Wang Yuan came to the meeting place sent to her by the agent and was led to the box by the club manager.

The box is very large, and there are already many people in it. Qu Hui also appeared today. She saw Wang Yuan come in and stood up from her seat. With a enthusiastic smile that is rarely seen at ordinary times, she introduced her to the people present.

Sitting in the main seat is the movie's investor, the boss of a powerful listed company, in his 50s or 60s. The fat on his face smoothes out the wrinkles, and it looks a little greasy. Wang Yuan politely called him Mr. Sun after Qu Hui.

On the left of Mr. Sun sits his vice president, and on the right is one of the top executives of Tianyu Company, Wang Yuan's host. On the left are the producer, director, screenwriter, and Ye Yuran, the second female of the movie.

When Qu Hui introduced Mr. Bai from Tianyu Company, he stood up and moved a position to the right, asking Wang Yuan to sit next to Mr. Sun. Mr. Sun also turned to look at Wang Yuan with a smile. Wang Yuan's smile remained unchanged, and she politely shook her head to refuse, and sat down beside Qu Hui.

She thought it was just a gathering of the crew. Before shooting, she met and discussed film shooting issues. She didn't expect that the CEO of the investor would also participate. It was not just a crew dinner.

After sitting down, Wang Yuan glanced at Qu Hui, meaning she needed her explanation. Qu Hui's smile on her face remained unchanged, and she turned her head to the side and said in a low voice, "Mr. Sun brought a lot of resources to the company. He invested in this movie and several roles for Tianyu's people. This time the party company I hope you can all participate, and President Bai has personally come forward this time…"

Before she could finish her words, the hero of the movie also appeared. It's Qiao Yu, Tianyu's popular niche.

There was another greeting. This time President Bai stood up again and gave up his position to let Qiao Yu sit next to President Sun. This time he no longer gave him the opportunity to refuse, and directly embraced Qiao Yu and sat down here.

Drinking is indispensable at parties. When the waiter held a decanter with red wine to pour it on Wang Yuan, she waved her hand and refused, saying that she only drank white water. At this time, Mr. Bai came to persuade him again, "It's full, just mean it. Later, everyone will offer a glass to Mr. Sun. The use of white water is too insincere. You are all Tianyu artists, and you can't help but show Mr. Sun's face."

Go what you mean!

On such occasions today, Wang Yuan would never take a sip of wine. When everyone toasted, Wang Yuan still used white water.

Mr. Sun glanced over here, his face was a little calm, and he smiled with his mouth pulled down.

Halfway through the banquet, everyone was chatting enthusiastically. Ye Yuran, the second female in the interlocking room, didn't know when he was pushed to sit next to the vice president and was filled with several glasses of wine. Wang Yuan admired Ye Yuran, facing the vice president's salty pigsman, and still smiling without changing his face.

President Bai motioned to Qu Hui several times. Qu Hui looked at Wang Yuan and smiled bitterly in her heart. She was able to scold someone today, but she was not sure that she could persuade her to accompany her to socialize. President Bai could only encourage Qiao Yu to toast President Sun all the time.

Wang Yuan only drank white water and ate a little snack to cushion her belly. During the period, she saw Qu Hui stand up and walked to the corner of the box with her mobile phone to make a call. Wang Yuan Yuguang saw her hand touching the edge of the vase. After a while, I quickly returned to the wine table and sat down.

As soon as Qu Hui sat down, she saw that the vice president of Sun's head office was walking towards Wang Yuan with a glass of wine. She was still thinking about how to persuade people to leave without getting stiff, who knew he had just approached Wang Yuan. Next to him, Wang Yuan got up and said that she was going to the bathroom, she pulled her chair away and left.

Going out to breathe in the fresh air, after a while in the bathroom, she plans to go back and leave.

As soon as Wang Yuan opened the door of the box, she saw Qiao Yu rushing towards her, with a dark face, nodded at her, and left the box first.

What happened?

She walked in suspiciously, and saw the vice president standing next to Qiao Yu's seat just now, with a broken glass at his feet, and red wine spilled all over the floor, yelling in excitement, and President Bai bowed and apologized with comfort.

"What is it? I really took myself seriously after being praised by fans for two days! Lao Tzu told you to get out of this circle, and you will never receive the drama!"

"Mr. Liu, don't get excited, don't get excited, he may have been a little drunk just now, I will definitely let him come back and give you an apology!" Mr. Bai stretched out his hand and beckoned Ye Yuran to come over, motioning her to help him over.

Ye Yuran was watching the excitement just now, and she was called on all of a sudden. The smile on her face was a bit unsustainable, but she had to give President Bai a face, and walked over reluctantly, helping President Liu to leave, the half of President Liu's. She was almost lying on her body.

Looking at the producers, directors, screenwriters, and others present, Wang Yuan didn't know what was happening, and she was still talking and laughing.

When Mr. Bai saw Wang Yuan's return, he immediately winked at Qu Hui, this time with a warning taste in his eyes.

The sub-artist Qiao Yu has offended Mr. Liu, and now he must

Their boss, Mr. Sun, calmed down, otherwise he wouldn't be able to explain to Tianyu's boss when he went back.

Qu Hui poured a little wine into the red wine glass and gave it to Wang Yuan: "In fact, Liu is always your movie fan. This time he asked you to act as the heroine of this movie. This is also what he meant. You can offer him a glass. Treat it as an ordinary fan."

"Give the company and me a face!" She looked at Wang Yuan with indisputable eyes.

Wang Yuan thought, she always felt that Qu Hui was an excellent and professional agent, and there was a certain tacit understanding between the two. Forgetting that Qu Hui's success is that she will consider all parties' gains and losses to make the best choice for herself, in order to become today's gold broker.

At this moment, Wang Yuan still didn't want to stiff the relationship between the two. When thinking about how to refuse, Mr. Sun came to her with a red wine glass with a smile on his face.

Qu Hui took the opportunity to relinquish his position, and President Bai also laughed and booed, "President Sun comes here in person, Teacher Wang, you must accompany Mr. Sun to drink a glass of wine today!"

Hand in your M! Wang Yuan feels that Tianyu, Mr. Bai, is really tearing his skin off to be a pimp.

Seeing Wang Yuan smiled without saying a word, and didn't mean to pick up a wine glass, Mr. Sun seemed to sit down dismissively and said, "I've always liked watching the movies played by Teacher Wang. I wanted to invite you to film a movie a few years ago. Mr. Qi got on the board first, I remember that his film and television company was established for you. In the past few years, this company has made a lot of money, which means that Mr. Wang is very lucky."

"Of course, you left a long time ago. It's okay for the two now. But President Qi is really lucky. He used to marry the most beautiful wife, and now he married a rich wife. Both of them are prosperous. Now this fiancée is not there yet. When he entered the door formally, he grabbed a business for him. Don't you know, this business was taken from our company and it cost us hundreds of millions."

This President Sun seems to have a bad intention. Is it because he has lost money and can't find Qi Ying in trouble, and wants to retaliate against Qi Tong's ex-wife? Wang Yuan guessed secretly.

"Mr. Sun, if you put Vanves' words on your lips, it will appear that you are feudally ignorant. I will say less of these words in the future." Wang Yuan smiled.

Everyone at the scene also paid attention to the situation here, and after hearing Wang Yuan's words, everyone did not consciously quiet down. President Bai's face was pale, and he wished to come forward personally and seal Wang Yuan's mouth.

Mr. Sun's face changed, shaking the red wine in his hand, and slowly said: "All of your Tianyu artists are very famous, not bad, and have personality!"

He pushed the red wine glass in his hand in front of Wang Yuan, a fat face suddenly approached, and Wang Yuan's face was sprayed with alcohol, "I put it here today. You must have a glass of wine with Lao Tzu. Drink it up, just as if you haven't finished saying this, if you shamelessly, one day, you don't want to be in the entertainment industry! What kind of Sh*t actress, not just an actor, I can ruin you right away, Dingy get out of this circle."

Wang Yuan took a deep breath and told herself not to care about this pig when he fart.

"Pretending to be a chaste woman, people like you can get out of their heads, aren't they the ones who accompany us to sleep!" There was swearing in the pig's mouth, and a hand was placed directly on Wang Yuan's thigh.

With her legs entangled in a poisonous snake, Wang Yuan disgustedly threw away and stood up, and directly picked up the wine glass on the table and splashed it on Mr. Sun's face. When Sun Zongfei's face was ticking red wine, Wang Yuan kicked his protruding fat belly, and Sun Zonglian brought the chair over backwards, like a squat with all four feet upside down.

"Wang Yuan!" Qu Hui said in surprise.

"Mr. Sun, are you okay?" Mr. Bai gave Wang Yuan a fiercely frightened look, and quickly bent down to help Mr. Sun.

Mr. Liu, who had been drunk on Ye Yuran just now, suddenly became sober after seeing this scene, pushed his chair away, and ran towards Mr. Sun.

Ye Yuran, who had endured the fat pigs' hands for a long time, looked at Wang Yuan with a complicated expression of surprise on his face.

Several people from the movie party who were playing soy sauce and automatically turned off the audiovisual just now also stood up one after another, looking at the scene awkwardly, wondering if they wanted to step forward.

Mr. Sun's assistant was also in the box just now. Seeing that the boss had suffered a loss, he immediately opened the door of the box and called in the boss's two bodyguards.

After being helped, Mr. Sun saw his own come in and pointed to Wang Yuan and said, "Hold her, shamelessly, don't blame Lao Tzu for cruelty." He was robbed of business by Qi Ying, and his heart was overwhelmed this time. The film named Wang Yuan to star in, just to find her place. Although they had divorced a long time ago, the thought of Qi Ying's woman bowing her head to herself and allowing him to play tricks is cool to think about. Unexpectedly, this Wang Yuan is really the same as the one in the circle, with a very stiff head. He didn't believe it, he couldn't handle an artist who had nothing to rely on.

Qu Hui hurriedly stepped forward: "Mr. Sun, I'm really sorry, I asked her to apologize to you, this is really a misunderstanding!" Qu Hui did not expect the situation to take a turn for the worse, unable to push the company's request, and asked Wang Yuan to come over and cope with the big deal.

The customer, instead, stabbed such a big basket.

She knows that Mr. Sun's background is not very clean, and she is still raising a group of people, and she is worried that she will suffer a big loss from Wang Yuan today.

"Qu Hui, I know you, you can mix up to this day, it means you are a very acquainted person. Stand aside for me!" Mr. Sun pushed aside Mr. Bai Zongfu, tidyed up his clothes and looked around at everyone, "Give me all my mobile phones. I closed it honestly. Who of you dare to step forward and help today, don't blame me for being impolite."

Wang Yuanhao watched the two bodyguards approaching her in time.

"Mr. Sun, don't hurt people." The film director and screenwriter stood up to persuade Mr. Sun against the harsh wink of Mr. Sun.

If something really happened, they couldn't escape responsibility. They didn't want to get involved in this matter.

The producer and Mr. Sun are still a bit affectionate, and he walked out in a panic, "Mr. Sun, Wang Yuan is not an unnamed person, and things will not end well if things go wrong." He hesitated, "After all, it is a society ruled by law." …"

"Hahaha." Mr. Sun smiled and slapped the producer, "What do you think I want to do? Scratch her face? Give her a beating? Of course I will be a law-abiding citizen and will not let her have the opportunity to take The evidence is going to sue me!"

He just finished speaking with a smile, then took out his cell phone and turned on the camera: "Don't you want to drink alcohol? I'm going to kill you today. Hold her and bring the best red wine from our club. Don't let the queen say I stingy."

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