After Wang Zining went back, he was touched by his grandparents' hands from head to foot. He was afraid that he had lost a bit of meat in the past two months. Seeing that the grandson was intact as before, his complexion was still fair and beautiful, his muscles were tight, and his stature seemed to have risen by two centimeters, they nodded and squinted with smiles to express satisfaction.

Wu Han was recuperating for two months after the operation, and his mental state was much better. The body will not completely recover so quickly, and he is still a little weak. Now when entering and leaving the room, Wang Zining saw that he was going to make a fuss, persuading grandma to lie down and rest, fearing that she would get tired if she walked too much. When she walked out of the bedroom to the dining room for dinner, and returned to the room from the living room after watching TV, Grandma Wu was carried in and out by his princess.

When Grandpa Fan Jiang saw that he was jealous, he didn't admit that he was jealous. He felt that his old wife was smiling with teeth and couldn't bear to watch.

Fan Jiangwen has been with her parents abroad this time. When she came back to see her nephew, she first asked why her final exam results did not rise at all, and she was still the last one. This semester is now in the second year of the semester, and I can no longer be so casual, I have to think about how to improve my grades.

She was driven away by her parents at the very beginning of her serious preaching.

"Ning Ning has worked hard enough, I think math is ten times more than the last exam, and has made a lot of progress."

Fan Jiangwen's mouth twitched, and he progressed from forty points to fifty points. He still didn't reach the passing line. He can only say that he got two questions right again. How could her mother be so blind when it comes to grandson matters.

"Okay, go back quickly. Ning Ning's efforts are all in our eyes, and you don't need you to teach him." Grandpa Fan Jiang said unhappily. When they were abroad, they often video with Ning Ning. The little guy sat in front of the books most of the time. He said that he would get good grades in the exam to make grandma happy.

Grandpa Fan Jiang believed him very much at this point, but sometimes people's savvy and talents were different. Ning Ning worked hard, but he just didn't know how to study.

He felt that God had given his grandson an exceptionally strong physique, which might have reduced his other ability. This is not a bad thing. People who are both civil and military and perfect are not good people since ancient times.

After the old man came back, Fan Jiangliang and Li Xiaoyun brought their youngest son to visit their parents.

Li Xiaoyun seemed to apologize to Wu Han very sincerely, saying that she was overly emotional and said a lot of wrong things at the time, and hoped she forgive her.

Wu Han said that the matter is over and does not exist

Don't forgive the problem, as long as their husband and wife are in a good relationship and their children are healthy.

Speaking of the little baby, the soft child soothed Li Xiaoyun's wounds. His every move, his smile and every word touched her heart. After having a child, she feels that everything in the world is not as important as her child. She has the goal and motivation to struggle in life, which is to let her son live happily and create everything she can give him.

Seeing Wang Zining, she smiled and asked him if he wanted to hug the little brother.

Seeing everyone hearing Li Xiaoyun's words, they all looked at him with hopeful eyes. Wang Zining knew that grandparents wanted their brothers to be close, just like his mother wanted him to deepen brotherhood with the little man all day long.

Wang Zining took the spitting baby from his grandmother, and Fan Jiangliang came over with a smile to teach his son how to hold it.

He felt that his little brother was about the same age as Xiao Erha, just as soft and stupid. But it looks good, unlike the red wrinkles that I saw in the hospital.

The family was very pleased to see their brothers getting close.

Li Xiaoyun thought that her mother was right. There is no need to regard her ex-husband's son as an enemy. Although he is still a rival of her son, the two are still a teenager, and the son can't compete with him now, let alone an excellent one. It's not a bad thing that the older brother is close.

Wang Zining returned to her grandfather's house, and Wang Yuan would also take Qi Haoran to enroll in the international school.

On the day of the report, Qi Ying also came over. Although Qi Haoran was pretending to be cool, he was still very happy to see his father. Qi Ying also hugged his son for a good look. He seemed to be heavier and taller. Diudiu, his face still calm, wouldn't admit that it was his mother's credit.

The former couple pretended to have a harmonious relationship with their son in school. Wang Yuan met Lu Ziming, an acquaintance, who also accompanied his son to the entrance ceremony with his wife today.

After attending the entrance ceremony in the auditorium, they visited their son's dormitory. The dormitory is a two-person room with complete equipment. Wang Yuan helped her son organize all the luggage she brought. She looked around for two times and was still wondering if there was anything left behind.

Thinking of my son's young age and living alone in the school dormitory, I feel uneasy. I am also worried that my son's personality is too cool and social skills are not good. I don't know if he will be squeezed out by his classmates. It seems that students with good grades are vulnerable to campus bullying. Her family Mario is both young and tall.

I am younger than my classmates, what should I do if I am bullied, and I can't let my brother in to help him get revenge.

Until she came to the classroom, she was still worried. She chatted with Lu Ziming's wife, and after knowing that the other party also had this worry, she felt that this was not because she was worrying too much.

The advantage of the international school is that her star status will not receive excessive attention here. Of the twenty-odd students in Qi Haoran's class, two-thirds were foreigners. Some of these parents didn't know her, and some of them knew her, but they just nodded and smiled.

The school teacher organizes each student to introduce themselves in Chinese and English, and then introduce their parents. One child introduced himself in three languages, English, French, and Chinese, and another child immediately used four languages, English, French, Japanese, and Chinese. These children are all mixed and naturally have language advantages and environment. These kids looked pretty good.

Lu Ziming's wife secretly said to her: "We trained Lu Yihan to speak English since we were young, and thought he could speak English well. Unexpectedly, the children here all bring their own language environment. We are at a disadvantage."

Before it was Qi Haoran's turn to introduce, Wang Yuan saw Qi Ying look at her watch twice. It is estimated that this entrepreneur has a lot of affairs waiting for him to deal with. But he was patient and looked at his son intently.

When Qi Haoran came on stage, he was neither like the lively children in front of him nor nervous. He had a calm and solemn aura, looked around with a sullen face, and started to introduce himself.

A string of unfamiliar languages ​​came out of his little mouth, and the students and parents were dumbfounded.

"Your Mario is so good, you can speak four languages, but besides Chinese, which country the other three languages ​​are from, I didn't understand it." Lu Yihan's mother asked Wang Yuan enviously and ashamed.

"…I started using Latin, then Arabic, and I didn't understand it the third time." Wang Yuan was surprised at her son's new skills. She knew that his son could speak German, but she didn't expect him to speak these unpopular languages. Could this be the inheritance of parallel space? ?

Her university major is French and Spanish. Later, she taught herself Japanese, Korean and German because of her interest. Her career in another time and space was translation.

"The third introduction uses his own K-Star Language System, which he made when he was a child." Qi Ying said while sitting beside him with arms folded.

Wang Yuan: There is still such an operation?!

Seeing Qi Haoran walking towards them after the introduction, the former couple showed the same proud smile, "Very good!" Qi Ying faintly praised.

"Baby, it's great!" Wang Yuan, like those enthusiastic foreigners' parents, saw her son coming over, hugged him, and gave him a big kiss on the cheek." You can also create your own language, which is so cool."

Qi Haoran said reservedly: "Mom, don't be too proud, this will hurt the hearts of the parents of ordinary children."

The parents of ordinary children-Lu Yihan's parents:…

Although I can see my son again in two days and pick him up for the weekend, but the moment I left, she was still very reluctant to give up. Wang Yuan took her son for a long time, and the theme was to insist on exercising and not picky eaters, and to have a good relationship with classmates. Outlier, can't laugh at classmates.

After leaving school, he separated from Mr. Qi. Before leaving, Mr. Qi suddenly said: "Now I found that my decision to withdraw the prosecution was not wrong."

After speaking, he turned and left.

Wang Yuan smiled and hoped that Mr. Qi can maintain this normal state of communication in the future.

The children have their own studies and lives, and they are no longer inseparable from the old mother as they did some time ago. Wang Yuan was a little bit lost at the beginning, but fortunately she has a second ha as a companion. She spent some time training the second ha, I don't know. Jin Mao's natural high IQ is really similar to Qi Kuang's pedigree. Xiao Erha is very smart and can remember some training instructions relatively quickly. I heard that as he gets older, he will become smarter and smarter. Wang Yuan is looking forward to it. growing up.

When Wang Yuan took her puppy while exercising, and accompanied her two children on weekends, and when she had a more leisurely life, Qu Hui told her whether she would be interested in participating in a movie.

This film is a criminal investigation film, and the female criminal investigation film will not be popular, but Wang Yuan was a little interested after hearing it and wanted to try it. The agent would introduce her to her because the screenwriter is the best in the country on crime, and there was a movie with a very high box office. Moreover, the company invested in this time is very strong, and has invested a lot in this film, and it is a big production. The protagonist is tentatively Qiao Yu, which is also what Tianyu Company tried to help its two most powerful artists win over.

Originally, she didn't plan to take over the job in the second half of the year, but now that time is free, and there is a suitable film, she plans to talk to the director about the film and the role situation, and then consider whether to next.

While she was still hesitating, there was already a publicity for this movie on the Internet, and the filming party had already released the heroine to be her tentatively. Wang Yuan didn't think much about it, because if there were no accidents, she would participate in the show.

A few days later, Qu Hui told her that there was a business banquet organized by the investor, and she hoped that she would attend, mainly to have a meal with the film's producer, director and several main actors, and to get in touch with each other.

Wang Yuan also had no objection, and she dressed up that evening and went to a dinner party.

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