Wang Zining found that the freedom he had gained with corporal punishment, because every day to catch summer homework at home, it was almost the same as confinement. It is worthy of consolation that because of a trip, he did have something to write about his summer composition. You can write about the cave dwellings in the northwest that are different from high-rise buildings, the landscape wonders you saw there, the new friends you met, the adventures of Zhongyuan Festival, etc.

Fan Jiangliang didn't see his son for a month. On the second day of his return, the old father found his son. Wang Zining kept telling his father about the people and things he encountered in the village. Fan Jiangliang looked at his son. A happy expression, listening with gusto. When he asked if he wanted to see his younger brother, Wang Zining immediately said that he was going home to catch up with his homework, and he would talk about it next time.

Here Wang Yuan took Qi Haoran to the mall for a few days, buying new clothes, school bags and various stationery for the beginning of school. There are also various daily necessities for accommodation. We ordered a warm and light goose down quilt, a lightweight kettle, a nice small washbasin, a small fan and so on. As a companion, Qi Haoran feels that most of the things her mother buys are not needed, but her mother is interested in shopping, he still doesn't hurt her, let her buy and buy happily.

He also received a call from his father, knowing that his father would return to City H to hold an engagement ceremony with his girlfriend in two days. Dad hoped that he could participate, Qi Haoran said that he didn't want to go.

He also said intimately to his mother: "I agree with you to find a boyfriend, or you won't be able to find it when you get old."

The elder brother who was immersed in his homework heard this and said angrily: "You traitor!" He originally wanted to say that he would never agree. Later, thinking about the smaller man, it made sense. He said to his mother angrily, "If you If you want to find a boyfriend, you must have seen it by the two of us."

Since mother can't stop her from looking for her boyfriend, then he has to help check it.

"My dears, thank you for your understanding. If mom meets someone she likes very much in the future, she will definitely show it to you first."

Wang Zining said slightly sour: "Will you meet someone you like very soon?"

Qi Haoran also looked at her mother intently.

"It shouldn't be anymore. It is very difficult to meet someone you like very much. Maybe you will never meet again." Because I have already met, there will be no second person. Wang Yuan chuckled, but she didn't expect to talk about relationship problems with her sons.

She sternly said: "You too, if you meet a girl you like, you can also tell your mother. Puppy love who is healthy and happy, can promote learning and solve difficulties together, mothers are all supportive."

Wang Zining sighed, "I don't want to fall in love, girls are very annoying." It's better to play soccer!

Qi Haoran started silently, not wanting to have such a boring conversation with her mother.

"By the way, how about we raise a puppy?" Wang Yuan suddenly proposed.

Mainly because they were visiting the mall these two days, Wang Yuan would stop for a long time when he saw Mario passing by the door of the pet shop, knowing that he was still thinking about Yellow Dog.

Animals are children's best companions, but having an extra puppy in the family will be very troublesome to take care of, requiring a lot of energy and time. Adopting a puppy is like adopting a child. It must be carefully considered and fully prepared. It is very cruel to the dog if it is abandoned halfway through. She also considered for two days before she made up her mind and told her sons.

Wang Zining immediately became energetic and said excitedly: "I agree, I agree." He has always wanted to raise a dog, but his grandmother is allergic to animal hair, so he hasn't developed it. He was very excited when he heard his mother take the initiative to raise a dog, and he almost raised his hands and feet to express his opinion.

Qi Haoran's eyes also lit up." I want to raise a dog like Yellow Dog."

"Nowadays, the city does not allow Chinese garden dogs." Wang Yuan said to her younger son with some apologetics.

"We have black backs! Vigilant and prestigious!" Wang Zining suggested.

"Black back is also one of the prohibited dogs." Wang Yuan reminded." Let's raise a Teddy, how cute!"

The two brothers were obviously not interested, each poking his mouth.

The three mothers and sons were still discussing what dog to keep, and the doorbell rang.

Sister Zhou had gone back from get off work. Wang Zining ran to open the door. Wang Yuan also reminded him to see who it was in the video before opening the door.

Before finishing speaking, Wang Zining opened the door.

He watched warily at Uncle Erha standing outside the door, "What are you doing?" Are you here to fight again?

Qi Kuang: "I gave Mario a gift." After speaking, he brought the pet box in his hand to the front, and asked Wang Zining to take a look.

Wang Zining forgot to stop him from entering the door in astonishment.

When Qi Kuang appeared in the living room, Mario frowned and walked over: "Uncle, come on…"

Qi Kuang opened the pet box and took out a small golden retriever. The three mothers who leaned forward were dumbfounded.

Did he just eavesdrop in the corner of their house? How do they know they want to raise a puppy? It was delivered in such a timely manner.

"Your father, my second brother, isn't he about to get engaged soon? I'm afraid you will be sad, and I will give you a gift to accompany you, the poor little orphan." Qi Kuang said with a sympathetic expression on his hips.

What I said before was still human words, and then a sentence appeared, and it really was the same kind of Erha, and the nerves were often not online.

"Thank you, my son is not an orphan. We accept your kindness. We don't plan to raise this puppy. We are planning to adopt an Erha tomorrow. Compared with the Golden Retriever, Erha lacks love and needs people. □, we are going to bring one back, and teach it to be a good polite and educated dog." Wang Yuan said defiantly.

Qi Kuang was really angry. Putting down the puppy, he straightened up and confronted Wang Yuan angrily: "The last time you filled me with alcohol and made me drunk and ugly, I haven't asked you to settle the account. Today I am It has nothing to do with you who came to see my nephew! Our account will be calculated next time."

He turned to Mario and said: "This little golden retriever, but I asked a friend to get it, and here is its pedigree certificate. Its paternal line is the Balabala Champion, and its matriline is the Balabala country beauty queen." He looked smugly, "This is a noble pedigree dog, as a gift that you will soon become a drag oil bottle, don't thank me too much."

After speaking, he flicked the golden hair that he had just taken care of, turned and swayed away.

He came today, and it was indeed a special gift to his nephew. He asked a friend to get it. As soon as he got it, he delivered it that night. As a person who came by, he felt that he could feel his nephew's feelings of disappointment and wanted to find an animal to accompany him. Let him feel better, don't feel uncomfortable for his dad's remarriage.

Unexpectedly, it was sent in a hurry, this family actually didn't appreciate it, hum, wasting some feelings from the young master.

Wang Zining squatted down and looked at the little golden retriever fluttering on the floor, a little panicked. He raised his head and asked, "Are we going to throw it out?"

"Yes, you can throw it away!" Wang Yuan turned and went to the kitchen, planning to give the puppy hot milk to drink.

Wang Zining:…

"Hey, are you a spy sent by Uncle Erha? You can't stay in our house. I want to raise St. Bernard, so I want to send you away." Wang Zining stabs the puppy. The Golden Retriever wants to bite his finger and turns around to play with him.

"Little guy, come and drink the cow milk!" Wang Yuan heated up the fresh milk in the refrigerator, put it in a bowl, and put it on the ground.

"Mom, the puppy can't drink milk, it will have diarrhea!" Qi Haoran has checked the precautions about raising a little golden retriever on his mobile phone just now. My mother really didn't know how to raise a dog. It was really worrying. From now on, he should pay more attention not to let her feed the little golden retriever with strange things.

"Ah, can't you drink milk?" Mom was embarrassed, and she quickly took the milk away. Just now, the little golden retriever ran over to lick the milk in the bowl.

"Should we raise it?" Qi Haoran asked. He looked at the little golden retriever with a stupid and innocent appearance, and returned it to his unreliable second uncle, wondering where it would be sent.

"It is mainly to accompany the two of you, I think you can make the decision." Wang Yuan said.

"We can raise two. Let the little man take care of it. I plan to raise a St. Bernard dog." Although the St. Bernard dog is not as cool and handsome as the black back, it is large in size and can be mighty.

"We can only raise one dog. Raising a puppy is not buying toys. We need to spend a lot of energy. Mom has to work and you have to go to school. Who will take care of them? Raising a puppy is our decision. We cannot add extra work to Sister Zhou. burden."

Wang Zining said disappointedly, "Forget it, let it go, and you can't really throw it out."

Hugging the puppy and looking at its round innocent eyes, Wang Yuan smiled, "Shall we give it a name?"

"Erha?" Wang Zining suggested that the puppy given by Uncle Erha was called Erha.

"Yellow Dog!" Qi Haoran felt that the hair on Little Golden Retriever's body was also pale yellow, which was called Yellow Dog.

"You guys guess the box!" The naming right should let them guess the box by themselves. The old mother can't favor any of them.

A few days after the puppy came to the house, the two brothers were going to school with their schoolbags on their backs.

Wang Zining's grandparents also called and will be back next week. Qi Haoran stayed after school and went home on weekends. Wang Yuan felt that the puppy came to the house to accompany her old mother?

In the past few days, through the online knowledge guidance of the youngest son's inquiry, they fumbled for raising the little golden retriever, and also took it to the pet hospital for a vaccination. Knowing that it has been more than two months, the doctor also reminded that three It is best not to bathe it before a month. Wang Yuan secretly rejoiced. Fortunately, the younger son told him in time, otherwise she would like to take a shower for the puppy that night. It seems that keeping pets is more troublesome than expected.

Little Golden Retriever's name was settled, and his brother won a boxing guess, so it was called Erha. Is it weird to call a golden retriever Erha (Husky)?

The Xiao Erha at home has officially settled down, and is now exploring all corners of the house curiously.

And the second ha outside, the film business is also going on vigorously, the new film is first popular, one is to transform the protagonist of the original novel, and the other is Uncle Erha's huge sums of money. We need to invite a foreign special effects team to do this. Special effects technology for a movie. While the whole network was still in noisy discussions, the big wave set off by Uncle Erha was suddenly beaten to death on the beach by his father and father Qi.

Uncle Erha's capital chain was broken, and his account was completely frozen by his father.

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