"I know there is a very interesting cave with hare bones in it. Would you like to go together?" Zhang Yongqiang asked excitedly.

Qi Haoran shook his head. He has no interest in caves and bones. This combination is terrifying. Why does Zhang Yongqiang think he would like it?

"What's your name? I heard that lady call you Mario, is your surname Ma?"

"No." Qi Haoran didn't explain that this was his foreign name. He thought about it for a moment, and planned to ask himself directly: "Your dog was talking about a note that day. Was it your writing?"

Zhang Yongqiang's expression changed, and he looked around, panicking and fiercely aligning Haoran: "Don't talk nonsense, there is no note at all! I want to go home and stop playing with you!"

After speaking, he pushed Qi Haoran off the wooden cart directly. Fortunately, the car was low. Qi Haoran was hit with his feet on the ground, got up from the cart, and returned the wooden cart to him.

Zhang Yongqiang pulled into the car and left, then turned around and shouted to the yellow dog: "Old Huang, let's go!"

The yellow dog took a look at Qi Haoran. He didn't know why the two suddenly turned their faces. It wagged its tail, trot to the side of its owner, and followed him away.

In the wind, the boy scolded the yellow dog, "It's all your fault, go back and see if I won't kill you!"

At first, it was just a little doubtful, because Zhang Yongqiang's a little overreaction made Qi Haoran's suspicion suddenly increased.

"Mom, there is a person's name written on a piece of paper, and there are other unclear words, what does it mean?" Qi Haoran's little foot was caught in her hand by her mother, helping him cut his toenails. He asked the question he couldn't figure out after thinking about it for a long time.

"A note? What note? Is it a list?" Wang Yuan didn't care, she concentrated on trimming her pink nails into a perfect arc.

"Why does that dog talk about the note?" Qi Haoran continued to ask. He put his hands on the kang, his small head looked at the top of the cave, his small face was thoughtful.

"Are you talking about Zhang Yongqiang's dog?" Wang Zining raised his hair with drops of water and walked out of the bathroom. He said, "That's because he is hungry and wants to eat everything when he sees it. I think Zhang Yongqiang's family is It doesn't feed the dog, so it bites everything."

Qi Haoran rolled his eyes, the big man didn't understand anything!

"Ning Ning, you made your clothes so dirty today, and you have to wash the clothes yourself!" Wang Yuan always wants to cultivate

The child's ability to take care of himself, "Don't go out to play in the mud tomorrow, come to the set to help, and help fight."

Qi Haoran gave his brother a mocking look.

Wang Zining was angry and sat on the kang, stretched out his 40-yard big foot, and put it in front of his mother, "My toe nails are also cut!"

Looking at the bigfoot in front of him, Wang Yuan smiled and said, "Okay, my brother has finished cutting, and then cut it for you. You should blow your hair quickly to avoid catching a cold."

Qi Haoran sincerely reminded her mother: "The big man's feet are smelly. If you cut his nails, his hands will also become smelly."

Wang Zining said angrily, "My feet don't smell like you, don't believe you smell it!" After speaking, he put his big feet in front of his brother.

Qi Haoran angrily pushed his big foot away, and Wang Zining's big foot was tied up again. The two brothers got together. With nail clippers in her hand, Wang Yuan waited helplessly for the end of their melee.

In the next few days, Zhang Yongqiang did not appear next to Qi Haoran, and disappeared all at once.

On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the crew specially set aside a day off for everyone to take a day off. The local area was very lively on this day. Every family prepared offerings early in the morning, and rice ears with five-color paper flags hung at the door. Some family members who work in a nearby place will come back one day specially to participate in the family sacrifice, help origami to burn paper, prepare a banquet, and invite relatives to come and drink.

Suddenly there were more young and middle-aged people in the village, and it became more popular than usual. The uncle of the homeowner also made paper lanterns for the two brothers Wang Zining and told them that they could carry them out and play with the children in the village at night.

Qi Haoran studied the paper lantern with a white candle inside, and thought it would be more interesting if it could be made into a Kongming lantern.

In the evening, he carried a lantern and went out with the big man. Because there were many adults in the village, Wang Zining took his younger brother's hand to prevent him from leaving casually.

At night, carrying a lantern and walking on the Huangtupo, the surrounding area was empty, with a little bit of light from the lantern. Qi Haoran clung to the big man. He felt that he should stay in the cave and watch the script with his mother.

"Wow, wow." A familiar cry sounded. Qi Haoran saw the yellow dog standing in front, wagging his tail in excitement.

Zhang Yongqiang also carried a white lantern and stood beside the yellow dog.

Qi Haoran let go of the big man's hand and approached Zhang Yongqiang.

Zhang Yongqiang took a step back with suspicion.

"Are you going to play with us?" Qi Haoran asked.

"me……Where are you going to play?" Zhang Yongqiang originally wanted to refuse, but couldn't help asking again.

Qi Haoran: "The big guy said, you have adventure games here at night, carry a lantern, and go to a cave." He didn't plan to do such a stupid thing, but when he saw Zhang Yongqiang, he remembered that the doubts in his heart were not resolved. Changed his mind and planned to invite him to go with him.

"They won't let me participate." Zhang Yongqiang lowered his head and bit his lip.

"It's okay, let's take you there. If they rush people, I will leave with you with the big man." Qi Haoran made the decision for his brother.

Wang Zining stood aside listening, curled his lips, and said nothing.

The two brothers took Zhang Yongqiang to join the children's cave adventure game in the village. Although they rejected Zhang Yongqiang's arrival, they stopped chasing people after Wang Zining spoke.

Zhang Yongqiang played again with the children in the village for the first time after his father had an accident. He was also very happy, carrying a lantern and joining the adventure game of the Ghost Festival.

On a deep moonlit night, a group of children carrying white lanterns walked through the cave in the cool night breeze. Occasionally, bats flew by, shocking them to huddle together. The nervous and excited mood kept them walking from this cave to the other. Qi Haoran accidentally stepped on something and almost smashed his toe. He held the lantern and looked down. It was a piece of Bai Sensen's bone, which made him stiff.

"Ah, is this a human bone?" a child shouted.

Another child stretched over and kicked the bone away, disdainfully said: "It must be a rabbit bone. The wolf dragged it here and ate it, so the bone fell here."

Qi Haoran felt that he was too impulsive, why didn't he stay with his mother at home, why did he come out to participate in this terrible adventure game? He regretted it ten thousand times.

Seeing that the little man was too scared to move, Wang Zining picked him up, Qi Haoran was no longer restrained at this moment, holding his arms around his brother's neck.

"Hahaha, it turned out to be a child, and a bone was scared." Dawei smiled.

Wang Zining said: "He is still young, don't scare him. Let's go back, I don't think there is much fun here."

"I know there is a cemetery ahead, should we go there for a while?" Dawei suggested.

"I'm going back. Go ahead." Wang Zining said.

"Wang Zining, let's go together, whoever leaves is a deserter, don't be a coward!" There was one who had a good time with Dawei.

"Yes, whoever leaves is a coward, we will all despise him!" Dawei said, he turned his head and asked Zhang Yongqiang, "Do you want to go?"

Zhang Yongqiang was also a little scared, but it was rare to join this group. He nodded quickly, "I, I'm going!"

Wang Zining thought, I'm not the coward they were talking about. He said to his younger brother: "Little man, I'm holding you, don't be afraid. Let's go and come back."

The big man really couldn't withstand the violent tactics, and he couldn't cry and beg him to go back, he wanted to save face, Qi Haoran could only be silent, which was regarded as an agreement.

The group of people came to the grave site they were talking about. Although they had been arguing a lot, it was still scary to run to the grave site to take risks on the night of the Zhongyuan Festival.

They walked quietly, and a child said, "Did you hear anything?"

"…There seems to be a screaming sound, isn't it… the ghost is eating the sacrifice?" Someone shuddered.

"I, I seem to see someone in front…Ah, ghost…" The child who was walking in the front suddenly turned around and ran away.

Following the people behind, the heart tightened suddenly, and everyone saw a shadow in front of him, swaying towards him, as if dragging something, and there was a whining sound.

Dawei's faces were also pale with fright, and their legs trembled. Someone shouted: "Run!" Everyone ran away in a hurry, and some people dropped their lanterns on the ground and ignored them.

Zhang Yongqiang ran after them, tripped over something and fell to the ground. Wang Zining was a little nervous when everyone was doing this. He heard the voice of the little man in his ear, "There are no ghosts in this world."

Wang Zining agreed, yes, there are no ghosts at all!

But since there are no ghosts, why are you still shaking? He saw that the lanterns in the little man's hands had all fallen.

Wang Zining walked over and helped Zhang Yongqiang up. Zhang Yongqiang regretted now. He shouldn't have driven Lao Huang away just now. If it is there, it can help him go up and bite the ghost.

After Zhang Yongqiang stood up, the lantern in his hand was raised. With the light, he found the figure walking towards them in front of him, surprisingly familiar.

"Dad!" Zhang Yongqiang cried out in surprise. Although the distance is still a little far away, he can recognize his father at a glance through his body shape and gait.

Wang Zining saw the man walking towards them with dog-biting hair cut like Zhang Yongqiang. There is a long scar on his head, and there is a trace of evil spirit in the blank expression.

He also found that Zhang Yongqiang's father seemed to be walking forward with a bag of things just now, and now his hands were empty when he walked over.

"What are you doing to the grave at night? Are you looking for death?" The blank expression just now distorted instantly. Zhang Ma grabbed Zhang Yongqiang and gave him two slaps. When he saw that he was still going to do something, Wang Zining rushed over and grabbed him. The arm with violent veins.

"Smelly boy, who are you? I beat you up today!" Zhang Ma stared at Wang Zining angrily.

Wang Zining and Zhang Ma kept looking at each other, without removing their eyes, they put the little man on the ground. After freeing his hand, he directly pushed Zhang Ma's buttocks upwards with his arms.

Zhang Ma stood up with anger and rushed over. Wang Zining turned sideways, grabbed his right hand, gave him a knee from behind, and Zhang Ma knelt directly on the ground.

"Dad! You let go of my dad!" Zhang Yongqiang hurried over and pushed Wang Zining away.

Wang Zining was a little sad, he didn't say a word, turned around and picked up his younger brother, carried the lantern and left.

"Big man, what's in Zhang Yongqiang's father's sack?" Qi Haoran asked.

"You ask me, who am I asking!" Wang Zining was still angry about what happened just now, Zhang Ma reached out and beat his son mercilessly, and Zhang Yongqiang still spoke for his father.

"He was dragging the sack just now. After we discovered it, the sack disappeared. Why did he hide it? Did he come here to steal something?" Qi Haoran was puzzled. The panic of the night tour to the graveyard has been replaced by the doubt in his heart.

"What can he steal from here?" Wang Zining sneered, "Can you steal someone?!"

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