In the middle of the night, Wang Yuan was awakened by a series of sudden screams. She opened her eyes suddenly, turned on the light beside the bed, and turned her head to see the little son lying on her side, twitching her limbs, her small face with her eyes closed. It was full of horror.

"What's the matter? What's the matter?" Wang Zining on the other side woke up immediately when he heard the noise, and asked nervously when he sat up.

"Mario, it's okay, it's okay, mom is here, have you had a nightmare?" Wang Yuan picked Qi Haoran up and patted it gently in her arms.

Qi Haoran opened his eyes and saw his mother, burying his head in her arms, looking in a panic.

Wang Yuan was in a cold sweat when she touched his back. She continued to hug him and comfort him softly, watching her son's mood gradually stabilize, she glared at her elder son: "Look, let's take my brother to such a horrible place last night, let him have a nightmare!"

Wang Zining knew what was wrong, "I didn't expect him to be so courageous."

"Mom, Zhang Yongqiang's mother was killed by his father!" Qi Haoran hugged her mother tightly and suddenly said.

"I was really scared! They started talking nonsense!" Wang Zining whispered.

Wang Yuan touched his little head and said, "Mario, you have a nightmare."

"No!" Qi Haoran raised his head slightly, looked at her mother seriously, and said clearly, "It's not a dream. His father must have killed his mother!"

After speaking, the small body trembled slightly.

"That person is very fierce. You can't just beat Zhang Yongqiang because the parents were fierce, and you suspect him of murder." Wang Zining said in a quiet manner.

Qi Haoran rationalized his thoughts and re-said: "The day Zhang Yongqiang's dog took a note and went to the set with his mother's name on it, and other words were written on it. It was soaked in the dog's saliva and could not be seen. Zhang Yongqiang It was chased out specially and snatched the note from the dog's mouth. I asked him about the note that day, and his reaction was very strange. Last night, we ran into his dad in the graveyard and he was dragging the sack. He walked towards us and was found by us, so he hid the sack."

After speaking so seriously, he finally concluded: "I suspect that Zhang Yongqiang's mother was beaten to death by his father, and she was put in a sack, planning to throw her in the cemetery so that no one would find her."

Wang Zining opened his eyes wide,

The little man can really tell stories, but how to tell it makes people feel like it is true.

Wang Yuan: "…Mario, Zhang Yongqiang's mother worked in a field and never came back. It is impossible for his father to kill his mother. You were scared last night. Now close your eyes obediently, your mother is holding you, you Don't be afraid of having nightmares anymore."

"It's true. You don't believe me!" Qi Haoran said disappointedly.

"My mother believes you, I will find someone tomorrow to find out where his mother works, and I will confirm whether she is safe, okay?"

Qi Haoran felt that he should call the police immediately. Yesterday they met Zhang Yongqiang's father, would he be afraid to expose him and kill Zhang Yongqiang too?! Thinking of this, he clasped his mother's arm tightly again, with pleading on his face.

"Mom can't just add a note just because you have a nightmare, and go find someone to arrest someone in the middle of the night, right? Go to bed first and get up tomorrow. Mom will definitely help you find out."

Qi Haoran could only shrink into her mother's arms unwillingly, trying to close his eyes and not think about what might happen.


When he woke up the next day, he found that there was no one on the kang, and his mother and the big man were gone. He was panicked and jumped off the kang hurriedly without wearing his shoes, so he went out to find someone.

It happened that Wang Zining came in with two thermos bottles and saw his undecided expression, and asked, "Did you have a nightmare again?"

"Where is mother?" Qi Haoran asked loudly.

"She had a scene early in the morning, and she was already on the set. Don't worry, I will be with you today and I won't take you to scary places again. Look at you, you are still scared now, and the courage is scared away."

Qi Haoran sat back on the kang in a daze. Did her mother find someone to find out if Zhang Yongqiang would have an accident?

Just as he was immersed in horrible imagination, he heard Sister Zhou talking with people outside, "Mario hasn't woken up yet. Go back. He is resting at home today and won't go out to play."

When Wang Yuan went out in the morning, she told Sister Zhou that Qi Haoran went to the cemetery last night and came back to have nightmares, discussing to cook him some shocking soup, and don't let him go out today.

"I, I'm here to apologize to them." A timid voice sounded.

When Qi Haoran heard this voice, he hurriedly jumped off the kang and opened the door to go out.

Wang Zining also hurriedly followed out.

Qi Haoran was barefoot, looking towards standing in the yard

Zhang Yongqiang in here, his hair is still messy, his clothes are still dirty, but he doesn't seem to be injured.

Seeing Brother Wang Zining coming out, Zhang Yongqiang lowered his head and whispered: "I'm sorry last night, I, I know you wanted to help me, but my dad, he just has a temper, he won't really hurt me."

Wang Zining said indifferently: "It's okay, you don't have to apologize specifically, it's fine if you haven't been beaten. Mario is also worried that you will be…"

Qi Haoran glared at her brother, and Wang Zining shut up and didn't say anything, but he still glanced at his brother, mocking his nonsense, and worried that Zhang Yongqiang would also be killed. Look, people are alive and kicking now, nothing happened.

"I want to have breakfast first, have a good breakfast, let's take Yellow Dog to play together." Qi Haoran said to Zhang Yongqiang nonchalantly.

Zhang Yongqiang nodded vigorously, and responded with a happily grin: "Okay!"

Wang Zining was a little anxious. He knew his father was so fierce and suspected that he was a murderer. Why did he turn his head to play with him again? However, he was not good at preventing the two from coming together, so he could only admit that he was unlucky. Today, he should stay with the little man more and watch him a little bit.

A group of children are playing soccer in the open again, and the soil is covered with dust.

Wang Zining didn't know why the little man suggested that they go to play soccer, and he didn't join in the game himself. Instead, I encourage myself to take Zhang Yongqiang to play.

He watched the little man beckon him and said that he was going to go home to the bathroom. Wang Zining curled his lips. There was no one else here. The boy could solve it anywhere. He was about to say that he would accompany him back, but Qi Haoran had already refused in advance, saying that Yellow Dog was with him.

Well, he saw that the little guy went out today and showed up with a schoolbag on his back. He didn't know what was in it, but he saw that he took out the ham from the schoolbag and fed it to the dog. Now the dog is rubbing against him, so affectionate. Up.

Qi Haoran took Yellow Dog to leave. At first, Yellow Dog kept looking back at the owner running in the field. He didn't know what happened and didn't really want to leave until Zhang Yongqiang waved at it and asked him to accompany his new friend to go home first, Yellow Dog. Just followed.

When walking far away, Qi Haoran squatted down, took out another ham sausage, and said to Yellow Dog: "You take me to your house, do you know the way?"

Yellow Dog didn't understand what he meant, so he took a bite of the ham, put on the ground, lowered his head to bite.

After he had eaten well, Qi Haoran told him to let it go home again. Yellow Dog did not respond, and stayed on the spot, jumping his feet, stretching out his front paws and grabbing Qi Haoran's schoolbag. It knew there was something delicious in it.

Qi Haoran felt that it was impossible to communicate with it by language. He picked up Yellow Dog and walked in the direction where Zhang Yongqiang had left. As he walked, Yellow Dog seemed to understand Qi Haoran's meaning and began to trot with his legs. Qi Haoran followed closely. Behind, Xiao Pan ran.

Until he came to a remote cave dwelling, Yellow Dog was about to call, Qi Haoran hurriedly touched his head to stop. Seeing a figure coming out of the wall, he hurriedly pulled Yellow Dog aside, put his fingers in front of his mouth, and booed Yellow Dog. Fortunately, Yellow Dog was stunned by his strange behavior and stopped calling.

Qi Haoran saw the figure walking out, the same Zhang Ma he saw last night. His small heart tightened and he hurriedly held his breath until Zhang Ma gradually walked away with his hoe, and then slowly relaxed.

He catted to his waist and walked around the yard against the dirt wall. Yellow Dog has been following him, looking at him curiously.

Qi Haoran saw that the cave dwelling in front of him was much more dilapidated than the place where he lived, with potholes on the loess walls, corn hanging on the outer walls of the two cave dwellings, firewood piled in the courtyard, and a broken washbasin with ashes from burning paper money. There were two burnt candles on the ground, which should have been used for the Mid-Yuan Festival last night.

Yellow Dog came to the familiar yard, ran back to his kennel in the yard, got in and pulled the torn clothes out, dragged it halfway, put it down again, sniffed around his kennel for a long time, and finally ran back to Qi Haoran 'S side.

"Who gave you the note that day?" Qi Haoran asked it.

The Yellow Dog barked twice and shook its tail, seeming to be asking, what are you talking about?

Qi Haoran took out a piece of paper from his schoolbag, took a pen and drew two strokes on it, folded it, and the Yellow Dog understood it, pounced on it, grabbed it, and ran out.

Qi Haoran quickly grabbed it, looked around the courtyard, and said anxiously, "Who gave it to you? I didn't let you go outside to find someone!"

Yellow Dog was stunned.

Qi Haoran took the paper ball out of its mouth and threw it on the ground disappointedly.

Yellow Dog wagging his tail, stepped forward and stroked the paper ball with his paw, using

He sniffed his nose and looked up at Qi Haoran. He suddenly woke up, got up and ran to a cave dwelling, scratching the corroded wooden door with his paws.

Qi Haoran hesitated for a moment and followed, he reached out and pushed the wooden door, and found that the door was locked, he walked to the Tianzi window next to him, stretched out his hand and pushed it, and found that the window can be opened from below.

He looked around, moved a wooden stool in the yard, stepped on it, opened the window, and signaled Yellow Dog to go in. Yellow Dog immediately understood, a jump, and lightly fell through the window into the room.

Qi Haoran also supported his arms and crawled in with his ass pouted. As soon as he entered, he fell to the ground. Fortunately, the window was not high and the ground was hard soil, so he didn't fall.

As soon as Yellow Dog came in, he ran to the end of the cave and stood there, pulling a wooden plank on the ground and screaming.

Qi Haoran seemed to hear a strange echo in the room, like it came from a stuffy jar. He plucked up the courage and walked to the wooden board where the Yellow Dog was. He found a padlock on the wooden board, which could not be lifted.

He lifted his foot and stomped the plank, and cried out nervously, "Is there anyone?"

The weird noise became denser.

Qi Haoran felt that he could call the police. Although he didn't know what was in the underground kiln below, he intuitively felt that it was weird.

The unsolvable mystery made him pluck up the courage to overcome the fear in his heart and walked here, but he couldn't open the lock.

He was also worried about what to do if a beast was locked inside and suddenly rushed out. Or, there might be Zhang Yongqiang's mother's corpse inside. Thinking of this, he stepped back, a little scared.

He took out the mobile phone in his bag and wanted to send a message for the police to handle. He found that he had installed a signal enhancement receiver, but the network was still not working. While he was holding his cell phone to study, he didn't notice that the wooden door was opened.


"Who are you? How did you come in?" Zhang Ma still put his hand on the door, and when he saw someone in the room, he suddenly shouted with a distorted face.

Qi Haoran was startled, and the phone fell to the ground.

Yellow Dog barked when he saw Zhang Ma, hiding in the corner with some fear.

Zhang Ma glanced over the locked wooden board, then turned to Qi Haoran, suddenly stepped forward, and directly picked up the frightened Qi Haoran, covering his mouth to prevent him from making a sound.

Qi Haoran waved his limbs and struggled.

Face frightened. Zhang Ma restrained the people, first went to close the wooden door, then took out a bunch of keys around his waist, and walked to the wooden board.

When he opened the padlock, he suddenly felt a pain in his arm. He cried out in pain and threw the person on the ground. When he found that the child had a bite on his arm, the pain irritated him, and he planned to teach the child who came in suddenly. Suddenly, his body was tingling, his body trembled a few times, and he squatted down in pain.

Qi Haoran seized the opportunity, took out the self-made pouch from his bag, hit Zhang Ma once, and after Zhang Ma let go, he immediately ran towards the door. Yellow Dog gave Zhang Ma a sobbing look and ran out with Liu Haoran.

He pulled his calf and ran, and just a few steps out of the cave, he tripped over a hoe placed in the yard, knocked his knee on the hoe, and cut his skin and blood suddenly.

He wanted to stand up and then run outside, just got up, and then fell down again.

Yellow Dog came to him and wanted to help him lick the wound. Qi Haoran pushed it and said, "Go and ask someone to come and help. Find a big guy!"

As soon as his voice fell, Zhang Ma recovered from the electric shock and walked out of the cave. Qi Haoran saw his red eyes appear at the door, and he picked up a sickle leaning against the cave wall, and suddenly shouted: "Mom, mom, big man…"

Zhang Ma has not fully recovered from the electric shock, but subconsciously knows that this child must not be allowed to escape, otherwise his secret will not be kept. He dragged the sickle and walked slowly towards Qi Haoran.

Qi Haoran picked up his own cock again and pointed it at Zhang Ma. Zhang Ma knew how powerful this thing was. He threw the sickle over and planned to knock the cock off. When the sickle flew towards Qi Haoran, he was shocked.

"Mario!" there was a tearing cry behind him.

With a bang, the Yellow Dog fell heavily in front of Qi Haoran, with a sickle pierced on his body, its limbs twitched continuously, blood slowly leaking out of the wound, and a large amount of it soon poured out.

Qi Haoran's eyes were stained with bright red blood, as if he had been shaped, motionless.

"Mario, are you okay?" Wang Zining picked up his brother and asked anxiously.

Zhang Yongqiang ran to Yellow Dog's side, squatted down, stroked his blood-stained hair, tears kept falling, he looked up at Zhang Ma, painful quality

Question: "You killed Yellow Dog! Why did you kill it? Yellow Dog, Yellow Dog can't die…"

Hearing his voice, the yellow dog raised his head strenuously, trying to rub his master, but just lifted it, and fell weakly.

Zhang Yongqiang wiped a tear, stood up, and suddenly rushed towards Zhang Ma.

"You let my mother go! Save the Yellow Dog, or I won't recognize you as my dad…" he said while pulling Zhang Ma.

Zhang Ma was stimulated by this scene and kicked his son directly.

Without waiting for Wang Zining to stop him, a group of uniformed police officers rushed in at the door and stepped forward to control him.

Wang Yuan ran behind and saw the little son who was lost in her brother's arms. She stretched out her hand and touched his face and asked, "Mario, what's the matter with you? Mommy is here, don't be afraid!"

Seeing her mother, Qi Haoran finally recovered, sniffing, and suddenly burst into tears.

"Mom, you want to save Yellow Dog, you can't let it die."


Because of an accident with her youngest son, Wang Yuan could only take a few more days off with the crew and stay with him at the county hospital. It just so happens that her scenes are almost the same. There are a few scenes where the actors and actresses can cooperate, and it is enough to go back and make up the shots at that time.

Qi Haoran's leg was cut by a hoe, and after being stimulated and frightened, Wang Yuan still let him stay in the hospital for a few days to be relieved.

After eating the apple cubes his mother fed him, he asked: "Mom, is the Yellow Dog really all right?"

"It's okay. I sent it to the hospital in time that day. The doctor sewed up its wound and it was fine. Didn't my brother take a photo and send it to you?" Wang Yuan cut the apple into pieces with a knife. Then slowly feed it to the son.

"I want to watch it."

"It can't enter the ward, and its wound has not completely healed now. It has to be recuperated in the pet hospital. When it gets better, I will definitely take you to see it."

"Has Zhang Yongqiang's father been taken away by the police?" Qi Haoran asked worriedly.

"Yes, he has been taken away by the police for the crime of imprisoning others' personal freedom and intent to injure others." Wang Yuan said.

She rushed to the scene that day to send her son and dog to the hospital for treatment, but did not stay to see Zhang Ma's confession.

But later inquiries about the police, including what Ms. Zhou had heard from the host's wife, had put together the truth of the matter.

Zhang Ma is not what Qi Haoran suspected he killed his wife, but put her in a kiln for nearly two years.

A few years ago, Zhang Ma worked in the city. After being smashed in the head, his mental state was not very stable and he could no longer stay in the city. He returned to his old house to work as a farmer, but his wife Ma Yanhong stayed in the city. Up.

Ma Yanhong stayed alone in the field. For a while, he often heard people from the village saying that she was looking for someone outside. He went to her angrily. Because he couldn't control his temper, he moved his hands to Ma Yanhong several times. Determined to leave him, filed for divorce.

Zhang Ma didn't want to lose his wife, so she deceived Ma Yanhong back into a fight with her son in the village and was broken with the false news that her head was critically ill. After Ma Yanhong hurried back, he was knocked out and locked in a kiln. Almost two years.

Sending people to the underground kiln must be moving, and sending food and drink is not hidden from Zhang Yongqiang. Zhang Ma also told his son that he knew it early in the morning, and told him that his mother would leave them, father and son, and other men. Together, he won't come back again. If he doesn't want to be a motherless child, he can't let people know that his mother is kept at home.

Zhang Yongqiang was frightened by Zhang Ma and really didn't tell outsiders about his mother's stay in the kiln.

Sometimes Zhang Ma would let Zhang Yongqiang go down to deliver food to his mother. At the beginning, Zhang Yongqiang watched his mother chained to the bed, crying and begging him to call the police and begging for someone to let him out. Zhang Yongqiang would have some He was soft-hearted, but at that time he was still young, so he remembered what his father said, let his mother go and ran away completely, he would never see her again.

Several times later, when Ma Yanhong asked her son to call the police, Zhang Ma heard him. Zhang Ma severely beat Ma Yanhong several times in front of Zhang Yongting and told Zhang Yongqiang that if he told others, he would kill Ma Yanhong. And a family of three went on the road together, and Zhang Yongqiang was even more afraid to speak out.

After a long time, Ma Yanhong was desperate for the loss of personal freedom and dark days. Looking at Zhang Yongqiang's son, her eyes were full of hatred, and she cursed Zhang Ma and Zhang Yongqiang every day.

But Zhang Yongqiang still often went to the kiln to accompany his mother. Tell her something outside. Sometimes he was writing homework with candles in the kiln. Ma Yanhong took care and secretly hid a copy of his pen and paper. She would write the distress note, and while Zhang Yongqiang was not paying attention, she would follow Zhang Yongqiang to the ground. Kiln of Yellow Dog

In the mouth, let it take it out.

The previous notes were not sent out either without being noticed or discovered by Zhang Yongqiang.

Zhang Yongqiang told Ma Yanhong that a film company came to the village to film and many people came. Ma Yanhong saw a little hope again, she put a note in Da Huang's mouth again, let him take it, and told him to go to crowded places and give them the note.

Although Yellow Dog can't understand people's words, but after getting along for a long time, it can still understand some simple instructions. The paper ball he sent to the studio was the distress message written by Ma Yanhong. It says: I am Ma Yanhong, I am locked in a kiln, save me!

Only when Qi Haoran found out, the note had been soaked in saliva.

On the night of the Mid-Year Festival, they ran into Zhang Ma at the graveyard. The sack that Zhang Ma was dragging in his hands was indeed filled with Ma Yanhong. Of course she was alive at that time, but was tied up with her hands and feet and gagged her mouth.

Ma Yanhong did not give up even after failing to pass the note through Yellow Dog. She knew that the Mid-Year Festival was approaching. A few days before the Mid-Year Festival, she had a soft attitude towards Zhang Ma, pretending to want to live with him well, saying that she was in Di Kiln is willing to live his whole life, just to let him relax his vigilance. When the Mid-Year Festival arrived, she said again that she wanted to go to the grave for her parents and personally burn some paper at the grave.

She was an only daughter. When her parents were still alive, she treated Zhang Ma very well. She kept talking about the friendship of her parents, and Zhang Ma finally agreed to take her to the grave.

It's just that she didn't expect that Zhang Ma tied her hands and feet at night, stuffed a cloth strip in her mouth, put it in a sack, and carried her tomb.

Losing the hope of freedom again, returning from the graveyard, she returned to the cage of the kiln again, and her feet were chained again. She had thought that she would just die. After a hundred, she did not expect to be on the ground the next day. Hearing unfamiliar voices in the kiln, she ignited hope and kept crying for help, but the kiln of the Zhang family was dug deep and loud, and the sound could not be heard at all.

After the outside voice disappeared, she fell into despair again, but she didn't expect that she really ushered in the hope of being rescued this time.

After Ma Yanhong went out, she saw Zhang Ma, who was subdued by the police and squatting on the side, rushing over excitedly, punching and kicking at him, yelling and swearing, and venting the two years of depression and pain. As for the trembling son who was standing on the other side, she glanced at her and ignored it again, turned and ran out of the yard, in the sun, breathing deeply in the long-lost air, and feeling a real feeling of being alive.

I heard from Sister Zhou that when Ma Yanhong came out, she was skinny and lookless. The landlord said she couldn't recognize her at all. A woman who used to be so handsome and plump, she was tortured and lost her body. It was an injury. The bones were broken several times, and they were connected casually. Now they are a little lame in walking.

"Son, you have done an amazing thing." Wang Yuan told Qi Haoran.

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