Early in the morning, Qi Kuang ran to Wutong Road to make a fuss.

The agent told him that all his accounts had been frozen, and agreed that the second round of investment for the "Parallel Space" movie would be paid in two days, and he asked him what to do.

Qi Kuang first called his dad, but the call never got through. Then he dialed the dad's assistant and secretary and found that they had blocked him. He almost dropped his phone in anger and drove into the car to Wutong Road.

After returning to China for so long, he hasn't been to his home on Wutong Road. This time he personally came to the house for funding, to find the old man to have a good theory.

"Where is Lao Qi?" Qi Kuang asked when he entered the courtyard and caught a passing servant.

"Mr. Qi is in the study." The servant said tremblingly, a little scared of the manic-faced Mr. San in front of him.

"Go to the study to practice big calligraphy again? A capital J who is good at exploitation, pretend to be a cultural person! You and Lao Qi, I have something to look for him!" Qi Kuang said loudly to the servant.

The servant quickly turned and retreated.

"Qi Kuang, why did you come here suddenly today?" Shao Yi frowned and asked with a smile, holding back his dissatisfaction.

She had just finished the English breakfast elegantly and came out to admire the precious flowers in the yard. She saw the most difficult stepson suddenly appear. The breakfast that entered her stomach suddenly became a heavy burden.

Qi Kuang said impatiently: "I'm not looking for you, I'm looking for Lao Qi for something."

"I yelled as soon as I saw you, and I also had a problem with your dad's name. This family is not just a few of us, but the servants, drivers, and security are all here, so they can hear that our master's quality is not good." Shao Yi smiled. Reminded, "Is it necessary to pay attention."

Knowing that the stepson can't speak well, but the habit of picking on people's faults still cannot be changed.

Qi Kuang raised his eyebrows, and glanced at Shao Yi, "It is good quality to follow you like this? Wearing a mask every day to hold the stage, like the Xigong empress waiting for people to see you at any time, you really think that the old Qi family has the throne."

He has seen Shao Yi displeased since he was a child, and he would have to stab her when there is nothing wrong with him. Today, he was just in anger. Seeing her jump out, he would definitely have to ridicule.

"You…" Shao Yi was so angry that she couldn't speak.

"Third brother, you are too much. Why do you talk to my mother like this? What she said is your stepmother." Qi Tian just heard it from the inside, speaking for her mother.

"I haven't gotten three shots today, why did you get up? Oh, today you are going to chase again

Star bar, which little meat is going to engage in the event this time? Ms. Shao, I advise you to take care of your own child when you have time, so as not to develop the habit of sticking upside down, this quality is indeed problematic, allowing outsiders to read jokes." Qi Kwong tutted.

Qi Tian was so angry that there was smoke on his head, "You are a joke! Don't you know your nickname? Erha! Spend so much money to make a movie by yourself, and no one will watch it!"

"Smelly girl, see if I don't beat you!" The most unacceptable thing for Qi Kuang now is to be called Erha, and he will go forward to beat him after he finishes talking.

Qi Tian backed away in fright, and Shao Yi quickly stepped forward to block her daughter behind her.

"Qi Kuang! What are you doing?" Father Qi finally appeared.

Qi Kuang let go of Qi Tian and said to his dad, "You don't know why I'm here? Why did you freeze my account?"

Qi Baijia ignored him and turned to enter the house. Qi Kuang quickly followed up.

"Old Qi, I made my movies well, using my pocket money, why would you interfere?" Qi Kuang said as he walked.

"Pocket money? Our family is not rich enough to give you hundreds of millions of pocket money." Qi Baijia walked to the sofa in the living room and sat down, pointed to the opposite position, and motioned Qi Kuang to sit down.

Qi Kuang didn't pay any attention at all, standing next to him, condescendingly said: "Those are my trust funds. I can use them freely at the age of 22. I spend my own business. You have to stop them. What do you mean?"

"You three brothers, I have prepared a fund for you, which is for you to use as an adult to invest in venture capital. Your elder brother used it to be stable, without long gains but not too much loss. Your second brother used it to start his own company and turned it over. How many times the profit back. It's your turn, plan to throw the money directly into the water?"

Qi Baijia opposed the third son's entry into the entertainment industry. At the beginning, he sent him to study finance. As a result, the boy dropped out of school and went to study drama. After only a year of drama, he ran back to play and directly started acting.

He didn't have to ask his son to learn business management. Qi Kuang would study other majors or find something to do. He would not object to it. As far as he knows about his son, the entertainment circle is really not suitable for him. The temperament of the third son is not suitable for that circle.

I saw him investing in dramas to engage in charity. He did not come forward to stop him. He felt that this investment at least improved the corporate image of Qi's. It was a support for charity. Later, when he sang a MV, he also felt that it was a small mess and let him go first. He knew that once pressure was applied, the third son would rebound even more. But this time Qi Kuang plans to spend hundreds of millions to make a clear

He definitely can't just sit back and watch the movies that show up on the street.

Losing money is a trivial matter, and it is the most unacceptable to be laughed at by old friends as the son of a second generation ancestor.

"How do you know that this money is in the water, so many people invest in movies, is it okay to spend money to listen to the water?"

"It's only blame for your movie to make money!" Qi Baijiadao, he knows the third child's temperament, and now he has no way to persuade him, just ignore him, just leave him alone. Anyway, now that he has no money, he can't make any extra effort.

Qi Kuang snorted coldly: "Don't think I must rely on you. Without this money, there is still a way for you, I will definitely make this movie!"

After finishing speaking, he walked away. When they met the mother and daughter who came in, they gave them a fierce look, and Qi Tian stomped her feet with anger.

"Dad, Qi Kuang is too much, why don't you care about him, he treats me and my mom like enemies." Qi Tian complained to her dad.

Qi Baijia soothed: "He has this character since he was a child, but his mouth is a bit poisonous, and he hasn't really bullied you, so don't be honest with him. And what he taught you, I have heard it, and said it is correct. You have to collect your heart and give me a good time to go to school. You have to have a degree in star chasing. Don't spend money on male stars like other dandies."

Qi Tian was so angry that he turned and ran.

When Shao Yi was about to come forward and complain that her husband was indulging his son and speaking for his daughter, Qi Baijia raised his hand and asked her to leave first.

Qi Baijia feels guilty for his youngest son, and feels that he is responsible for his son's change of character, so he indulges him a little.

His first wife was his university classmate. The two gave birth to two sons. The German wife is a scholar and he is a typical businessman. The two finally broke up peacefully due to various reasons such as personality.

The second wife is a well-to-do wealthy girl with a passionate and unrestrained personality. Qi Kuang is their youngest son. Not long after Qi Kuang was born, the relationship between the two was not very good. There was no divorce at the time, and they acquiesced not to interfere with each other's emotional life.

Later, he met his third wife, Shao Yi. Shao Yi is a dancer, and the two of them also fell in love with each other at the dance party, and they lived together soon afterwards. They were considered to have derailed in marriage and gave birth to their youngest daughter, Qi Tian.

After a few years of this, Qi Kuang's mother also met a man, planning to resolve the relationship between husband and wife that existed in name only. The second marriage was also a peaceful breakup, but the children didn't know that Qi Kuang had always thought that the appearance of Shao Yi's mother and daughter broke up his family, so he was very hostile to him, including his stepmother and sister.

When Qi Kuang was young, he didn't care much because of the rapid expansion of the company

After him, Qi Kuang's mother was also a person who couldn't stay at home and liked to travel everywhere. Therefore, Qi Kuang grew up in an incomplete family. By the time he found out, his son's personality had developed. He later thought I can't control it.

Qi Baijia took out his mobile phone and called Qi Kuang's mother. Tell her what Qi Kuang is doing now, tell her not to support him in investing in this movie, so that he can calm down, and think about the path that really suits him in the future.

Qi Kuang's mother was on vacation in a foreign country, and she agreed with a smile when she heard the words of her ex-husband. The stinky kid laughed at her for painting the old cucumber and drove her boyfriend out of the villa last time. She still remembered that she happened to teach him a lesson this time.

Qi Kuang didn't know that his parents had passed through the communication, but he didn't even think about going to beg his mother. He put a harsh word on his father and immediately went to beg his mother. It was not the same as slapped face.

What's more, his mother spends his days walking around the world with different little boyfriends. He is also upset when he sees her and will not give her a chance to show off in front of him.

He returned to his residence, took a look at the Huanjing mansion he had just bought a few months ago, and told his agent that he would sell the house.

The agent was stunned. He saw Qi Kuang come back with an unhappy expression. He knew that he hadn't talked with the family, but he didn't expect that he would sell the house when he came up.

"The market value of this house is more than 80 million, and the money is not enough." The agent warned carefully, "Sold the house, where do you live?"

"Let's stay in the hotel first. I will find a way for the rest of the money." Qi Kuang said firmly.

Wang Yuan also learned from Ni Ying that the progress of the movie "Parallel Space" has been shelved again. Ni Ying said that the producer did not know whether Qi Kuang's funds could be in place. He now wants to go outside and invest again. People dared to vote, and felt that the twists and turns of this movie were too unsuccessful. There are some people in the industry who believe in these mysterious and mysterious things. No one believes that this movie can be made successfully in the end and still make money.

Wang Yuan was also worried that Ni Ying would be lost because of this. She did not expect her mentality to be very good. She said that she was worried that the protagonist would be scolded to death by netizens, and now she can finally sleep with peace of mind.

She also said that she is very empty now. If Wang Yuan has anything to help, she will be there on call and will be happy to serve as a grass protector again and take two handsome boys out to play.

Wang Yuan smiled and said, they are all going to school now, no one needs to take them.

Two days before the eldest son started school, grandparents Fan Jiang finally returned from abroad. Wang Yuan also visited and found that Grandma Wang Zining was mentally and physically okay.

Wang Zining things, she didn't move out, because he now has basic daily necessities at both homes, as long as he carries his schoolbag on his back. Of course he wants to accompany his grandma more, but he is not willing to be with his mother and Xiao Erha (Little Husky), yes, there are only two of them, not a small man.

Wang Yuan told him that both places are his homes, and he can live back and forth between both sides at any time.

Wang Zining hugged Xiao Er and said, "I will still come back to accompany you to take a walk every night." Taking Xiao Er Ha for a good walk, he can ride back to grandma's house again.

When his elder brother was carrying a heavy schoolbag, carrying his soccer, and pushing his bicycle to leave the house, Qi Haoran said goodbye to the big man as if he was guarding the cloud and seeing Yueming, and he also specially carried his skateboard and the one he had taken from the wall. Darts, tell him not to forget to take it away.

When Wang Zining saw that the little man wanted to empty his belongings, he reminded him not to be proud, "You are going to boarding school too. I heard that you can only come back on weekends. Remember to move all your own things away." Want to monopolize this home, no way!

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