Just after complimenting, Wang Yuan began to criticize more severely, "However, you made more mistakes! Do you know how reckless your action this time is! How dangerous! Almost…you will get hurt!"

"Mom thought you were a sane child, and now I found out that I was wrong. Also, you secretly prepared an electric shock Kukang and kept this dangerous item with us without knowing it."

This electric shock wooden warehouse was modified and manufactured by Qi Haoran himself. Its attack strength was at least a little stronger than that of the anti-wolf electric shock device. It was not considered a contraband, otherwise Wang Yuan would not be able to explain the source of the stuff to the police that day.

"Yes! You are just a small beanie who is less than one meter three. You dare to take a toy wooden warehouse and run to the criminal's house to act as a hero. You must be punished heavily!" Wang Zining was biting an apple beside him. Freely add fire to the road.

He was a bit regretful. The small electric shock wooden warehouse that looked like a toy was really useful. He hadn't used it to play before, so it was confiscated.

When she heard her brother talking, Wang Yuan turned her head to teach him: "You are also wrong! Before leaving the house that day, didn't mother repeatedly tell you that you must take care of your younger brother and can't leave him? Why did he sneak away to take risks afterwards? , You don't know at all."

"I…" It is true that Wang Zining can't defend himself. He can't say that the little man cheated him. Who knows that he went to Zhang Ma's house under the pretext of going to the bathroom.

Looking at the little son with a solemn face and pursing his mouth, Wang Yuan sighed: "Why can't you trust your mother? I said you will find Ma Yanhong whereabouts. If you can trust your mother, you won't act alone. Up."

Even though she went directly to the studio early that morning, Xiao Wang asked the host's aunt for the phone numbers of people who worked in the village and had contact with Ma Yanhong before.

Xiao Wang fought over, saying that Ma Yanhong had disappeared two years ago and never showed up. They thought she had run away with someone. Others said that the last time I saw her, I heard that she was going back to the village to see her son. After Xiao Wang told Wang Yuan, Wang Yuan immediately contacted the local police station, told them about the situation, and asked them to send someone to Zhang Ma's house to check.

Because she went to report the case in person, the police station took it seriously, and sent several police officers to follow her to Zhang Ma's house, but she did not expect to encounter the scene where Qi Haoran was injured.

In the past two days, she was frightened and rejoiced. Fortunately, Mario was fine, otherwise she would really regret it. Two days ago, the little guy was sluggish in spirit and injured his leg again. She endured no reproach. Now that he recovers in spirit, Wang Yuan must teach him a good lesson.

Qi Haoran lowered his head. He did think that his mother didn't believe his words and didn't take it to heart, so he wanted to find out the truth on his own.

"When you are discharged from the hospital, you will be spanked ten times as punishment." Wang Yuan announced the punishment.

Qi Haoran's shocked hands backed his little ass. Mom wouldn't really spank him, it's absolutely impossible!

"Mom, I can do it for you." Wang Zining was eager to try.

Qi Haoran glared at him fiercely.

"Are you going to get Mario a butt spanking?" Wang Yuan deliberately misinterpreted his meaning.

"Of course not!" Wang Zining exclaimed.

"Now you brothers have a scar on your legs. You have truly become a pair of difficult brothers and hard brothers, a reckless combination!" Wang Yuan looked at the scars on the elder's exposed calf, and then glanced at the gauze on the younger son's leg. Distressed and angry.

After Qi Haoran was discharged from the hospital, Wang Yuan took him to see Yellow Dog, and Qi Haoran prepared a lot of dog food and dog snacks for him.

When I saw the Yellow Dog, its body had recovered, and it ran and jumped, but there was a long scar on its side, and the surrounding hair was shaved, making it look even uglier.

Qi Haoran squatted to feed it. Yellow Dog recognized him and licked his hand. This time he didn't dislike Yellow Dog's saliva, and he reached out and carefully touched its scar.

"Yellow Dog, would you like to go home with me?" Qi Haoran asked hopefully.

Yellow Dog didn't understand what he was saying, so he yelled at him twice and continued to nod his head to eat.

"Mario, Yellow Dog was discharged from the hospital today. We are going to return it to Zhang Yongqiang. He is the owner of Yellow Dog." Wang Yuan had to remind.

Qi Haoran lowered his head in disappointment. He put the food he bought for Yellow Dog into Li Gang's arms, "You can send it back."

He looked at Yellow Dog reluctantly and left with his mother.

"Mom, does Zhang Yongqiang still live in that house? Can I go to see Yellow Dog again?" He has lingering fears about that place now, but he wants to see Yellow Dog again.

"Zhang Yongqiang now lives with a relative of him, and the Yellow Dog will be delivered to their home together."

Qi Haoran asked worriedly: "Will they keep Yellow Dog? Do you think it is too ugly?

it?" He wanted to turn around to pick up the Yellow Dog.

"Mum asked someone to ask them. They welcome Yellow Dog over."

"Then, Zhang Yongqiang's father was arrested. Will he live with her mother in the future? Will his mother blame him for not calling the police for her?"

"No. He is still a child, and his mother will not blame him." Wang Yuan comforted her son.

She couldn't tell her son that Zhang Yongqiang's mother sent him to an elderly aunt's house, left some money, and left the village without a trace.

She can understand Ma Yanhong's inner struggle. She has no way to face her son now, and she has to go out to earn money to make ends meet. Zhang Yongqiang, like many left-behind children, has experienced their miserable lives.

Because of the accidental intersection, Wang Yuan could only give a little help as much as she could. She communicated with the village chief and she would fund Zhang Yongqiang's living and study expenses until he became an adult, regardless of whether his mother would come back.

After Wang Yuan returned to the village with her two children, she would not let them leave her side. She could finish work in a few days. She didn't want anything to happen in the last few days.

Now Wang Zining walks around the studio every day, helping with miscellaneous tasks, carrying microphones, and props, etc., doing very vigorously. Let him sit there and read a book for a day like his brother, he must be suffocated to death.

He watched the scene of his mother acting, and compared it with the small video they made some time ago. He felt that the small video made by himself and his classmates was so crude that he couldn't see people.

Sure enough, filming can't be done by just pulling a straw gang, and their videos can become popular, half by luck.

After Wang Yuan finished filming her scene, she packed her bags and was about to go home. It's been almost a month since she came out, she also missed her home in H city very much now. After returning home, there are still a lot of things to do. The eldest son's summer homework has only progressed to one-tenth. Before school starts, he must be escorted to do his homework well at home. The youngest son is going to elementary school soon, and he has to prepare the things he needs to start school. Because he is staying, there are a lot of things to prepare.

Before leaving, Qi Haoran wanted to bid farewell to Yellow Dog, but Wang Yuan did not agree, but agreed that he could send food to Yellow Dog when he got home, and she would send it to someone.

She didn't want her son to be in contact with Da Huang too deeply, so as not to be more uncomfortable when separated, and she didn't want him to know about Zhang Yongqiang. Zhang Ma has been taken into custody and the case has not yet been heard in court, but he will definitely not be able to escape after ten years of prison life, Ma

Yanhong doesn't know if she will come back in the future. Zhang Yongqiang should not be protected by her parents in recent years.

Wang Zining and his friends who had just met recently also bid farewell. He gave them the rest of the snacks and some toys that he brought over, and also seriously told Dawei and others that they should go to school well, not Go to play games.

Dawei and the others happily nodded and agreed, but I don't know if it can be done.

After returning to her little home in City H, Wang Yuan fulfilled her punishment measures, put her unwilling little son on her lap, and smacked his small butt ten times. Although his butt is not very painful, his self-esteem is severely injured. Mario, who did not expect to be physically punished, lay on the kang after being spanked, and no longer cared about others angrily.

As soon as Wang Zining finished watching the excitement, he was asked by his mother to lie on the sofa and receive physical punishment together. Wang Zining jumped and said that he would not be so stupid and be beaten obediently.

Wang Yuan said that the confinement until the beginning of school, and now honestly suffer ten times, choose by yourself. Wang Zining watched the little man on the kang move, with his little ears erected. He reluctantly said, "Forget it, I did something wrong last time. I didn't take a good look at the little man. If something happens to him, he will be punished by corporal punishment."

He looked brave and righteous, lying on the sofa with his chin resting between his arms, quite leisurely.

"Plap." With a sound, the flesh of the butt flicked. Wang Zining turned around in surprise, stretched out his right hand to touch his spanked butt, and looked at his mother aggrievedly. Just now, he was very gentle on the small man, like dusting him, when spanking him, it was as cruel as a cockroach was slapped to death.

The eyes are turned to the armpits!

"I'm sorry, I just started a little harder." The mother apologized pretentiously. Seeing that the elder son didn't have the fearful attitude that he should have when he received corporal punishment, she couldn't help but hit harder.

"Huh." Wang Zining rolled his head angrily.

For the next nine strokes, the force was about the same as swatting a mosquito. Wang Zining had a rare physical punishment in his life, and it felt quite fresh. I don't know why Brother Shui is so afraid of fried pork with bamboo shoots. He thinks it's so normal and completely fine. If Wang Yuan knew what he thought, she would definitely regret playing lightly.

The corporal punishment of the elder brother was a temporary decision, mainly to balance the relationship between the brothers. Sure enough, the elder brother was beaten to cheer up his younger brother. He also stood up and secretly helped count to ensure that his mother would not miss a palm.

Back at home, the mother and son three were in their own bathroom, enjoying a hot bath, and took a bath happily, without having to wonder how to use a basin of water multiple times.

Wang Zining sighed: "It's better to be at home!"

Qi Haoran secretly nodded in agreement. However, he developed the habit of taking a shower outside, and he automatically followed his mother into the bedroom, climbed onto the soft quilt, rolled around, and lay down in the quilt beside her.

Wang Yuan reminded, "Mario, now you're home, you can sleep in your own bed, and you don't have to huddle with your mother anymore."

The main reason is that she is finally liberated and can regain a person's free space. She is planning to make up a good night's sleep, not wanting to be beaten by random boxing in the middle of the night.

"I'll stay with you one more day." Qi Haoran said naturally.

Wang Yuan:…

"So you came here." Wang Zining also walked in and saw the little man already lying on the bed. He also threw himself on the bed, turned over, lay down, spread his hands and said, "I will sleep here too at night."

Wang Yuan:…

When the sound of the two children's even breathing came, Wang Yuan got up and got out of bed and helped them cover the children. She pushed the door gently and walked out, went to the little son's room, and lay down on his bed, comfortable and peaceful. Go to sleep. 

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