that is, his body was too dirty, and the hair on his body was about to be knotted. He wanted to remind the owner of the yellow dog to take a shower, but thinking that the owner himself was dirty, he thought it was too difficult.

Two people and one dog, they watched the group of people running chasing the soccer quietly.

After a while, Qi Haoran felt too boring and planned to go back to see if his mother came back.

He beckoned to the big man, intending to tell him, lest he can't find himself and make a fuss.

Wang Zining noticed his brother beckoning to him, and hurried over, a group of children whizzed and followed him.

Old Huang began to cry out nervously again.

The boy took it back a step.

"Don't play with him, his dad is a madman and will hit people!" A child who followed, pointed to the boy to remind Qi Haoran.

The boy nervously and excitedly said: "My dad is not a lunatic!"

No wonder he was standing here and didn't dare to go over and play with them, because he was rejected, Qi Haoran thought.

"I'm going back." He said to the big man.

Wang Zining watched the sun getting hotter and warmer. He ran for a while and was sweating a lot. He also planned to go back to drink water. He nodded and said to the newly met friends next to him, "I will play with you next time."

The two brothers walked in front, but the group of children at the back did not disperse, but still followed them. Only the boy and the yellow dog stayed there.

After the two returned, they saw Wang Yuan walking in the cave with the script while watching, still muttering words.

Qi Haoran saw her mother and immediately rushed towards her. Wang Yuan hugged him, kissed him and asked, "Is it hot outside, where did you go to play?"

See you Wang Zining, the little guy is getting more and more clingy now, very disapproving, always pretending that he is mature, but in fact he is a little kid.

"I want to go home." Qi Haoran said faintly with her mother in her arms. It's not fun at all here.

Wang Yuan smiled and touched his head, without speaking. She said to her brother: "Ning Ning, you were drunk yesterday, and your mother hadn't had time to interrogate you. How much rice wine did you secretly drink?"

She came back temporarily. She was worried about her drunk son yesterday and worried that the little one would not adapt to the new environment. But when she came back, she heard from sister Zhou that Wang Zining got up in good spirits and ate a large bowl of noodles and took her brother out to play. Up.

Although the son is okay, he should be taught a lesson about drunkenness.

"Just a bowl and a half." Wang Zining confessed honestly. He didn't know that the rice wine was so powerful, like a drink, it would even get drunk.

"Do you know what you did when you were drunk yesterday? Would you dare to drink alcohol next time?"

"I see. I won't drink anymore." Wang Zining bowed his head, and was told by the little man early in the morning that he was embarrassed yesterday.

Wang Yuan did not blame any more, she said to her younger son: "Mum will be a little busy these two days. When I wait for a few days to shoot other people's shots, my mother does not have to go to the studio. I will take you to play nearby. I heard it is fun. There are many attractions. You can go out with your brother to play nearby, or stay here to play on the computer, or you can go to the set to watch your mother film."

Qi Haoran could only sigh and nod. He reminded: "Are we going to live here tonight?"

Wang Yuan also had a headache, and she wanted to sleep well. But because she joined the group temporarily and was unfamiliar with the script and roles before, she spent most of the two days on the set, and there was no extra time to spend on the road. She could only say, "Let's stick to it for two more days. You see Didn't you sleep soundly last night?"

Qi Haoran shook his head, "It's not good at all, I have nightmares!"

Mom knows that you dreamed of hitting a monster, because your mom was punched several times by you.

After returning to see her son, Wang Yuan rushed to the studio again.

The producer told her that the shooting time should be as short as half a month, but there are too many small actors in this scene. It is estimated that it would be good to be able to shoot in one month.

Wang Yuan watched the rivalry between the female second and the young actor, and was constantly being called to stop by the director. Director Xu could scold the adult actor, but for the young actor, she still had to be patient and slowly talk to him.

We talk about the drama and try to guide them to present the feeling of the film.

The theme of this drama is concerned about the problem of left-behind children. A girl wrote to the newspaper to attract the attention of the newspaper. A reporter played by Wang Yuan was sent to the local area for interviews, which led to a series of stories.

Director Xu and Yuan Wang said that the story in the film happened in reality. It is a typical problem among the existing left-behind children in China, including the village where he is now. The shooting location is here. It is not without reason. The population of No. 100 is divided into half of the population of 60 or more and less than 16 children, and there are almost no young and middle-aged people.

Wang Yuan has been here for two days. Except for the crew, there are indeed few middle-aged people. I heard that the problem of children dropping out of school here is also very serious. The school is far away and the children do not want to go to school. Grandparents do not pay much attention to it.

In a scene shot in the afternoon, Wang Yuan was looking for a child to chat. The girl didn't know if she was bullied. She lived with her grandfather in her seventies. The old man didn't understand and wouldn't tell her about this knowledge.

This little actor is the same age as Wang Zining this year. She started acting at the age of seven. Among the few little actors, her acting skills are relatively good, and she passed smoothly after taking two shots, but Wang Yuan seems to have been NG countless. It's the same, the filming is heavy and uncomfortable. The main reason is that she has also been in the play. Looking at the young actor's immature face, she thinks that there is such a young girl in real life who has experienced such a thing. She feels too cruel. I sincerely hope that those parents who go out to work can see what they can do for their children and prevent these tragedies from happening.

There is no night scene today. She came back before dinner to have dinner with sister Zhou Xiaowang and two children.

Sister Zhou cooked the dinner. Using the stove in their cave, she told Wang Yuan that the vegetable food and a few boxes of mineral water were sent by the crew. There is only one small grocery store in the village that sells expired snacks and daily necessities. The nearest supermarket takes an hour to drive back and forth. She said that she only knew that her village was poor, but she did not expect that the village here was lagging behind her hometown.

Xiao Wang said that she hadn't used water so much before, but now she keeps all the water she used to wash her face and rinse her mouth for flushing the toilet. I heard that the cave dwelling they live in is in very good condition. It has tap water and a water heater. Although the water from the tap water faucet can fill a bucket of water for an hour, it is not as convenient as the well in the yard.

In the other cave dwellings rented by the group, the walls have been brushed away with the loess, and there is no well in the yard, so I have to go to a well outside a mile to get water. Fortunately, it is summer, and their men can stand directly by the well and lift the water to take a shower.

Wang Zining heard Xiaowang complain and said with a smile that he likes to fetch water. In the afternoon, he knew that the well in the yard was not a display, and he could shake water out of it. He was excited to hit a dozen buckets of water there until the owner saw it. When the water reached the bottom of the well, he yelled distressedly that he wanted to save money, and he didn't call it up again.

Because the water heater in the room is basically a decoration, everyone still boiled water to take a bath at night, and Wang Zining would rather take a good bath. While blowing his hair, Wang Yuan called the youngest son in to wash.

Qi Haoran resolutely resisted, and finally was stripped naked by his mother and helped him take a bath. Mother's reason was that he couldn't use the limited hot water to clean himself. This is a fact, and Qi Haoran can't refute it.

After he came out with a fragrant wash and put on his clothes, he silently climbed onto the pit, but his brother still did not let go of the opportunity to take revenge and laugh at his brother." I only let my mother take a bath once, you must always let her wash for you!"

Qi Haoran thought he could hide, but he was caught and laughed at by the big man. He said, "I didn't get drunk and danced crabs!"

"You…" Wang Zining gritted his teeth and blew the hair dryer towards the little man, really wanting to blow him out of the room!

At night, the three mothers and sons took a bath and lay comfortably on the pit. Wang Yuan actually wanted to read the script and think about tomorrow's play, but with these two by her side, she couldn't calm down at all.

"It's too hot, I want to blow an electric fan!" Wang Zining shouted.

"Son, we are all covered with thin blankets. It is very cool at night here. If you stay quiet for a while, it will naturally cool down." Wang Yuan persuaded.

The owner did have an electric fan, but she was afraid that the wind would blow over and the younger son would catch a cold.

"No, it's really hot."

"Well, then you put the electric fan at the end of the pit, and you lie there and blow." Wang Yuan compromised and asked him to change position, then lifted the little son up to prevent him from blowing into the wind.

"Tell this story tonight!" Qi Haoran handed the book to her mother.

Wang Yuan took a look at the book, "One Hundred Million Light Years", "Baby, this is not a story, this is another popular science knowledge, or let's read something interesting."

She is a little tired today, for fear that she will fall asleep accidentally.

Qi Haoran shook his head.

Ok! Wang Yuan opened the book and began to read. Without reading a few words, Wang Zining, who was lying at the end of the pit with her feet on the wall and blowing in the wind comfortably, said: "This is too boring, let's tell some interesting stories!"

He thought that the bedtime stories that his mother usually told to the little guy were so interesting, because they were all such boring science books.

"Just read this!" Qi Haoran insisted. This is a story told by his mother, not a big man.

Wang Zining shook his head, the little man couldn't find any cuteness from beginning to end.

He thought of the little friends who played with him today, "Mom, it turns out that the children here, mom and dad are not at home, they all go out to work and make money."

Wang Yuan nodded: "Yes, this movie my mother made this time is about the stories of these left-behind children."

"Dawei told me that he will go out to work next year. He is only fifteen years old. He stopped going after a year in junior high school. His parents sent money back so that his grandfather must send him to school. He took the money to play games in the county. His grandfather didn't know that he didn't go to school."

This is a boy that Wang Zining just met today. After playing soccer with him for a while, he worshiped Wang Zining as an idol and told him everything. He felt that Wang Zining played soccer better than the soccer game he played. The characters are still amazing.

He asked Wang Zining to go to the county Internet cafe tomorrow, but Wang Zining refused.

"It's wrong for him to do this. He should not lie to his parents, nor should he give up going to school. If he does not learn enough knowledge, he enters society early to work, and he will encounter more difficulties in the future. However, his parents are also responsible for his problems." Wang Yuan was a little worried and reminded her son in time.

"Mom brought you here so that you can get in touch with the life here and play with the children here. I hope you can see and discover some problems, and learn to analyze and judge by yourself. You should take warning and discover wrong behaviors. Good places, you also have to be good at learning."

"I know, I'm not a kid! You don't have to worry that I will learn badly." Wang Zining said with a curled mouth. Mom started preaching again.

"There is an extra in my mother's crew, who is only twelve years old this year. Her parents are also working in the field. There is only one paralyzed grandmother at home. She is very sensible and capable while studying and taking care of her grandmother. I think you can learn from her. Now, if you start tomorrow, you will wash your clothes by yourself?"

Wang Zining was silent immediately, Qi Haoran: "Mom, the education time is over, can I start my bedtime story?"

Alas, the road to education has a long way to go.

The next day Qi Haoran didn't accompany the big man out. Watching them play and run, he couldn't understand the behavior of the big man who was so ashamed and still happy.

He followed his mother to the set to see her filming, and reminded her mother that if someone wants to touch his head or pinch his face, please stop him severely in time.

Wang Yuan should be good.

Mom was reading the script. He leaned next to her to read the book. There was a lively studio in front of him. Several people were sitting beside the camera. Director Xu was frowning to look at the camera. A staff member was walking back and forth carrying props, some holding a white board. Standing near the actors lighting up, some holding long rods for radio, this group of people are now shooting around the two actors.

The actor who was dancing with the big man was crying with a little actor in his arms, and the little actor kept yelling: "Mom!"

This scene has been filmed three times, and Qi Haoran feels that fortunately, his mother is not filming the role of the actress. He doesn't like her holding other children, and he doesn't like other children calling her mother. It's not a fake!

Wang Yuan didn't know whether the son of Xiaodu Jichang had already lost the role of mother for her. She asked, "Mario, is it hot? There is mung bean soup. Would you like a bowl of it for you?"

Qi Haoran shook his head quickly. He saw a lot of people scouring the stainless steel vat for mung bean soup and drinking it. He felt that the vat was simply a place for bacteria revelry.

"I really want to eat ice cream. It's a pity that the crew of the crew can't make it." Xiao Wang said regretfully, fanning his fan next to him.

Qi Haoran thought, if there is ice cream, he can eat one.

"Wow, wow."

"Whose dog ran in, hurry out." Chang Ji hurriedly expelled a yellow dog that ran into the studio.

Qi Haoran recognized that it was the yellow dog from yesterday. This dog is so dirty that it is easy to recognize.

He saw that the dog still had a blank note in his mouth, stood up curiously, and planned to walk over and take a look.

"Mr. Wang, it's coming to your play soon. Director Xu asks you to prepare." A staff member came to remind you.

Wang Yuan stood up quickly, and the makeup artist stepped forward to touch up her makeup, and then tidy up her clothes.

"Mario, it's time for mom's play now, you are here with Aunt Xiao Wang, don't go around, mom will come to you if you take a good photo.

"Wang Yuan exhorted.

Qi Haoran nodded.

As soon as Wang Yuan left, Qi Haoran walked out.

"Mario, where are you going?" Xiao Wang called to him in time. At this time, a staff member came to her and asked her something. Xiao Wang yelled to Qi Haoran, "Don't run around!" and talked to the staff.

Qi Haoran followed behind the yellow dog who was wagging his tail and dejectedly left.

Walking out of the set, there was a loess road outside. A figure ran up ahead and saw the yellow dog. He rushed over nervously. He stretched out his foot and kicked the yellow dog a few times. The yellow dog hid with a whimper, and was kicked a few times. Was aggrieved around the boy, rubbing his trouser legs.

The boy stretched out his hand, took out the white paper that was wet and broken in the dog's mouth, crumpled it up and threw it aside, and said fiercely to the yellow dog: "If you are not honest, I will slaughter you and eat it when I go back."

After speaking, he raised his head and glanced at Qi Haoran, but without a glance, he took the dog and turned and left.

Qi Haoran was very angry. Although he didn't like this dirty yellow dog, he was still very angry when he saw him being kicked and beaten by his master. People who abuse animals are bad guys!

Yesterday, when a child scolded this boy's father as a lunatic, he still sympathized with him, but he did not expect him to be so bad.

Seeing them leave, Qi Haoran originally wanted to turn around and leave, but was still a little curious about the torn paper thrown on the road.

He walked over, squatted in front of the note, and studied for a long time, because it was too dirty and didn't want to reach out to touch it. Later, he found a small wooden stick nearby and used it to poke the paper ball apart. The paper was bitten in the dog's mouth for too long. After opening it, it was mostly torn. There were only a few smudged and blurred texts. Seeing the three words "horse", "yan" and "I", I can't read the others clearly.

Why would the yellow dog go to the set talking about this strange ball of paper? He touched his small chin, wondering a little bit puzzled.

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