In just a few days, the Internet was full of Wang Yuan's black material, and the world was overwhelming.

First, the newly-discussed criminal investigation film announced a new list of actors, and Ye Yuran replaced Wang Yuan as the heroine. Then some gossip accounts released news on the Internet. The hidden danger mentioned that Wang Yuan had sucked DU and committed suicide in the hospital before. It was hallucinations caused by sucking DU. The analysis seems to be true.

Ms. Xue Ping's appearance rate increased suddenly. She jumped out and said that Wang Yuan was a young girl since she was a child. She smoked, drank, and had casual S*x. The relationship between mother and daughter deteriorated purely because she had to discipline and guide Wang Yuan to the right path. It is also said that Wang Yuan has always been malicious towards her family, and she is also unscrupulous in attacking her sister. She poured dirty water on Tang Yanyan in the draft.

Of course, she did not mention that the advantage of her own remarks is that Tang Yanyan will be signed by Tianyu Company, and a listed company also promised to fully support Tang Yanyan.

There are still some indecent videos and photos circulating on the Internet. The obscure heroine is accused of being Wang Yuan. These are all evidence of her sleeping resources. There are also "Sherlock Holmes" ordinary people who analyzed the photos and said that these indecent photos were taken during her marriage, which can prove her infidelity during the marriage.

On Qi Ying's head, an expired green hat was specially put on.

Netizens have gone from being dubious to being brainwashed by various "heard", "reported" and "reliable sources". Now they all go to Wang Yuan's social platform to curse people and let her fake lotus and trash artists get out of the entertainment circle.

For a while, Wang Yuan's mobile phone was blown up, and some acquaintances such as Fan Jiangliang, Ni Ying, and Lu Ziming came to ask what was going on.

Of course Wang Yuan knew what was going on. Mr. Sun should have found someone to do it. Although she retired all over that day, she knew that things would not be so good.

Ni Ying asked: "Why do you have no response to these news on the Internet for so long, and don't do crisis public relations. What do they mean?"

In this battle, Tianyu plans to abandon its own artists in order to maintain the relationship with Mr. Sun. From the attitude of Mr. Bai and Qu Hui that day, he knew where the company would stand.

"Leave it to me, I'll go to the public relations team to take down these rumors and rumors on the Internet!" Ni Ying hung up angrily.

A statement was posted on Wang Yuan's social platform, stating that certain organizations and people that maliciously damage Wang Yuan's reputation will be held accountable and will not tolerate them.

Wang Yuan also found a lawyer,

The media and Xue Ping and others directly took the case to court. Although this lawsuit has been a protracted matter, after the legal letter is linked to the platform, it can at least prove her attitude, so that some sane netizens will not be dragged away by public opinion.

The public relations team contacted by Ni Ying also helped to guide online comments and delete rumored posts.

Fan Jiangliang stood up and spoke directly on the platform in support of Wang Yuan.

It's just that sometimes rumors are more provocative, and they can satisfy some netizens' malicious imaginations about entertainers in the entertainment industry. Coupled with Mr. Sun's retaliatory attacks at all costs, the cooperation of some media, and the campaign of the navy, Wang Yuan's image in the public has fallen overnight.

Wang Zining still learned from his classmates that his mother was maliciously slandered. Fan Jiangliang told Grandpa Fan Jiang when there was news on the Internet. During this time, try not to let Wang Zining get in touch with the news. It's just that the school is also a small society, and middle school students are also very concerned about the entertainment industry. How can this hot news be discussed?

When Wang Zining heard this, he almost fought with a male classmate, but was dragged by Shui to persuade him to leave. Liang Wentao reminded him that they are still carrying the punishment and they will definitely be expelled if they fight again. Wang Zining would rather be angry and couldn't control so much. He was almost mad when someone said bad things about his mother.

Liang Wentao had actually seen the news a long time ago. He didn't believe that Aunt Wang was like what the gossip media said. The news was not told to Wang Tau, just because Wang Tau was too impulsive. He now scolds those netizens on the Internet every day, but now these black fans are too powerful, he was drowned in the scolding just a few words of defense for Aunt Wang.

Liang Wentao felt that he was so angry that he couldn't let Wang Tou know, he knew it was going to explode, but Wang Tou heard it from a fool.

Wang Zining did not attend the last class in the afternoon, and hurried to his mother's house, thinking about a lot of scenes in his heart. He felt that his mother was either in tears at this time, or could not afford to get out of bed, or… a terrible association in his mind. He was almost riding the bike out of Hot Wheels.

"Mom…" He opened the door and rushed in, sweating on one side, his chest fluctuating quickly and panting, and he saw a happy picture of his mother playing with Xiao Erha.

Wang Yuan laughed and taught Xiao Erha how to stand up and squat down. When Wang Zining suddenly came in, her smile faded, and she asked worriedly: "Ning Ning, what happened?" It's still time for class, how can his son run back? Up?

Wang Zining watched

She didn't care, as if she hadn't been hurt by the online rumors, she was relieved, "You still ask me what happened. You don't tell me about such a big thing?"

Wang Yuan realized what her son was referring to. She wanted to hide it from him, but she didn't expect her son to know. She smiled and asked: "Are you referring to some rumors on the Internet now?"

"You can still laugh!" Wang Zining was angry. These people attacked and cursed people on the Internet because they thought that they would not let people know who they were. If they could be found out one by one, they would dare to face confrontation. Dare to spread rumors and make trouble.

"Son, mom said to you before that mom is easy to be attacked and talked about because of his career. If we are angry and sad, we will be caught by these bad guys. There is nothing that can't be solved. Now it is false, always There is a clarification day."

"I see that, that grandma also said bad things about you, I didn't expect her to be so bad!" Wang Zining said dissatisfiedly. He hadn't seen this grandmother since he was a child, but he knew there was such a person.

Wang Yuan: "So we can't be like her."

"Mom, I need to know who you have offended?" Qi Haoran walked out of the room.

"Mario, why are you back?" Wang Zining asked in surprise, isn't the little one in the boarding school?" You know too, but you kid, don't read the information on the Internet, it will not affect you."

"I can help find the bad guys!" The fact is that he learned about the black material on the Internet and called his mother to say that he was not feeling well. After Wang Yuan was worried about picking up his son, she found out that he was a lie. It's Friday today, and I can only pack people back by the way.

As soon as he came back, the little guy went to the room to play on the computer. Wang Yuan didn't know that he went online to check the source of the black material.

"Well, you two brothers don't worry about it. Mommy can solve it by herself, but I won't be an actor in the future. I just don't want my affairs to affect you." Wang Yuan can care less about the black material on the Internet or the impact of her acting career. But I don't want these rumors to cause harm to her children.

Qi Haoran thought, wait until I find evidence of those bad guys spreading rumors, and then tell my mother.

When Qi Haoran returned to his room, Wang Zining followed his younger brother in. He just heard the little man say that there is a way to find the bad guy, and he wanted to ask if it was true.

Qu Xiaoxiao now looks at the black material about Wang Yuan that is constantly popping up on the Internet, and feels that this matter is becoming more and more suspenseful. She feels that she is being maliciously discredited, but the most

The strange thing is that there was an accident with such a big artist under her mother, and neither her mother nor the company showed up. This incident was too unusual.

She thought for a while, planning to go to her mother to inquire about the news, walked to the door of her mother's study, and pushed the door directly in, "Mom, I want to ask…"

"Why don't you knock on the door when you come in!" Qu Hui glared at Qu Xiaoxiao angrily.

When Qu Xiaoxiao came in, she saw her mother watching the computer video attentively, with a heavy look. Seeing her coming in, she immediately reached out and shut her hand off. She didn't take it seriously, "Mom, I want to ask what happened to Wang Yuan? It can't be true, right? I don't think she looks like taking drugs. There are also those photos that look like P. Why didn't you stand up to speak for her? Is she going to settle the contract with Tianyu?"

All Qu Xiaoxiao could think of was to terminate the contract, so Tianyu and her mother stopped working for Wang Yuan.

"My work matters have nothing to do with you, so don't ask about it." Qu Hui obviously didn't want to talk to her daughter.

Qu Xiaoxiao wanted to ask again, but Qu Hui waved out.

"People in your circle are turning their faces quickly. They used to be very diligent when they were holding people, but now they can completely stay out of the matter when they have something to do." Qu Xiaoxiao commented.

"Knowing that this circle is like this, do you still want to come in?" Qu Hui took the opportunity to teach you, "This thing is to tell you that celebrities are beautiful for a while, and the higher you climb, the more miserable they fall. It's good to be an ordinary employee safely and steadily."

"I just want the moment of beauty. I can climb up and I won't be afraid of falling down. If I fall down, I won't live." Qu Xiaoxiao said disapprovingly.

"What nonsense!" Qu Hui scolded. Only a teenage girl would say death so easily.

Qu Hui remembered that when she was a teenager, she seemed to be similar to Qu Xiaoxiao, ignorant, fearless, naive and ridiculous. At that time, she told her friends without shame that she only planned to live to be thirty, and that she would be so old and alive after thirty. It's boring. What a naive and ridiculous thing. Now in her forties, she feels that one hundred is too young.

Yes, the older people are, the more they cherish their lives, and the older people are, the more cautious and worrisome they are doing. The so-called sense of justice and views on right and wrong have become less pure in middle age. After adding the weight of gains and losses to the steelyard in my heart, I made adult choices.

She is like this.

She turned on the computer screen again, and it showed what happened in the box when she pretended to make a phone call that day and put a miniature camera next to the vase.

thing. She definitely did not foresee these things in advance, but out of caution. She brought a lot of celebrities to her staff, and there would be more or less unclear things. After a few dumb losses, she remembered the lesson.

Putting a camera in these business banquets is something she often does. For example, investors or some big people who can give resources to artists are commonplace at the wine table, and the artists who will attend are also mentally prepared. Yes, I don't want to accept this set. I guess I just left early in a round and low posture. There is almost nothing like Wang Yuan who made such a big mess this time.

This video can help Wang Yuan solve her current troubles, but she never thought of sending it out. The two have known each other for more than ten years, which is considered to be a bit of friendship, but the price to be paid to help Wang Yuan is too great for her to bear.

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