In the next few days, Qi Haoran did not see the boy and his dog.

When the shooting scene turned to the young actor, Wang Yuan asked the crew for three days off, and took two children and sister Wang Zhou to travel around.

After they came here, they stayed with them in the village. Wang Zining had been around the village several times. He took the soccer and kicked it out of the shallow pit. The books that Qi Haoran brought are almost the same. Now most of the time, she is holding her mobile phone, and Wang Yuan is worried that his eyesight will be affected.

After hearing that they were going out to play, both of them were very excited.

This time I mainly took them to the old base area and the Danxia landform landscape. During the summer vacation, there were a lot of student parties and parents who took their children out. Because of the weather, Wang Yuan no longer wears a mask except sunglasses. She was recognized by many people along the way and took a lot of group photos. The film hasn't been released yet, and there has been hot discussion about her filming in Northwest China, which can be regarded as a wave of publicity for the film in advance.

During the period, the mother and the three people took a lot of photos, and some of them Wang Yuan liked very much. A photo of the two brothers on the merry-go-round was used as a mobile wallpaper by her. By the way, they also went to the amusement park.

Wang Zining entered the amusement park as if he were going home, familiar with all items, and wanted to try again. When he was young, he was often brought to play by his grandparents or his father and aunt. His favorite project is of course the exciting roller coaster.

In comparison, Mr. Qi Haoran has never even been to the entrance of the amusement park. He has seen many items in the park. His face is pale, only the merry-go-round. He has the most appetite for him. He played twice in a row.

Wang Yuan mentioned that after taking him to Disneyland for a while, he pretended to be disdainful and said that children only like to go, but at night, she still couldn't help asking, can she go before school?

Three days passed in a hurry, and the crew had already called Wang Yuan, so she could only pack her things quickly and rush back to the set.

If Qi Haoran is reluctant to come back, she has to follow her mother back to the village.

When Wang Zining came back, he ran out again and disappeared. Qi Haoran sometimes wondered whether a big man had an energy bar in his body and why he could run with the ball energetically for a whole day without getting tired, just like a puppy back and forth. Just like chasing a Frisbee, you can never stop without stopping.

He came to the set with his mother in the morning and met

Rong indifferently faced all the adults and children who came to say hello. Everyone now knows that there is a cool brother in Teacher Wang's family, and no one wants to talk to him. At noon, after eating a terrible box lunch with his mother in the crew, sister Zhou came to pick him up and take him back to the cave for a nap.

Qi Haoran slowly walked in front, and sister Zhou slowed down to follow behind, pacing back one after another.

Qi Haoran saw the boy hitting the dog again. This time he used a wooden stick to hit the yellow dog. He looked very angry. He changed his usual nosy style, walked over and said to the boy solemnly: "Stop! Don't let you go anymore. Hit it!"

The boy looked at Qi Haoran and was a little stunned. This beautiful city child, after seeing him several times, seemed to ignore him. He didn't expect that he would suddenly jump out to accuse him. He was a little guilty, but he still said loudly: "This is my dog, he made a mistake, I can teach him!"

"You can't abuse him just because you raise it. If your family beats you like this, what will happen to you?"

"My dad won't hit me!" He retorted slightly excited.

"Mario, let's go home quickly." Sister Zhou stepped forward to call him away, not wanting him to be with this strange child.

Qi Haoran watched the yellow dog whimpering around the boy again and rubbing his master, making him a little angry.

No matter how unworthy it is, it will still be beaten!

Qi Haoran didn't want to worry about it anymore, he walked back angrily.

Unexpectedly, the boy and the dog followed him all the way.

When approaching the residence, Sister Zhou said to the boy: "We are home, you should go back soon. Don't follow up."

The boy glanced at them and ran away. The yellow dog followed behind him, looking back at Qi Haoran from time to time.

After this intersection, the boy appeared next to Qi Haoran from time to time. Qi Haoran ignored him. Sister Zhou told Wang Yuan about this, thinking that the boy was behaving strangely, fearing that Qi Haoran would be in trouble.

Wang Yuan deliberately paid attention and found that the boy did like to follow the younger son, but he did not find any malice on his face. Like the yellow dog he brought, he was a little straightforward and curious.

One evening, she was in the yard and taught Qi Haoran to kick the keys. The boy squatted at the door, looking at them with envy.

Wang Yuan beckoned him in.

The boy hesitated to approach. He didn't expect to be called out suddenly, his fingers wringing nervously in front of him.

"What's your name?"

"Zhang Yongqiang." The boy replied.

He looked at Wang Yuan's beautiful face and smiled gently at him. There was still a faint fragrance on his body, and he was a little at a loss. The beautiful child has a beautiful mother and would patiently accompany him to kick the keys… Here, the boy suddenly got a little irritable, glanced at them, turned around and ran away.

"This is the son of Zhang Ma's family. Zhang Ma has a bad temper. The children in the village call him a lunatic. In fact, he is not bad. He was smashed with a wine bottle on his head when he went out to work a few years ago. It hurts and people's tempers become worse." The hostess said to Wang Yuan, peeling corn on the side.

"Where is his mother?" Qi Haoran asked.

When the hostess saw that the beautiful child was willing to squirm, she wrinkled her face and said, "His mother works outside and hasn't come back for two years."

She lowered her head and continued to peel the corn: "The young people here are all working outside. My son and daughter-in-law will also come back during the New Year. I now hope that they will give birth to a child sooner. I can still help while I can work. Walk around."

There was another left-behind child, and Wang Yuan sighed softly.

Touching her son's little head, Wang Yuan thought, there are left-behind children in the countryside, but this is not the case in the cities. Mario in her own family was also a left-behind child.

Thinking of this, she asked guiltily: "Baby, what do you want to eat tonight, mom will make it for you."

Qi Haoran took the key and put it on his foot, "Tomato scrambled eggs." After he kicked it, the key flew away again.

He ran to the donkey tied with red silk, looked at it vigilantly, quickly picked up the key that had fallen here, and heard the landlady continue to say: "The strong son, don't look at the dark boy. She is clean and looks good. He is like a F***ing mother. When Ma Yanhong was not married, she was the handsomest girl in our village. At that time, Zhang Ma's brain had not been smashed, and she was very clever and capable. He was in the city. Learning crafts and making a good profit. What a pity, now he goes home to farm, and Yanhong is out alone. He hasn't come back for two years. I don't know what will happen in the future."

Qi Haoran suddenly turned his head, that Zhang Yongqiang's mother was Ma Yanhong? There were also these two words on the note that day. Was it written by Zhang Liqiang?


Wang Zining took his younger brother out to play. He joined the local children playing mud games. Everyone made the clay into a city wall, took out the city gates, and then squeezed a few small clay figures and start fighting.

Qi Haoran looked at the big man with mud on his hair and face, and walked away disgustingly.

In the distance, Zhang Yongqiang and his dog were secretly watching here again. Today, he brought out a small car assembled with wooden boards. He saw Qi Haoran turn his head to look here, and immediately sat in the cart, put his feet in front of the wooden cart, and slid against the wheels under the wooden board. He slipped all the way down the slope. His black and red face had bright eyes. With Qi Haoran.

The yellow dog wagged his tail and followed him down the hill, barking twice, appearing a little excited.

"You, do you want to play this car?" Zhang Yongqiang asked. This car was made for him by his dad a few years ago. At that time, many children in the village wanted to play. He used the car to enjoy the scenery among the children. However, after an accident with his dad, everyone began to stay away from him, like Dawei. Seeing him bring the car out, it will only push him aside and grab the car directly. The other children would not approach him at all.

This is his only best toy. Today, he risked being robbed and brought it out to take the opportunity to play with this beautiful child.

Qi Haoran was not interested in this slightly dirty two-wheeled wooden cart. He just wanted to shake his head when he glanced at the yellow dog with his tongue and tail wagging. He didn't know why, and nodded silently.

Zhang Yongqiang was very happy. He immediately got up from the wooden cart and invited Qi Haoran to sit on it, "I can push you away."

Qi Haoran sat awkwardly on the wooden cart, holding the upright wooden handlebars in both hands, suddenly felt a gust of wind, being pushed on his back, the car quickly rushed forward, he held the handle nervously, his face stretched. It's tight, for fear of accidentally overturning and falling.

The yellow dog ran excitedly beside him, turning his head from time to time, looking at him with a pair of ignorant eyes. After the wooden cart decelerated, Qi Haoran couldn't help reaching out and touching its head. The yellow dog immediately stuck out his tongue in excitement, and struck him with his head.

Qi Haoran quickly pushed its head away. Although it is a bit cute, it is still too dirty.

"Wang Zining, your brother and Qiangzi are gone, do you want to call him back?" The kid who played in the mud with Wang Zining reminded him.

"Let them play. It's okay." Wang Zining said.

Although Wang Zining was playing in the mud, he still paid attention to the movement of the little man. He saw him playing with a boy Xiang Chang secretly following them, as if he was still in a small car.

He didn't care. He felt that the little man finally stopped carrying the shelf, and he was willing to play with the children here. It was good.

As for that strong son was rejected by these children, it was only because of his father's problem that he thought he was a little innocent, but he couldn't persuade these children to accept him.

"He won't go to Qiangzi's house, will he? His dad is a lunatic, and he can use an axe to kill people. If your brother was deceived, would he be hacked to death?"

Wang Zining frowned, no, these children are too exaggerated. 

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